Wednesday, June 4, 2008


PKR's Ezam has finally decided to re-enter UMNO. Generally from the ground, no problem except for one issue. Why has his re-entry been blown out of proportion? Why should the Honourable President of UMNO himself be receiving him? What's the big fuss over a known "party traitor" who finally saw the light and came back? He wasn't even the head of the PKR. Was it wise for the number one man in UMNO to degrade his office by receiving an application form from an ex-youth leader from a small opposition party? Same goes with the Honourable Deputy President, lowering his status by recieving application forms from lower officers from the PKR when it is the job of leaders at the branch level. These are the queries from the grassroot leaders. We tried to justify our leaders' actions but it just didn't sit well with the hardcore UMNO workers on the ground.

One classic case was the contention by a fellow who was a member of the BN machinery in several elections . He claimed he was cursed and jeered at by the people supporting the opposition when he was putting up pictures and posters of these two leaders, yet they are the ones who took it upon themselves to organize a special VIP reception for these "traitors". He went on to say that in wanting to win the hearts of those who left UMNO to come back to the fold, the leaders shouldn't hurt the feelings of the loyalists within the party.

Now there is a survey to ask the people on the ground for their response to the Ezam saga. It is a case of shoot first think later. Instead of avoiding a catastrophy, we are constantly controlling one damage after another. If there is no quick end to this, there will certainly be a premature end to the party. May God forbid.

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