Monday, June 2, 2008


Doesn't it look like a real kitchen in the current Cabinet? I mean it's like a trial and error thing. Just mix the ingredients and then add sugar or hold on to the spice for a bit then sprinkle some cinamon till it tastes good for someone else.

Decisions are made then withdrawn till a certain date on the issue of subsidized petrol on Singapore but not on Thai vehicles. Why is it that when it involves Singapore everyone gets spooked?

According to The International Herald Tribune, the Deputy Prime Minister who was in Singapore to attend a security summit, told reporters that an anti-inflation Cabinet committee would meet Tuesday to review the plan.

"We have to find a new effective date because there are other matters, like for example, can we have separate pumps because the Singaporeans are saying that they don't mind paying the market rate," he said.

Hmm...I am very sure that this matter of having saparate pumps (islands) was suggested by an UMNO member to the Deputy Prime Minister two years ago. It appalls me to think that this method is considered not because of a suggestion from the UMNO gentleman trying to save money for the treasury, but because " Singaporeans are saying that they don't mind paying the market rate." Forgive the recurrence. This is a good idea as it would only subsidize Malaysians driving Malaysian vehicles and would ease the burden off the treasury to the tune of RM1 billion a year. It has always been a good idea but I guess it didn't have the blessing from our neighbours down South.

Now they are saying we'll have to pay the market rate which is double the current price. Don't even think about calling for a snap election after this kind of an announcement. This practically puts our backs against the wall and takes away whatever remedy we might have in the event that there are crossovers from BN to the opposition. Sometimes I wonder if our Captain is really playing for our side or for the opposing team.

What a drastic measure right after we ponder over charging the Singaporeans the same. Could it be a sort of a punishment meted out on us just because we were about to jack the subsidy off the Singaporeans?

Time will tell. But for now, lay off Singapore or risk suffering more.

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