Thursday, June 5, 2008


“I am not out to be popular. We try our best, and this is something we are very serious about, but naturally people will not be happy", said the Prime Minister. Well Sir, if not being popular is the main objective, I'd say you've met your target.

Yesterday I tried to reason with people when the announcement was made in the afternoon thinking that the implementation would be sometime in August. Then I gave up defending what I thought would be a form of National Service in fear of being slapped silly by my audience when we were told that the hike would take effect at 12 midnight.

There was no room left for the rakyat to adjust. It came down just like that, like a blade from the guillotine. Kuala Lumpur was paralysed for a few hours last night because of this. Everytime I pressed down the power windows I heard profanities, no prizes for guessing right whom it was for.

I thought March 2008 was the lowest ebb as far as support for the government was concerned. But if a snap election is called this week, I'd give a ten to one odds that BN would be slaughtered like the cows during Aidil Adha, and it'd be so quick there won't be enough time for the religious recital before the knife strikes either.

The act was necessary I suppose, but the timing is suspect. This involves the everyman. It could have been more subtle. There will certainly be a converse effect in relation to other goods. Unscrupulous merchants will take advantage of the situation, and bad words will continue to flow out of the consumers everytime they go out shopping. Are we able to get out of this political doldrums or could Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi be The Last Prime Minister from UMNO.


Unknown said...

keep on writing with wisdom.. i just can't wait to bring down the president party come to this December..

TPJ said...

Mohd, Asalamualaikum. You must be a delegate to do that. Everyone seems to be clamming for positions in all divisions right now to make a difference in December be it at Presidential or Supreme Council levels. Good luck in your divisional election.

Da Real Deal said...

Bro, I dunno what to say anymore. You'd think we've reached our lowest point yet the leadership continues to amaze us with more damaging decisions. They are indulging in self-sabotage helping the opposition gain more strength. Shahrir is made to look like a twit...well a wise twit bcoz of his white hair. I guess he realizes now that being a minister is different than being a street commentator.

Anonymous said...

so far, govt seems making up excuses, on after another. Definitely Pak Lah had met his target.

dusunbukit said...

unfortunately, your lists of candidates for president and deputy president post does not suits my preference.. so i choose not to vote.. sorry bro.

btw, its umno still relevant in today's malaysian politics?.. i simply doubted it.. again, sorry bro..

TPJ said...

Saudara Dusunbukit,

I'm sorry our list of candidates do not suit you. It is limited to UMNO leaders only and they are the ones who've either declared or implied their bid for the posts.

UMNO is definitely relevant in today's politics because we have a a Prime Minister and his Deputy who holds the top two posts in the party and half of the Cabinet from UMNO. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial.

Will it remain relevant in the future? It will depend on the outcome of this December and if there is a change in the mindset of future leaders in the party.

Whatever it is, having many political parties working hard to win the hearts of the people is essential and good for the rakyat. The loss of 5 States plus the FT has shaken UMNO and will force them to behave. Failure to do so will ultimately make the party irrelevant after the next General Election.

Thank you for your opinion Bro. I hope we can win your confidence by the 13th General Election.