Sunday, August 21, 2016


The timely warning by the Health Ministry came after Malaysians were close to suffering from cardiac arrests for the previous two nights rooting for our players who were at times within a point of our first Olympic gold medal in badminton.

Last night would have made the phrase "leaving the best for last" a whole new meaning had our last hope in the Rio Olympics won the final game in the men's singles' badminton category. 

Alas it was not to be. The "real" final was played the night before when Lin Dan was beaten by Chong Wei in a nail-biting epic which totally juiced them out dry. 

This was proven when both the warriors lost their respective matches last night to players of lesser quality. 

The smashing Datuk was gracious in saying that his opponent was the better player when in actual fact the better player lost last night to a more rested opponent who came off from an easier match the night before. Such is the luck of the draw.

We may not have won our first gold medal on our last chance in Rio, but we thank Datuk Lee Chong Wei and the entire badminton team for taking us on that beautiful ride that saw Malaysian citizens all around the world united beyond racial 
and religious lines.

It would have been unfair of us to ask for more than what they gave for their King and Country. Without question they played out of their skin to produce their best.

We thank the whole Malaysian contingent at the Rio Olympics 2016 for giving us the best results in our participating history of the games, especially our flag bearer Datuk Lee Chong Wei who proved to be the most consistent, disciplined and reliable athlete this country has ever produced.

For eight years from 2006 to 2014 this smashing Datuk kept our flag flying high in the International arena as the number one ranked player in the world. Though he slipped low in the ranks paying a heavy price for a  doping offence, he rose back from the sporting dead within a year to be ranked number one yet again.

He May Not Have Brought Home Our Gold, But This Hattrick Silver Medalist  Will Forever Be In My Point Of View, Our Diamond Studded Platinum Sportsman.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei, On Behalf Of The People Of A Grateful Nation, We At The Patriot Foundation Thank You For The Honourable And Faithful Service You Have Rendered This Great Nation.

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