Friday, August 19, 2016


Make no mistake. I applaud Azizulhasni's achievement fighting the odds against him after being grossly injured at one time putting his future in sports in the balance.

But his swipe at the Terengganu State Government after clinching the bronze in the Rio Olympic Games 2016 was unbecoming of a true sportsman.

From what we gather, the sports ministry as well as a government link corporation have taken him under their wings taking care of all details in relation to his existence as a representative of the Malaysian cycling team, which is already a financially huge undertaking being camped abroad and coached by foreign experts.

While it is not compulsory for states to provide further assistance to national athletes from the same, it is customary for those who have proven themselves to be rewarded for their achievements by the states of their home birth.

This is not to be taken for granted especially from athletes who are supposed to represent their country with pride and honour without compulsion.

Character and sportsmanship are two main complimentary factors that contribute to an athlete's rise and recognition as a Champion.

The Champion's target is to win tournaments with whatever resources they are provided with, and any grievances forthcoming will have to follow proper channels and decorum.

This three time "Olympian" had the Minister's ear, yet he chose not to produce his claims to the latter for action but took matters in his own hands like it was his right to make demands to his birth state.

We hope Azizulhasni might learn something from Cheong Jun Hoong, Pandalela Rinong, Peng Soon Chan and Liu Ying Goh who won Malaysia higher medals in their respective fields without any sideshows or distracting publicity.

Perhaps Then, Like Them, He Too Can Be An Olympian And A Champion At The Same Time, And Finally Win The Gold In His Fourth Olympics, For Cycling As Well As In Character. Insha'Allah.

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Anonymous said...

I'd rather not give him even a bronze for character. Dont even deserve to be called olympian..