Tuesday, April 21, 2015


"Give Him Time"/ "You Are Not Alone" Says Muhyiddin.

A lot of "hoo-haa" has been going around after Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin made that "good luck in reading my move" speech telling Tun Dr Mahathir that he "is not alone".

I have been following Muhyiddin since he was Menteri Besar of Johor, when he courageously went head on with the Johor Palace in the Constitutional crisis. 

I observe that he is not one to be coat-tailing Tun Dr Mahathir or in my own words describing him to my fellow bloggers as one not to " hit Najib and hide behind Mahathir's 'sarong' like a coward."

If Tan Sri Muhyiddin thinks that Dato Sri Najib needs correcting or if he has intentions to replace his boss, unlike the rest in the Cabinet, I suspect he will announce it in a press conference instead of taking pot shots while hiding behind a "skirt".

And he will most definitely not use a 90 year old man's platform to fight his battles for him in the pretext of saving the Country. I'm sure he has more class and respect for himself as well as the elder statesman than to do that.

So people, stop reading through the lines. The speech was just delivered in the context of the event. 

At the most, Muhyiddin was throwing in a "feel good" factor for Tun while teasing the press corps and some bloggers who apparently got an "erection" over it.

In Contrast To A Particular Subordinate UMNO Leader Who Claims To Have Scored An Average Of 3.8 CGPA In College But Is Still Struggling To Look, Act And Sound Clever Nationwide, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Is Actually Brilliant And Is A Straight Shooting Politician.

He Will At Least Wait Until The Verdict Is Out By The Auditor General's Office And The Public Accounts Committee Before Taking The Next Course Of Action.

Or Have I Totally Misread Him?


Anonymous said...

You nailed it!... He is NOT a coward...

Anonymous said...

You have not misread him, sir. Nonetheless, your analysis has a smack of overly cautious hero who would prefer a safe passage than broiled into position taking.

The saddest part, if its true, would be the fact that if umno/bn loses in pru14, what is there to wait for! 2 years are not long and for all you know AG or PAC or MACC would have taken longer time to investigate the 1MDB issue.

Money trail is never easy especially if it crosses borders and financial regulations of the countries involved. Unless serious and sincere efforts are made, i am a bit sceptical.

If TS Muhyiddin is worth to be called patriot from Johor, he must make his stand fast before therecis a change of givernment come 2018....wallahuaklam

Anonymous said...

... Stop reading through the lines eh? ... Then questioned if you read him right eh?....I think we're reading too much under the 'kain'.... lol

umar said...

I wonder why is JJ buried in Makam Pahlawan in National Mosque compound.

His antics in Cigar Bar in KL Sentral Hilton is still fresh in public memory.

What is his contribution to Islam and Nation to be buried there ?
Who decided that he be buried there ?
Who was the girl in the helicopter crash ?
He was the man in IPPs secret deals which cost TNB billions.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 7:35

I would like to think that Tan Sri Muhyiddin is still the man he was before who was not afraid to say his piece on his own platform. I believe he was one of the significant individuals who asked Pak Lah to step down while holding a Cabinet position.
So it saddens me when the mass pictures him as one who needs to "hold hands" with Tun hitting on the PM when he has his own credentials to dignify his own actions with.

We have a process in our system of government. If we can't even trust in the system that includes members of the opposition and the integrity of the most meticulous of government servants to account for our actions and financial statements, then we are just pretending to live in a civil society.

Changing a Prime Minister midway through our term is not going to make a difference with the way unsubstantiated accusations are being hurled at us right now.

I've been on this road before with Tun and even with a new PM, his call for the voters to return to BN will fall on deaf ears after the damage that he has done since even before PRU 12 until now.

Please read my previous posting filled with statistics to back up my point. Tun is banking on the "Melayu Mudah Lupa" to the damage he has done since leaving office. I'm not one of them.

Until clear evidence can prove any wrongdoing on the PM's part, BN must continue without fear of losing the next elections with Najib at the helm.

The Rakyat must deserve the government that they choose. And if the opposition is their choice thinking that Malaysia will be in better hands, then they will have to deal with the consequences of their choice for the rest of their lives.

It is too late to change now. We must continue to strive to achieve the remaining goals set and promised in the PRU13 campaign to the Rakyat. Changes must only be made after the next election and complete the mandate given to us by the people.

It is unfair to the Rakyat to disrupt their lives with our constant bickering and changing of guards. We should concentrate on working hard for the people and finishing our term.

If we focus too much on not losing in the next elections more than on us doing our jobs, then frankly speaking, we don't deserve to be in power.


TPJ said...

The problem is we have lost the ability to determine whether we are under the "kain" or not always looking for tricks and treats in everything said by our leaders. It may be amusing to you and many more but when the war ends up there between the two forces, they will go on voluntary exile with their family and their millions while we are left here to suffer and endure whatever's left of the country.

Ask those among the Umno members whose leaders were disunited leading to the fall in Selangor if they are happy under the current regime.

God has given us a sample of what it will be like. No "kain" will ever be comfortable for us to snuggle up under by then. Heh!

TPJ said...

Dear Umar,

1. He was a former Minister and if you look at the tenants at the burial ground, you will see other Ex-Ministers, Generals and perhaps even Police Commissioners laid to rest there. I am to understand that it is upon the request from the family of former ministers or those who've served the Nation that they are allowed to be buried there at the pleasure of the Government. (Prime Minister of the day to be exact).

2. Again, the name of the burial site is "Makam Pahlawan", not "Makam Ulamak" so I suspect it is for those who have served the Nation who've also indirectly served Islam by that virtue but not confined to the latter.

3. The public may have a tendency of remembering the worst of people even in their death and discard the good that they've done. That also describes the character of the ones passing judgment while Islam discourages the act of speaking ill of anyone whether dead or alive.

4. As far as the woman was concerned, the police have investigated and made public the outcome of their findings linking her with the pilot both socially as well as professionally. Please don't bother asking me how that works. Throwing a question to float in the air stenched with negative insinuations toward the deceased, is cruel and unIslamic.

5. If you have substantiated evidence to the effect of your last statement, please bring it on and prove it.

6. My questions are; a) Who was the Prime Minister in charge when the IPP was approved if it was even true? b) Under that same Prime Minister, who else were awarded IPPs and what were their relationship with him?

Thank you for reading The Patriot. I have always enjoyed your views however they come.