Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I begin this composition by declaring foremost that I have a very high regard for the many good things that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has done for this Country.

Among others, he saved us from an economic meltdown during the financial crisis using an unorthodox method, proving to Western economists that they were wrong to predict the opposite.

I was one of those most devastated on the floor of the UMNO Assembly when he declared he was resigning more than a decade ago.

He had just returned from an official visit to the United States not long before that and his ratings at home was at its peak. Selfishly, I thought I would be a sure candidate in the subsequent elections, having been a part of the small outfit under the late Tan Sri Megat Junid and Tan Sri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis (recently deceased) that was with him in Washington. Dr Mahathir's retirement was a double whammy for me.

It took me ten years and two administrations later before I was nominated to run for a seat in the State Legislative Assembly.
In retirement, Dr Mahathir remained active when he later attacked former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the person he handpicked to be his successor, and rallied for the people to vote against the ruling coalition to see the forced retirement of Mr Badawi from office.

The public took his cue absorbing the words that came from him during his nationwide roadshows. Before that, the majority of those who were not inclined to vote BN remained indifferent and stayed home, thinking even with their votes the incumbent party would still sail through.

Well it proved otherwise in 2008 after Dr Mahathir's nationwide instigation. There was a 76% turnout on polling day and Barisan Nasional lost 5 States and the two thirds majority that we were accustomed to.

As for the general public, especially the ones who were not exactly on our side, once they've had a taste of honey, there was no turning back.

What happened in the subsequent elections (2013) proved it. After Mr Badawi gracefully exited, Barisan Nasional under the new leadership with much promise and vigour still faired worse though there was an increase in UMNO seats in Parliament.

Even with Dr Mahathir helping Barisan Nasional this time in the 2013 campaign, the people he got to come out to vote for the opposition in the 2008 elections most likely maintained their vote for the opposition and even came out larger this time with an 85% turnout on polling day.

Dr Mahathir was reported to say that he has lost faith in the government. This is the government that was actually given the mandate by the people in a free and totally democratic general elections two years ago.

Dr Mahathir alone is NOT Malaysia.

If there were internet and wifi services widely available during his tenure, with the sort of freedom of speech and expression afforded under the current administration, I doubt if the fourth Prime Minister himself may have lasted ten let alone twenty-two years in office.

There may be some legitimate issues raised by Dr Mahathir but it has been dealt with in the courts.

As far as the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) is concerned, the PM has left it to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), whose members include those from the opposition party, and the Auditor General's office to come up with their findings. The PM assured the nation further that those found to have breached the law will be sternly dealt with.

We should wait for their "verdict".

So here I am challenging Tun Dr Mahathir's contention based on statistics and a 26 year experience political gut feeling, in predicting that removing Najib Razak from office before the next elections will NOT make our results better.

On the contrary, it might be as good as giving the Opposition their first taste of power on a silver platter. BN may lose more states, if not the government.

Ironically, the only time Barisan Nasional got a rousingly handsome victory after the departure of any incumbent PM in the history of Malaysia to my knowledge was when Mr Badawi took over from Dr Mahathir indicating that the people were very happy to see his back.

While We Welcome Productive Criticism And Advice From All Quarters, Counsel From A Few Out Of Self Guilt And Emotion Must Be Taken With A Large Pinch Of Salt.

We Have Three Years To Taste The Sweet Of The Fruit From The Tree That We Planted. Plucking Them Yet Again Before It Ripens Will Taste Bitter And This Time In Our Case, Cause The Tree To Be Infertile Forever More.

May God Forbid.


The Gatekeeper said...

Dear YB. Its been a while. Good piece of writing. If and only if, UMNO can have more brave & vibrant leaders like you, i am sure, our country and party will always in a good hands. The fundamental of politics is sImple. The games is not merely about numbers, but it is a fiery games about perceptions too. Tun M shouldnt spread any hatred and disagreement against our President via media nor public.UMNO is the holy party that has been created by God to ensure Malaysia is safe in the hands of THE INTELLIGENTS MUSLIM PATRIOTS. He must not hiding his anger and tempers with any other agenda. By far Najib Razak is one of the best Prime Minister in terms of policies, economy sigthed and even on political transformation. You are one of those who rised and share your vibrant voices and thoughts to the fellow Malaysian. Looking at you, reminds me of the Great Dr Ismail which has no nonsense attitude but uncompromised loyalty to the President. Loyalty, is all about the pillar. We dont want people to break and slip through our strength by using certain quarters in our batalion. Lets move on young man. You have the guts and talents. You got the star struck looks with the Dr Ismail's balls. Lets stay firm and hold on with the President.

Anonymous said...

TDM is not alone! Fullstop.

ayah said...

Very true. Mahathir ALONE is not Malaysia. He has, however, raised pertinent questions of which many are also asking about. Many Malaysians, especially those supportive of the government, need answers to the many questions that have been raised by members of the public and not just the opportunistic opposition.

Without transparency and immediate answers sans denials, there is going to be a lot of doubt about the sincerity and honesty of the governemnt.

Just answer the questions. Simple.

GenX said...

True. Dr M alone is not Malaysia, but he does represent many thinking Malaysians. Your opinion, on the other hand, is yours alone and represents those who are blinkered with blind loyalty towards the money-based patronage approach of Najib's leadership. And do not lie, Najib has never answered Mahathir's questions straight-forwardly.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 10:18

You are confused. Is it an exclamation mark or a fullstop? You have both there. Do you understand the difference?

TPJ said...


Thank you for your kind words though I know I don't deserve them.

TPJ said...


Najib has answered tonight on TV3. I'm sure to those who make queries bordering on unfounded nor proven accusations, it will not be enough. We still have to look at the verdict from the Auditor General's office and PAC on the 1MDB and see what action will be taken if there is evidence of abuse of power.

The Nation awaits.

Thank you Sir for sharing your comment in The Patriot.

TPJ said...


Which one is it? Am I alone or do I represent the blinkered loyalists? You're contradicting yourself in one breath and sentence proving that you certainly don't belong to the fraternity of the thinking Malaysians that you're so proud and wish you're a part of.

Secondly, you're degrading the GenX by using it as your nick when you're implying that being great thinkers and all, they still have to rely on a 90 year grand old man to speak on their behalf when they should have a leader from their own age and ranks to stand up, be heard and lead.

Najib has answered to the Nation tonight. Whether it is satisfactory or not is for the 29 million Rakyat to judge, not just one man.

Thank you for dropping by and sharing your "thoughts".