Saturday, March 2, 2013


We Should Fly The Flag At Half Mast At Least Until Our Patriot Heroes Are Laid To Rest

There are those who might want to condemn the few who saw this engagement as necessary and inevitable.

Make no mistake. I am a Patriot first, then Politician. While several others succeed in transforming from Politicians to Patriots in this serious circumstance without politicizing the situation, there are some writers who prefer to change into politicians and diplomats overnight implying that others are attempting to score points but not them.

Point 1.

We gave the rebels 3 weeks to surrender while the free media were fanning the “Sabah is Ours” sentiment in the Philippines and it was spreading like wildfire even getting sympathy from some quarters from the international arena, though Manila did not sanction it. The longer it takes to correct the situation, the more they will believe it to be true and gain sympathy for the Criminal Trespassers.

Point 2.

Negotiations were ongoing despite the end of the deadline but they drew first blood by launching their mortar killing two of our commandos who were not on the offence mode.  Perhaps these peace-loving paid commentators would have preferred us to continue negotiating over a cup of tea and some biscuits until they decided to leave.

Point 3.

Negotiation means there is a possibility that both parties can come to an agreement. They want Sabah to be theirs and were willing to die for it.  Putrajaya was not going to allow it. No one was willing to compromise. There was no equation except to let them continue occupying the area indefinitely.  Not even Henry Kissinger, being the best diplomat of our time could have saved this one in his prime. So the inevitable had to come.

Point 4.

Working for peace is noble. No one can fault us for not trying. But if the “gangrene” is not addressed in good time, it will spread and they will occupy the area until they get legitimacy, displacing our own citizens in the area and sending the wrong message to the other rebels who lost their cause elsewhere and would like to try their luck here.

Point 5.

If the Lt General in charge of Intel weren’t sleeping on the job, we would have caught onto the motive of the traitor who met with these troublemakers. We even have photos of the said meeting provided by the Philippine intelligence. What are we doing about it?

Unlike writers who think they are righteous in every way, our men in uniform knew what they signed up for when they answered the call of duty.

Today two of our great men perished while a few others were injured.  

It was reported too that the standoff has ended with twelve rebels killed and ten surrendered. Nothing is said about the other 158 remaining.

This was unavoidable. Their leader was steadfast, stubborn and they launched the first attack. Diplomacy didn’t fail as some skeptics would put it. It just wasn’t an option given by the Sulu criminals.

I can’t begin to fathom how the Prime Minister feels at this moment, as he is indeed a Man of Peace and wished to avoid bloodshed. But we all need to now stand behind him in assurance that what he commanded was the right thing to do for our Country.

The Final Step Is To Charge The Traitor And His Accomplices Who Were Alleged To Have Committed Treason. For This, We Should Introduce The Execution As Punishment By Firing Squad To Be Witnessed By The Family Of The Slain Heroes.

May Allah Bless The Souls Of Our Patriots, Insp Zulkifli Bin Mamat, 29 And Koperal Sabaruddin Bin Daud, 47 As Well As Those Still Living, Risking Their Lives Everyday In The Line Of Fire So That We Can All Sleep In Peace At Night In Our Safe Homes.

On Behalf Of A Grateful Nation, I Sincerely Hope The Government Will Offer Full Scholarships Among Others For Their Children’s Education As A Small Token Of Appreciation For Their Services To Our One God, King And Country.


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