Friday, March 8, 2013


Jamalul D Kiram III, Malaysia’s Most Wanted Criminal; the man who claims to be the Sultan who owns the 200 strong army with modern weaponry that invaded Sabah but is said to be on charity from the Philippine Sweepstakes Office to help pay for his dialysis, suddenly realized today the gravity of his crime that could lead him to the hangman’s noose and cowardly asked for a ceasefire, perhaps in an endeavor to escape from an imminent execution.

Rightfully, Prime Minister Najib rejected the offer and issued an ultimatum to his party to surrender unconditionally or face the ultimate consequence.

It is easy to sacrifice the lives of others from afar turning them into voluntary hostages without them knowing while seeking a ransom for personal wealth.

This is what Kiram III has turned his sacrificial lambs into this past month until it dawned on him that the Government of Malaysia will not bow down to terrorist demands as proven in the past, and that his actions will lead him to his own slaughter.

We must be stern and stay the course until its final conclusion which will not be that soon if we consider charging and also executing his Malaysian conspirators and traitors, who no doubt must be trembling in fear as this is being read.

Al-Fatiha And Rest In Peace

Let Not The Deaths Of These Fine Patriots Above Be In Vain, For They Laid Down Their Precious Lives For Our Security, Freedom And Democracy.

In The Name Of Our “ DAULAT “, Let There Be No Mercy On Those Who Gave Us None.

Their Day Of Judgment Has Come.

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