Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Not long ago, a Chinese boy was outrageously given VIP treatment after violating the Malaysian National Anthem “Negaraku”, without even having to observe the dress code at Parliament House.

Perhaps the Malay retards who waved in promotion a new flag to replace the Jalur Gemilang thought they would be given an audience by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong for this act in return.

Leave it to the uneducated to seek attention to compensate for their shortcomings, even if it means Treason!

 It was obviously premeditated contrary to claims of "educating" by those needing the education themselves.

In France reviling the anthem can cost one a fine of €7,500, and six months jail if performed in a gathering. Here one such person was instead celebrated and got aid to excel in his hobby like producing films.

Human nature is one that keeps on stretching limits. In a country like ours, they are usually abused by the cunning and tolerated by the morons. Last time it was the anthem, now it is the flag and the act of desecrating on the good Prime Minister’s poster.

Have we lost the plot? Where are our culture, religion and customs? If this was in Singapore, his buttocks would probably be skinned with the tail of a stingray as a whip! Have we the guts to do the same or will it be stroked with a “soft” warning by the minister in charge?

For sure, there are laws to prosecute the perpetrators. I read the headlines of The Sun today and was pleased to see that the Home Minister was ready to “act”. I hope this doesn’t mean that he will just pretend to take action but sweeps this under the carpet in silence after a while.

Looking back, I still wonder if the Home Office took further action on The Star Publications, when they were not satisfied with the first action taken to suspend indefinitely, the culprit who produced Erykah Badu’s tattood picture of Allah on her bare body. Indefinite in time means from 2 seconds long to infinity.

If we were to check the office right now, do you think he is still absent under suspension? I wonder on …

Everything went silent in the media after that final warning to come back to the Ministry with a firmer reprimand. I hope the same won’t occur here after the Minister announced otherwise.

He should also avoid frustrating police investigations and/ or recommendations just to play safe thinking it will win us votes in the coming elections.

When it comes to national security and social order, we must not compromise for the sake of peace and harmony among the different races.

A very important figure in my life (Bless her Soul) once said, “ When it comes to you, everything is sensitive to me.” 

Such an important stance should also be taken by the Government and deemed crucial in a multi-racial country like ours lest we might lose the love, respect and honour that keeps us bound together.  

Being oblivious and not careful enough was exactly how I lost this “Gem”. Words must be said sparingly and action must be taken with greater care to preserve pure unity. Redemption is only guaranteed by God.

Those who marched peacefully for their cause despite the authorities’ ban may be allowed a reprieve if no public property were damaged and litter scattered around the City.

But those inciting hatred and instigation provoking unrest and disharmony should be hammered down with the most stringent of penalties available. It must be akin to "exemplary damages" where it serves as both a punishment and public example.

If we let this slide, a more vulgar provocation will appear in the next gathering, and it will continue to increase in size and moronic brevity, exponentially with every demonstration thereof until the sequel of May 13th inevitable arises.

The Government must ensure that it puts on the "Velvet Glove" and not the "Condom" when dealing with such matters of security. Playing safe for votes might turn us "Impotent" in the next General Elections.

Pause And Reflect.

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