Saturday, January 7, 2012


Every two steps our Prime Minister takes forward, it seems like he is taken ten steps back by the people that he has entrusted to collectively run this country.

Surely they can make decisions reasonable enough not to refer to him every single time and if so, it has to be well thought of to the advantage of the Government benefitting the Nation, and not to destroy it.

Now, PKR is organizing a rally on the 9th of January 2012, a working day and in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.

What is this demonstration about? Is it to object a half pornographic Western rock concert? Is it to protest against foreign interference in our domestic political affairs?

NO! It is to pressure and influence a Court’s decision on a person who along with his political party, are supposedly famous for championing the Rule of Law (only when it favours them, as history has shown).

This indirectly is tantamount to contempt of court and should be deemed outright illegal.

Anyone who thinks that the demonstration can be done peacefully if an unfavourable verdict is delivered, must seriously have their heads examined!


Here are the scenarios for the Government to comprehend if the demonstration is permitted:

1. 1. If the ex-convict in question is convicted again, there will be chaos in the streets and condemnation of the judicial system implicating the government in the same breath.

2. 2. On the other hand, if he is acquitted, the Judiciary will be given a soft pat in the back and the government will be whacked with maximum ridicule while he comes out of the courthouse to loud cheers and celebrations akin to receiving Gandhi and Mandela together at the same time!

3. 3. Either way, the foreign media will have a field day producing edits to the parts that can do the most damage to the reputation of our police force and Country, just to sell their story and to make investors turn to their countries as preference.

4. 4. It only takes one “twit” to start something and police aggression will be shown on youtube even before the officers reach home for dinner!

Now imagine the number of cameras and resources needed to cover the entire comic show just to prove to the Rakyat later as suggested, that the Police force were well within their jurisdiction and not aggressive in nature while handling the crowd especially the students in participation.

We will have to work triple time in explaining and defending our actions when we’re supposed to go to the ground and explain Najib’s successful transformation plan for the country instead.

Let us cut our losses even before we enter into this shoddy arrangement with the opposition. It doesn’t take a nuclear physicist to realize that allowing the “show” to go on will take its toll on us, politically and economically. We should ban it altogether and remand all the masterminds and leaders of these cell movements organizing the demonstration until after the 9th and deal with the repercussions head on, which is easier to handle now than later.


Seek a change of venue to hear the verdict without changing the date if possible. This is because:

1. 1. Monday is a working day and allowing 100,000 people into the fringes of the City will hinder law abiding and economy generating citizens from reaching their place of work on time, slowing down growth for the day and costing the Country millions of Ringgit.

2. 2 Even if only 10 thousand people were to attend the protest, being confined in Jalan Duta will make it believable when the foreign media spins it to say 200 thousand people were in attendance.

3. 3. Having it done at Putrajaya at The Palace of Justice, they’d need more than 300 thousand to make it look reasonably filled. And it will also ease the traffic for responsible citizens on the way to earn their keep in downtown Kuala Lumpur.


In general and not necessarily related to the topic above, I urge those who are in the position to give out orders on behalf of the Prime Minister to employ some psychology and a lot of common sense in executing their instructions. Seek counsel from the more intelligent people you are giving instructions to instead of making them shut up and take in the orders without question. This might help to drive the nail straight through with one pound instead of driving it in crooked.

For instance, it was correct to have the interview with Raja Petra Kamaruddin and we scored a lot of important points there, but it would have helped to convince the people more of the truth from him if:

1. 1. He was asked not to look like a cross between Benny Hill and the skipper from Gilligan’s Island talking facts but sounding like a half-pissed lawyer at the Selangor Club back in the 80s. (If President Obama were to wear a jester’s outfit giving out the most important speech, which is The State Of The Union in the House of Congress, do you think he would be taken seriously by anyone?).

2. 2. The interview was NOT done in a Hotel Suite and in Singapore, to which we returned the most wanted man in the City State captured in Johor last year. I leave the rest to your inquisitive imagination.

3. 3. The video published on youtube, with RPK’s consent I presume, could have been better executed instead of appearing like a cheaply produced recording from a hidden camera.


If This Is The Kind Of Help That Our Prime Minister Is Getting From His Cabinet And Situational Think-Tanks, Then The BN Political Atmosphere Cries Loud For A Major Reshuffle Putting In The Prime Minister’s New Team, Flushing Out Laggards Including His Cousin And His Nemesis From Johor Heading The Higher Education Ministry Not At All Being Productive And Responsible.

The Elections Can Come Later Within The Realms Of Our Five-Year Tenure Letting The New Team Prove Themselves Appearing As A “Sneak Preview” To The New Leadership Under Najib If He Gets The Full Mandate By The People.

Barring The Hard-Serving Deputy Prime Minister, We Need To Change The Faces From Johor In The New Cabinet. Lethargy And Complacency Has Set In On The Long Serving Ministers And Despite The False Perception Within UMNO, There Are Younger And More Capable Leaders Who Are Willing And Able To Carry The Aspirations And The Momentum Of The Current Prime Minister.


Reshuffle The Cabinet And Hold Off The Elections To A Later Date Sir! Take Back The Home Ministry And Appoint A Feared Deputy Minister To Assist You. You Need People And Groups Who Dare To Do Right, Willing To Tell You The Truth, And Have Common Sense Coupled With Intelligence To Execute A Good Plan With Precision. It Is Time To Get Everyone On The Same Page As You Dato’ Sri. Currently, They Seem To Be Lost And Not Up To Your Speed. We On The Ground Have Tried Everything, Even Swore An Oath To Be True. But Now We Are Waiting For Your Peers To Keep It Solemn.

If This Demonstration Is Allowed, Then We Would Have Played Into The Opposition’s Hand Like Monkeys To Peanuts. It Would Take Us 10 Steps Back After Forging 2 Good Steps Ahead Under Your Fine Initiative With Not Much Time To Play With Before D-Day.

Reflect On It Sir And Have A Safe Journey To South Africa.


Anonymous said...

Salam YM Tengku Putra
I grew up knowing only one Prime Minister, i.e Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and this is because he was in office for 22 years. By that virtue, I cannot compared with the other Prime Ministers before or immediately after him. He has the luxury of time, if I may say so, to see his programmes and projects bear results,
But in Datuk Seri Najib Razak, I have hope. In the three odd years since taking office, he has introduced several programmes to transform the country. Whether anyone likes it or not, these tranformation programmes have shown results. 
But like you said, he needs support from his Cabinet ministers and those in the government. If they are not up to speed with him on these programmes, the best laid ones can go down the drain!
My view is if they cannot work with him or deliver the results as expected, it is best he replaces them with people who can and do it as fast as he can.
Time, as they say, waits for no man. And time is now not on Datuk Seri's side.


Anonymous said...

The opposition have time and again tried their level best to discredit the government. Compliments, where merited even, are too few and far in between.
Najib has done helluva of a job. That you have to give it to him.
But there are things that he has to prioritise too. 
I believe he knows what it is. And I know he'll do it. The question now is when.


Anonymous said...

Anwar dipecat,  kita melihat terlampau banyak demonstrasi jalanan yang mengakibatkan negara mendapat publisiti negatif di mata dunia. Tidak kurang juga peniaga kecil dan sederhana yang terjejas perniagaannya terutama di jalan-jalan utama di Kuala Lumpur dan mengalami kerosakan hartabenda.
Saya faham kenapa Dr Mahathir suatu ketika dahulu melepaskan portfolio kementerian dalam negeri untuk mengambil alih portfolio kementerian kewangan. Ketika 22 tahun Dr Mahathir menjadi perdana menteri, tiada satu demo jalanan besar diadakan. Hanya selepas Anwar dipecat baru kita melihat demo-demo ini.
Saya bersependapat dengan YM Tengku bagi Datuk Seri Najib Razak mengambil alih portfolio kementerian dalam negeri dan melepaskan portfolio kementerian kewangan kepada seorang ahli Kabinet yang beramanah dan bertanggungjawab.
Menteri Dalam Negeri perlu seorang yang tegas, bukan seorang yang hanya mampu memberi amaran tanpa mengambil tindakan yang sepatutnya.
Saya percaya Datuk Seri Najib Razak seorang yang tegas, cuma kita kurang nampak kriteria ini setakat ini.


Anonymous said...

Salam Tengku,
A comment by Pemerhati interests me to post one. 
As much as taking over the home ministry and putting an 'amanah' and 'bertanggungjawab' politician as finance minister (although i firmly believe that all ministers and deputy ministers much have this in them!), Datuk Seri Najib Razak should  consider seriously the candidate for the minister of information (It would be too much to ask the prime minister to take over this portfolio too).
Sad to say, the current minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, despite his years of experience serving under several other prime ministers in various other capacities, is an utter disappointment.
Was it because he has too many portfolios under his ministry - information, communication and culture?
 Then, if Datuk Seri Najib is to retain him for any reasons only known to him, just let him take charge of culture since he is so much into using "bahasa bangsawan"  (even DBP is not taking a cue from him on this. They prefer to turn English words into Malay instead of looking up for old Malay words to use!) and more interested in putting together baju and uniforms that reflect Malaysia etc.
On, don't get me going on having his wife up on stage with him when he is giving away awards or presents. Whose brilliant idea is that? Even Datin 
Seri Rosmah Mansor doesn't do that when Datuk Seri Najib goes up on stage!
Say what you want about the late Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat but he continues to be remembered for "forcing down our throats" the " Setia" and "Semarak" campaigns. And you think Dr Mahathir is much revered then and now because of his own doing? Partly, yes but I think it was mostly because of these campaigns.
I am willing to bet that those who listened to these songs when they were in primary schools can still sing along to when they heard it again now.
And where are such campaigns? There was this 1Malaysia song competition, one song won but we are hearing another 1Malaysia song being aired on TV especially RTM.
Datuk Seri Najib needs a communicator; someone who can articulate the government's programmes and projects in layman's language that can be understood by everyone. 
The only person I see who does this effortlessly is Datuk Seri Idris Jala. His explanation on the government transformation and economic programmes are precise and to the point.  Give him another programme to handle, I think he would be able to explain it better that the person who mooted the idea in the first place.
If Datuk Seri Najib cannot put him there as information minister, get someone to understudy this man on how to communicate with people. 
Or maybe he can conduct private sessions with the current information, communications and culture minister on this although personally I think it would be futile.
There are two English sayings, "it's never too late to mend" and "you're never too old to learn" but there is also the adage "you can't teach an old dog new tricks."  It is impossible, or almost impossible, to change people's habits or traits or mindset.

TPJ said...


You have duly amplified my concerns though I need to add one strong point. Give Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak a full mandate in the next general election and I give you my affidavit that he will be more successful in bringing this country forward twice as fast as Dr Mahathir did in the tenure of his Premiership with the Grace of Allah.

I thank you for your opinion.

TPJ said...


Our Prime Minister is a rare breed. He listens more than he talks and when he does it is upon reflection. Unlike other Malay leaders, he does not spit sarcasm and is a refined gentleman.

Currently he is swimming against the current because aside from transforming the economy etc, he is working hard to transform his own party which is filled with warlords created within the past 30 years. Once he does that with the help of the few from the younger UMNO generation who grew up watching his rise and shares his aspirations, then we will see drastic movements on the upside for the party as well as the Nation.

We must stand behind him and realize our dreams together because I believe with this Man, it CAN happen.

You can stop watching the opposition now and turn your attention to his leadership.

TPJ said...

Salam Pemerhati,

Dalam era ini, Dato Sri Najib terpaksa memimpin dengan cara pemikiran baru. Beliau telah berbuat yang terbaik tetapi kita mesti ingat bahawa mandat yang ada sekarang ini adalah mandat mantan perdana menteri dahulu, maka beliau baru dapat sedar dan menilai prestasi sebahagian mereka2 yang diberi tanggungjawab penting olehnya setelah mengambil alih tampuk kepimpinan dalam 3 tahun ini.

Kementerin Dalam Negeri adalah kementerian yang paling mustahak dalam kabinet kerana ianya menjaga keamanan dan keselamatan Negara. Beliau perlu mengambil potfolio ini dan melantik seorang yang bukan taat setia kepada parti, tetapi kepadanya sebagai timbalan Menteri seperti Al-Marhum Tan Sri Megat Junid dengan Tun Dr Mahathir supaya beliau boleh berkhidmat dengan lebih sempurna tanpa ugutan politik dari mana2 pihak, lebih2 lagi dari dalam UMNO. Segala sepak terajang yang di hulurkan kepada kementerian ini boleh di tangani oleh timbalannya.

Beliau tidak perlu untuk menjadi tegas kalau tugas itu diberi kepada timbalannya yang keras. Dari itu, andaikata beliau mengekalkan kedudukannya sebagai Menteri Kewangan 1 pun boleh dengan syarat Menteri Kewangan 2 itu pun orang yang setia pada dia dan bukan yang mendalangi aspirasi beliau untuk Negara.

Terima Kasih di atas komen anda.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 1:16PM

I believe Rais Yatim has got one good term left in him. If so, the PM should put him where he is strongest, ie Culture.

Yes, at times like these, we dearly miss the labour, loyalty and the organizational skills of the late Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat. When I was in College in the US, I used to either hum or sing the Setia song.

I believe he was also responsible for introducing the songbird Siti Norhaliza then by engaging her in RTM's functions when no one knew or even heard of the name then.

When UMNO and Dr Mahathir's popularity was at the brink of death in the 80's, he was the one who almost single-handedly through his own ministry resurrected the two. Compared to now, UMNO were in deeper trouble but was able to rise even higher than before.

Today sadly, there is no such man within the party. May Allah bless his Soul.