Sunday, January 1, 2012


"Noah's Arc" Not Unlike In The Movie 2012 Above The Marina Bay Sands "On Standby"

Forget About " Carpe Diem " Or Seizing Any Of The Given Days In 2012! Let's Attempt To Seize The Rest Of Our Lives And Be All We Can Be!

Winnable Should Now Be Unacceptable!

Let's Be A Hands Down Winner Altogether And Leave All The Ambiguity Behind In 2011! Let's Maintain This Attitude Coupled With An Above Average Effort And With The Grace Of God, We Will Return The Victor In All Our Endeavours.

Luck Favours The Bold Ladies And Gentlemen!

We're On Our Mark Right Now. Let's Get Set And Go!


Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam TPJ,
Happy New Year. May your 2012 be blessed!

pabloami said...

TPJ, how would you respond to this..

-----UMNO is a racist party.----
Anyone can join DAP...or PKR...or even Gerakan..
UMNO on the other hand says they too represent Islam but the fact that they exclude non-Malay Muslims is in itself un-Islamic...
Even the least educated of Muslims know that our religion gives a special status to converts...unfortunately, Malay Muslims think THEY ARE THE SPECIAL ONES...