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Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election. The thing is, do these outsiders know the area? Do they know what the people there want? Do the locals care what the rest of Malaysia thinks? Shouldn’t we think of what is important to the locals more than how it’s going to affect our chances in the 13th General Elections? We seem to have lost our focus. It used to be how we serve the locals in every locality by getting the best candidates to serve them and when we have done so in unison, all localities in the entire country would altogether in turn give us the mandate to run the government in the General Elections. What logic is there to think of what the rest of Malaysia would want if we put up a candidate in Bagan Pinang that will not serve them well? That is darn right selfish. On the contrary, we should strengthen the service of our representatives in all of the constituencies in the whole country, not compromise by nominating a weak representative in Bagan Pinang on the basis of his/ her political hygiene as opposed to a slightly tarnished veteran who is powerful and well received by the locals on top of being the sole candidate whom the Telok Kemang UMNO division is united in supporting.

There are a couple of ironies in the trail of UMNO by-elections.

1. We had several disunited UMNO divisions which were not agreeable to any one candidate because of the split within but the leadership had to make a choice and came up with the wrong one.

2. We have a united UMNO division which is cock sure of the candidate they want and will work their backsides off for, but the leadership is being pressured to drop him at the risk of working with a half-hearted machinery. The leadership will probably select a clean candidate but not necessarily a winnable one.

This is my “ quick and dirty “ take on it. Let’s stop looking at the bigger picture even before the painting has begun. Just make sure that everyone paints his section of the masterpiece properly and when everyone has done their part without a smudge, everything will fall in place nicely in the big picture making it a masterpiece that can be sent to Christy’s International for auction.

In other words, every BN representative whether shadow or otherwise should work hard in their own designated service area and if everyone does his/ her part in satisfying the Rakyat, then Barisan Nasional will sweep to a landslide victory in the next General Election under the stewardship of Dato Sri’ Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir has opined that we should not field Isa because of the disciplinary action taken upon him by UMNO which he has duly served. Well it is an open secret that the Disciplinary Board under pressure practiced selective prosecution and if it did its job without prejudice, more than half of the Supreme Council might have been punished as well.

Having the utmost respect and gratitude for Tun being the leader that has put Malaysia properly on the map in numerous sectors in the economy and finance, his opinion on the choice of candidates however should be taken with a pinch of salt considering it is not his forte.

1. We lost Kelantan because as Prime Minister then, Tun wanted to retain the Menteri Besar Tan Sri Yaacob Mohamed, against the wish of the mass.

2. We lost Terengganu also because he chose to retain Wan Mokhtar, the Menteri Besar who served three Sultans, under extreme opposition from the rakyat.

3. He hand-picked Anwar Ibrahim to succeed him even when there was a catalogue of more senior, aspiring and qualified candidates in UMNO to choose from. Everyone knows what became of that.

4. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was his choice for Deputy President of UMNO and Deputy Prime Minister when the greater majority of UMNO delegates including the writer voted Najib in as number one Vice President beating the former hands down with eyes shut in every single UMNO election. Tun’s final choice brought the Barisan Nasional to its knees and almost destroyed national unity, the very fabric of our society due to the total incompetence of his said choice. We are still struggling to regain our position though Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib has stopped the hemorrhage.

The ultimate question here should be; Does Bagan Pinang Want Isa Samad Or Not? If the un-doctored 5 agency intelligence findings say that they don’t want him, then we should find a suitable replacement but if they want him, then by God put him there as our candidate and let the other BN representatives take care of the rest of Malaysia!

Don’t think of winning the war when we can’t even win small battles.
The decision is staring us point blank. Make the right choice for BAGAN PINANG!


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umar said...

Salam Tg.Harun,

Tan Sri Isa was Menteri Besar for more than a decade in Negeri after Rais Yatim. Then he was Federal Minister for a short while.His other contemporaries have either retired or moved on to become senior cabinet ministers.Tan Sri Isa has not enjoyed much life at federal level.
Tun Mahathir rewarded his loyal friends with more than what they lost. Wan Mokhtar was appointed our Diplomat in Saudi. Ramli Ngah was appointed Speaker Dewan,Yaakob was appointed Yang Dipertua Senate.Khalil Yakob became Yang dipertua Melaka.Yusuf Nor became Felda boss.
UMNO Negeri has not groomed any notable person other than Rais Yatim and Isa Samad for the last umpteen years.During Pak Lah's tenure his son in-law was making headlines everday in all the media. No other person in UMNO was groomed. Personal glory took front stage.
You high-lighted all Mahathir's wrong choices for losing Kelantan and Terangganu.You missed why we lost Kedah.It is Mahathir's home state.
I wonder isn't there any young, vibrant, active candidate to contest. Do you think PM Najib owes Isa Samad a favour ?
If it is so, then PM should return the favour by appointing him a chairmanship somewhere or diplomat etc not having to contest a by-election.It is notIsa contesting. It is UMNO vs opposition.Isa shouldn't be the sacrificial lamb again.

TPJ said...

Salam Umar,

1. Yes there are young, vibrant and active candidates to contest but the question is can they win? Under Dr Mahathir's premiership old geasers were kept till they brought the party down. Not many youths were groomed in his time but the general cliche was that " you are still young, still a long way to go", and pats on the back by the elders saying " this is our future leader " but they never gave way to us, and Mahathir never made them. Mahathir was the one who created the UMNO warlords and now he wants to undo his wrong by making comments haunting the leadership.

2. No, PM Najib doesn't owe Isa Samad a favour. On the contrary, if Isa is fielded, we are making use of him to finish his twilight years in the service of UMNO and BN while grooming his Youth leader and his son to take over. He seems to be popular in Telok Kemang. Now if the leadership wants to make him MB, then I have issue with that but as a candidate to serve the area where he has been serving with flying colours for the past 20years, why not? Make him candidate and force him to groom his successor whomever it may be to take over in the general elections in three years. That's a brilliant transition plan. His proteges must follow him on his duties to get acquainted with the voters. Now can Tun or UMNO think this way? I think not because everyone wants to give opinions as though they have done no wrong.

I have a feeling, with all this hoo haa about Isa, if he is fielded, I think it would be best for outsiders to leave the campaign to the Telok Kemang machinery alone to do the job because our campaigners from elsewhere wouldn't know how to speak good of the candidate with full conviction being sceptical and having preconcieved views on the matter. Outsiders will only sabotage our effort there. Just give them the money and leave them to bring it home for us.

I know Isa. He doesn't mind being the sacrificial lamb. He is an UMNO man through and through.

Anonymous said...

Isa should understand if he was not chosen as a candidate.I understand all UMNO members loves him unfortunetly the division members has to realise this is by election and not UMNO election.Although he has served a very good services to the people but his time has past.UMNO has to change and start giving chances to a younger generation for better future.UMNO members should realise and not demanding according to their taste.Enough is enough!!Serving the voters is more importance right now to enable the party wins back the trust in UMNO.With 1 Malaysia concept I think Rakyat diutamakan!!.

Anonymous said...

You see there were HIDDEN factors that no one could foresee.

Once chosen as successors (Anwar and Abdullah), foreign hands were quick to 'pounce' on these two.

So at the point of choice, one was a promising orator and the other was Mr Clean.

Who could foresee One being recruited by foreign interests. Who could have foreseen SIL overshadowing FIL.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patriot,
Looks like there are many in UMNO who do not want to change.
Isa may be a good man, but this is not UMNO or Bagan Pinang.
This is not about Dr.M's opinion.
This is the whole of MAlaysia looking at how UMNO transforming itself to be a dynamic party.
Thanks for reading.

TPJ said...

Dear Anonymous 7:12pm

Isa will understand why the leadership may not put him as the candidate, but he may not understand why he should be rejected if the people in Telok Kemang namely Bagan Pinang want him.

Not all UMNO members love him. I for one am not thinking of Isa Samad nor am I thinking of what or how the rest of the country thinks. I am thinking of what the folks in Bagan Pinang want. Shouldn't that be the question here? Again, we have 5 so called "intelligence" agencies to report to the leadership. What the hell are they doing? They should deliver their findings to PM Najib and Najib should decide based on that because it should say whether they want Isa or someone else.

You nailed it right on the head by saying UMNO has to serve the people. That is why I say that UMNO doesn't need to change. All they need to do is serve the people well like before instead of patronising locals telling them that we know better than them on who should serve them.

Kalau benar Rakyat diutamakan, maka data dan hasil risikan dari ajensi2 kerajaan (kalau benar2 tak makan gaji buta) iaitu Special Branch, Military Intelligence, Kemas, JASA, Penerangan dll sepatutnya sudahpun ada bayangan akan siapa yang rakyat di Bagan Pinang mahu. Kalau Isa, maka Isalah calon kita dan kalau bukan Isa, maka letaklah calon alternatif yang diterima rakyat disana. Perisik2 gajian kita seharusnya sudahpun tahu, lebih2 lagi musim Raya dimana mereka boleh mengunjung rumah2 pengundi untuk menyelam sambil minum. As simple as Alif Ba Ta.

I am not supporting Isa nor his critics. I am supporting whoever the Bagan Pinang folks want, and THAT should be the point in question.

I thank you for your participation and hope you will continue to give your views in here whichever way you may choose.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 9:34pm

Goes to show that a clean politician doesn't necessarily mean that he will stay clean and be competent. Likewise, a tarnished figure who has proven to serve well for 22 years in his constituency doesn't nessecarily mean that he will rip all his constituents off every penny they have in their savings.

Are you absolutely sure that the most powerful man in the country then who allegedly had an unpleasant exchange with the Oxford trained SIL with an ambition to be PM by the age of 40, didn't even have the slightest reservation on his ability to make even the smallest dent to the future administration?

Please bear in mind that despite the only one flaw that I noticed on our Statesman (weakness to judge characters and pick candidates), I still think he has done more good than otherwise for this nation and we are all the better because of this great Man. The strongly believe that the government still needs his counsel in financial and economic matters, and how to control a nation with cultural diversities. That is his strength in leadership and we should capitalise on it.

Thank you for your kind participation and response.

TPJ said...

Dear Kiryu,

I strongly beg to differ on the fact that this is not about Bagan Pinang. On the contrary this MUST be about Bagan Pinang and Bagan Pinang alone in this by-election.

Kiryu, it is my humble opinion that the whole of Malaysia has no business on what is right or wrong for Bagan Pinang. The locals there know who have served and/ or will continue to serve them best and they will live with their choice for better or for worse.

UMNO shouldn't be window dressing our dynamism at the expense of the Bagan Pinang folks. We don't need to transform, we just need to go back to the basics and serve because the business of politics is to serve the Rakyat and bring economic and infrastructural development to the nation, not repackaging the party and make cosmetic changes while maintaining the old creed and ideology.

Have pity on the Bagan Pinang folks. Imagine if you're forced to marry someone because your distant relatives think the person is right for you, not because of love, care of even lust.

Thank you for your opinion. I may be wrong in mine but it's good that we can share each other's views and think together. Whatever it is, ultimately we know that you and I and the rest who've posted their comments have the interest of the Nation at heart.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 12:57am.

Thanks for being the first to comment and exercise your freedom of expression.

Please bear in mind that one man's shit is another man's fertilizer. Could Isa bring the " F " factor in Bagan Pinang?

We'll wait and see. Regards.