Friday, March 20, 2009



1. Why is it when Pakatan Rakyat’s EXCOs were charged in Court, no one, neither Pakatan members, nor the Rakyat asked them to resign from their posts and they continued to serve in their respective capacities until they decided to go Independent but when Ali Rustam is reprimanded by the Party Disciplinary Board, not charged in Court, he is asked to resign his post as Chief Minister of Malacca?

2. Why is it when Tan Sri Isa Samad, the sitting Vice President at that time was found guilty by the UMNO Discplinary Board chaired by the same person handing down judgment on Ali Rustam, he was forced to vacate his position as Minister of Federal Territories but when Ali Rustam was found guilty, he remains as Chief Minister of Malacca?

Now I can understand the political reasoning which is perhaps because we are afraid to lose Malacca in the next elections due to Ali’s huge influence in the State, but what escapes me is how this decision can come from a Chairman who claims, almost by thumping on his chest that the Disciplinary Board is Independent which has Separation of Powers bla bla bla, yet acts like he has been advised to compromise on his decision and went against precedent.


1. A person can be guilty of the most watched out for and ONLY crime in a Party election, but he is let off with a warning.

I would think that in politics, either you are guilty or innocent. No two ways about it! It’s not like murder where they will have to determine whether you had the intention to kill to decide whether it is first degree murder, culpable homicide or manslaughter etc. In politics, would you ask a person giving out money or buying delegates the most expensive Chinese dinner whether or not he had the intention to bribe the fellows? Can you really be that daft? If the evidence is loose because the agent is an insignificant acquaintance, should he really be declared guilty? If there is an aiota of guilt, should he be allowed to contest at all?

How can one go on serving as a public official with the words “guilty” hanging over one’s head? How does this sound? “ The Honorable Khairy Jamaluddin is the guilty candidate running for UMNO Youth Chief”. He was found guilty by the Disciplinary Board for money politics but is allowed to contest for the top post in the UMNO Youth Wing.

Queer don’t you think? The Board would have done better by just declaring him innocent.


1. I would think also that the Disciplinary Board, although independent in their investigations, findings and judgment, is still answerable to the Supreme Council. This is because they were appointed by the Party Council, not the government or even Parliament. Therefore any judgment made by the Board should be recommended to the Supreme Council for their endorsement. They should have no right to make any independent announcements pre-empting the powers of the Supreme Council. A messy situation could have been avoided with Ali Rustam being persuaded to withdraw from the race in the name of unity without tarnishing his image and angering his supporters whom he can appease when they know the real reason for his withdrawal.

This is Party business and should remain there. Antagonizing factions within the party will only make things difficult in our effort to win back our lost ground in the coming elections. The Disciplinary Board should be headed by someone who can appreciate this front and not someone who perhaps can be influenced by old friends discussing it at the Country Club.


Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam TPJ
Can UMNO members and the rakyat in general be blamed if they think this is selective prosecution?
Both were found guilty but one got barred from contesting while the other got a stern warning.
It doesn't make sense really.
Despite several explanation, people just aren't buying it.

sfso@pulaijb said...

Assalamualaikum TPJ,

Spot on lah bro.The verdict and punishment can be categorized as funny,strange and questionable?

Why there is a different punishment to Ali Rustam(A.R) compared to Khairy(KJ)?I think the UMNO disciplinary should explain further and in detail on why they chose to punish A.R and let KJ of the hook.Nampak sangat ada yang tek kena.

I totally agree that the Disciplinary Board should report their findings to the Supreme Council before any punishment is carried out.

What makes me scared if A.R supporters retaliate and out of frustration and anger,choose to vote for Mat Taib?I'm not judging Mat Taib's performance or credibality but I really hope that Muhyiddin will win and reform UMNO together with Najib..

About PKR,I think everybody knows lah what this party is all about.
PKR=Empty talk,kencing rakyat,cari populariti murahan and no slightest respect for the law especially if the issue is not in their favour.

I just hope as day goes by,more and more people will realize this and UMNO should also do something to woo back the voters especially the young minds..

Last but not least,pls vote with conscience and I really hope that this years' UMNO election will finally bring a big change to our country for a better future


TPJ said...

Salam Cik Fauziah,

Malay lawyers are said to be the worst amongst the thousands in this country. They are only good at doing conveyancing but are bad at arguing cases in court. That is why when they determine cases in UMNO they do so with emotion without the benefit of intelect and precedent.

Even you and I could have judged Ali Rustam with better wisdom having Isa Samad's case as reference. On the flipside, if UMNO was on the board's minds, they could have dealt with it more deftly in order to preserve the good name of the Party by leaving it to Najib and the Supreme Council if they don't rightly trust Badawi to pressure Ali to withdraw in good faith.

TPJ said...

Salam SFSO

I was told by my informant yesterday that there was a meeting in Malacca and that Ali has signalled to his supporters to back Mat Taib.

We shall see how sane UMNO members are.

BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ,

Apa yg terjadi dengan Kancah Politik di Malaysia especially UMNO amatlah lucu dan kelakar sekali. Graf Double Standard dan Kredibiliti Bermuka-muka adalah menjadi kriteria utama di dalam resume untuk menjadi seorang ahli politik era moden ini.. Jika diteliti dan dinilai keputusan LEMBAGA DISPLIN ( Lembaga Hitam ) yang telah dibuat, budak sekolah rendah pun boleh mengatakan yg keputusan dibuat adalah tidak adil dan boleh dipersoalkan tahap ketelusannya. Timing serta keputusan tindakan displin yg diambil ke atas AR adalah sgt2 tidak kena dan seolah2 meminjam kata2 pemimpin agung PR "DSAI" wujud "teori konspirasi" disebalik keputusan yg telah dibuat.

Lembaga Displin ini pun satu hal jugak.. Kenapalah dalam 3 bulan masa berkempen ini, minggu terakhir ini yg hendak diumumkan keputusan tindakan displin yg akan dikenakan kepada pelaku2 rasuah nih?? dahlah dikenakan tindakan tak boleh bertanding.. sedih satu hal.. yg lagi sedih, duit plak dah banyak habis..

Kepada penyokong2 pulak.. saya turut bersimpati dengan anda..dahlah penat berkempen ke sana ke mari, kesudahannya amatlah pedih dan pilu sehinggakan ada yg mengalirkan air mata ketika keputusan dibuat. Namun, inilah yg dikatakan Politik.. Jatuh, bangun, menikam dan ditikam serta tertikam.. perkara biasalah beb..

Cuma secara kesimpulan terhadap keputusan Lembaga Displin UMNO terhadap isu Rasuah Politik ini, pada saya lebih baik tiada tindakan langsung yg diambil, daripada mengambil keputusan setakat meredakan tekanan daripada pihak luaran especially Tun Dr Mahathir, kerana setback ataupun kerosakan yg telah timbul, boleh dikatakan seperti "menurap jalan tar ketika hari hujan" kerana tidak menambah baik, malah memberikan lebih banyak keburukan.. Jelaslah tindakan yg diambil, amat tidak adil, tidak benar2 telus dan memalukan UMNO secara keseluruhannya. Jika benar wujud sokongan kepada Mat Taib selepas AR tidak layak bertanding... bukankah ini satu khianat dan tsunami kepada kem Muhyiddin? Beneficiary kepada episod Lembaga Hitam ini sudah tentulah Mat Taib, sampaikan dia peluk AR macam peluk anak dara jiran sebelah apabila AR diumumkan tidak boleh bertanding untuk jawatan Timb Presiden baru-baru ini.. Naik geli geleman dibuatnya melihatkan gelagat ahli2 politik kita ini, walaupun saya ni org UMNO..

Inilah yg dikatakan " Law Of The Jungle "..

TPJ said...

Saudara BoyHjJamil

Amat tepat sekali, dan syabas kepada saudara kerana orang2 ternama yang saudara bergamabar bersama telah menang besar dalam pemilihan UMNO. Berkat bergambar dengan Glamour boy of JB.