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Johor being the State that gave birth to UMNO and is the biggest benefactor in the Ruling Government is fielding the most number of Candidates in the coming UMNO elections. While many are deserving and capable leaders, there are also several who are taking advantage of the State’s reputation to make it big in National Politics. Let’s go through them one by one and maybe after that you’ll be able to determine who they are with a little help from me.


He was appointed Treasurer of the Johor UMNO Liaison Committee by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the then Menteri Besar which kick started his career in politics. Later he was appointed Senator before being elected as Member of Parliament in 1986. From 1987 to 1993, he was Deputy Minister before becoming the Sports Minister at the end of 1993. One of his achievements was to initiate a National Youth Program called “The Rakan Muda”.In 1995 he was appointed Menteri Besar of Johor succeeding Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. He still enjoys this position at the behest of the Sultan of Johor.

He has since promoted Malay Arts and Culture specifically the Zapin and Ghazal keeping it alive and well in the Malay Community. He also introduced mandatory Quran readings every Friday morning before work begins in the government sector to promote the comprehension of the Holy Book. As an UMNO leader protecting Religion and defending the Race, he has done his part in both aspects and is a worthy candidate for Supreme Council.


He was the youngest Political Secretary in the country serving Musa Hitam. Later he served Tun Razak in the same capacity until the latter died in London. In 1978, he won the Parliamentary seat in Johor Bahru. He was Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, then Minister of Welfare, Youth and Sports before being the Minister of the Federal Territories. He was out of mainstream politics for a long spell before finally being re-appointed into the Cabinet by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi after the recent elections in 2008.

He is generally not a team player and has a mind of his own as proven twice when he resigned his seat in Parliament to stand and win as an independent and later when he resigned as the Backbencher’s Club Chairman for voting in support of the Opposition in Parliament.

He serves his constituency well and I once followed him to tend to a complaint by one of his constituents at 3 am just to confirm the report and take immediate action.

He is a good candidate for Supreme Council as we need a maverick to stand up for what’s right even if it’s against the wishes of the President as opposed to being a rubber stamp and an apple polisher.


She established the Puteri UMNO wing from scratch which was a mountainous task. She helped reach the young and restless ladies who were not too inclined towards politics and turned the Wing into a powerhouse envied by the Wanita wing under the leadership of Rafidah Aziz, which proved that they were of tremendous significance in UMNO prepared to replace the senior ladies in the Party.

She was Minister of Sports in 2004 before assuming the current post after the recent elections. She is currently a sitting member of the Supreme Council winning in the last UMNO election after having reached the maximum age in Puteri UMNO.

She is a “hands on” leader who gets things done quickly and was recently elected as the only female Division Chief in the country after her rival failed to get enough nominations to qualify in Pengerang.

We need more Ministers like her. Unfortunately, her officers are currently being investigated by the SPRM for political corruption, but if she is cleared of any wrongdoing, she would be a superb candidate for Supreme Council for her action oriented mentality which is not a widespread characteristic in Malay leadership.


He is the Mersing Division Chief and was one of the youngest State Executive Councillors in Johor serving two terms while also sitting in the Youth Wing as an EXCO member. He is a second term Deputy Minister and almost didn’t make the cut in the line-up after the elections. He was said to be vocal in the last few meetings while supporting the quick transfer of power.

He is affable but not quite in the frontlines because he is overshadowed by a strong Minister from the MCA, yet he is experienced enough and would be a good candidate to be considered for another term in the Supreme Council at least.


She is the outgoing Chief of the Puteri Wing. She was appointed Deputy Minister presumably in respect of her position in the wing. She was secretary to the Backbencher’s Club and was deputy to Azalina who did all the work building Puteri while she just took over an already well established wing.

Ever since she took over the wing, the number of branches is said to have reduced out of lack of interest within the outfit. In Pulai alone, it started with around 26 branches under Azalina but at the last count, there were barely 18, this with the fact that our last Puteri Chief is a serving member of the Puteri Exco.(until 25 March) In the eyes of the majority in UMNO, not much have been achieved under Noraini’s leadership and because of this, there have been calls for the Wing’s role and position to be reduced to that of Putera UMNO. A Vice President’s equivalent is too high a position for a wing that is not quite up to the mark. The Puteri Wing should just be a bureau within the Wanita Wing. In addition, members are asking why they should consider a seat in the Supreme Council for every Puteri leader coming of age in every UMNO election.
Noraini is NOT a worthy candidate for Supreme Council although she might barely make the cut considering there are not more than 15 worthy candidates, meaning we have to still elect another 10 lousy ones to complete the 25 or our votes will be considered spoilt.


She was an Executive Councilor in the Johor Government for several terms and was tipped to be at least a Deputy Minister in the new line up after the elections. However the Prime Minister was said to have come to his senses and opted not to appoint her even when Shahrizat Jalil lost her seat and Rafidah was not reappointed to the Cabinet.

She is currently just an ordinary member of the Tenggara Division and is reduced to being just a delegate after deciding not to defend her post as Division Chief. She was once considered a liability to the Menteri Besar in Johor because of her proximity with the leader although it was just merely a “rumor”.

She is a staunch supporter of Rafidah Aziz and it is said that if they both win in their respective contests, she will be looking at Rafidah every time there is a call to vote in the Supreme Council instead of doing what is best for the UMNO mass.

In several State functions introducing nationwide candidates running for Supreme Council, she is said to have brought busloads of Wanita members to cheer loudly when she is introduced on stage exhibiting artificial support for her fooling the locals.

Halimah too is NOT a worthy candidate for Supreme Council though she would be riding on the Johor and Wanita UMNO reputation to sail her through. Again, if she pulls through, it would be because the delegates will have little choice in completing the 25 person ballot.


He is currently the Batu Pahat Division Chief and Member of Parliament of the same. In 1997 he was appointed the Executive Secretary of the Johor State UMNO Liaison Committee and was Senator in 2004.

He is very vocal and is consistent in voicing the concerns and needs of the UMNO grassroots without fear or favour. When Prime Minister Badawi met with the Johor Liaison Committee for the first time after the disastrous showing (by BN standards) in the 2008 General Elections, he was only one of the two members in the Committee who asked outright for the PM to make way. The other person is Pulai Member of Parliament and UMNO Division Chief Nur Jazlan Mohamed, reflecting the views of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the great majority of UMNO members.

Dr Puad Zakarshi is a NECESSARY candidate for the Supreme Council, and I consider him a National Candidate as opposed to one from Johor because if his past reputation is anything to go by, he will bring the voice of the grassroots in there.

As a Malaysian citizen from Johor, I urge my fellow State delegates to choose ONLY the best and qualified amongst those from the State offering themselves for posts, even if it means there won’t be many who will succeed. Allegiance to the Party, and voting ONLY quality leaders from Johor, maintaining our leadership standard, would be the best way to exhibit our loyalty to the State and People of Johor.

For a recap of PART ONE covering the Deputy and Vice Presidential Candidates please go to A slight correction: There are a total of 11 Candidates not counting the one for Deputy Chairmanship won uncontested from Johor, not 9. I stand corrected.


BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ,

Dr Puad Zarkashi ni kalau tak terpilih, tak taulah saya apa nak jadi dengan perwakilan kita.

Ketua Puteri mmg belum layaklah.. biarlah dia belajar serve kawasan parlimen dia dulu, baru fikir bertanding lain kali..

Dr Latif, i setuju dgn TPJ, u boleh dan layak..

Kak Halimah kita nih, agak samar2 skitlah personaliti dia ni.. banyak citer tak baik daripada cerita baik2... Kes dia ngan Ghani tu walaupun dikatakan "rumor" tapi secara tak langsung, nampak macam real.. ntahlah, itu antara dia dan tuhan.. dari segi politiknya pulak, kalaulah benar semuanya nak ikut Rafidah, alamatnya tak terReformlah UMNO..

Ghani Othman pulak, selain daripada kedudukannya yg amat selamat selagi Tuanku Sultan Johor masih berkenan dengan alunan zapin dan KERONCONG Yayasan Warisan Johor, ( brainchild Ghani dan kebanggaan beliau selama menjadi MB Johor ), ramai yg mengatakan dia nih agak sombong.. Namun begitu, kalau nak diikutkan daripada senarai 51 org yg bertanding.. bolehlah selitkan Ghani ni.. At least ada gak jasa dia kepada "Membudayakan Al Quran" dan memartabatkan seni budaya Johor di mata dunia.. Saya cadangkan kalau boleh dia ni dijadikan Ketua Biro yg berkaitan dengan Seni Budaya untuk UMNO.. Amcam?? Lepas tu kalau Sultan Johor tak berkenan dengan dia, bolehlah dia bertanding utk jadi Ahli Parlimen, ataupun dilantik semula jadi Senator dan dipromote jadi Menteri Perpaduan, Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan.. barulah saya rasa kita dapat nampak potensi sebenar Ghani Othman..

Shahrir Samad, mmg umum dah tau, dia nih agak santai dan sempoi.. personalitinya mmg diketahui tak sombong dan approachable.. Mcm ginilah pemimpin yg kita nak.. Namun, satu benda yg perlu diperbaiki ialah sifatnya yg tidak terlalu menggelabah ketika membuat sesuatu keputusan.. Isu kenaikan harga petrol pada bulan jun 08, adalah bukti betapa sedikit ketenangan diperlukan ketika sesuatu keputusan yg kritikal hendak dibuat. Saya boleh katakan, "damage have been done" kpd harga2 barang keperluan harian pada masa kini walaupun harga minyak dah kembali turun... Namun sebab dia ni tak berlagak and berpengalaman.. pangkah sama dia ...

Unknown said...

This is of course, you personal opinion, right?

TPJ said...

Saudara BoyHjJamil,

Tepat analisa anda tentang mereka ini. Orang Johor sudah kenal satu persatu calon mereka, berbeza dengan negeri lain, kita di Johor hanya memilih yang layak dan bukan pilih mereka kerana ketaatsetiaan kita kepada negeri Johor. Sebab itulah Johor melahirkan ramai pemimpin2 berwibawa, melainkan Ketua Pemuda sahaja, kerana itu bukan pilihan kita, dia tu pilihan Tun Mahathir dahulu sebagai payung terjun, sebab itu beliau lembab dan layu perjuangannya.

TPJ said...


If your were referring to me, if I were in the box in a court of law, you can consider me an expert witness. This is my opinion as a Specialist in this field because I eat, sleep, drink and even dream politics, and I can tell a fake from miles (figure of speech) away from just watching, talking to and listening to their speaches.