Monday, December 12, 2016


Which One Is It? Oops! It's Not Even There!

One concern which I consider not substantial enough to dwell on but has occupied the attention of the Nation the last couple of weeks has been the non-invitation, invitation, and "un-invitation" by a couple of institutions to a former statesman.

It's like musical chairs isn't it? And we feel embarrassed for the kid left without a seat when the music stops.

Looks like this grand gentleman has been getting the hot and cold treatment by parties of various backgrounds.

It's been made to look like he is a sad victim being knocked around all over the place when we should all just take a  breather and realise that any invitation or otherwise forthcoming is at the pleasure of the host, and we should just mind our own business. 

And if you people think that he should be given more respect just because he is an elderly person, please look at yourselves first and see if you show your own parents the same kind of respect that you demand for him.

Earlier this month the DAP announced that they were not inviting Tun Dr Mahathir to their convention. But on the eleventh hour, they decided to throw an invitation out to him which he pounced on without reservation.

In another instance, Istana Negara rescinded a previous invitation to Tun to attend the Coronation/ Appointment of the new Yang DiPertuan Agong on 13th December, which was marked "Sulit" but still flashed out to the public for cheap sympathy by a pathetic member of his family.

Cybercountry went wild over this like they didn't have a life of their own to worry about.

Folks. It is the prerogative of the host to decide whether one deserves to be invited or not. 

One naive person who is an over-rated champion debater even suggested that an invited VVIP sacrifice his chair for Tun like it's a two dollar seat at the local cinema in defiance of protocol.

As a Patriot, I say that Tun  lost his Statesmanship and his right to be accorded the full honours when he opted to join in an anti government street demonstration on the eve of Merdeka and not join His Majesty The Yang DiPertuan Agong and other dignitaries on stage on Independence Day honouring our men and women in uniform who sacrificed to defend, and shaped this Country to what it is today. 

It must be reminded that the government of the day is the government of His Majesty The King and a move to remove it undemocratically is partly an insult to the Institution.

If he has offended the Yang DiPertuan Agong, then he has offended the Institution and not the person. Tun may have earned the highest honour conferred in the Kelantan Court and by that I suppose he may be welcomed at the Istana Kelantan in Kuala Lumpur or even the official Palace in Kubang Krian, but NOT necessarily at Istana Negara, There lies the distinction between the federal and state entities.

Secondly, on the day when Muslims converged to show protest to the genocide of Muslims in Burma at a stadium, Tun decided to sit with a "racist" party at their convention instead. This party is regarded as one that is "inclined" towards a Republic and to abolish the Monarchy.

And You Wonder Why His Seat Was Taken Out To Make More Space For Others In The Balai Rong Seri? Have Yourself Examined!

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