Monday, December 7, 2015


A Prince, An Officer And A Gentleman 

I First Met The Late Tunku Abdul Jalil Iskandar By Chance A Few Weeks Before The Elections In 2013 At The Prince Hotel In Kuala Lumpur.

I Was With The Members Of My Patriot Foundation Having A Political Brainstorm Over Supper. The Late Prince Himself Was Singing With The Live Band When His Father HRH The Sultan Of Johor Arrived. 

He Had Quite A Voice And We Enjoyed Our Time Listening To Him Serenade Those Who Were There. We Overstayed As The Only Way Out Was To Pass In Front Of HRH The Sultan's Table And We Thought, Being Johoreans, That It Was Inappropriate To Leave Before HRH Got Up For Anything.

Anyway When We Finally Did, We Managed To Say Hello To The Late Prince On Our Way Out. I Saw Then How His Demeanour Was Different From The Rest Of The Blue-bloods That I Have Met In My Entire Life.

He Was Calm, Collected And Very Humble. That Was The Only Time I Ever Spoke To Him, Though I Followed His Developments Just Like The Rest Of The Country.

The Last Time I Observed The Late Tunku Laksamana Was At The Johor Crown Prince's Wedding. Though He Was Frail, He Kept His Head Up High, Came In His Full Regalia And Carried Himself More " Royally " Than Even The Windsors, While Being Very Humble Greeting The VIP Guests.

Despite Not Having Had The Privilege Of Being Acquainted To The Late Tunku Abdul Jalil Iskandar, Tunku Laksamana Of Johor, His Royal Highness Certainly Reinforced My Political Upbringing By Reminding Me Through His Actions, During Sickness And In Health, In Life As Well As In Death, That One Can Be Great And Yet Maintain Humility At The Same Time, Which Makes One Even More Magnificent In The Eyes Of God And The Human Race.

What An Extraordinary Gift To Mankind Was He. A Gentleman Prince Of All Time.

May Allah's Blessings And Grace Be Upon Your Soul My Dear Prince, And May You Rest Amongst The Righteous In The Sight Of The Almighty.


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Siti Najwa said...

al-Fatihah. May Allah bless his soul and place him among the righteous. amiin