Tuesday, May 27, 2014



I bet that caught your attention didn't it? 

Yes. In not so many words, GERAKAN should be rewarded if their candidate representing Barisan Nasional wins.

They stepped up to the plate. And if they win, it would mean that they would have finally won back the Chinese votes for us without bitching about the rest of the world nor dodging in their responsibilities in fear of losing.

Yes. Let's give this gentleman a final go and help him prove his worth to the Chinese people in Telok Intan. It may be a long-shot, but considering the candidate he is up against, this is the best chance he'll ever get at reclaiming the seat he held before.

Upon Success, We Should Then Duly Reward The Party And Their Community With A Seat In The Cabinet Suspending Any Intentions Of Providing Posts To Envelope Pushers And Political Parasites In Barisan Nasional.

No Prizes For The Right Guess On The Party In Reference.

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