Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Carcosa Brief

When the local Three Stooges, Dato’ Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik, and Dato’ Shuib Lazim, better known as “Datuk T” held a lewd video show in one of the most prestigious establishments in town last week, my partner and I received many phone calls wondering if we’ve seen it or have a copy of the same. What disgusted me most was why everyone was so interested to see Anwar Ibrahim’s penis on video.

Questions we should ask:

1. Why was Eskay in the news so quickly after his case was heard in court regarding his allegedly unpaid RM20 Million commission on the Crooked Bridge from Dato’ Yahya Jalil?

2. What was the bone that he wanted to pick with Anwar Ibrahim who was Finance Minister then?

3. Did Anwar promise to be one of his witnesses in the hearing but didn’t show up?

4. Did he discover that Yahya had allegedly paid some of his commission to Anwar instead?

5. How did he have a copy of the video?

6. How did he know the hooker was a Chinese national?

7. Was he the pimp supplying fannies to Anwar?

All of these queries may be of some or little interest to many, but the Mother of all questions is, “What the Hell was Rahim Thamby Chik doing there taking centre stage?” The next important question is why Shuib Lazim who is a former UMNO division chief and current father-in-law of Minister Shafie Afdal, also sitting there like a cheap passenger while denting the image of his son-in-law and the party that he represents.

The first impression would be that UMNO is behind this. Next is that Prime Minister Najib must have endorsed it.

But the fact of the matter as related to the media by one Mohamad Mahti Abdul Rahim who was Eskay’s witness who turned hostile in the Crooked Bridge case, is that Eskay wanted to do Anwar in because according to the former, the latter “stole” money from him. This is a matter between two very close associates; so close that one can return to the pit just to retrieve a watch that was allegedly in the possession of the Chinese prostitute.

Datuk “T” for Three Stooges

Once again we ask, “What the Hell is Rahim Thamby Chik doing in this equation?”

Answer: He is an attention seeker who is trying to justify his faded existence in mainstream politics perhaps also trying to exact revenge on Anwar for his “crucifixion” by the latter when he was the most powerful Deputy Prime Minister while the former was the Malacca Chief Minister.

Many people including Eskay and Rahim may say or act like they are helping the Prime Minster, but assisting him to the possible dungeons of hell doesn’t constitute help. It was never warranted neither was it solicited by Sri Perdana.

Dato’ Sri Najib Razak and his flagship are sailing smoothly and fast. They didn’t need a turbine to further propel them to their destination, let alone a used and bashed up engine in the form of these questionable characters with motives of their own.

These three people deserve to be in the same cell as the man they are trying to persecute. The law has been broken and according to the Minister in charge, no immunity is given for these clowns under The Whistleblower Protection Act 2010.

The full brunt of the law should be hammered onto their heads to fully exonerate the Government and the Prime Minister’s good name from this act of the most despicable kind.

The Highly Established Carcosa Seri Negara Also Should Consider Taking Legal Action Against The Person Or Entity Responsible For Making The Reservation For The Purpose Of Exhibiting An Art Which Should Instead Befittingly Be Shown In A Two Bit Motel In Chow Kit. It Has Reduced Their Prestige And Standing Among The Best Acclaimed Accommodations In The City Of Kuala Lumpur! Her Majesty the Queen Of England Graced This Place! Let There Not Be A Framed Picture Of Datuk “T” On The Wall Next to Hers!


Anonymous said...

Be objective. Punish those who become a traitor for The President. In this case, The 'T' is not more than a sympathizer to gain a cheap publicity.

Dato K said...

Salam TPJ,

Apa yang ente marah sangat kat Rahim Tamby Chik ni?Do u know that he's in GABEM yang memperjuangkan usahawan-usahawam Melayu yang nak terlungkup ni.

Now u tell me apa sumbangan ente kepada negara selain dari menjadi ahli UMNo lebih dari 20 tahun?Ada masuk apa-apa NGO kah untuk memberikan suara atau pendapat?

Sekian terima kasih kerana sudi membaca komen ana

Anonymous said...

I think u have unresolve issue with RTC Mr Patriot

Sorry but I don't like this posting.By the way,the video haven't gone public yet right?so why the fuss Mr patriot?

Wilson Khoo said...

Hello Tengku aka TPJ,

I’m not the only one demanding to see the video. Many people, including pro or anti-BN supporters would like to see it as well.

Upload the wei. Janganlah kedut. Janganlah share dengan kawan-kawan dia saja.

Do it la like CSL’s case. Upload on the Internet and burn them into CDs/DVDs and then distribute them.
Guarantee selling like hot cakes and the ‘star’ will definitely announce his resignation in no time.

Come on, I thought this is wat you guys are trying to achieve. Do it now.

Its already 1 week…Deadline is over

Anonymous said...

What is UMNO's official stand on this issue?

Sbg Jaya
30 Mac 2011

Anonymous said...

Betul ke saya terbaca bahawa
senior2 editor yang menonton di Carcosa boleh dibuang kerja kerana adalah salah menonton porn sewaktu masa kerja

Pls enlighten us Mr TPJ

Orang Kampung

TPJ said...

Anonymous 9.27

I believe the culprits will be dealt with even quicker than the actor in the video because last I checked, those exhibiting in public, in a group or in possession of pornographic substance are considered breaking the law.

TPJ said...

Salam Datuk K

Saya tidak marah kepada RTC. Saya hanya musykil akan peranan yang dimainkan didalam saga ini.

Saya mohon kepada Datuk untuk terangkan kepada kita, mungkin Datuk lebih arif dan tahu dengan lebih mendalam tentang niat dan hasrat beliau.

Tentang jasa beliau dengan Gabema tentu sekali kita tidak langsung menafikan, namun demikian, apa pula kena mengena Gabema dengan kehadiran beliau disana? Boleh Datuk terangkan? Adakah kerana jasa beliau di agensi lain membolehkan perbuatannya yang jelas menyalahi undang2 disini untuk dilepas pandangkan sekaligus dengan secara tidak langsung memudharatkan kedudukan parti kita?

Bertanyakan saya tentang apakah sumbangan saya kepada negara selain dari menjadi ahli UMNO selama lebih dari 20 tahun adalah seperti bertanya kepada tukang kebun apakah sumbangannya kepada halaman rumah melainkan memotong rumput dan menjaga landscape persekitaran.

Mungkin kalau Datuk dengar sendiri suara Datuk bertanyakan sekali lagi dengan suara yang kuat, Datuk boleh dengar bagaimana peliknya soalan itu sebenarnya.

Akhirnya, saya memegang jawatan didalam parti UMNO. Tidak perlu untuk saya bersembunyi dibelakang NGO untuk menyuarakan pendapat saya kerana melalui parti adalah saluran yang terbaik. Diantara pendapat dan pandangan yang saya berikan bertahun yang lepas adalah" Perkhidmatan Negara" atau "National Service" dan subsidi minyak kepada rakyat asing yang wajib dihentikan, sudahpun diangkat oleh kerajaan pada hari ini.

Ybhg Datuk, suara yang kuat kadang kala tidak ubah seperti bunyi tin kosong yang kuat. Apa yang penting adalah kaedah dan cara bagaimana hendak menangani sesuatu perkara dengan tepat dan berkesan.

Terima kasih kerana sudi menyumbangkan pendangan di ruang kami yang tidak seberapanya ini.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 12.54

Perhaps you can enlighten us as to what business or motive RTC has in lending his name to this fiasco? That is my one and only issue besides giving the wrong impression to the public on his representation.

Perhaps if you're not living in lalaland, you might discover that this "fuss" has been in the papers everyday for the past week. It has also been discussed in Parliament and in every establishment from a 6 Star hotel in the City to the Asylum in Kempas Johor.

It's perfectly alright that you don't particularly like this posting. Thank you for reading and commenting on it nonetheless. I will try to write better and on topics of your particular interest in the future ;-)

TPJ said...

Hello Wilson,

Yes, a good number of people, the majority of whom are men have asked for it. It gives me the goosebumps to think of their sexual preferences.

The difference in CSL's case is that the perpetrators were smart cowards. They dared not come out in the open but managed to meet their objectives. On the contrary, these three were bravely stupid. 1 For coming out in the open. 2. For breaking the law in the process. 3. For wanting to mint a name for themselves with the Prime Minister but turning out to be the worst liability to the party and government. 4. Messed up their objectives while getting themselves in deeper trouble with the law and also with the powers that be.

FYI, unlike in UMNO and MCA, no opposition leader has ever resigned for any wrongdoing. They'd bank on the vulnerability of their supporters to the hilt before they go on a long holiday at their expense coming home refreshed and better received.

No, this was not what UMNO was trying to achieve. This was what the three fellows tried to sell for their personal satisfaction.

TPJ said...

Mala from Subang Jaya,

UMNO has no official stand on this matter and has left it to the authorities to determine the course of action.

The rule of law will apply, but being high profile and of great public interest, priority will be given naturally.

Frank Jr said...

Mr Patriot whom I respect,

As far as I am concerned the trio should be charged accordingly.

However, I tend to agree on this theory that it's a personal feud between Eskay and Anwar who used to be "Entertainment Buddies" aka"Teman Berhibur".Yg sorang tukang supply betina,the other one you know lah Mr Patriot.

Rahim TC is just trying his luck in this situation besides to get some free TV exposure.

In the meanwhile, the trio should sacrifice themselves to relase the video for the public to see and judge.

If it is Anwar Ibrahim, lets all screw him all at once in the manner he has been screwing all the ladies, boys and people.

Time the country - government and opposition - move on without him and his family.

They have caused enough trouble and the truth will set us all free in the end

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I totally DISAGREE on points raised by you..I know that u don't have the BALLS to expose people like Anwar even if u have proof right.

Opposition are doing the same thing to us or maybe even worse.

What's wrong with getting even?

Segamat Johor

TPJ said...

Orang Kampong,

Negara ini sudahlah ketandusan media editor yang berwibawa. Kalaulah semuanya dibuang kerja, terpaksalah NST dan Star mengambil editor2 URTV, Mangga dan Melodi untuk berkerja nanti.

On a more serious note, newspeople are required to do their jobs and I believe in the line of duty, they have certain immunity.

It's like the authorities raiding a vice den. They'd stake it out and even go undercover enjoying the service of the "service provider" before coming back to read them their rights and cuff them!

Poltical Observer said...

Good morning Mr TPJ,

Let's ponder again,

Just because it's Rahim, suddenly UMNO is being accused of conspiracy to slander
Upon reviewing the event again and discarding the reaction of Anwar and his bunch of liars, Rahim was actually being fair to Anwar.

The Melayu in him was still holding back from all out aibkan (bringing shame) another person
even if he once was a victim of Anwar's deceitful politics, he shouldn't be vengeful and accept the end of his political career as "takdir".

Rahim understood that the happening is a private matter. However, a future leader must not have dark secret in his closet that will compromise the country.

The Dato T trio invited only selective people for the viewing; editors, newspaper reporters, and politicians including those from opposition inclined.It is not for all but limited few.

Subsequently, the trio issued a statement to say they will be giving a copy to Anwar and Datin Seri Wan Azizah for verification. Isn't that fair?

Before one accused the person, one give the person a chance to see it and verify. Both Anwar and Wan Azizah were requested to resign immediately after verifying the video. If Anwar is a person of low moral and unworthy of high office and leadership of this country, he and his abetting wife should resign from all political posts.

Fair and square. But why did Rahim decide to appear?
Maybe they never planned to appear yet, but Johari Abdul BLOW THEIR COVER and announced it as them. Nevertheless, since Rahim met those people viewing the video, it only means he wants to appear.

Come to think of it, Rahim had gone through his punishment. He quit from his illustrous post as Chief Minister of Melaka in 1994 and subsequently from UMNO Youth Chief in 1996. Any attempt to return has been short lived.

Maybe Rahim's approach was a bit gung-ho.
In the first place, Rahim should have been curious as to why Dato Shazryl Eskay suddenly came up with such a video? Despite being known to get oppurtunity from Tun Dr Mahathir, Eskay is a closer associate of Anwar Ibrahim.

There are more background details about Eskay that this blogger have uncovered from some of his business associates. Rahim and Dato Shuib Lazim should have known better than to be too trusting.

Then again, people without ill-intent tend to be too trusting.

Rahim should have consulted people in power and in the know before calling that viewing in Carcosa. They would have told him that such expose was not necessary because Anwar's court case was not doing fine.

The viewing should not be held at Carcosa and booked by a Risda officer, I was told. Carcosa was inappropriate. It is the sort of place for Mat Salleh and perasan Mat Salleh have tea and scones.

Rahim could have emulated the method sex video of Dato Seri Chua Soi Lek was exposed; by passing out VCD in a selected area than let it have a life of it's own and eventually ended up on the Internet.

Faster still, Rahim could have uploaded the video on a video sharing websites other than You-Tube. You-Tube does not allow pornography.

In such manner, many would have known and made up their mind as to the identity of the person. If it is really Anwar, many would have made up their mind from actually seeing the video and from being told by some editor or journalist.

It is unlike now where the public has not seen it. Pakatan is enjoying a revival of interest from this sex video by accusing fitnah II. All because the public could not judge themselves, unlike the Soi Lek tape.

I strongly urge the government to authenticate the video fast and stopped the public confusion before this blow out of proportion.Go get foreign help if needed.

It can be understood that with perception built up over the years and prejudice against Rahim is too ingrained, it is difficult to believe and agree to those possibilities.

Anonymous said...

RTC was once alleged to be involved in a sex scandal too. So like the saying goes, it takes a thief to catch a thief. For that reason I believe RTC is not lying this time this time.LOL

TPJ said...

Dear Frank Jr,

Yes I totally agree. If they have broken the law, they should be charged accordingly regardless.

Yes the theory is right, that they were bosom buddies. "Tentang supply betina", we can't quite ascertain that but the situation merits suspicion and there will be revelations in the coming weeks in tendem with police investigations.

I think the whole nation regardless of political affiliations pretty much knows RTC's intentions. I'm just afraid he might have dragged the agency he is heading into this affair.

The public could have seen it if it was done the MCA way against CSL, but this was done through what was thought as "proper" means and may not get the desired result as quickly as it was hoped for.

No one can screw Anwar for as long as he can continue to screw the people who believe in him.

The opposition would do better if they drop him and his family altogether. He is beginning to be too heavy a burden on the backs of the opposition parties.

Thank you Sir for your participation.

TPJ said...

Dear FRUST with TPJ from Segamat,

First of all, I beg of you not to be frustrated with me as by reading your post, I'm very sure that we are on the same side.

You have every right to either agree or disagree with any of my postings.

When dealing with a weasel like Anwar, it is not about the exhibition of testicals, but whether we get penetration! (metaphorically speaking).

MCA didn't show balls when they did the CSL in, but they got the results! CSL resigned! THEY GOT PENETRATION, then left it to the powers of democracy to determine the course of their party.

I too want to see that Anwar be put in the slammer for being a traitor by my definition! But the method executed by the trio not only got the public's sympathy for Anwar going higher, it might put them in jail instead of Anwar while making people think at the same time that UMNO is behind it!

Yes, the opposition are doing this and worse to us. But are we using our brains to counter them effectively? Do we have a unit in UMNO to think of this at the PWTC? What is the Information Chief even doing?

Penang is denying two areas under UMNO of WiFi while the rest of the State is covered. Do we have the balls to reciprocate?

Segamat, getting even is undoubtedly the greatest satisfaction. Now please tell me sincerely as we are of the same side. Did they really achieve their goal without denting UMNO by doing this?

Did we get "even" or are we still at odds with the rakyat who are in the majority speaking against RTC and UMNO on this?

Thank you for your contribution here Dear Segamat. Though our thinking may not be in the same wavelength, I'm sure our perjuangan is Steadfast. Insha'Allah

I hope our Silaturrahim can continue to be on good standing.


Jasri Jamil said...

Salam TPJ.. Sudah lama rasanya saya tidak meuliskan komentar di ruangan blog The Patriot ini.. Namun apabila terbaca tentang topik penulisan YM Tengku yg terbaru ini, membuatkan saya terpanggil utk memberikan sedikit komen..

1) Saya bersetuju bahawasanya pemilihan Carcosa Seri Negara adalah TIDAK RELEVAN dengan function BUSUK yg cuba disampaikan kepada para wartawan.

2) Saya musykil sepertimana YM TPJ, akan peranan RTC di dalam plot drama ini. Jikalah betul beliau masih berdendam dengan episod hitam berbelas tahun dahulu, rasanya masyarakat sudah memaafkan dan perjalanan karier beliau sudah kembali "on track" sebelum timbulnya episod Carcosa ini.. Dengan tindakan RTC menjadi tok dalang dlm memeriahkan isu video ini, membuatkan reputasinya kembali merudum, melebihi graf merudumnya populariti DSAI.

3) Eskay adalah punca segala kesilapan. Dengan melibatkan RTC dan SL, menjadikan plot pendedahan ini menjadi lucu dan boleh dipersoalkan. Jika Eskay boleh setabah dan seberani Saiful Bukhary Azlan yg bertindak solo kerana kebenaran, sepatutnya Eskay berfikir lebih panjang..

Eskay juga sepatutnya tidak mendedahkannya kepada khalayak wartawan sahaja, sebaliknya melibatkan audience yg lebih ramai.. Uploadkan di Youtube, sebarkan melalui cetakan DVD umpamanya, akan lebih menepati objektif untuk mendedahkan tembelang sebenar DSAI. Dengan menjadikannya eksklusif kepada golongan tertentu, menyebabkan masyarakat menjadikannya sebagai bahan cerita yg boleh diputarbelitkan dan dispekulasikan.

4) Simpati kepada ahli2 UMNO, terutamanya kepada PM Najib, kerana pasti khalayak Pro Pembangkang dan rakyat "atas pagar" yg lain akan menganggap ini adalah plot yg dirancang oleh UMNO dan PM, walhal difahamkan PM Najib sebenarnya tidak merestui apatah lagi mengetahui tentang isu pendedahan ini. Jika benar ianya tindakan RTC secara individu untuk menjadi jaguh mencalarkan imej DSAI, sebenarnya ianya melantunkan bola api kepada imej UMNO dan PM secara tidak langsung.

TPJ said...

Dear Poltical Observer

Rahim may be fair to Anwar as you have attested but by touching this with an UMNO face, it was like an accident waiting to happen.

If he wasn't out to "aibkan" Anwar, then he wouldn't have called for a press viewing. Instead, he could have just sent it to Anwar and the wife and asked them to resign if they didn't want this to go any further. It's contradicting.

The reason why it was for the viewing of only the limited few was because if he opened it to all, half of Damansara and Kenny Hills would come and that would cost him a bomb. Furthermore, the information was ultimately meant to be disseminated to the general public through the media editors.

What's fair in shooting first then asking later? What difference does it make to give the video to Anwar for verification when you've had the entire media corp turn judge and jury?

Anwar's train has past the Moral City Station. There is no looking back now for him as he has gone to hell and back. Do you think he would care if he is worthy or not to lead this country? As long as he got what sells and the fooled Rakyat keeps on buying, he'll lead them even if it means leading them to the gates of Hell.

And what do you mean by they allowing Anwar to verify it before the accusation starts? The verification was to be done after the accusation. You are chronologically challenged on this score.

As Supreme Council member, RTC shouldn't have appeared. This is Eskay's war, let him handle it himself against his former mate. We should just let it implode without dirtying our hands

RTC shouldn't have been too hasty in trusting Eskay. Friendly intelligent sources should have briefed Rahim before he took up this monumental task.

This is a clear case of openly wanting to take credit with the powers that be. That is why they didn't go it the Chua Soi Lek way anonymously spreading it wider. Yes, that would have been more affective.

I've been told by several sources that he was denied access to the top brass after that and cancelled his appointments at the office the next day.

The proper procedure must be observed in this case and accordingly too. Authentication will be done but I suspect the trio will be dealt with first because that is a more straightforward deal. I don't even have to be an attorney general and I'd probably win this one hands down.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 12.10

Yes RTC may probably not be lying this time but was it really necessary for him to be there?

Anonymous said...

Snippets from Kickdafella's blog;

“Sekarang awak semua tanya Anwar lima soalan…” desak Eskay.

Soalan tersebut ialah,
pertama, sejak dua tahun lalu berapa kali Anwar ke Thailand? Kedua, siapa yang menyambut Anwar di Thailand?
Ketiga, di hotel mana Anwar menginap?
Keempat, apa Anwar buat di bilik hotel tersebut?
Kelima, siapa yang menyelesaikan semua bayaran tersebut?

Apa punya soalan nih..Tak power langsung..

Anwar ni dahlah kaki spin.betullah kata TPJ,benda ni silap2 balik kepada UMNO yg nak kena menjawab..Aduhai

Haji Malek Kudus

Anonymous said...

Tips from Dato Zaid-Presiden KITA

When asked why he watched the video as he should know it is a criminal offence to do so since he is a lawyer, Zaid replied that he treated the video as a documentary and not pornography

So TPJ no worries if u have watched it too..

haha..Joke of the day

Riena SJ said...

My handsome TPJ,

Can i make a conclusion that

1)RTC should not be involve in the first place

2)The idea to go public with this porn video is OK but we have to do it the CSL's way..(do it quietly)

3)UMNO should not be seen to be related or supportive on thi issue

4)Authorities must act fast and nabbed all 3 of them (Dato T)

5)Anwar is one hell of a MAN in bed

6)You enjoy watching the 20 minute "documentary"..LOL

TPJ said...

Jasri Hj Jamil

Tepat! Eskaylah puncanya semua nya ini. Kita tidak seharusnya melayan karenah dia kerana diantara mereka sudah tersalah faraid, sekarang dia hendak tuduh menuduh menggunakan orang UMNO pula campurtangan.

Sememangnya, PM dan parti UMNO tidak terlibat. Jika rakyat mahu kecampun, kecamlah RTC dan bukan parti UMNO atau Kerajaan.

pabloami said...

Assalam TPJ,
seems like this time around reading the blogger's comment section is better than the article itself (not that the article is not good,still an A+ to me, just that these comments, seems like everyone agree that they should have done a CSL style)
btw, i am interested to have your view about your Ketua Umno recent doing. ada komen ka?

TPJ said...

YM Tuan Hj Malek Kudus,

Memang benar apa yang dikatakan Tuan kerana pada hari ini walau apapun isu yang keluar, UMNO yang disalahkan dahulu sebelum apa-apa siasatan dibuat apatah lagi jika seorang pemimpin UMNO yang keluar untuk membuat kenyataan.

Jika kita lihat, walaupun saya tidak langsung berkenan dengan kaedah ini, kesan yang didapati dari penayangan di youtube awal minggu ini lebih berhasil dari bila ketiga2 orang yang mahu mengambil nama dengan memperkenalkan video itu.

Tidak lama lagi, rakyat akan bertanya mengapa ketiga2 orang ini tidak diambil tindakan, lebih2 lagi keatas seorang dari mereka jika didapati bahawa dia juga berada didalam video tersebut untuk mengaturkan persatuan itu.

Terima Kasih kerana sudi menyumbangkan pandangan Tuan bersama di sini.


TPJ said...

Anonymous 4:02,

It's a documentary if it's watched by an 11 year old virgin but certainly not a grey haired three party overdone politician from Kelantan, the state with one of the highest number of incests in the country. It's straight down the line pornography!

Believe it or not, the fully clothed 1 minute 21 second clip that I watched made porn look clean! I mean it is understood that the woman was a prostitute, but did the place have to look like a two bit brothel? I mean the place appeared like a whore house from the mid 60s with florescent bathroom lights flashing a few times before actually lighting!!! AND did you see the TOWEL???? You'd think that this guy would wear a robe or something! DAMN!!!

TPJ said...

Dear Riena SJ

Your flattery might almost pass you off as a local politician!

In response to your conclusion:

1)RTC should not be involve in the first place

- CORRECT! (One time, not like Lingam's).

2)The idea to go public with this porn video is OK but we have to do it the CSL's way..(do it quietly)

- BULLS EYE! On Monday they didn't even have to show the naked bodies on youtube but the effect reached further then the full revelations to a group of media reps.

3)UMNO should not be seen to be related or supportive on thi issue

- CERTAINLY! Our hands should be clean because this is about a vendetta between two old friends that was going to blow in their faces anyway!

4)Authorities must act fast and nabbed all 3 of them (Dato T)

- YES! Investigate the people in the video but also prosecute the three if there are grounds clearly provided for by the Malaysian law.

5)Anwar is one hell of a MAN in bed

- I'll give you the benefit of the doubt!

6)You enjoy watching the 20 minute "documentary"..LOL

- NO THANK YOU! After watching the 80 second clip, I almost turned impotent!

Thanks for your comment Riena SJ.

TPJ said...

Dear Pabloami,
Alaikum Salam.

Yeah, I think my readers prefer to hear it like it is without bias nor prejudice. Thanks for your high grade Buddy! Hope I wasn't judged on a curve!

Yes as we have witnessed, the clothed version, short footage on Monday got better coverage than the revelations by the three dudes last week at Carcosa!

I'm sorry, perhaps you can be more specific to your question on my Ketua Bahagian. In general, he is doing a fine job in Pulai and his battery of aides are always on the mark serving the Rakyat across the field.

Thanks for your comment Hoss! It's always a treat to see you here!