Wednesday, September 17, 2008


One's cheating the Rakyat, could the other one be attempting to fool the party?

One's a Master of Theatrics, could the other be trying the Art of Deception?

Anwar Ibrahim didn't keep his promise, but kept stretching his markers by asking the Rakyat to continue believing in his lies. To be honest, even I was waiting in anticipation to see if he could pull the rabbit out of the hat. He is cheating the Rakyat because he is trying to lure members of the ruling party, the coalition party that the rakyat voted for in the 2008 elections to join him, instantly making him the Prime Minister through the back door. Matters of the hind seem to constantly get his attention doesn't it?

I hope the people have learnt their lesson watching him maneouvre his way through their trust. The thing is, if he became Prime Minister and his time came to leave this world prematurely, who would succeed him, and would the rakyat be agreeable to the candidate? Would there be chaos? Could the other parties within the Pakatan come to terms with the person being the successor?

Simply said, they are not ready to lead yet considering they haven't worked out the differences between them. Pakatan's a bad choice right now.

As far as Barisan Nasional is concerned, they shouldn't be too worried about a breakup. People need to remember that UMNO has 79 seats, MCA 15, MIC 3 and GERAKAN 2. The others barring SAPP don't pose much of a problem for BN. MCA, MIC and GERAKAN need BN more than anything now because if they choose to leave the party to join the opposition, they'd be playing second and third fiddle to DAP and PKR. Surely the latter would maintain the lion's share and GERAKAN's chances leading Penang once again would be worse than a snowball's chance in hell. So, frankly speaking, they can keep their innuendoes. We've got more important things to worry about.

Regarding the window dressing. Of late, one after another carrot is waved at Dato Sri Najib to discourage him from going for the number one post and simultaneously sweet-coating it for the impatient UMNO grassroots to make them think that a quicker and sincere transition is imminent. The Finance portfolio sounds right for him having an economics background.

It looks like it's working as Najib has stepped back and forth a couple of times dancing to the desparate tunes of the embattled President. But the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the 191 UMNO divisions (with the will of God), most of which are already tired and afraid to gamble with another two years of political and economic uncertainty, not to mention disunity amongst the rakyat of different races. We want to be united once more as a nation albeit with cultural and religious diversity, and it can only be done with a strong and stable, no-nonsense leadership.

So let's see if this window dressing will actually help sell the product on display this time.

I personally buy a product that works instead of one that looks good on exhibition.


BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ... Very Good Morning.. So dah sampai ke kerusi daripada Courts Mammoth to DSAI house??? what a joke.. Good views from u regarding the swap position between pak Lah and Najib.. I look at it as a good move for the transition to move smoothly.. drpd gerak gaya badan pak Lah.. actually counting days jelaaa nampaknya before dia step down tu.. Najib plak on the other side.. mcm tak sabar2 nak tunggu Disember nanti.. Pasal DSAI plak.. tak payahlaa kita nak komen lagi pasal mamat berangan sorang tuh yang nampak sangat mcm desperado yang terdesak nak menjadi leader.. I rasa dia tak ke mana pun.. So, sebagai seorang rakyat dan bangsa Malaysia yang berfikiran rasional... Ayuhlaaa kita bangkit dan sedar, kalau nak menyokong seseorang, pls based on merit... jgn kerana terpedaya dgn kebijaksanaan berkata2 kita mudah terpedaya.. Org tua2 selalu kata " tin kosong kalau berbunyi lagi kuat"..

Nak komen skit lagi pasal transition process... I setuju sgt kalau grass root member yg tetapkan bila patutnya that process to happen rather than pak Lah yg decide.. because as what Tan Sri Muhyiddin said.. tempoh terlalu lama akan membuatkan org lupa dan akan menyumbang kpd lebih byk keburukan drp kebaikan, kerana I look at Pak Lah and his menantu as a liability to the other UMNO member... TPJ, sekarang nih ada sesetengah org UMNO yg rasa malu nak mengaku diorg ahli UMNO because of keadaan pemimpin yg sebegini... Hope leader mcm u akan dapat mengubah pemikiran masyarakat yg dah semakin jauh and jauh drp UMNO... Kita rapatkan balik jurang yg wujud nih.. and Insya Allah after Disember nanti ( hopefully pak Lah dah step down masa tuh.. ) kita berjuang utk mantapkan balik UMNO yang dah teruk dibelasah oleh opposition...

Itu pendapat peribadi saya... Selamat Berpuasa dan Berbuka TPJ!!! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

salam TPJ,

well, i love window shopping but totally not this one...
now we need a specialist of defence against the dark arts...since this one that is besides enjoying the window shopping, also putting the dark arts across the country...

we need a leader, not a window dresser...

TPJ said...

Asalamualaikum Saudara BoyHjJamil,

Terus terang, jika rakyat boleh menerima pemimpin yang membeli dan menjual keputusan yang dibuat oleh mereka dipilihanraya umum yang lepas, maka padanlah muka mereka jika kerajaan yang baru yang di impikan Anwar itu merupakan kerajaan yang korup kerana mereka menubuhkan kerajaan berasaskan itu dan bukan dari mandat yang di beri oleh Rakyat.

Ini sekaligus menunjukkan kerakusan seorang pemimpin yang gelojoh. Inilah satu-satunya sebab yang penting mengapa dia tersungkur diketika dia sedang memuncak sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri yang lebih berkuasa di waktu itu di bawah Dr Mahathir dari Dato Sri Najib hari ini di bawah Pak Lah.

Pak Lah menerima padahnya sekarang mengambil keputusan untuk melepaskannya dari penjara lebih awal dari di jangkakan. Walaupun itu kononya keputusan hakim tetapi jika benar apa yang dituduh pihak pembangkang bahawa sytem kehakiman tidak bebas maka benarlah andaian saya itu bahawa Pak Lah berperanan membebaskan Anwar Ibrahim.

I haven't lost hope yet on winning the support of the younger generation because you are living proof that the youth can think rationally and make the right choice.

The problem with UMNO today is the President, his lack of sound judgement and the unwillingness of his councillors in UMNO to be honest and trustworthy save for Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Rais Yatim. This will change really quick as the councillors suddenly realize now that by backing the President they will fall along with him in this coming UMNO elections. They are quickly distancing themselves from him from my obsrevation and quietly realigning themselves to Dato Sri Najib. These people make me sick and give politics a bad name. They should have been more forthcoming and sincere in telling Pak Lah if he has done wrong instead of sticking by him till the tide changes and the coast is clear and safe to switch their allegiance. Inilah dia najis yang mengotori perjuangan kita untuk Agama dan Bangsa.

We will be able to right the wrong once Pak Lah retires whether willingly or otherwise Insha'Allah. I reckon he will step down even before December or he will suffer the worse humiliation ever experienced by any President in the history of UMNO.

Let's see if I have to eat my words. But for the sake of the longest serving political party in the world, I hope I won't have to.

Stick around, we won't let you down Insha'Allah.

TPJ said...

Ms Elle Farida
Asalamualaikum WBT.

The leader will emerge before the year is through with the will of Allah. If the status quo remains, investors will either run away or commit suicide, BN will lose in the next General Elections and the nation might be headed for a Republic, God forbid.

Selamat berbuka dan beribadah.


Anonymous said...

Thank u so much Mr TPJ...
so glad to hear your words

'I haven't lost hope yet on winning the support of the younger generation because you are living proof that the youth can think rationally and make the right choice.'

Although i'm not capable of doing things that can contribute, i personally like to equip myself with informations, through reading and perhaps from there i'll be able to make the right choice...

Selamat Berbuka utk Mr. TPJ sekeluarga