Friday, August 29, 2008


The words are written in large CAPITAL letters for everyone to see.

Perhaps Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak needs to read it aloud for the One who is hard at hearing and possibly blind as well. The voters have spoken in Permatang Pauh.

Congratulations to Saudara Anwar Ibrahim. It needs to be said that there were more UMNO members there then the number of votes our man received, i.e. even the UMNO members chose not to back our nominee. Nonetheless, Anwar's win is legitimate.

Barisan Nasional got WHIPPED! Plain and simple. The voter turnout was less than the March election yet the winning margin increased for Pakatan despite the advantage BN had using the government machinery with unlimited financial resources. That's a TRIPLE WHAMMY!!!

Some argued that Anwar won resoundingly because of the September 16th deal that he's selling to the Rakyat. So the Permatang Pauh people were hoping to get a homegrown Prime Minister. I'd rather not venture on what worth they put on the current Prime Minister who is also the Chairman of the Penang State UMNO Liasion Committee.

It is shameful and selfish to stay longer than one's welcome. It's also mind boggling that the presumptive heir apparent who is supposedly highly intelligent puts much faith in the pledged power transition due to take place in two years time when several indicators including strong political intuition seem to show and feel that it is very unlikely to materialize.

We are told not to misconstrue the Permatang Pauh election results. Going back to the basics, I feel that some things should be taken at face value and we should snap out of this state of denial that we're in before we start believing in our own lies.

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