Sunday, April 27, 2008


Keris Panca Warisan. What a magnificent name for a Keris. It is claimed that it almost brought the downfall of the Barisan Nasional in the recent General Elections. Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, it wasn't the blatant arrogance of the UMNO leaders campaigning in their flashy cars, showing off their corporate friends from the City promising to bring vast development translating into a higher cost of living in an already comfortable area; It wasn't the reckless eagerness of candidates forcing the PM's hand to allow them to stand in constituencies they have no business contesting in, thereby denying the local leaders who were much, much more deserving the privilige to serve; It wasn't the brash leaders of one or two component parties within the Barisan Nasional who were behaving like the opposition in residence while the DAP were the opposition in exile, questioning openly the government's stand on several issues discarding the opportunity to discuss it in the weekly Cabinet meetings. No, it wasn't the failure of the other component parties to convince their constituents to consider the good work they have done for the community and not the petty antics of a youth leader who was merely trying to inject spirit into his members in an annual general assembly. No, it wasn't the major failure of a feared leader who has ruled his party with an iron fist for more than 20 years to improve the economic status of his people, but whose family lives very comfortably nontheless, leading to his community spreading their discontent on the Streets of Ampang. No it wasn't the failure of a leader who didn't take obvious pre-emptive measures over seditious remarks that led to an open and violent demonstration that literally cracked the head of a police personnel. The list goes on for many of the more obvious reasons that should take precedence over the matter of a ritual in an Annual Meeting of a Malay party. The Keris it seems has more power to negate all the good work done by all the politicians of all ethnic backgrounds stacked together in Barisan Nasional. Can you swallow this theory? If you can, then you must have a big and deep throat.

" Our dignity does not depend on the Keris" , said the Deputy Prime Minister, but he must remember that it is our symbol nonetheless. The Keris is placed in the centre of the UMNO flag and also the logo, and Hishammuddin has admitted that he "cannot defend the symbol of our heritage", which is smack in the middle of both.

So to summarise. The Keris is not our dignity but is no less the symbol of our heritage placed in everything that is UMNO that Hishammuddin cannot defend.

In conclusion. Hishammuddin's enhancement in Malay politics might be cut down to bits by the very Keris that he brandished. It is said by a wise man that the Keris, once unsheathed will protect the person as long as he uses its power with full responsibilty and fairness in the struggle for the community. If there is impurity in its use, then the hand that grips it will in turn earn its wrath.

If the Custodian of the Panca Warisan cannot defend it, then he should not be accorded the privilige that comes with the responsibility. With God's will, those who have forsaken it will be delivered a cruel hand come December 2008.

Such is the might of The Keris.


Anonymous said...

Good points and full with ideas. I hope starting from July until December 2008, there will be a lot of changes in UMNO (leadership cleansing from bottom to top). We cannot stand for leaders who are corrupt and don't want to defend our rights. I'll continue my struggle for Agama, Bangsa and Tanah Air until end of my life.

Yours sincerely
Khalid Ka'ab (Khaka)

TPJ said...

Thank you Sdr Khalid. From what I gather, only if a new face were to sit as President (meaning none of the those sitting in the Supreme Council today), will we see a cleansing of UMNO leaders. If we maintain one from the ones we have, you can bet your last dollar that we will still see the sick faces still remaining there and in the cabinet.

Da Real Deal said...

Bro, Hishammuddin is a disgrace to the Malay race. There must be something wrong in his head if he intends to contest for Vice President after failing to stick to his guns on the matter of our heritage.

UMNO delegates must be sick to even think of voting him in.

Anonymous said...

Blh x mu punye blog ni ada bahasa melayu....x fhm sepatah haram aku...yang aku phm panca warisan...kesian kt aku ni...nk baca tp x phm go satu.....nk komen gapo..?

TPJ said...

Salam melayukampung.

Mohon maaf kerana artikel ini didalam bahasa Inggeris. Namun demikian, ada satu artikel di dalam bahasa Melayu dalam arkib bulan March. Sila komen di sana.
Tentang artikel Keris ini, pendekkan cerita, ia menggambarkan kepada Dato' Sri Hishammuddin, jika beliau tidak mahir bermain dengan senjata bernama keris, maka jangan sekali-kali dikeluarkannya dari salut kerana ianya mungkin digunakkan musuhnya untuk menikam dirinya sebagaimana yang sudah terbukti disini.

Mu pahe dok intipati cerito nih?

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Assalamualaikum uncle,

I have quoted this article in my blog at

Keep up the good blog.


TPJ said...

Asalamualaikum Nadzrin,

This article "The Might of the Keris" looks better in your blog than mine...I tried to fit Hishammuddin's picture with the keris but I guess my blog just couldn't accept pictures of those who have forsaken our heritage.

Anyway, as a local Malay leader, I'd like to thank you and your associates for keeping alive our culture and heritage. I dare say today, you lot are more sincere in upholding and preserving the struggle for Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair than those who first mooted the phrase.



Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Waalaikumsalam uncle,

Thank you so much for your comments. I was honoured to be able to quote the article and hope I'm allowed to crib more relevant articles from your blog in the future :).

Most Silat Melayu practitioners I know are good Melayu and even better Muslims. Contrary to popular belief, pesilat are dedicated lovers of peace and will go out of their way to avoid a disagreement.

This is why, even when exhorted to political involvement by many non silat-minded people, they find it difficult to ruffle the feathers of these great masters and their students, except a few.

Thank you for everything.

Your nephew,
Mohd Nadzrin Wahab

sexyjudge said...

TPJ, your blog is quite impressive in layout but as I read, I find it hard to focus on the scripts.

Not to go out of context, if a patriot is one you would like to point out here, perhaps you can widen the horizon to include other qualities and values. Then again, you can always talk about other things of interest. Let your thoughts free...

TPJ said...

Ms/Mr. SexyJudge

I thank you for your comments. Being a politician I can't be torn away right now by the outrageous remarks by our so called British trained turned imbecile second liners.

I'm bursting right now trying not to write anything in response to the endless stream of contradictions and foolish statements by them these last few days.

Will try to broaden the horizon further although it might be difficult considering its election year in UMNO and bashing the useless people on the 38th floor who are in it for themselves and not for the people in general is on the spot patriotic for now.

sexyjudge said...

Yesterday's interview report, the signs are rising for a start of something positive. New wisdom offering, I'd say.