Sunday, November 30, 2008



After giving a period of grace to see if there are any pure UMNO leaders out there who would come out strongly in response to the unnecessary comments by the MCA Deputy President and their Women’s wing, fully disappointed, I’m compelled to say my piece.

The devastating election results of March 2008 has somehow opened the season for Malay and UMNO bashing from all quarters including from those of our friends who conveniently forget that it was more their failure to serve and contribute to the collective outcome that has brought us to this end.

Let’s review the results to recapitulate for those who might have suffered from temporary or selective amnesia.


UMNO – 79, MCA – 15, MIC – 3 GERAKAN - 2,
PBB -14, LDP – 1, PBRS – 1, PBS – 4, PRS – 5, UPKO – 3
SPDP – 4, SUPP - 6

Let’s concentrate on the first row because the loudest noise comes from those other parties. Clearly the MCA, MIC and GERAKAN didn’t carry their weight in this General Election. Blaming UMNO for their arrogance was the easiest thing to do. The whole BN needs to realize that our strength comes from our ability to work together and defend each other when under attack from the opposition, not rally around them and condemn our own partners within the coalition.

Under the leadership of the current and outgoing Prime Minister, again I must amplify that racial harmony has almost reached bursting levels. This is because in his zeal to be popular with the people, he has dangerously allowed for the kind of freedom of speech that the current generation of citizens of multiracial background are not accustomed to and therefore unable to handle.

While the UMNO Malays do not sleep with PAS and don’t support them when they want to impose drastic “Islamic” laws that might hurt the feelings and way of life of the non-Muslims, the MCA and GERAKAN have no qualms about embracing DAP and the Chinese chauvinistic NGOs in questioning the special rights of the Malays and take advantage of the hospitality of their hosts in the name of their race. Where else in the world can the Chinese and Indians have their own schools teaching subjects in their own language? Is there such a system in Singapore?

To the best of my knowledge, no Malay BN candidate stood in any Chinese dominated constituency, while there were many Chinese and Indian BN candidates who stood in Malay dominated constituencies proving that the Malays were responsible for placing them in the Government of the day. Granted there are many Malays, even UMNO members who voted for the opposition and even for DAP, that caused the loss of UMNO candidates but that is because of the weak leadership of their President and it will be rectified once the new gentleman takes over in March. They will come back in the next election. However the UMNO/ Malay voters will remember those “friends” who forsake them today and it will be equally punishing for MCA and GERAKAN because except for their own party members I can’t see the Chinese voters coming back to them for at least another two or three elections to come.

If BN is going to win back the two thirds majority in the near future, MCA and GERAKAN had better clean up their own houses instead of trying to win cheap points with their own race by harping on Malay rights. It may be tolerated under the current UMNO administration but my strong feeling is that it will not be given life at all in the next one.

MCA has a moral image problem having just elected a proven adulterer as their Deputy President. Right now, the two top men in the party are at odds with each other which spells DISASTER. GERAKAN needs to realize that their behavior as the “opposition in residence” acting like DAP in the BN has failed them miserably and lost one whole State after the majority of the Malays including UMNO members in Penang came to their senses and opted for Pakatan. MIC needs new leadership to rejuvenate the party and understand that they have failed the Indians which led to the birth of HINDRAF.

In conclusion, the stakes are high and the odds are less then even for MCA, MIC and GERAKAN. They have more to lose than UMNO. Whether it is Malay Leadership or Malay Supremacy, one way or the other, they will need UMNO to continue being part of the National leadership.


I take this opportunity to congratulate the UMNO Vice-Presidential Candidates who took my challenge in yesterday’s article to respond appropriately to the two MCA leaders’ comments on Malay Supremacy. They are Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar, Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin and Dato’ Sri Hishammuddin Hussein. Datuk Shafie Apdal also did but in my view wasn’t effective enough. Better late than never gentlemen!

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bintangdaily said...

Salam TPJ,

It’s very obvious now on whom among the Malay leaders we can rely on when we are being attacked. NONE!
Well, adalah sikit but not enough k. I wonder what the hell are the rest of the Malay leaders thinking!. Maybe they are just waiting what their ‘Tuan Cina’ will tell them to say! It’s sad man!
Who is actually weak here? Is it UMNO? MCA? Gerakan? Or MIC?. My personal opinion is that a coalition is just like a team, a fully functional team where each and every members of the team has a role to play. If you lose, you’re out!.
What’s the point of having a team with the members bitching with each other not realizing they are actually the cause of the large BN defeat! If we still keep these losers around sooner or later we won’t have any more team to rely on! Tengok saja lah pasukan bolasepak kita. If we have players yang tempang, kaki bangku and gila seks, how do we expect to win!