Sunday, August 17, 2014



Today there was news on a good idea being mooted by the Deputy Prime Minister about the WOW factor being sought for UMNO to “ remain relevant and accepted by the people “.

It is essential that we constantly search for that edge to improve on our performance and standing as a government, for the benefit of the people.

However, while our party reaches for innovation, we need to correct the serious kinks within it, that make the people look at us in disgust and dismay.

I can say that they are watching us, and how we work within the party. If we ask the people to have confidence in us yet we allow our own machinery to openly do the opposite, self-sabotaging ourselves at party level, the fence sitters will ask themselves not to bother the next time they are asked to vote for us.

I shall give you three examples that make people from outside wonder if we are indeed serious in addressing the problems that make us irrelevant.

For instance,  the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA) is under the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture. Its role in translation means  “Leading pubic opinions in the direction of 1Malaysia in support of the government “.

Does it make sense that these officers work in JASA to encourage the mass to support the Barisan Nasional, yet after the people (who are not necessarily UMNO members) have voted the UMNO/ BN candidate into office, the very same JASA officers in turn challenge the winning BN MPs or State Reps in the ensuing UMNO divisional elections?

What kind of a moronic system do we have here and what is the message that we are sending to the voting Rakyat? Is it that we want them to be confident of our party man but it is alright for us not to have confidence in our own man who they voted for in the elections? 

Secondly, does it make sense that while UMNO divisional office bearers get automatic passes to be delegates in the UMNO General Assembly, yet several MPs and State Reps who are not office bearers have to compete in the division’s yearly elections to be among the 7 elected delegates to attend the UMNO General Assembly?

Should not they be exempted and given mandatory passes as automatic delegates considering it is important for the UMNO “wakil rakyats” to hear the debates and collectively address the issues raised?

Thirdly, UMNO’s inner system is self-destructing because “ we “ constantly sabotage each other to hold office in the party thinking that it is more important to be a warlord than to worry about the outcome of the upcoming general elections. They probably think that the "wow" that the Deputy PM meant was the "Jawi" abbreviation which stands for "Warlord".

For example, we have many agencies like JASA, KEMAS and several others that are meant to interact with the people and gather feedback for the government to improve itself.

These various agencies have their own budget, workforce and serve under their own respective ministries.  They are supposed to work for the government. Sadly, some are working for their own Ministers who have aspirations to hold higher positions in the party.

Besides going about their daily jobs, the officers also use the budget allocations and programs to gain popularity so that they can contest in divisional elections and use their influence in turn to campaign for their respective Ministers in the UMNO Supreme Council elections.

These are just a few of the umpteen examples of why we are fast becoming irrelevant in the eyes of the people. There are too many bosses and “chiefs” in UMNO with their own personal goals instead of one common mission that is to win the country and serve the people.

In that respect, these agencies are not serving the people for the Barisan Nasional government, but working for individuals in the government to maintain their positions in UMNO while subconsciously sabotaging the party’s chances in the future.

There are many wow factors that can be delivered and trust me, most won’t come from the UMNO divisions, what with the “ Singapura Di Langgar Todak “ ( a tale about leaders being threatened by intelligent minds not within them ) syndrome very much alive in divisions.

We Should Get The Wow Factors From The Social Network And Implement Them In Our Party. After All, It Will Be Them Who Will Be Voting Us In Come The Next General Elections While The UMNO Warlords Are Still Busy Sabotaging Each Other.

The One Thing Good Going For Us And Buying Us Time While We Repair Our System Is That The Opposition Is Turning Into A Comedy Court And Has Become A Real Farce.

If We Really Want A Wow Factor, We Should Address Our Problems And Adjust Our Kinks First.

We Wouldn’t Want To Be Window Dressing Without Being Able To Sell Even One Thread When The Customer Actually Enters Our Shop! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


There is a strong resistance in the recent toll hike involving vehicles traveling to Singapore and back. The pressure from both sides of the Causeway is for the government to review it. 

As a State BN lawmaker from Johor, I think it is essential that the Federal Government stands by the decision made and already implemented, or we will be held at ransom on every policy that we make henceforth.

We may think that a review after a decision is made of a government policy reflects on our willingness to listen to the people but on the contrary it will exhibit our weakness and inability to thouroughly weigh the viability of a prospect while exhausting all possible measures before arriving at a decision.

Even more pathetic, if the review results in benefitting foreigners piggy-backing on our citizens servicing their nation.

First of all, most of the Malaysian motorists who work in Singapore travel on motorcycles and will not be affected. 

Secondly, those who drive motorcars and lorries supplying goods and fresh food products keeping Singapore alive and healthy can surely afford to pay the toll. 

Thirdly, the buses carry about forty passengers each and it costs less than forty sen per passenger a day which should be borne by the company or factory that employs the transport service, not the workers.

Taxis can transfer the charges to their passengers and since the charge is universal across the board barring motorcycles, the preference will remain the same in the service of the other vehicles.

No changes in the pattern there except if they all decide to ride motorbikes instead, which is unlikey, meaning the demand for the type of transport services are fixed.

Fourthly, they already have an alternative route which is via the second link if they want to avoid the toll at the Causeway.

Finally, the toll only applies to the vehicles going to and coming from Singapore. It is free for the rest of the motorists using the EDL in Johor.

In Conclusion, This Is No Time To Flip-Flop And Become Fickle. That Is The Way Of The Government Of The Past.

This Is The Time To Show Strong And Responsible Leadership Sending A Message To Our Neighbours That We No Longer Offer "Lunches For Free".

Saturday, July 19, 2014


According To The Channel News Asia, “ starting Aug 1, the Vehicle Entry Permit fee for foreign-registered cars entering Singapore will be raised from S$20 to S$35 per day, while the Goods Vehicle Permit fee for foreign-registered goods vehicles will be raised from S$10 to S$40 per calendar month, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Tuesday (July 1).”
“The Vehicle Entry Permit fee increase only applies to foreign-registered cars and will not affect buses or taxis, the LTA said, adding that the fee for foreign-registered motorcycles will remain unchanged at S$4 per day.”
In retaliation, the Johor Government proposed to Putrajaya that we impose a levy on Singapore registered vehicles entering Johor. I have no intentions of either sugar-coating nor smoke-screening it because I assume everyone is intelligent enough to know that Malaysia made their decision very soon after the announcement by the Singapore government pertaining to the same matter.
Though it was a long time coming, we thank the Prime Minister who decided to agree with the proposal by the current Menteri Besar who seems to be more alert and brave in dealing with the City State compared to his predecessor.
I say it is a long time coming because as Chairman of the Complaints Bureau in the Pulai UMNO Division in 2002, I submitted a memorandum which included a proposal to impose a levy on Singapore vehicles to the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers' Club (Parliament), as published in the Utusan on 29th April 2002 (Yes folks! 12 years ago!!). It seems we make policies in reaction to Singapore's decisions and not from necessary suggestions made by alert local politicians.
Utusan Malaysia 29th April, 2002

(Important Note: Najib Was Not PM At The Time Of Submission).

There maybe skeptics or anti establishment freaks who argue that this is a wrong move because Malaysians who work in Singapore will be affected.

I’d like to assume that these Malaysians, though working in Singapore are still loyal citizens of this country who’ve enjoyed more liberty as Malaysians than Singaporeans in Singapore.
For instance, they are pressured to purchase Singapore registered vehicles to drive in the city state cheaply.
Let’s see how relaxed we are on our nationals.
While Singaporeans cannot drive Malaysian cars in Singapore and will be slapped with a hefty fine, we allow Malaysians to drive Singapore registered vehicles on Malaysian roads if it eases their purpose.
They pay road taxes to the Singapore government yet drive on Malaysian roads. They pay income taxes in Singapore, yet enjoy the cheap cost of living in Johor.
They cannot have it both ways.
Either they pay us a small sum while driving Singapore vehicles as a small compensation for using Malaysian roads or pay Singapore a high fee while driving Malaysian vehicles compensating Singapore for the same. 
Here lies a Malaysian’s loyalty towards his more caring Nation.
They can’t benefit Singapore and themselves at the expense of the rest of the tax paying Citizens of Johor.
It is their choice either to work in Singapore and be loyal to Malaysia or be disloyal and use Malaysia as their “oxidation pond” while they enjoy their "meal” in the City State. 
In other words, they are increasing the productivity of Singapore enriching them further being taxed but using Johor just as a "Rest House". 
For those who think that we are compelled as this helps the economy of our City, let me remind you that our growth at this moment and the far future with the will of God, is inevitable and not a choice.
It is essential to realize that this policy is not aimed at Malaysians working in Singapore but for Singaporeans who come to Malaysia and use our infrastructure and facilities. The revenue collected will be used to maintain and upgrade our facilities not only for them but also for Johoreans.

An non-Johorean acquaintance from Kuala Lumpur even said "I totally agree with our government increasing tax rates on commercial vehicles that enter Singapore. It is not fair for Malaysians to bear the cost of building and maintaining roads for transporting of general goods and food for Singapore citizens, especially Thai based trucks. On top of that they are also using subsidised diesel to transport goods into Singapore.”

Since most of the Malaysians working there travel by motorcycle, perhaps the Singapore registered ones can be charged a nominal figure while those driving cars and heavier vehicles should be progressively charged higher as it is more likely that those driving cars are organic Singaporeans. 
The elasticity of demand to enter Johor is high. Which means even with a charge of RM100 per entry, they will soon discover that it is still cheaper to drive in as the amount of Malaysian subsidy they enjoy and cheap shopping saves them several folds in return.
Furthermore, it’s not like they have a choice to drive to Batam or anywhere else for leisure.
On the flipside, if they do cut down on their trips, this will avoid unnecessary traffic in the already congested Johor roads and still increase our revenue, as we’ve never charged them such before.
Their government has imposed many measures to prevent their citizens from spending their Singapore Dollars in Johor, be it by ridiculously checking on their petrol indicator in their cars making sure that their tanks must be at least three quarters full on exit, to slowing down on efficiency and increasing the crawling and sometimes standstill traffic at the Singapore checkpoint on eves of public holidays.
Yet the flow still goes into Johor. It is like an addiction that cannot be prevented nor cured unless the Singapore government makes it illegal for their citizens to drive across. That’s a “cold turkey” that the people of Singapore will never bow to.
In Addition, They’ve Invested Billions Of Dollars In ISKANDAR Giving Them Much More Oxygen To Breathe On Compared To The Constricted Living And Business Space In The Small City State.
It’s Not Likely That They’ll Be Pulling Out Over A Nominal Fee To Enter Mainland Asia.
Bottomline: It Is A Brilliant Source Of Revenue Just Waiting To Be Had. And We Mustn’t Allow Singaporeans To Even Think That They Can Use Malaysian Workers In Singapore To Shield Them From Paying While They Exploit Our Hospitality At No Charge.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Let US Take This Moment To Remember Those Who We Have Lost In Both The MH 370 And Recently MH 17. May The Families Of Those Perished And Lost, And The People Of This Nation Be Given The Strength In These Most Trying Of Times.


Saturday, July 12, 2014


Much debate has been aired through the social media on a recent speech by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the Deputy Prime Minister touching on the possibility of a recurrence of the May 13th incident if we don't wisen up, and stop the racial hatred among Malaysians.

Though it seems like it is begging to happen, I personally don't think that this will materialize because as much as I hate to say this, I must admit that there is some truth in the DAP Assemblyman from Penang who allegedly said that in this day and age, the Malays won't dare to go to war regardless of how loud they can be with their threats and warnings.

Yes, we are "all mouth and no stomach" as the West would put it. It's either because we just can't be bothered while we expect the next Malay person to do it instead of us; we're lazy or just plain stupid.

We have ample laws in place since independence carefully thought of by our founding fathers. Yet we are even gutless in enforcing the laws in question to ensure racial harmony. They must be right. We must be a lazy bunch of twerps because while we lack the initiative to discover ways to avoid racial confrontations, I don't believe that we are too stupid not to borrow the ready module successfully practiced by our neighbors down south.

While the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission sleeps on their overly high paying jobs for doing nothing except counting their bloating collections every year from the telecommunication licensees, and the lack of attentiveness from the Internal Security section of the Home Ministry, this country is slowly giving birth to a new set of fast maturing babies, yes the militants.

For now, if reports are true, there were an alarming number of Malaysians who've embarked on their journey to "save" Islam abroad and wrongly acted in atrocities in the name of the same religion.

It won't be long before this unlawful establishment discovers that since Islam, the religion most practiced by the Malay people in Malaysia is being tested and ridiculed to the hilt without affirmative action being taken by the government, it would be better for them to save their religion at home than to fight the battle abroad. They might very well decide to take up the DAP's dare to wage a war and kill two birds with one "explosive" stone.

They will start targeting places of non Muslim worship, non halal eateries and entertainment outlets famously frequented where they can inflict the most damage to non Muslim lives and property while disrupting the peace and security that we have always enjoyed and very much taken for granted.

In his speech, the Deputy Prime Minister was merely advising us to be more careful with our relations among fellow Malaysians of all faiths in view of avoiding history from repeating itself. I however don't foresee another racial confrontation occurring  like in May 13th of 1969 sparked by slanderous and libelous attacks on the Malays. 

But I venture to predict that the militants will see it more worthwhile and "righteous" to pursue their struggle at home with surprise attacks, in their effort to "save" their religion, if the authorities don't act more assertively on the open seditious remarks in the local cyberworld.

The Irony Is, If We Don't Act Responsibly, Others Will Do So Irresponsibly On The Misunderstanding That The End Result Will Be A Desired And Common One Between The Two Parties.

Monday, June 2, 2014


(Scroll down for the English version)

Teks Ucapan 
Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri N47 Kempas
YB DatukTengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid bin Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat
di Dewan Undangan Johor.
1hb Jun 2014/ 2 Sha'ban 1435H

Bismillahirahmanir Rahim.
Assalamualaikum  Wbt Dan Salam Sejahtera.

Yang Berhormat Datuk Speaker,

1. Izinkan saya bagi pihak rakyat diKempas merakamkan ucapan terima kaseh kami kerana diberi peluang mengambil bahagian dalam perbahasan menjunjung kasih di atas titah ucapan Duli Yang Maha Mulia Baginda Sultan di bangunan Sultan Ibrahim tempoh hari.

2. Saya telah hayati dengan penuh keprihatinan titah ucapan Ke Bawah Duli Tuanku. Ternyata DYMM Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar amat peka dengan situasi negara khususnya di negeri Johor Darul Taqzim.

3. Anak Johor terus menjunjung duli bersetia kepada Baginda Sultan.

Datuk Speaker

4. Sejujurnya, saya mewakili rakyat Johor di bumi Kempas mengucapkan syabas kepada Dato’ Menteri Besar yang melafazkan ikrar dan janjinya  untuk tidak mengizinkan pembinaan gedung perjudian berupa “casino” di mana-mana tempat di bumi Johor ini.

5. Sebagai rakyat negeri Johor, kami merasa lega dan amat bersyukur kerana memiliki seorang Menteri Besar yang kental jiwa raganya untuk tidak merelakan sebarang elemen kemungkaran berlaku di negeri ini.

6. Namun begitu, adalah menjadi harapan kita agar lafaz ikrar Datuk Menteri Besar diterjemahkan secara total, di mana selain tidak mengizinkan pusat perjudian ala casino dibangunkan, kita juga mahukan sebarang kegiatan perjudian seperti bercorak mesin judi yang masih terdapat di beberapa premis atau rumah kedai segera dihapuskan tanpa sebarang toleransi, samada oleh pengusaha kecil mahupun syarikat2 besar yang sudahpun bertapak di Johor sebagai yang mempunyai lesen dan sudah tentunya berkeyakinan akan mendapat kelulusan dari pejabat daerah untuk berfungsi dimasa akan datang.

7. Kebimbangan saya berputik apabila sejak akhir akhir ini, bumi Johor sudah dilihat sebagai destinasi tumpuan kalangan beberapa orang “Tauke Perjudian” berlesen yang berselindung disebalik melakukan pelaburan hartanah. Jika kita tidak bersiap siaga, ada kemungkinan mereka turut membangunkan perisian perjudian di tempat yang sudah pun berlesen menjual arak secara terbuka. 

8. Janganlah mentang mentang tempat tersebut di benarkan menjual arak secara terbuka, kita bagi pula permit membuka tempat "slot machine" dengan izin di tempat yang sama. Ingatlah jangan kita cuba mengalihkan dosa kita kepada kerajaan pusat semata2 kerana lesen itu dikeluarkan oleh mereka. Perlu kita ingat bahawa jika permit tidak di keluarkan oleh pejabat daerah, walaupun ada lesen dari kerajaan pusatpun, mereka tidak boleh beroperasi mengikut kepada undang undang. 

9. Sia-sia sahjalah jika kita berusaha untuk menukarkan hari percutian kita kepada hari Jumaat untuk mendaulatkan Agama Islam di negeri Johor ini, jikalau kita benarkan pula tauke perjudian memulakan empayar perniagaannya disini.

10. Bukanlah menjadi hasrat saya untuk menzahirkan rasa  tidak yakin di atas  kepekaan serta ketegasan Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Menteri Besar, namun ada kalanya kita harus saling tegur menegur  dan ingat mengingati antara satu sama lain.

11. Saya ingin menyarankan dalam kita menjanjikan bumi Johor ini terhindar dari sebarang  elemen perjudian yang mungkin cuba di bawa oleh pelabur dari luar atas nama pembangunan, seharusnya setiap kegiatan ekonomi hendaklah dikongsi sama rata sama rasa.

YB Datuk Speaker

12. Kekayaan bumi Johor seharusnya dinikmati oleh warga Johor yang sentiasa  taat setia selama ini terhadap kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Kesetiaan, ketaatan dan kemurnian hati warga Johor jangan sekali-kali dirobek apabila kita melayan orang asing atas nama  mengamit pelaburan.

13. Walaupun kita mengalu-alukan pelaburan asing ke bumi Johor dari negara mana sekali pun, kita seharusnya bijak menilai pelaburan asing tersebut. Soalan utama yang harus dijawab adalah samada pelaburan tersebut boleh memenafaatkan rakyat Johor seperti menyediakan peluang2 pekerjaan, menjana peluang perniagaan industri kecil, dan sederhana, di sektor perkhidmatan sokongan (support services) melalui kerjasama dengan syarikat tempatan, pemindahan teknologi dan sebagainya.

14. Penjualan hartanah kepada pelabur asing tidak dilihat seperti mempunyai nilai tambahan secara langsung maupun tidak langsung kepada rakyat dibumi Johor. Sebaliknya ia hanya menguntungkan pihak yang membuat transaksi tersebut dan sekaligus menghijrahkan Rakyat yang kurang berkemampuan ke kawasan2 luar bandar dan terpencil kerana kos kehidupan dikawasan bandar sudah tentunya akan meningkat kelak. Ini belum lagi diambil kira budaya yang hendak di bawa oleh warga asing yang mungkin tidak serasi dengan Rakyat tempatan, jika mereka berhasrat untuk membanjiri kawasan dan bandaraya yang terlibat.

Datuk Speaker

15. Baru baru ini saya juga terbaca laporan berita di dalam dan luar negara mengenai ujudnya percaturan kuasa asing terhadap untung nasib bumi bertuah ini.

16. Laman sesawang luar negara tersebut menyiarkan berita seorang hartawan hebat dari negara jiran telah memeterai memorandum persefahaman @ MOU dengan  pihak tempatan di Johor bagi mengujudkan sebuah syarikat keselamatan di  Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar.

17. Khabarnya syarikat milik jutawan itu juga sedang “mengintai” peluang melebarkan jaringan perniagaannya bukan hanya untuk membekalkan tenaga pengawal keselamatan dengan kekuatan sejumlah enam ratus orang lengkap bersenjata, malahan ia bakal mengujudkan jaringan peralatan serba canggih termasuk sistem perisikan.

18. Pasukan kawalan keselamatan milik jutawan tersebut hampir menyamai satu batalion pasukan tentera, bakal berada di Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar, jika beliau berjaya memperolehi kontrak tersebut.

19. Dan jika tidak silap kefahaman saya, berita tersebut turut menyatakan syarikat milik jutawan negara jiran itu juga, di jangka memperolehi kontrak untuk membekalkan anggota dan sistem keselamatan dan jaringan peralatan di negeri Pulau Pinang dan ibunegara kita Kuala Lumpur atas nama perkongsian intelektual.  Fikirkanlah, Wilayah Iskandar, Pulau Pinang dan Kualal Lumpur, Tiga wilayah yang strategic yang boleh menyenangkan kegiatan "international sabotage" jika perlu. 

20. Dan jika benarlah seperti  yang diberitakan, ini bererti negeri Johor tidak lagi berperanan sebagai benteng utama negara. Malahan negeri Johor berkemungkinan menjadi jambatan terpenting bagi negara ini melebarkan jaringan wilayahnya secara langsung.

21. Dengan menerima pakai sistem keselamatan serta kehadiran gerombolan pengawal keselamatan milik syarikat tersebut di bumi ini nanti, dapatkah di jamin bahawa setiap rahsia kerajaan terpelihara dari sebarang kegiatan intipan?  Mampukah pihak berwajib yang bertanggung jawab terhadap kedaulatan dan kerahsiaan negara menjamin kesiagaan kita?

22. Janganlah hendaknya percaturan politik serta salah urus tadbir meletakkan untung nasib masa depan kepimpinan, bangsa dan rakyat Johor berada di laluan sukar dan menghampiri suatu jurang kehancuran yang sebenarnya boleh kita elakkan sekarang sebelum ianya terjadi. Insh'Allah.

Datuk Speaker

23. Kempas Menjunjung Kaseh sekali lagi keatas Titah Ucapan KBDYMM Baginda Sultan tempuh hari tentang Pulau Batu Putih. Kita telah pun kehilangan hak kedaulatan kita di atas Pulau Batu Putih yang kini dikenali sebagai “Pedra Branca” kepada Singapura apabila pasukan Peguam Negara yang arif lagi bijak pandai tewas  perbicaraan di International  Court of Justice di The Hague. 

24. Jikalau Pulau Batu Putih yang secara fisikalnya kita boleh lihat, boleh terlepas dari tangan kita, dan terpaksa diusahakan Insh'Allah untuk memenanginya kembali, bagaimanakah dan dimanakah kita merujuk jika kita kehilangan sebahagian atau keseluruhan kuasa dan keselamatan negeri kita kerana perisikan musuh yang tidak boleh dilihat secara fizikal?Adakah kita bersedia untuk kehilangan sekali lagi sebahagian besar dari kedaulatan Negeri kita?

25. Adakah kita hendak berjudi pula dengan kemerdekaan yang kita kecapi selama ini, dengan memberi kuasa asing yang sudah tentunya tidak ada ketaat-setiaannya kepada negari kita dan memberinya ruang untuk menyusup dan merisik segala rahsia kerajaan dan rakyat negeri Johor ini? 

26. Jika ianya berlaku, maka tiada satu mahklukpun dimukabumi Allah ini, yang boleh memulihkannya kembali, kerana mengikut kepada maksud suatu firman Allah SWT, "Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan merubah nasib sesuatu kaum itu sehingga kaum itu merubah nasib mereka sendiri." 

27. Dari itu kitalah yang harus berusaha dahulu untuk menjaga keselamatan negeri kita, sebelum kita bertawakal kepada Allah SWT.

28. Berbekalkan pengalaman serba merencam dan kepelbagaian kontroversi, apakah kehadiran jutawan yang memeterai memorandum persefahaman bersama pihak tempatan itu boleh sekadar dipandang sepi serta tidak wajar dipertikaikan?

YB Datuk Speaker,

29. Dalam kerancakkan  kita membangunkan hartanah dan lain2 pelaburan di Johor ini khususnya di kawasan saya di Kempas, saya  menuntut agar kejujuran, ketegasan serta keikhlasan pentadbiran  Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Menteri Besar tidak akan merelakan mana-mana pihak untuk membuat rakyat Johor, khususnya di bumi Kempas menitiskan airmata mereka. 

30. Sesungguhnya apabila kita melaungkan “ Luaskan Kuasamu ” yang sudahpun menjadi mantra Keramat kita, Wajiblah Kerajaan Negeri ini menentukan bahawa laungan  itu  adalah exclusive dan khusus hanya untuk rakyat negeri ini sahaja dan bukan nya suatu undangan terbuka kepada mana2 warga asing untuk Meluaskan Kuasanya dibumi Johor ini.

31. Kempas Berdo'a, Jangan Sampai Rakyat diNegeri Johor Ini Hanya Menang Bersorak Tetapi Negerinya Tergadai.‎ Barang Di Jauhkan Allah.

Akhirkata YB Datuk Speaker, Luaskan KuasaMu! Kempas Mohon Menyokong. 

Wabillahi Taufik Walhidayah, Wasalamualaikum WBT.

Speech Text By 
The Honourable Datuk Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid bin Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat
State Assemblyman for N47 Kempas
Delivered at the State Assembly of Johor Darul Taqzim
1st June 2014/2 Sha'ban 1435H

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, And Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum Wbt and Salam Sejahtera.

The Honourable Datuk Speaker,

1. Allow me on behalf of the people of Kempas to express our gratitude for the opportunity to take part in the debate on the motion of thanks for His Royal Highness’ Royal Address delivered at the Sultan Ibrahim Building recently.

2. I listened with great concern the Royal Address by His Royal Highness The Sultan. It is evident that His Royal Highness Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar is sensitive to the situation in the country, particularly in the state of Johor Darul Taqzim.

3. As citizens of Johor, we continue to place our loyalty to His Royal Highness The Sultan.

Datuk Speaker

4. In all sincerity, I represent the people of Kempas in commending the Menteri Besar for his pledge and promise to not allow the development of gambling dens in the form of casinos anywhere in the state of Johor.

5. As citizens of the state of Johor, we feel relieved and very grateful for having a Menteri Besar who has a strong enough will to not allow any evil elements to set foot in the state.

6. Nevertheless, it is our hope that the pledge by the Menteri Besar is realised in its entirety, applying not only to full scale casinos, but also to any and all gambling activities, including but not limited to “slot machines” that are still found in many premises across the state of Johor, including in shop houses. We hope that all of these gambling activities are eradicated without any exemptions, irrespective of whether they are run by illegal small-time operators or indeed by any of the big-time businessmen, who may have already gained a foothold in Johor, and having already obtained their gambling licenses from the federal government, may feel confident of getting the necessary approvals from the District Office in order to operate in Johor.

7. My worry stemmed from the fact that of late, Johor is seen as a destination by several licensed gambling bosses who mask their real intentions behind the veil of a real estate investment. If we are not alert, there is the possibility that they would include gambling dens within their respective establishments which are already licensed to sell liquor.

8. We cannot allow even licensed slot machines to be operated at these establishments just because they already sell liquor. And we cannot approve the permits and attribute our sins to the federal government just because these gambling licenses are issued by them. We need not be reminded that without the granting of approvals by the relevant District Office, these gambling operators cannot be deemed to be operating legally within our state, notwithstanding the licenses that they may have obtained from the federal government

9. Our righteous efforts to empower Islam in the state, by changing our off days to Friday, will be in vain if we give the gambling bosses the nod for them to launch their empires here.

10. It is not my intention to question the pledge given by the Menteri Besar but at times, there is a need for us to give friendly reminders to each other.

11. I suggest that as we promise to insulate Johor from any form of gambling elements which may be brought in by investors from outside Johor in the name of development, we must ensure that all economic activities are shared equally and are acceptable to all.

Datuk Speaker 

12. The wealth in Johor should be enjoyed by the citizens especially those who have given their trust and support to the Barisan Nasional government through the generations. The loyalty, obedience and the pureness of heart of Johoreans should not be forsaken as we entertain foreigners in the hope of attracting foreign investment.

13. While we welcome foreign investments into Johor, we should be wise enough to assess the merits of these investments. The key questions that must be answered are whether the investments can benefit Johor and Johoreans in terms of job creation and employment, business opportunities for the local small and medium sized enterprises, joint ventures in the support services sector with local companies, technology transfer and so on.

14. The sale of land to foreign investors does not add any value whether directly or indirectly to the people of Johor. Instead, it only benefits the individuals partaking in the said transactions and would result in the migration of the less fortunate citizens to the rural and remote areas as the cost of living in the city will definitely rise. Furthermore, there would certainly be a clash of cultures between the locals and the foreigners, if the latter intends to flood the affected areas and the city.

Datuk Speaker

15. I read recently from the local and foreign news reports about the existence of a foreign power in the state.

16. A foreign news website had published that a business magnate from a neighbouring country had signed a memorandum of understanding @ MOU with a local party in Johor to establish a security company in the Iskandar Development Region.

17. The company belonging to the foreign billionaire is also said to be eyeing the opportunity to widen its network to not only provide 600 well-armed security guards but also to create cutting-edge security equipment including intelligence systems.

18. This billionaire's security team, which equates to almost a battalion of soldiers, will be stationed in the Iskandar Development Region, if he is successful in securing the contract.

19. To my understanding, the report also stated that the said billionaire is expected to secure the contract to supply personnel and security systems and equipment in Penang and Kuala Lumpur under the guise of an intellectual partnership. Think about it, the Iskandar region, Penang and Kuala Lumpur are three of the most strategic regions in our country, and this could open us up to international sabotage activities.

20. And if it is true as reported, this means that the state of Johor will no longer be the country's main bastion. Instead, Johor may ironically serve to be the most important bridge for that foreign country to widen its regional network.

21. If we approve the implementation of this foreign-controlled security system together with its horde of security guards, can the government guarantee that every state secret is fully-protected? Can the authorities in charge of national sovereignty and security ensure our state of preparedness for any eventuality?

22. Let us not continue to stand aside and allow politicking and mismanagement to jeopardise the future of our people and our nation, when we still have the opportunity to act. It is still not too late . Insh'Allah.

Datuk Speaker

23. Kempas upholds His Royal Highness The Sultan’s Royal Address on Pulau Batu Putih. We lost our sovereignty over Pulau Batu Putih, now known as " Pedra Branca ", to Singapore when the Attorney-General’s " learned and wise " team lost the hearing at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

24. If Pulau Batu Puteh (which has a physical form) can escape from our hands, (and we now have to work to win it back, Insh'Allah), we may not even be aware when we lose part or all of the sovereignty of our country, because intelligence is not an enemy which has a physical manifestation. Are we prepared to lose once again a big part of the sovereignty of our State?

25. Would we want to gamble away the independence that we have savoured all these years, by possibly giving our government’s secrets away to a foreign national who has no allegiance to our country, and compromising on the privacy of the people of Johor? May Allah Forbid!

26. If it happens, then no creation of God on the face of this earth can ever restore it, because according to the purpose of this decree by Allah, "Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change 
their own destiny."

27. As such, we must seek first to protect the security of our country by ourselves, before leaving our destiny fully in the hands of God.

28. Based on our myriad of experiences and many controversies, could we simply plead ignorance and remain passive, now that we are aware of the possibility that this foreign billionaire has already signed the aforementioned memorandum of understanding with the local party?

Honourable Datuk Speaker

29. In the robustness of real estate development and other investments in Johor, especially in my constituency of Kempas, I appeal for the honesty, steadfastness and sincerity of the administration of the Honourable Datuk Menteri Besar to not allow any party to cause the people of Johor, especially those of Kempas, to shed any more tears of regret.

30. Indeed, when we chant the State’s slogan "Luaskan Kuasamu”, which has already become our sacred Mantra, it is our duty to ensure that the State's slogan applies exclusively and specifically to the people of this State. It should never be construed as an open invitation to any foreigner wanting to expand their power on Johor soil.

31. Kempas prays that the Citizens of Johor are not merely victorious in their loud War Cries, while our state slowly slips into foreign hands. May God Forbid!

With that Honourable Datuk Speaker, I Bid You “Luaskan Kuasamu”!

Kempas Supports the Motion.

Wabillahi Taufik Walhidayah, Wasalamualaikum WBT.