Thursday, September 24, 2015


If You Think This Article Is About Deep Politics As Usual, You Can Stop Reading Now. The Nation Needs To Take A Break And Revisit Our Normal Lives Again After Having Disembarked From It The Past Year Or So.

Ever Since Being An Elected Representative In The Johor State Legislative Assembly, It Has Become A Ritual For Me To Perform My Aidil Adha Prayers With My Family In Kuala Lumpur And Head Straight After That To The Airport For Johor Bahru To Witness The Slaughtering Of The Sacrificial Cattle At The Masjids And Suraus In My Constituency Of Kempas.

But God Put My Faith To The Test This Aidil Adha.

In All These Years Of Complaining About "Women Drivers", Allah Gave Us A Lady Pilot This Morning Heading To Johor From Subang. You Can Just Imagine How Nervous I Was Knowing That Fact Only After Being A Few Thousand Feet Above The Ground.

Yes You Might Over-React By Branding Me A "Bigot", But I Am An Innocently Harmless One At That, I Assure You.

Moving On, Upon Reaching Johor Bahru Airspace In The Midst Of My Serious Inflight Chants Of The "Zikrullah", We Were Denied The Right To Land And Had To Return To Subang (Not Because Of The Captain), Due To Severe Visibility At Senai Airport Because Of The Haze. By This Time, I Felt Like My Heart Was Beating Out Of My Chest!

However, Contrary To My Mistaken Perception Of Women Behind Any Wheel Of Any Kind Of A Moving Object, This Lady Captain Kept Us Safe, Constantly Updated While Burning Fuel Circling The Sky Until We Were Instructed To Turn Back To Subang And Later Performed The Smoothest Landing In All My Years In Aviation Travel. 

"Captain Sofia" Was Very Professional In Her Job As Well As In Character. She Stood Me Corrected In Fine Fashion Putting Me In My Humble Place Earlier Today. 

I Know Well Enough And Will Acknowledge The Fact When I'm Good And Beaten.

And So, In That Spirit, To All Women Drivers Of All Crafts Be It By Air, Land Or Sea, I Wish You "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha, Mohon Ampun, Dzahir Dan Bathin."

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Recently, there have been several alleged attempts to use members of our royalty for political gain.

I have been against such a move from the beginning and have advised friends, colleagues and mentors to steer away from exploiting the palace in our political forums as is the advice of every permanent chairman before each UMNO division meeting annually.

I now see why there were not many in support of Nazri Aziz from his ranks when he cautioned the Crown Prince of Johor to stay above politics. Perhaps the rest wanted the option remained open for use in the future.

If we are indeed Malay Warriors ordained by God to carry out His purpose on Malaysian soil, then we should not be seeking endorsements from the Palace nor Muftis to carry out our duty in uniting the Malays.

Soil not the purity of these two institutions with the dirt of national politics if we want to prevent a further break-up of the already broken Malay pieces in the fabric of our society, for they (Rulers and Muftis) too are ordained by the same God to serve His purpose but in the realms of their own propriety.

As it is, we have Muftis going at each other, with contradictory statements read as edicts, confusing Muslims at large on the fundamentals of the religion and its view on leadership.

In this country, it is designed such that we have nine rulers with presumably nine crown princes, not to mention other minor princelings, who have taken to being columnists in local tabloids leaning towards the opposition. 

If we push for them to make a political stand, they might individually be contradicting and opposing each other; resulting further in the disintegration of the Malay unity from the Royal Houses and in between states to a point of irreparable dimensions. 

Unless we can secure a united voice by the Conference of Rulers as the Supreme Institution in the country to our favour, I suggest we stay well clear of this avenue. 

We have to exhaust all other possible measures before we seek Royal intervention.
The Royal Will

We highly respect the stand taken by HRH the Crown Prince of Johor and the caution to those who seek to "become friends or be close with HRH The Sultan" for personal gains or political capital. 

As we are in no position whatsoever to speak on HRH's behalf, we hope that HRH's caution applies not only to the politicians but also to the unscrupulous businessmen with the intent of "printing money" in fast track motion in this robust and fast developing economy of the Great State of Johor, who do not observe the sensitivities and the wellbeing of the Rakyat, namely the Malays.

It is primarily the Malays, who are for now, the most loyal of subjects to the Royal Palace; based on our observation of the actions of non-Malay shop operators and factories, who during the recent Coronation, remained operating despite it being a public holiday and the Chinese dailies prefering news of the death of Lee Kuan Yew over our Sultan's Coronation on their front pages, just to name a few.

Where Their Allegience Lie

To My Fellow Politicians, Let The Rulers Remain Above Us. Only When They Remain Unsoiled And Pure, Can This Country Look To Them In Reverence And Respect As Defenders Of The Muslim Faith And Protectors Of The Malay Rights And Customs Among Others, Foiling Any Future Attempts Of Turning This Blessed Nation Into A Republic If God Forbid, We Were To Lose Putrajaya.

Daulat Tuanku! Semoga Allah Berkati Johor! Allah Selamatkan Sultan!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


1. I asked myself if this could be true when I was shown the advertisement offering the number plates bearing the word "Patriot" (1-9999).

2. Thinking quietly I asked myself again how the transport Ministry can approve such a proposal and by a private entity at that. 

3. Then other questions came into mind like, "Did the approving Minister present this to the Cabinet for discussion considering the word "Patriot" carries a lot of meaning relating to King and Country".

4. Can the organisers even fathom what it means like to be a Patriot? Is it wise to offer the plates to the open public without even checking their background? 

5. Among those who win their bid could be known economic traitors who've sabotaged the nation to make a fast buck! Are they worthy of carrying these plates?

6. Don't the organisers want to ascertain or ensure first that the bearers are true Patriots?

7. This act of selling the plates is akin to "prostituting" the sacred word to the highest bidder making them pimps, not Patriots.

8. Even more shameful is if the bidders are not restricted to Malaysian citizens only. 

9. Wouldn't it be weird and awkward if a foreigner, a Singaporean for example were to outbid Malaysians for the number plate "Patriot 1" just to show that there is not one Malaysian Patriot worth his salt who is willing to secure it even though he can afford it? 

10. When it is open to any Tom, Dick and Harry with money, we might end up with a Dick who could have sold his own mother not to mention his Country with those plates flashed on his car!

11. These plates should be on cars of only those who bear the true essence of Patriotism, not on those belonging to whoever can and is willing to pay for it! 

12. It is like allowing rapists and adulterers to join in the bid for the plate "Saint" (1-9999). Could that even be right?

13. If they can't determine the difference, then the government should scrap the idea altogether.

14. By allowing it, this outfit has just put "Patriotism" on sale and if I heard the spokesman right, he even said that the owner might profit from it by re-selling it in the future!

15. These people aren't Patriots, they are mere salesmen in a Patriot's outfit making money off the rakyat from turning "Patriotism" into a tradeable commodity. 

16. I'm told they pay a certain amount to the RTD, and they can possibly make ten to fifteen folds from it upon completion of the process. 

17. The minister in charge of approving it is also responsible for putting "Patriotism" on his backside! 

18. Coincidentally, it is said that when they applied for it, the acting minister was the same person who was apologetic after being under pressure for kissing the traditional Malay dagger called the "Keris". It figures. 

19. The application should have been shot down upon presentation.

20. If There Is Anything Worth Deducing Here, It Is That By Doing This, Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia Has Committed The Least Patriotic Act Possible.

21. If A Foreigner Wins The Bid For "Patriot 1", Symbolically, The Organisers Have Sold Our Country!

22. If I Was The Womb That Bore Them, I Should Be Worried, Because I Might Be Next, All For A Quick Buck At The Expense Of The Bidding Rakyat.

23. The Government Should Disallow This Act Of Profiteering In The Name Of All Patriots And Cancel This Approval For The Love Of This Nation.

24. Show Us That You Are True Patriots!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015



2. A good number of Johor citizens were fuming last week when Prime Minister Najib Razak, who claimed to have Bugis blood (known for it's brevity), failed to show up at an unscheduled showdown with a person who is claimed to have the blood of a Southern Indian from Kerala in his veins.

3. I was quite looking forward to the dialogue between the Prime Minister and members of the Non-Governmental Organizations last week. The theme of the event was also very inviting, "Nothing To Hide".

4. I'm sure members who came from around the country too were anxious to have their turn at the Prime Mnister in addressing their inquisitions after listening to one "self appointed" representative of the entire country asking questions on the 1MDB for the past one month or so.

5. It would have been a refreshing change to hear questions from the other section of the public instead of the same person sounding like a broken record with the PM in return not quite being articulate in his response before this. Many were there hoping that Najib would be more prepared after much attention have been given on the same subject. "Surely enough practice was in order for a better presentation this time around," they said. 

6. Tun Dr Mahathir decided at the eleventh hour to be present when it seemed like there was a half open invitation to the event.

7. Naturally, he still wasn't satisfied with the explanations given before this. But still, this opportunity should have been given in turn to the others who gathered there peacefully and calmly waiting in the hall with their own list of questions for the man in the hottest seat in the country.

8. Unfortunately, everyone's hopes were dashed when the event was cancelled due to the ruckus outside with the rowdy group forcing their way into the hall.

9. Contrary to what was claimed, it was not so much the security of the Prime Minister which was at stake. Judging by the aggressive crowd, they were not there to hear an explanation but to create a scene. And though the rowdy section of the crowd may have thought that they had an advantage in numbers in support of Tun Mahathir, many were also in support of the Prime Minister. 

10. It would have taken only one idiot to start a riot, and God knows there were a score of them that day.

11. It could have turned ugly with the two factions going at each others' throats in the face of the local and foreign news correspondents who were there to feed off such controversies describing and concocting further in exaggeration, the worst possible scenario for the world to see.

12. It could have been the most humiliating day for the Malay race seeing them beat each other up in the building of the most powerful Malay party in the world. 

13. THAT, was logically the primary reason for the cancellation of the event.

14. Looking back the past two months, I questioned why the young and 40-something section of the Rakyat had to rely on a 90 year-old man to step up and presumably do their job of continuing the struggle for a better Malaysia. 

15. My curiousity was put to rest last week at the PWTC. 

16. It is not that the young were not qualified or too dumb to go to the fore and stake their claim but they were just not given the opportunity even when the setting was right, ready and made available by the Prime Minister for them to do so.

17. Tun Dr Mahathir stole the thunder from the representatives of a younger Malaysia with his dramatic entrance and frustrated the good effort, if sincere, of the young organisors.

18. He had planned to ask 10 questions as though the function was designed for only him and the Prime Minister while the rest were there not as active and responsible participants but as an ignorant (who do not know better) set of audience.

19. Not letting the breach of Malay culture get the best of the event, thus promoting a rogue society amongst the already presumed decadent race by the rest, the Prime Minister, with or without the advice of the IGP, did the right thing in being absent.

20. He Preserved The Dignity Of The Malay People And The Reputation Of The United Malays National Organization.

21. He was called a coward and even a fake warrior by some, but all brute and no brain makes for an idiot in a warrior's outfit.

22. For the first time in three decades, we witnessed last week how the "Great Fox" was outwitted, and by a "Bugis Warrior" at that. It reminded me of a scene in the movie "Enter The Dragon" where Bruce Lee exhibited "The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting."

23. I'd Like To Think That The Bugis Blood Is Not Only The Blood Of Warriors But More Importantly The Blood Of Ones Who Are Brave With Wits At The Same Time.

24. Some Who Say That Najib Was A Coward, Flattering Themselves Thinking That They Are Brave Just Because They Open Their Mouths And Perhaps Wear A Uniform, May Actually Have The Blood Of The Imbecile And Not Of A Brilliant Warrior Flowing In Their Veins. 

25. Reflect On It.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


"Give Him Time"/ "You Are Not Alone" Says Muhyiddin.

A lot of "hoo-haa" has been going around after Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin made that "good luck in reading my move" speech telling Tun Dr Mahathir that he "is not alone".

I have been following Muhyiddin since he was Menteri Besar of Johor, when he courageously went head on with the Johor Palace in the Constitutional crisis. 

I observe that he is not one to be coat-tailing Tun Dr Mahathir or in my own words describing him to my fellow bloggers as one not to " hit Najib and hide behind Mahathir's 'sarong' like a coward."

If Tan Sri Muhyiddin thinks that Dato Sri Najib needs correcting or if he has intentions to replace his boss, unlike the rest in the Cabinet, I suspect he will announce it in a press conference instead of taking pot shots while hiding behind a "skirt".

And he will most definitely not use a 90 year old man's platform to fight his battles for him in the pretext of saving the Country. I'm sure he has more class and respect for himself as well as the elder statesman than to do that.

So people, stop reading through the lines. The speech was just delivered in the context of the event. 

At the most, Muhyiddin was throwing in a "feel good" factor for Tun while teasing the press corps and some bloggers who apparently got an "erection" over it.

In Contrast To A Particular Subordinate UMNO Leader Who Claims To Have Scored An Average Of 3.8 CGPA In College But Is Still Struggling To Look, Act And Sound Clever Nationwide, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Is Actually Brilliant And Is A Straight Shooting Politician.

He Will At Least Wait Until The Verdict Is Out By The Auditor General's Office And The Public Accounts Committee Before Taking The Next Course Of Action.

Or Have I Totally Misread Him?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I begin this composition by declaring foremost that I have a very high regard for the many good things that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has done for this Country.

Among others, he saved us from an economic meltdown during the financial crisis using an unorthodox method, proving to Western economists that they were wrong to predict the opposite.

I was one of those most devastated on the floor of the UMNO Assembly when he declared he was resigning more than a decade ago.

He had just returned from an official visit to the United States not long before that and his ratings at home was at its peak. Selfishly, I thought I would be a sure candidate in the subsequent elections, having been a part of the small outfit under the late Tan Sri Megat Junid and Tan Sri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis (recently deceased) that was with him in Washington. Dr Mahathir's retirement was a double whammy for me.

It took me ten years and two administrations later before I was nominated to run for a seat in the State Legislative Assembly.
In retirement, Dr Mahathir remained active when he later attacked former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the person he handpicked to be his successor, and rallied for the people to vote against the ruling coalition to see the forced retirement of Mr Badawi from office.

The public took his cue absorbing the words that came from him during his nationwide roadshows. Before that, the majority of those who were not inclined to vote BN remained indifferent and stayed home, thinking even with their votes the incumbent party would still sail through.

Well it proved otherwise in 2008 after Dr Mahathir's nationwide instigation. There was a 76% turnout on polling day and Barisan Nasional lost 5 States and the two thirds majority that we were accustomed to.

As for the general public, especially the ones who were not exactly on our side, once they've had a taste of honey, there was no turning back.

What happened in the subsequent elections (2013) proved it. After Mr Badawi gracefully exited, Barisan Nasional under the new leadership with much promise and vigour still faired worse though there was an increase in UMNO seats in Parliament.

Even with Dr Mahathir helping Barisan Nasional this time in the 2013 campaign, the people he got to come out to vote for the opposition in the 2008 elections most likely maintained their vote for the opposition and even came out larger this time with an 85% turnout on polling day.

Dr Mahathir was reported to say that he has lost faith in the government. This is the government that was actually given the mandate by the people in a free and totally democratic general elections two years ago.

Dr Mahathir alone is NOT Malaysia.

If there were internet and wifi services widely available during his tenure, with the sort of freedom of speech and expression afforded under the current administration, I doubt if the fourth Prime Minister himself may have lasted ten let alone twenty-two years in office.

There may be some legitimate issues raised by Dr Mahathir but it has been dealt with in the courts.

As far as the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) is concerned, the PM has left it to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), whose members include those from the opposition party, and the Auditor General's office to come up with their findings. The PM assured the nation further that those found to have breached the law will be sternly dealt with.

We should wait for their "verdict".

So here I am challenging Tun Dr Mahathir's contention based on statistics and a 26 year experience political gut feeling, in predicting that removing Najib Razak from office before the next elections will NOT make our results better.

On the contrary, it might be as good as giving the Opposition their first taste of power on a silver platter. BN may lose more states, if not the government.

Ironically, the only time Barisan Nasional got a rousingly handsome victory after the departure of any incumbent PM in the history of Malaysia to my knowledge was when Mr Badawi took over from Dr Mahathir indicating that the people were very happy to see his back.

While We Welcome Productive Criticism And Advice From All Quarters, Counsel From A Few Out Of Self Guilt And Emotion Must Be Taken With A Large Pinch Of Salt.

We Have Three Years To Taste The Sweet Of The Fruit From The Tree That We Planted. Plucking Them Yet Again Before It Ripens Will Taste Bitter And This Time In Our Case, Cause The Tree To Be Infertile Forever More.

May God Forbid.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Representing The Government Of The People, By The People, For The People, In The Name Of God, A Righteous King And Country.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014



I've attended the closed door session with the President for the better part of the last 18 years as a delegate but sadly, as a State Representative for BN from UMNO, by phone I was denied entry yesterday.

This closed door session is usually a heart to heart between the President and the creme of the party. It is ridiculous that Barisan Nasional Representatives from UMNO, who are not divisional office bearers, were not only barred from participation but also have to beg for passes to the assembly proper.

I wasn’t alone in this. Along with me were more than 70 other "Yang Berhormat" from UMNO, who were either not allowed in or just couldn't care less because of the hassle and run around given by the party administration. Individually, we were left to our own resources to obtain entry.

The problem was aired through the proper channels but to no avail.

I personally received the assurance of a Supreme Council member from Johor months ago that he was going to bring the matter up at the Supreme Council meeting. Nothing came out of it. I suppose he didn't bother as he didn't respond after my final query. Perhaps too busy with his deputy ministerial duties.

I have also requested to the state backbencher Chairman to air it out last year, only to be told by him that UMNO Headquarters said we should apply on the same day at the counter.

Lastly, we had the State UMNO office put in a request for a pass which was released at the eleventh hour, only after much ado, for the assembly proper. Even then, we were denied entry to the closed door meeting with the President.

The information chief acknowledged that this is a huge problem but having known the situation much earlier, it should have been addressed way before the Assembly.

I find it ironic that while the President’s speech last year emphasized on “inclusiveness” – a beautiful speech that we on the ground embraced the spirit of – his own administration in the UMNO Headquarters failed to practice it. His generals are doing their very best to derail his vision for the party. Well it clearly seems that way.

They instead blamed one another for not allowing the inclusion of the "wakil-wakil rakyat" at the event organized for the President by the party’s information chief, who appears to have less say than and can be vetoed by the Executive Secretary on his own invitation list. Pathetic!

I was reliably informed that two "Wakil Rakyat" from the Executive Secretary’s own division were denied entry themselves.

So much for the inclusiveness pitched by the President last year!

If the President sincerely wants to eradicate the " Warlord " culture in UMNO, he needn't look beyond the UMNO Headquarters for a start.

This year, the mantra is “Change.”

Well, I suggest that the transformation starts from the Headquarters first. The executives there have failed to execute or implement the desires and wishes of the top hierarchy of the party.

The party should replace, first, the self-righteous Secretary-General; two, the obnoxious Executive Secretary, who is a "big" Napoloeon treating the party like his own empire; and third, the Information Chief, who works hard but with little effect.

They are the people who have gone against the President’s own essence for the party. They are the ones who are disheartening the representatives of the party in the face of the Rakyat.

It makes no sense to deny or make difficult the UMNO Wakil Rakyats entry to any of the UMNO Assembly events as logic dictates that they are the very people who are required to translate the spirit which resides in the President's speeches and have them disseminated to their constituents.

Define The Preach, Translate It Into Practice And The Surplus In Confidence Will Return Naturally.

I Wish The Party Which I Represent The Very Best Of Allah's Blessings, And Pray That The President Will Have The Gumption To Replace Even The Closest Of His Allies If It Means It Will Benefit The Malays, Party and Nation.

In The Name Of God, A Righteous King & Country,
I Remain,
Datuk Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid Jumat DPSM, KMN.
State Representative (BN)
Kempas N47, Johor.

Monday, November 17, 2014



YB Datuk Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid B Tan Sri Tengku Hamid Jumat
Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri, Kempas N47
Di Dewan Undangan Negeri
16hb November 2014/ 23 Muharram 1436h

Bismillahirahmanir Rahim.

Assalamualaikum  Wbt Dan Salam Sejahtera.

Yang Berhormat Tan Sri Speaker,

1)         Kempas Ingin Merakamkan Ucapan Terima Kasih Kerana Di Beri Peluang Mengambil Bahagian Dalam Persidangan Ini.

2)     Pertama-Tamanya,  Mewakili Rakyat Kempas, Kami Merafak Sembah Menjunjung Kaseh Mengucapkan Selamat Pengantin Baru Kepada Tunku Mahkota Johor Duli Yang Amat Mulia Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim Dan Che Puan Khaleeda Binti Bustamam.

3 )              Keduanya, Kempas Merakamkan Setinggi2 Tahniah Kepada Pasukan Johor Darul Taqzim Di Atas Kejuara'an Mereka Di Dalam Pertandingan Liga Bolasepak Malaysia Dan Masuk Ke Pertandingan Akhir Di Piala Malaysia.

4)                Kempas Juga Mengucapkan Tahniah Dan Syabas Kepada YAB Datuk Seri Menteri Besar Yang Telah Membentangkan Belanjawan Bersifat Inklusif Untuk Tahun 2015 Yang Insya’allah Akan Dapat Memperkukuhkan Lagi Kekuatan Negeri Johor Darul Takzim Sebagai Kuasa Ekonomi Selatan Atau Southern Economic Powerhouse, Dengan Izin.

5)                     Ini Akan Memungkinkan Kedudukan Negeri Johor Darul Takzim Sebagai Sebuah Metropolis, Iaitu Satu Pusat Ekonomi , Politik , Dan Budaya Yang Penting Bagi Negara Dan Hab Penting Untuk Rangkaian Dalam Hubungan Perdagangan Dan Komunikasi Antarabangsa Selari Dengan Aspirasi Kerajaan Persekutuan Menjelang 2020.

6)                 Kempas Melihat Kesinambungan Dalam Usaha-Usaha Kerajaan Negeri Di Bawah Kepimpinan YAB Menteri Besar Dalam Mencorakkan Satu Ekonomi Yang Mapan Bagi Negeri Johor, Meningkatkan Kesejahteraan Rakyat, Memperkasa Dan Merakyatkan Kerajaan Dan Melahirkan Modal Insan Berkemahiran Tinggi.

7)               Belanjawan 2015 Ini Diharapkan Dapat Membolehkan Kerajaan Negeri Di Bawah Kepimpinan YAB Menteri Besar Kekal Dalam Ingatan Sebagai Kerajaan Oleh Rakyat, Untuk Rakyat.

8)             Dalam Masa Yang Sama,  Bila Kita Meletakkan Fokus Menjadikan Negeri Johor Sebagai Destinasi Pelaburan Pilihan, Kita Harus Secara Serius Melihat Kepada Implikasi Pelaburan Ini Kepada Negeri Johor Darul Takzim. Semestinya Kita Melihat Kepada Timbal Balik Atau Reciprocity, Dengan Izin, Akan Pelaburan-Pelaburan Ini Kepada Rakyat Negeri Johor Terutamanya.

9)         Pelaburan-Pelaburan Yang Kelak Akan Menghasilkan Kesan Yang Negatif Haruslah Di Nilai Semula Walaupun Ianya Berjumlah Jutaan Ringgit Jika Rakyat Negeri Johor Darul Takzim Terus Dinafikan Hak-Hak Mereka.

10)      Kita Sudah Pun Melihat Kesan-Kesan Yang Negatif Dengan Pelaburan Yang Sedia Ada. Izinkan Saya Menghuraikannya Di Dewan Ini.

Tan Sri Speaker,

11)        Hari Ini Di Serata Dunia, Kita Dapat Melihat Berlakunya Penjajahan Alaf Baru Atau Modern Day Colonisation, Dengan Izin.

12)        Ianya Membabitkan Syarikat2 Asing Yang Mengambilalih Dan Memajukan Tanah-Tanah.  Ngo Grain, Sebuah Pertubuhan Bukan Kerajaan Antarabangsa Yang Menggalakkan Pengurusan Yang Mapan Dan Penggunaan Kepelbagaian Biologi Pertanian, Telah Melapurkan Beberapa Negara Di Asia Dan Negara-Negara Teluk , Telah Memperoleh Berjuta-Juta Hektar Tanah Pertanian Yang Subur , Terutama Di Afrika.

13)            Syarikat-Syarikat Ini Dan Negara-Negara Termasuk Amerika Syarikat, Negara-Negara Eropah , Dan Negara-Negara Yang Semakin Meningkat Ekonomi Seperti Brazil , Rusia , India Dan China Semuanya Terlibat Dalam Pembelian Tanah Secara Rakus Ini. Berjuta-Juta Hektar Tanah Ladang , Serta Hutan Dan Tanah Gambut Ini Telah Dengan Cepat Menjadi Ladang Soya , Kelapa Sawit Dan Tanaman Kontan Lain.

14)            Pelaburan Boleh Bertukar Menjadi Penjajahan Alaf Baru Jika Ianya Tidak Dikawal Selia Dan Dibiar Beroperasi Tanpa Perhatian Teliti. Yang Membezakan Pengambilalihan Tanah Secara Global Ini Dengan Yang Berlaku Di Johor Darul Takzim Ialah Ianya Melibatkan Hartanah Pesisir Pantai Yang Memungkinkan Ancaman Kepada Persempadanan Dan Keselamatan Negeri Johor Darul Takzim Dan Juga Kerajaan Persekutuan.

15)              Dan Yang Lebih Menyedihkan, Tanah-Tanah Ini Dijual Dengan Status Hakmilik Bebas. Pemilik Bebas Untuk Mengendalikan Tanah Itu. Ia Boleh Dijual, Disewa, Dipindahmilik Dan Boleh Juga Melibatkan Pelbagai Urusan Yang Kadangkala Sukar Untuk Dijangkakan.

16)                Kita Sedia Maklum Kawasan Pesisiran Pantai Selat Tebrau Dari Permas Sehingga Ke Tanjung Piai Telah Diambilalih Untuk Dimajukan Oleh Syarikat-Syarikat Asing. Pembangunan Ini Merangkumi Hartanah Komersil Dan Penginapan.  Ianya Melibatkan Pesisiran Pantai Sejauh Lebih Kurang 45km Jika Di Ukur Melalui Pesisiran Pantai.

17)             Syarikat-Syarikat Milik Asing Ini, Yang Ada Usahasama Dengan Entiti-Entiti Tempatan Seperti Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor, Turut Menjalankan Kegiatan Penambakan Tanah Untuk Meluaskan Tanah Milik Mereka Untuk Tujuan Membangunkan Projek-Projek Mewah Yang Tidak Mampu Dimiliki Oleh Anak Negeri Sendiri.

18)          Kempas Sekali Lagi Mengucapkan Jutaan Terima Kaseh Kepada YAB Dato Menteri Besar Kerana Telah Mengambil Kira Ucapan Kami Pada 11hb November 2013 Di Dalam Dewan Yang Mulia Ini Supaya "A Clear Demarcation" Dengan Izin Atau Sempadan Yang Jelas DIwujudkan Untuk Pembangunan Asing Berimpak Tinggi Supaya Ianya Terhad DiSuatu Kawasan Sahaja Dan Bukan Bersepah Di Bandaraya Johor Bahru Ini. Kawasan Tersebut Pula Perlulah Dipantau Dengan Baik Demi Kedaulatan Negara Dan Disediakan Polisi Yang Khusus Untuk Mengurangkan Kesan Negatifnya Terhadap Sosio-Budaya Tempatan.

 Tan Sri Speaker,

19)            Sekali Lagi DiUlangi, Kempas Tidak Sekali-Kali Menolak Pembangunan Bagi Johor Darul Takzim, Jauh Sekali Menidakkan Lonjakan Ekonomi Yang Boleh Dinikmati Oleh Rakyat Jelata Di Peringkat Negeri Dan Persekutuan. Kempas Menyokong Penuh Dan Akan Memainkan Peranan Bersama Untuk Melihat Johor Mencapai Tahap Sebagai "The New Economic Powerhouse" Dengan Izin, Tetapi Dalam Masa Yang Sama Kempas Tidak Mahu Melihat Senario Ini Sebagai Satu Ancaman Penjajahan Di Zaman Serba Moden Dan Canggih Ini.

20)                Kita Perlu "Manage The Development" Dengan Izin Supaya Seperti Di Singapura, Pelabur2 Masih Lagi Tertakluk Kepada Polisi Kerajaan Dan Bukannya Bebas Sehingga Mereka Ingat Diri Merekalah Yang Menakluk.

21)               Rakyat Di Kempas Adalah "Affluent" Dengan Izin Dan Duduknya Di Dalam Bandaraya Johor Bahru. Dari Itu Mereka Tahu Tentang Pentingnya Pembangunan Di Lakukan Lebih2 Lagi Di Negeri Yang Baru2 Ini Menjadi Makmor Kembali Di Bawah Kepimpinan YAB Menteri Besar Yang Sedia Ada, Mereka Juga Faham Mengenai Market Forces

22)              Kempas Hanya Bimbang Kerana Beberapa Persoalan Dan Isu Telah DIbangkitkan Oleh Rakyat Dan Hasil Dari Suara Hati Rakyat Yang Telah Di Lancarkan Oleh YAB Menteri Besar Tidak Berapa Lama Dahulu, Maka Terpanggillah Kempas Untuk Mengutarakan Kebimbangan Rakyat Johor Khususnya Dari Kempas Yang Terletaknya DI Dalam Bandaraya Johor Bahru. Ada Yang Berkaitan Dengan Negeri Dan Ada Yang Berkaitan Dengan Pusat.

Tan Sri Speaker,

23)           Negeri Johor Darul Takzim Adalah Satu-Satunya Negeri Di Semenanjung Malaysia Yang Mempunyai Pesisir Pantai Di Kedua-Dua Pantai Barat Dan Pantai Timur.

24)              Kita Sedia Maklum Zon Persempadanan Maritime Merangkumi Had Berikut: Bagi, Persisiran Pantai (Coastal Waters, Dengan Izin), Ianya Merangkumi 3 Batu Nautika Dari Pantai; Bagi Wilayah Laut, Zon Mengunjur 12 Batu Nautika Dari Pantai; Bagi Zon Contiguous, Kawasan Mengunjur 24batu Nautika Dari Pesisiran Pantai, Dan Zon Eksklusif Ekonomi, Kawasan Mengunjur 200 Batu Nautika Dari Pantai Kecuali Melainkan Jarak Antara Dua Negara Kurang Dari 400 Batu Nautika. Dan Dalam Kes Zon Bertindan, Persempadanan Dibuat Berdasarkan Prinsip Kesamaan Ataupun Dinyatakan Dengan Jelas Dalam Perjanjian Dua Hala.

25)            Sudah Tentu Sebagai Pemilik Tanah Yang Berstatus Pegangan Bebas, Syarikat-Syarikat Asing Ini Akan Menjadikan Kawasan Mereka Seperti Satu Wilayah Autonomi Di Bawah Penguasaan Mereka Secara Persendirian.

26)              Apakah Jaminan Dari Mereka Sahaja, Jika Ada, Sudah Mencukupi Bagi Pihak Berkuasa Untuk Memberikan Mereka Seolah2, Dan Saya Ulangi, Seolah2 Kuasa Autonomi Untuk Mentadbir Kawasan Mereka Sendiri Sedangkan Kita Sedia Maklum Terdapatnya Kebocoran Dalam Penguatkuasaan Keselamatan Pesisir Pantai Selama Ini?

27)                  Sementara Mereka Menguasai Pesisiran Pantai Negara Kita DI Selatan Johor. Kini, Sepanjang2 Projek Mereka DI Ditutup Dengan "Hoarding", Dengan Izin. Hanya Allah Sahaja Yang Tahu Apa Yang Berlaku DI Dalam Kawasan Mereka.

28 )                Tanpa Pemantauan Pihak Berkuasa, Kawasan Pesisir Pantai Akan Menjadi Laluan Keluar Masuk Kepada Kebarangkalian Penyeludupan Senjata Api, Bahan Letupan, Dadah, Manusia Dan Bahan-Bahan Tiruan Jika Pihak Berkuasa Tiada Akses Kepada Kawasan Tersebut. Lori2 Pun Keluar Masuk Tanpa Pemeriksaan. 

Ukuran Keselamatan Tidak Langsung Di Ambil Kira Sedangkan Pintu Masuk Kediaman Rasmi Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Johor Hanya Sekadar Beberapa Meter Sahaja Dan Gerbang Besar Istana Bukit Serene Pun Tidak Berapa Jauh Dari Situ. Kempas Mendesak Agar Demi Keselamatan DYMM Sultan, Dan Rakyat Negeri Johor, Pihak Polis DiRaja Malaysia Dibenarkan Meletak Pegawai2 Anggotanya Di Dalam Kawasan Operasi Projek2 Sebegini Yang Berakseskan Pesisiran Pantai Tanpa Kawalan Polis Merin Atau APMM.

29)               Begitu Juga Dengan Kesemua Projek2 Yang Mengelibatkan Panambakkan Dan Syarikat2 Warga Asing Ini. Kempas Percaya Bahawa Walaupun Pihak KPRJ Bersama Di Dalam Usahasama Ini Namun Pegangan Saham Mereka Adalah Kecil Dan Warga Kerja Di Kesemua Projek Site Itu Adalah Terdiri Majoritinya Dari Orang Asing.

Tan Sri Speaker

30)                          Kita Mahukan Pembangunan, Tetapi Dalam Keghairahan kita hendak membangunkan negeri Johor, Kita Juga Tidak Mahu Pemaju2 Tertentu Memikirkan seolah2 mereka ada kekebalan atau keistimewaan Dan Tidak Perlu Mengambil indah atau menghormati Jabatan2 dan pegawai2 Kerajaan yang menjalankan tugas mereka dengan jujur kerana Allah.

31)                       Kredibiliti Agensi Kerajaan Berkaitan Seperti Jabatan Alam Sekitar (Jas), Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran (Jps) Pihak-Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (Pbt), Agensi-Agensi Berkaitan, Ketua-Ketua Jabatan Dan Kakitangan Secara Keseluruhan Turut Juga Tercemar Jika Proses Kelulusan  Bagi Projek-Projek Pembangunan Yang Membabitkan Syarikat2 Pemaju Dari China Ini Dikatakan Dibuat Secara Tergesa2.

32)                       Syarikat Pemaju Dari Tanah Besar Cina Ini Juga Diberi Semacam Satu `Keistimewaan’ Apabila Dikatakan Membuat “Special Request”, Dengan Izin, Untuk Membawa Masuk 5,000 Pekerja Dari Negara Asal Mereka, Walhal Pekerja Dari Tanah Besar China Difahamkan Tidak Tersenarai Pun Dalam Pekerja-Pekerja Asing Untuk Sektor Pembinaan Di Negara Ini.

33)                 Difahamkan Country Garden Misalnya Sudah Pun Membina Sebuah Enklaf (Enclave) Yang Mampu Memuatkan 3,000 Pekerja Asing.

34)                 Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Jika Sahih Telah Memberikan Kelulusan Terhadap Kemasukan Beramai-Ramai Pekerja Warga China Ini, Perlu Memberikan Justifikasi Dan Rasional Di Sebalik Tindakan Mereka Meluluskan Kemasukan Warga China Untuk Bekerja Di Sektor Pembinaan Untuk Projek-Projek Yang Dilaksanakan Oleh Syarikat Pemaju Ini.

35)              Apakah Juga Langkah2 Atau Pelan Dan Waktu Untuk Menentukan Mereka Pulang Ke Negeri Asal Mereka? Kempas Amat Risau Apabila Dimaklumkan Bahawa Ketika Ini, Kita Sedang Menjadi “tuanrumah” pada 6.7 Juta Pendatang Asing. Kerajaan Pusat Harus Memberi Penjelasan Mengapa Seramai Ini Masih Lagi Kekal Di Negara Kita, Sambil Kita Mengundang Lagi Beribu2 Pekerja Buruh Dari Negara China Ke Bumi Johor.

36)             Keputusan Yang Dibuat Tanpa Perancangan Yang Baik Dari Pihak Kementerian Dalam Negeri Sepuluh Tahun Kebelakangan Ini Akan Memudharatkan Pemimpin Dan Rakyat Negara Kita Di Masa Hadapan Untuk Seumur Hidup Jika Tidak Di Benteras Dengan Pantas Pada Masa Ini.

Tan Sri Speaker,

Balik Semula Ke Negeri Johor Darul Taqzim.

37)        Kehadiran 5,000 Pekerja Dari Tanah Besar China Ini Samada Sekaligus Mahupun Secara Sekala  Akan Merubah Keseluruhan Sistem Sosioekonomi, Geopolitik Dan Demografi, Sekaligus Memberi Kesan Negatif Yang Hebat Dan Dahsyat Kepada Nilai, Budaya, Pegangan Dan Moral Masyarakat Tempatan.

38)          Kebanjiran 5,000 Pekerja Dari Tanah Besar China Untuk Projek Country Garden Di Danga Bay, Misalnya, Jika Tidak Diuruskan Secara Bersistem Serta Kawalan Keselamatan Bersepadu Akan Menyebabkan Terjadinya Gejala Sosial Yang Lebih Dahsyat Di Tengah-Tengah Masyarakat Tempatan. Dan Angka Ini Tidak Termasuk Pekerja Asing Dari China Yang Akan Ditempatkan Di Tapak-Tapak Projek Dari Syarikat2 China Yang Lain Jika Mereka Juga Mahukan Keistimewaan Yang Sama .

39)            Kita Hanya Boleh Mengharapkan Mereka Ini Dapat Menyesuaikan Diri Dan Berasimilasi Dengan Budaya Kita Tetapi Pengalaman Dari Luar Telah Menunjukkan Sebaliknya Akan Terjadi.

40)               Kehadiran Mereka Di Sini Akan Meningkatkan Lagi Aktiviti-Aktiviti Tidak Bermoral Di Bandaraya Johor Bahru.

41)            Apakah Kesudahannya Kelak? Kita Akan Menjadi Minoriti Di Bumi Sendiri Jika Kehadiran Mereka Disini Pada Skala Yang Besar. Kita Akan Menjadi Takut Untuk Hidup Di Negeri Tanah Tumpah Darah Sendiri Tanpa Jaminan Keharmonian Dan Keselamatan Yang Kita Ada Hari Ini.

42)            Lihatlah Apa Yang Sudah Berlaku Di Negara Jiran Kita. Dua Dari Lima Penduduk Singapura Adalah Warga Asing. Ini Telah Meletakkan Beban Yang Besar Terhadap Pekerjaan, Perumahan Dan Infrastruktur, Dan Menimbulkan Kebimbangan Tentang Kecairan Identiti  Bangsa Singapura Sendiri. Rakyat Singapura Berhadapan Dengan Krisis Identiti Dan Sudah Mula Rasa Tidak Selesa Untuk Tinggal Di Negara Sendiri, Sehingga Ramai Telah Pun Memutuskan Untuk Berhijrah Ke Luar Negara.

43)           Warga Asing Ini Akan “Merompak” Hak-Hak Orang Tempatan Apabila Memohon Status Penduduk Tetap, Anak-Anak Mereka Mendapat Kerakyatan Malaysia, Mendapat Pendidikan Percuma,  Faedah Kesihatan Secara Percuma Dan Mereka Tidak Membayar Cukai Pendapatan.

44)           Kementerian Dalam Negeri Dan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (Jpn) Sudah Sewajarnya Memikirkan Implikasi Terhadap Kemasukan Dan Kebanjiran Warga Asing Ini Sebagai Pekerja-Pekerja Binaan Dan Juga Pembeli Unit-Unit Di Projek-Projek Mewah Ini.

45)           Seperti Yang Di Katakan Tadi, Kita Tidak Menolak Kehadiran Mereka Sekiranya Mereka Berada Di Sini Buat Seketika Waktu, Namun Demikian,  Suatu Mechanisma Perlu DI Wujudkan DI Mana Jika Anak2 Orang Asing ini di lahirkan di sini, Mereka Tidak Boleh Di Beri Kerakyatan Secara Otomatic.

Alam Sekitar

Tan Sri Speaker

46)        Di Antara Syarikat Pembangunan Persisiran Pantai Sebagaimana Yang Kita Sedar Ada Yang Sedia Akur Dan Menjaga Perbatasan Alam Sekitar Sehingga Ada Yang Mewujudkan Kepulauan Mengelilingi Kawasan "Seagrass" Supaya Ianya Tidak Tercemar. Tetapi Ada Juga Yang Mendedahkan Negeri Johor Darul Takzim Kepada Bencana Akibat Perbuatan Manusia Atau "Man Made Disaster", Dengan Izin.

47)            Ribuan Ekar Kawasan Hutan Bakau Yang Menjadi Pelindung Semulajadi Kepada Beribu-Ribu Spesies Hidupan Akan Musnah. Kawasan Ini Akan Terdedah Kepada Ombak Besar Yang Akan Mengakibatkan Bencana Berupa Banjir Kilat Dan Banjir Lumpur.

48)               Golongan Rakyat Marhaen Akan Menerima Kesan Terus Daripada Projek-Projek Pembangunan Persisir Pantai Apabila Mereka Terpaksa Berpindah Ke Kawasan Lain. Penghijrahan Rakyat Tempatan Di Kawasan Bandar Berhampiran Persisiran Pantai Ke Kawasan Lebih Ke Pedalaman Sudah Boleh Dilihat Dan Kemungkinan Tekanan Kehidupan Akan Mengakibatkan Lebih Ramai Lagi Yang Akan Mengambil Keputusan Berhijrah Ke Kawasan-Kawasan Kampung Dan Pedalaman.

49)              DI SIni Kempas Bershukur  Di Atas Keperihatinan YAB Menteri Besar Kerana Telah Mengambil Tindakan Yang Tegas Dan Pantas Menyelamatkan 153 Keluarga Dari Di Usir Sedemikian Rupa Tanpa Se Sen Pun Pampasan Atau Tempat Alternatif Yang Diberikan Kepada Mereka Baru2 Ini. Mereka Sendiri Tidak Menolak Pembangunan, Tetapi Hari Ini, Mereka Boleh Tidur Malam  Sambil Menunggu Penempatan Semula Bagi Mereka Yang Mana Boleh Mereka Menyewa Sambil Beli Insha'Allah, Di Kawasan Yang Sama Kalau Boleh.

Tan Sri Speaker,

50)                 Kerakusan Sesetengah Pemaju Dalam Membangunkan Sesuatu Kawasan Tanpa Mengambil Kira Atau Menjaga Hati Orang Tempatan Juga Boleh Dilihat Apabila Kumbahan Najis Sebesar 18 Ekar Dari Sebuah Pembangunan Gergasi Yang Mewah Yang Mana Orang Melayu Tidak Bolehpun Mampu, Dirancang Utk Di Letakkan Di Kawasan Perkampungan Melayu Yg Mana Terletaknya 6 Buah Surau.

51)           Sekali Lagi Kempas Ingin Merakamkan Setinggi2 Penghargaan Kepada Pihak Kerajaan Kerana Perkara Ini Sudah Pun DI Dalam Pemerhatian  Untuk Di Ambil Tindakan Sebaik Mungkin Mengikut Kepada Jasabaik Dan Bidang Kuasanya. Insha'Allah.

52)           Alhamdulillah, Jaminan YAB Dato Menteri Besar Dalam Perancangan Pembangunan Inklusif Kerajaan Negeri Yang Mengambil Kira Penempatan Dan Participation Dengan Izin, Untuk Penduduk Tempatan Khususnya Orang Melayu DiDalam Arus Pembangunan Yang Pesat ini Sudah Pun Terbukti  Jauh Lama Lagi Sebelum Ucapan Belanjawan Beliau Yang Disampaikan Pada 12hb Mengenalkan Istilah " Inclusive " Dalam Pembangunan Ini. 

Tan Sri Speaker, 

Jika Kita Sering Mendengar Tuntutan Pepatah Orang Putih Kepada Kerajaan Pusat Untuk " Walk The Talk ", Sebaliknya Kerajaan Johor Dan Menteri Besar Sedang Talk His Walk , Kerana Beliau Telahpun Melaksanakan Niat Murninya Lama Sebelum Beliau Mengumumkan Hasrat Sucinya Dalam Ucapan Bajet Untuk Melaksanakan Pembangunan Inclusive.

53)         Kempas Yakin Bahawa Kerajaan Negeri Di Bawah Kepimpinan YAB Menteri Besar Akan Memastikan Bahawa menangani ‘Cakupan Ketidaksama'an yang Mencapah’ atau ‘the multidimensional nature of inequalities’, Penempatan Orang Melayu Tidak Akan Dipinggir Atau Di Longgokkan Jauh Dari Bandar Seperti Kaum Red Indian Di Beberapa Reservations, Dengan Izin, Di Amerika Syarikat.

Tan Sri Speaker

54)           Kita Telah Dengan Bermurah Hati Memberi Tanah-Tanah Pesisir Pantai Kepada Syarikat-Syarikat Asing Ini Dengan Status Hakmilik Bebas, Yang Membolehkan Pegangan Seumur Hidup Malah Boleh Di Katakan Sehingga Hari Kiamat, Sedangkan Tanah-Tanah Kurnia Yang Diberikan Kepada Pesara-Pesara Dan Pegawai2 Kerajaan Dan Orang2 Tempatan Misalnya Masih Lagi Berstatus Pajakan Atau "Leasehold", Dengan Izin.

55)        Kempas Sedar Bahawa Mereka Telah Membayar Premium, Yang Merupakan Hanya One-off Payment, Dengan Izin. Dan Ada Juga Akta Pengambilan Balik Yang Boleh Dikenakan Keatas mereka. Tetapi Apabila Pembanguan Telah Pun Sedia Ada Sepanjang 46 KM di Pesisiran Pantai Kita Nanti, Saya Jamin Bahawa Kerajaan Negeri Tidak Akan Mampu Untuk Membayar Pampasan Pengambilalihan Demikian Lebih2 Lagi Apabila Nilai Keseluruhannya Akan Menjangkau Berpuluh Billion Ringgit Kelak.

56)       Memandangkan Bangsa Asing Itu, Yang Tidak Ada Jasa Walau Sebesar Zahrah Pun Kepada Rakyat Dan Negeri Kita,  Di Beri Status Hakmilik Kekal Keatas Beribu2 Ekar Tanah Dibawah Jajahan Dan Takluk Negeri Johor, Kempas Dengan Rendah Diri MeMohon Belas Ehsan  Dan Pertimbangan Dari Kerajaan Agar DIAnugerahkan Juga Status Hakmilik Bebas Ke Atas Tanah-Tanah Kurnia Kepada Pegawai2 Kerajaan Samada Pesara Mahupun Yang Sedang Berkhidmat, Yang Seumur Hidup Mereka Telah Memberikan Sumpah Taat Setia Kepada Allah, DYMM Sultan Dan Negeri Johor, Dengan Bersyarat Ianya Tidak Boleh Di Pindah Milik Kepada Bangsa Asing.

 Tan Sri Speaker

57)           Terlajak Perahu Boleh Diundur. Terlajak Perkataan Dan Perbuatan Masih Boleh Dimaafkan, Insha'allah. Tetapi Bila Kita Sudah Terlajak Dalam Menganugerahkan Tanah Berstatus Hakmilik Bebas Kepada Orang Asing, Akan Terjual Lah Sebahagian Dari Jajahan Dan Takluk Negeri Johor Darul Takzim Yang Kita Kasihi Ini.

58)           Apa Yang Kita Mahu Adalah Untuk Meluaskan Kuasa Kita, Dan Bukan Berkongsi Atau Kehilangan Kuasa Kepada Pihak2 Yang Lebih Berpengaruh Di Wilayah2 Tersebut Seperti Negeri China Dan Singapura Di Bumi Kita Sendiri. Barang Di Jauhkan Allah.

Kesimpulannya Tan Sri Speaker, Walaupun Demikian, Kempas Menyokong Dan Percaya Penuh Diatas Segala Perancangan YAB Menteri Besar Dan Kerajaan Untuk Menjadikan Negeri Johor Ini Sebuah Metropolis Dan Economic Powerhouse In South East Asia, Dengan Izin, Dengan Ketentuan Keselamatan, Darjat Dan Martabat Keraja'an Dan Rakyat Negeri Johor DIpelihara Bersama.

59)        Akhir Qalam, Saya Mengucapkan Setinggi-Tinggi Terima Kasih Kepada Tan Sri Speaker Kerana Diberikan Kesempatan Ini.

60)        Hanya Allah Swt Dan Rakyatlah Yang Telah Meletakkan Kita Semua Di Sini Untuk Menabur Jasa Dan Bakti Kepada Johor Darul Taqzim. Kempas Berdo’a Agar Amanah Dan Mandat Yang Diberikan Kepada Kita Di Dalam Dewan Yang Mulia Ini Akan Disempurnakan Dengan Ikhlas Dan Penuh Tanggungjawab Mewakili Rakyat DiSeluruh Bumi Johor.

61)            Sekali Lagi Saya Melafazkan Dengan Penuh Taqzim, Ikhlas Dan Penuh Keyakinan Bahawa Kerajaan Yang Saya Wakili Ini, Adalah Sebenar-Benarnya Kerajaan Dari Rakyat, Oleh Rakyat, Demi Allah, Untuk Raja Dan Negara.

Kempas Mohon Menyokong.

Wabillahitaufiq Walhidayah Wasalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.