Thursday, March 1, 2018


There could be no love lost between Robert Kuok and the government possibly due to an unpleasant policy putting his corporate outfit out of an advantage it enjoyed for decades. There were also excerpts in his book that may not have gone down well with local politicians.

Recently there have been outbursts against the tycoon for allegedly funding DAP to unseat the Government.

Whether true or not, there are avenues for the billionaire to seek remedy and, for slander or libel, his remedy could prove to be a fatal poison to the aggressor.

Logic dictates too that if there is no concrete evidence one would be out of his mind to take this man to task with such blistering statements.

One thing good however has come out of this on the brink of the general elections. We finally get to see who is wearing the sheep skin among the herd of the BN coalition.

We are at the brink of war and anyone who funds our enemy IS our enemy.

An MCA spokesperson said that “ "Robert Kuok as a businessman has every right to support whichever political party he deems fit.”

Conversely, politicians too have every right to curse the money that supports their opponents.

No one is untouchable in Malaysia and if MCA makes a fuss over the onslaught on Kuok not because of its offensiveness to the Malaysian but just because he is a Chinese tycoon, then we can witness the racist antics of this party.

MCA doesn’t have to worry about statements made by UMNO leaders that might hurt feelings of the Chinese effecting BN’s performance in the coming elections. They might do better instead by getting off their backsides and start contributing to the preparations of the BN machinery.

In Johor, MCA was the only party that didn’t submit their numbers from their groundwork to the State BN for analysis. Instead they keep on giving positive percentages plucked from the sky without justification.

It was also reported by a newsportal that Ong Ka Chuan “urged DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang to train his guns on Umno leaders, Raja Petra and not MCA, if he was unhappy with the attacks against Kuok”

This shows their readiness to be subservient to the chauvinist opposition party while breaking ranks with the ruling coalition.

I Hope The Good Prime Minister Will Take Cognisance Of This And Ensure That No Cabinet Seats Are Again Wasted On Them If They Further Fail To Win Their Seats Which By The Way, Was Won On The Backs Of Malay Voters!

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Recently there have been fast and loose statements be it from the stage as well as in the streets on how low it is for graduates to trade in nasi lemak and drive uber and the likes.

We should be proud that we are seeing resilience in our graduates today who are able to adapt with the times and situation of the country instead of sulking at home blaming the world like in the past. 

Creative Minds Drive This Nation. And Yes, Some Are Driven In An Uber!

According to Tun Mahathir, there is no University that teaches a person to trade in nasi lemak or drive uber.

Likewise I say there is no university that specifically teaches one to be Prime Minister of Malaysia, which is the only profession in the country that offers only one job. Yet, he became one for 22 years.

Universities don't teach nor guarantee the graduates employment. They teach them how to survive and thrive in life. Of course it helps in opening doors for interviews. But beyond that, it is up to the resilience and entrepreneurial skills of the candidates to land the job. 

Only those who can adapt in life will make the cut in this fast changing world. Sometimes one has to take a few steps back to survive but live to fight another day. But if you surrender and sulk for not getting the job you want and think you're qualified for, then there is no hope for our future.

Case in point, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin should rightly  be the candidate for shadow Prime Minister. He has youth, is a known fighter who stuck to his guns, and has experience in today's world of politics. Yet he stepped back to allow a super senior veteran to take the pole despite being qualified.

Muhyiddin here is like the graduate nasi lemak seller who can't get the job he wants but has to adapt. Applaud him for his sacrifice and resilience. Don't chastise him.

For the nasi lemak and uber graduates, at least they can pay their bills and still keep something on the side while temporarily being out of the job market.

They don't have Prime Minister fathers in the position to give out billion dollar contracts to make them multi-millionaires. So adapt they must. 


Friday, September 29, 2017


1. A DAP lawmaker suggested that an anti discrimination law be introduced in the face of the "Muslims Only" launderette debacle.

2. She can do one better by introducing an anti hypocrisy act instead under which a few are already in clear violation of today.

3. It looks like Islamaphobia is creeping onto the very soil where Islam is considered the religion of the federation. People need to know the difference between race and religion. There is a clear distinction.

4. When an entrepreneur opens a unique business that can clear the conscience of his Muslim consumers, that is pertaining to religion even if it is not an edict. 

5. That is his choice if we are to promote free enterprise in this country,  just like pubs and bars are permitted in a predominantly middle class Malay Muslim area like Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

6. But when a company makes it a mandatory condition for job applicants to be well versed in Mandarin/ Chinese to qualify for jobs in a State where it is neither the first nor the second language of the mass, it is considered RACIAL and the proprietor can without reservation be called RACISTS.

8. It is generally discriminatory when you don't support something that is good for the conscience of Muslims but support or remain quiet on anything that is for the benefit of a certain rising minority. In fact I wouldn't call that discriminatory,  it should fall under the category of blatant daylight hypocrisy!

9. So I suggest the DAP representative not drag the good name of His Majesty the Sultan of Johor when certain topics serve their interests but remain quiet when His Majesty addressed the issue of a one school system for all.

10. Celebrate That Too Lest You Be The First To Suffer The Brunt  Of The Very Law That You So Wish To Introduce.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


In any game or battle, there are the Rules of Engagement. Whether it be in government, enterprise, sports or war, there will be a rule to follow as reference.

In politics, there are no written rules and the limits of each attack or praise on one another determines how far the boundaries will either expand, or contract.

Often when trying to win the support of the people, it is not what good the participants can offer for the future of the nation but how badly they can portray their opponents, discrediting their integrity in leadership.

In recent weeks we have witnessed the aggressive stance taken by one party against another. Both have either formerly served or are currently serving in government.

One common denominator exists between them which is while in government they remain (ed) under UMNO.

Today the situation is different as the former has exited the party and is currently attacking the leadership.

Hence the stripping begins like in a poker game.

Where's The Fun If It Is Just Among These Men?

As the players are all men of age but not necessarily matured, tailored from the same cloth, each leaf of coating uncovered reveals the organs and ugly secrets from the past. Many can't recall these events through the web or print like we can today with more recent news from yesteryear.

What worry the grassroots and local leaders is that antagonism between these two opponents will only benefit the most commonly known enemy, the DAP who sit not in the 'strip poker' game but remain in the sidelines ready to spin and expand on these revelations.

While the barbs are only between the two parties representing the majority of the Malays, what benefit can it possibly bring them and the race itself?

We fear that if this continues it might implode when the people especially the Malay voters who prefer to ignore the bigger picture, decide to reject both and turn to the smaller and much less significant party to support.

Many feel that Barisan Nasional under Prime Minister Najib is strong enough to contest based on its credentials and reformation exercise in the last eight years in office, but realistically the Malay race are emotionally inclined as I have witnessed in the last week among our own party members when asked on the revelation of Tun Dr Mahathir's origin of ethnicity.

In a poker game, it is not wise to play with a person who has unlimited capital of the same currency.

In other words in twenty two years at the helm, one will definitely have gathered enough chips to play a lifetime of poker.

For every hit the former gets from those who served under his administration we will see a counter attack of equal proportions if not bigger.

It has arrived at a situation where one party has nothing to lose and sentiments for the future of this country is no longer top on his priority list.

We on the other hand have the responsibility to see this Nation grow in the midst of the changes in the global culture and to safeguard our seat as an active participant in world growth for our future generation.

Hence the TN50.

Never in the past administrations have we sought the views of the youths to help us chart the sort of future that they would want to live in. Maximum engagement is given under the leadership of Najib today.

In this respect, we must not plan our assault like we have nothing to lose with everything to gain, but put to the scale some diplomacy, our testimony from the last eight years, and a strong dash of youth to remind their peers not to fall into the trap of someone who banks on their ignorance of the past in the absence of the internet.

Seek That Balance, In The True Spirit Of The Symbol That Is Our Barisan Nasional Logo.

But If We Still Insist On Playing Strip Poker, Do Invite A Few Attractive Members From The Opposition Without The Same Dna.

It Would Be More Gratifying For Sure.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


The Panglima Mangku Negara (PMN)

The Panglima Setia Mahkota (PSM)

As I read the recent expose on the attempted bribery to secure the honorific title of "Tan Sri", I asked myself how one can have the gall to approach HRH The Sultan of Johor and make the offer. What drove him to it and what made him feel comfortable enough to do it? Well the buck had to stop somewhere, and this particular "Tan Sri" dialled the wrong number.

The purchase and sale of honorific titles from states have been widely known as an "open secret". I offer no prizes for the right answer to one most notorious in that respect.

But until recently there was nothing in the air to suggest that federal titles too were being compromised.

It is interesting to observe the revelations by the accused "Tan Sri" who in recent years have allegedly procured and profited from the sales and purchases of these titles. 

Yes, it has also been revealed that he was paid a lot more than he offered to the recommender of such titles perhaps irking the latter even more after its discovery.

Honorific titles should be reserved for those who have served the country with honours and not sold to high bidders. 

Many have died and were maimed in the line of duty to defend this country and have medals less befitting of their deeds pinned on their coffins. It therefore disgusts me to think that these non deserving characters who perhaps would be the first to flee the country in desperate times can flaunt their chested medals just by corrupting royalty.

The people deserve to know who have succeeded in securing the titles for money and which of the culprit or royal household is responsible for this gross miscarriage of the country's highest honours.

Those Who Have Been Proven To Be Guilty Of Buying The Titles Should Henceforth Be Stripped Of Them With Immediate Effect While The Royal Recommender Or Receiver Of The Bribe Should Be Revealed. 

The Persons May Have Immunity From Conviction Or Be Granted A Pardon. But The People Must See Them For Who They Really Are.

The Country's Honours Must Never Be Put To The Bid Lest It Will Diminish The Very Dignity Of Our "Negaraku Initiative".

Esteemed Recognition And How It Was Done Then

My Late Father Receiving The P.M.N. From His Majesty The First Yang DiPertuan Agong 

While The "Panglima Mangku Negara" (PMN) Has A limit Of 75, The Second Order In This Rank, The "Panglima Setia Mahkota" (PSM) Which Also Carries The Title "Tan Sri" Has A Limit Of 450 Honourable Holders At Any One Time. 

Last Year Alone, 52 Recipients Were Bestowed With This Order.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

210 Years On, We Thank You PDRM.

On Behalf Of The Patriot Foundation, We Would Like To Express Our Heartfelt And Unending Gratitude To The Royal Malaysian Police On This Day Commemorating The  210Th Year Of The Police Force On Malayan Soil Now Known As Malaysia. 

They Are Truly The Unsung Heroes Of Our Time. 
Even As Kuala Lumpur And Johor Bahru Celebrate Being Ranked The Second And Third Best Cities Respectively In South East Asia In Quality Of Living By Mercer, We See Many Quarters Claiming Credit But Forget That Without Members Of The Police Force Constantly Putting Their Lives On The Line Providing Us With The Blanket Of Security In Which We Sleep Under Every Night, No Recognition Of This Kind Can Ever Be Achieved.

Even Solemn Events Remembering Our Fallen Heroes Have Been Disrespectfully Turned Into A Personal Agenda Discussing Topics Of A Different Nature That At The End, Not Many In Attendance Remember What The Objective Of The Event Was In The First Place.

Let Us Not Take For Granted The Risks And Sacrifices Of Our Men In Blue And Humbly Offer Them Our Sincere Appreciation For Their Services To His Majesty Our King And Country.
They Deserve Our Full Respect And Honour. Heaven Knows They'Ve Certainly Earned It Many Times Over.

Bagi Pihak The Patriot Foundation, Kami Ingin Merakamkan Penghargaan Yang Tulus Ikhlas Dan Tidak Terhingga Kepada Polis Diraja Malaysia Pada Hari Ini, Sempena Memperingati Hari Polis Yang Ke-210 Tahun Di Tanah Melayu, Yang Kini Dikenali Sebagai Malaysia.

Mereka Adalah Sebenar-Benarnya Wira Yang Tidak Disanjung Pada Zaman Ini.

Sewaktu Kuala Lumpur Dan Johor Bahru Meraikan Kejayaan Dinobat Sebagai Bandaraya Kedua Dan Ketiga Terbaik Di Asia Tenggara Dalam Quality Of Living By Mercer, Banyak Pihak Yang Mendakwa Kredit, Namun Lupa Bahawa Tanpa Anggota Polis Yang Rela Bergadai Nyawa Demi Menyediakan Payung Keselamatan Yang Di Bawahnya Kita Dapat Berteduh Dan Tidur Nyenyak Saban Malam, Pengiktirafan Yang Sepertinya Ini Tidak Akan Tercapai.

Upacara-Upacara Menghormati Wira-Wira Yang Terkorban Pula, Yang Sepatutnya Dijalankan Dengan Penuh Takzim, Kadang Kala Tanpa Rasa Hormat Bertukar Dijadikan Agenda Peribadi Bagi Membicarakan Topik Yang Berbeza Yang Pada Akhirnya, Tidak Ramai Yang Hadir Sedar Apa Tujuan Utama Upacara Tersebut Diadakan.

Janganlah Kita Mengambil Mudah Risiko Dan Pengorbanan Wira-Wira Berseragam Biru Ini, Dan Marilah Kita Sama-Sama Dengan Tulus Ikhlas Merakamkan Setinggi-Tinggi Rasa Terima Kasih Di Atas Khidmat Mereka Kepada Raja Dan Negara Kita.

Mereka Berhak Dihormati Kerana Sesungguhnya, Kita Amat Terhutang Budi Kepada Mereka.

Monday, March 6, 2017


I commend the Johor Executive Councillor for taking leave pending the on-going investigations involving his son. 

It shows that honour and integrity is without question upheld under the state leadership of the Chief Minister of Johor.

We believe in the rule of law and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. However, if they are charged for the offence stated and proven to be guilty of the said charge, then the full brunt of the law should be hammered down on them. 

If indeed the national policy has been exploited and that the Malay agenda had been abused, depriving those who can afford homes of their rights for personal gain, that in my book constitutes TREASON.

The government is paid half of the 15 per cent discount in order for the unsold Bumi lots to be converted and sold to non Bumis. But it should not be transacted across the board even before the bumiputera public gets a chance to purchase them, prematurely assuming that there are no takers.

Moratorium on the bumi lots must be genuinely exhausted before the developers be made to pay the 7.5 per cent for conversion and not a day before.


Saya memuji keputusan Exco Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan kerana bercuti sementara siasatan SPRM melibatkan anaknya diteruskan.

Ini menunjukkan maruah dan integriti diutamakan di bawah kepimpinan YAB Menteri Besar Johor.

Kami percaya kepada kedaulatan undang-undang di mana kesemua orang tidak bersalah sehingga dibuktikan bersalah oleh mahkamah.

Namun jika mereka disabitkan dengan kesalahan dan terbukti bersalah, maka hukuman seberat mungkin mengikut undang-undang perlu dijatuhkan ke atas mereka.

Sekiranya mereka di dapati mengekploitasi dasar kerajaan dan menyalahgunakan Agenda Melayu, serta menidakkan hak mereka yang  berkemampuan untuk membeli rumah, saya menganggap mereka adalah PENGKHIANAT BANGSA.

Umum mengetahui Kerajaan dibayar separuh dari 15% potongan supaya lot Bumiputera yang tidak terjual ditukarkan statusnya untuk dijual kepada bukan Bumiputera.

Namun ia tidak seharusnya disalahgunakan sehingga menidakkan hak pembeli bumiputera berpeluang untuk membelinya, atau menganggap  mereka tidak berminat sebelum tempoh dan had yang telah ditetapkan terlebih dahulu oleh kerajaan negeri.

Moratorium untuk lot bumiputera mesti benar-benar luput sebelum pemaju dikehendaki membayar 7.5% kepada kerajaan untuk penukaran status, dan pemaju tidak seharusnya dibenarkan memohon untuk pertukaran tersebut wa'imah awal sehari pun dari yang telah tetapkan.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


When I first read about the cycling tragedy involving the manslaughter of the young teenagers in Johor Bahru, I felt rage more than sympathy.

I was enraged because this activity is widespread and known among all and sundry but the law had its limitations making enforcement futile.

This is because there is no commitment by the parents and no political will to ensure that this ill is being addressed.

Yet when an "accident waiting to happen" actually happens everyone comes forth to show fake sympathy and care just for publicity and mileage in popularity.

What the hell are we all doing?

Are we really serious in treating this fatal disease and eliminating the menace?

Or are we just awaiting the possible deaths of these youths reducing the number of "no hopers" among our future generation?

How can we pretend to care and emphathize with the families when we are the cause of recreational outlets to be shut down or changed to a venue far and inconvenient for them?

How can we encourage the survivors by pampering them even more by playing with emotions for votes when we know too well that action should be taken against them for negligence?

We cannot turn to agencies and the authorities to burden them further when the responsibility begins at home.

Let Us Be More Sincere In Our Care For The People We Serve. Prove Our Sympathy And Performance By Opening More Recreational Parks And Safe Cycling Lanes In The City For The Health Conscious People To Cycle To Work As Well As For Recreational Purposes.

Enough Of Playing To The Gallery At The Expense Of The Emotions Of Others.

The Driver In Question Must Undoubtedly Be Taken To Task For Her Wrong. So Do Too, The Guardians Of The Victims If Found To Be Negligent.

Do The Right Thing! Sympathy Should Be For Those Who Suffered The Agonising Deaths, Not For The Negligent Survivors. Save A Verse Of The Al Fateha For The Deceased.

May Their Souls Be Granted Peace.

Monday, December 12, 2016


Which One Is It? Oops! It's Not Even There!

One concern which I consider not substantial enough to dwell on but has occupied the attention of the Nation the last couple of weeks has been the non-invitation, invitation, and "un-invitation" by a couple of institutions to a former statesman.

It's like musical chairs isn't it? And we feel embarrassed for the kid left without a seat when the music stops.

Looks like this grand gentleman has been getting the hot and cold treatment by parties of various backgrounds.

It's been made to look like he is a sad victim being knocked around all over the place when we should all just take a  breather and realise that any invitation or otherwise forthcoming is at the pleasure of the host, and we should just mind our own business. 

And if you people think that he should be given more respect just because he is an elderly person, please look at yourselves first and see if you show your own parents the same kind of respect that you demand for him.

Earlier this month the DAP announced that they were not inviting Tun Dr Mahathir to their convention. But on the eleventh hour, they decided to throw an invitation out to him which he pounced on without reservation.

In another instance, Istana Negara rescinded a previous invitation to Tun to attend the Coronation/ Appointment of the new Yang DiPertuan Agong on 13th December, which was marked "Sulit" but still flashed out to the public for cheap sympathy by a pathetic member of his family.

Cybercountry went wild over this like they didn't have a life of their own to worry about.

Folks. It is the prerogative of the host to decide whether one deserves to be invited or not. 

One naive person who is an over-rated champion debater even suggested that an invited VVIP sacrifice his chair for Tun like it's a two dollar seat at the local cinema in defiance of protocol.

As a Patriot, I say that Tun  lost his Statesmanship and his right to be accorded the full honours when he opted to join in an anti government street demonstration on the eve of Merdeka and not join His Majesty The Yang DiPertuan Agong and other dignitaries on stage on Independence Day honouring our men and women in uniform who sacrificed to defend, and shaped this Country to what it is today. 

It must be reminded that the government of the day is the government of His Majesty The King and a move to remove it undemocratically is partly an insult to the Institution.

If he has offended the Yang DiPertuan Agong, then he has offended the Institution and not the person. Tun may have earned the highest honour conferred in the Kelantan Court and by that I suppose he may be welcomed at the Istana Kelantan in Kuala Lumpur or even the official Palace in Kubang Krian, but NOT necessarily at Istana Negara, There lies the distinction between the federal and state entities.

Secondly, on the day when Muslims converged to show protest to the genocide of Muslims in Burma at a stadium, Tun decided to sit with a "racist" party at their convention instead. This party is regarded as one that is "inclined" towards a Republic and to abolish the Monarchy.

And You Wonder Why His Seat Was Taken Out To Make More Space For Others In The Balai Rong Seri? Have Yourself Examined!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


We Win Or We Die Together!

"Vision 2020", a thirty year plan devised by then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed in 1990, will come to be in three years and twenty four days time.

All effort in materializing the dream have been endevoured by the current administration despite the work done to see its delay cum failure by the very person who conceived it for reasons by now, known to many I suspect.

It now seems to be a given as we look beyond 2020 towards a new deal in the National Transformation 2050, (TN50) with a young team taking over the reigns of power driving this nation forward.

The recent UMNO General Assembly could be the last one before the general election. The main focus of this convention was loyalty to the party and support for the President. 

Using my own medical analogy; after physically extracting the ill from the body, the wound must be closed and cleansed. That was the intent; to completely sanitise the injure to heal in strength before we march into the mother of all battles.

Allegiance to the party and support for the leadership cannot come separately when the time factor is of essence. It has to come together with no reservations lest there be disappointment in our resolve.

We have never asked for pledged allegiance by the Malays, but in our service to them, we ask for their support and the privilege to continue to serve them well, certainly better than any other alternative party available. But, we demand nothing less than total loyalty from our members in accordance to our party constitution just as we preach to the mass, to observe the Federal Constitution in respect to the protocol of electing a government.

As UMNO is the oldest known party in the world with its coalition still in power, it is essential to remind the young of how this nation has come thus far  and how we have played a role in its continued development to ensure them a sound future without taking it for granted. We cannot cut the past from the present, because the lessons from the past, will help us carve a more perfect future.

The target within range at this juncture is winning the next election. All resources will be sucked into achieving our goal and we can only achieve our objective as one united force.

All Party Members Know That This Is For The Survival Of Our Continued Governance. The President Has Observed Our Counsel In Asking Him To Take No Prisoners. Now We Rise And Hail Our Youth Leader's Cry Of Either "We Win Or We Die", There Will Be No Retreat, And No Surrender!"

At This Point In Time There Is No View Clearer, And With This Sharp Vision We Pledge Our Allegiance To The Party, And Loyalty To Our President.

May Allah's Grace Be Upon The United Malays National Organisation. And May God Bless Malaysia.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Asallamualaikum WBT.

The High Council Of The Patriot Foundation Would Like To Wish All Muslims "Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram, 1438H".

This Do'a Is To Be Read Three Times Nearing The End Of Asar Before The Call For Maghrib.

This Do'a Is To Be Read Three Times Right After The Call For Maghrib Before We Perform The Prayers.

May This Nation And Her Citizens Be Blessed With Peace And Prosperity In This Year Of The Hijrah 1438 And Beyond. Amin

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I Never Thought This Logo Which I Designed Will Be Of Use Again. But It's Back In The News.

I cannot refrain myself from writing after being sent an article written in a blog called 

It is about Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad allegedly saying that it was not him who put people in ISA but the late Tan Sri Megat Junid Megat Ayob.

I'm not writing this in my capacity as a state representative this time but as a good friend of his first born and family.
Neither am I writing to chasten Tun Mahathir for his raw statement "snitching" on his most loyal aide even in death. (Well, maybe just a slap on the wrist).

This is about one's loyalty to his leader of the highest order; one that could only be matched by the famed Laksamana Hang Tuah and his Sultan, whom at the very end even fought against his brother in arms, Hang Jebat who was defending his honour after being wronged by the Ruler.

Tan Sri Megat Junid was a Mahathir loyalist; a person who never knew to say 'no' to Tun when he was alive.

Tun knows it well. That is why even in Tan Sri Megat Junid's death, it is as though Tun knows that he has the blessing of his late friend to continue exploiting him if it serves his purpose.

I remember once when he was instructed at the eleventh hour to contest in a different area than the Pasir Salak constituency in which he served superbly all along as Member of Parliament. 

His great service there made it possible for anyone (however ridiculous the candidate) replacing him to win handsomely there. He was succeeded Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib.

The late Tan Sri Megat Junid knew that he was sent on a suicide mission as being a last minute "parachute" candidate in Parit, (replacing Datuk Ainon Khairiah, who went to state in place of Tan Sri Ramli who was reportedly her nephew) he would surely be shot down by even the local UMNO division machinery. Tan Sri Ramli was originally slotted for Parit but opted for the safer seat in Pasir Salak. Yet, he never questioned the decision and soldiered on under the order of his one superior.

To be fair to Tun, he didn't snitch on Tan Sri Megat Junid just because he is a dead man who couldn't defend himself. 

Tun even did it in public when the latter was alive. Tun is consistent in that regard.

After Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was jailed, I remember one special meeting organised by UMNO for Tun, who was the then party president, to explain to the delegates from across the nation on why he was sacked and eventually jailed. I was one of the delegates in the audience.

At one instance during his speech, Tun actually exclaimed while directing point blank at Tan Sri Megat Junid, saying that the latter was the one who told him about Anwar. Everyone turned to Tan Sri Megat Junid and held him responsible for a long while. That was a really cold gesture.

I was flabbergasted,feeling embarrassed even, for him. It was like he was being pointed out at a police line-up for identification purposes in view of the whole nation. 

Even surprisingly to me was seeing Tan Sri Megat Junid sitting there stoned faced, not at all feeling slighted or offended by Tun snitching him off like that in public.

Most would rightfully say that Tun was out of line putting the blame on a dead friend who was most loyal to him, perhaps second only after Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. 

Having said that, I know enough to sadly declare that even if Uncle Megat, as I had called him back then, was alive today, he would not refute Tun Dr Mahathir's statement and is willing as always to take the responsibility of whatever Tun places upon his shoulders.

Such Was His Loyalty To His Boss. Such Was His Loyalty To His Friend. 

Let Him Now Rest In Peace In The Face Of Our Maker. 

May God Bless His Soul And Not Let This Act Of " Betrayal " Affect One's Trust In The Virtues Of Being Loyal To One's Comrade.



I Never Thought This Logo Which I Designed Will Be Of Use Again. But It's Back In The News.

I cannot refrain myself from writing after being sent an article written in a blog called 

It is about Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad allegedly saying that it was not him who put people in ISA but the late Tan Sri Megat Junid Megat Ayob.

I'm not writing this in my capacity as a state representative this time but as a good friend of his first born and family. Neither am I writing to chasten Tun Mahathir for his raw statement "snitching" on his most loyal aide even in death. (Well, maybe just a slap on the wrist).

This is about one's loyalty to his leader of the highest order; one that could only be matched by the famed Laksamana Hang Tuah and his Sultan, whom at the very end even fought against his brother in arms, Hang Jebat who was defending his honour after being wronged by the Ruler.

Tan Sri Megat Junid was a Mahathir loyalist; a person who
never knew to say 'no' to Tun when he was alive.

Tun knows it well. That is why even in Tan Sri Megat Junid's death, it is as though Tun knows that he has the blessing of his late friend to continue exploiting him if it serves his purpose.

I remember once when he was instructed at the eleventh hour to contest in a different area than the Pasir Salak constituency in which he served superbly all along as Member of Parliament. 

His great service there made it possible for anyone (however ridiculous the candidate) replacing him to win handsomely there. He was succeeded Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib.

The late Tan Sri Megat Junid knew that he was sent on a suicide mission as being a last minute "parachute" candidate in Parit, (replacing Datuk Ainon Khairiah, who went to state in place of Tan Sri Ramli who was reportedly her nephew) he would surely be shot down by even the local UMNO division machinery. Yet, he never questioned the decision and soldiered on under the order of his one superior.

To be fair to Tun, he didn't snitch on Tan Sri Megat Junid just because he is a dead man who couldn't defend himself. 
Tun even did it in public when the latter was alive. Tun is consistent in that regard.

After Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was jailed, I remember one special meeting organised by UMNO for Tun, who was the then party president, to explain to the delegates from across the nation on why he was sacked and eventually jailed. I was one of the delegates in the audience.

At one instance during his speech, Tun actually exclaimed while directing point blank at Tan Sri Megat Junid, saying that the latter was the one who told him about Anwar. Everyone turned to Tan Sri Megat Junid and held him responsible for a long while. That was a really cold gesture.

I was flabbergasted,feeling embarrassed even, for him. It was like he was being pointed out at a police line-up for identification purposes in view of the whole nation. 

Even surprisingly to me was seeing Tan Sri Megat Junid sitting there stoned faced, not at all feeling slighted or offended by Tun snitching him off like that in public.

Most would rightfully say that Tun was out of line putting the blame on a dead friend who was most loyal to him, perhaps second only after Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. 

Having said that, I know enough to sadly declare that even if Uncle Megat, as I had called him back then, was alive today, he would not refute Tun Dr Mahathir's statement and is willing as always to take the responsibility of whatever Tun places upon his shoulders.

Such Was His Loyalty To His Boss. Such Was His Loyalty To His Friend. 

Let Him Now Rest In Peace In The Face Of Our Maker. 

May God Bless His Soul And Not Let This Act Of " Betrayal " Affect One's Trust In The Virtues Of Being Loyal To One's Comrade.


Sunday, August 21, 2016


The timely warning by the Health Ministry came after Malaysians were close to suffering from cardiac arrests for the previous two nights rooting for our players who were at times within a point of our first Olympic gold medal in badminton.

Last night would have made the phrase "leaving the best for last" a whole new meaning had our last hope in the Rio Olympics won the final game in the men's singles' badminton category. 

Alas it was not to be. The "real" final was played the night before when Lin Dan was beaten by Chong Wei in a nail-biting epic which totally juiced them out dry. 

This was proven when both the warriors lost their respective matches last night to players of lesser quality. 

The smashing Datuk was gracious in saying that his opponent was the better player when in actual fact the better player lost last night to a more rested opponent who came off from an easier match the night before. Such is the luck of the draw.

We may not have won our first gold medal on our last chance in Rio, but we thank Datuk Lee Chong Wei and the entire badminton team for taking us on that beautiful ride that saw Malaysian citizens all around the world united beyond racial 
and religious lines.

It would have been unfair of us to ask for more than what they gave for their King and Country. Without question they played out of their skin to produce their best.

We thank the whole Malaysian contingent at the Rio Olympics 2016 for giving us the best results in our participating history of the games, especially our flag bearer Datuk Lee Chong Wei who proved to be the most consistent, disciplined and reliable athlete this country has ever produced.

For eight years from 2006 to 2014 this smashing Datuk kept our flag flying high in the International arena as the number one ranked player in the world. Though he slipped low in the ranks paying a heavy price for a  doping offence, he rose back from the sporting dead within a year to be ranked number one yet again.

He May Not Have Brought Home Our Gold, But This Hattrick Silver Medalist  Will Forever Be In My Point Of View, Our Diamond Studded Platinum Sportsman.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei, On Behalf Of The People Of A Grateful Nation, We At The Patriot Foundation Thank You For The Honourable And Faithful Service You Have Rendered This Great Nation.

Friday, August 19, 2016


Make no mistake. I applaud Azizulhasni's achievement fighting the odds against him after being grossly injured at one time putting his future in sports in the balance.

But his swipe at the Terengganu State Government after clinching the bronze in the Rio Olympic Games 2016 was unbecoming of a true sportsman.

From what we gather, the sports ministry as well as a government link corporation have taken him under their wings taking care of all details in relation to his existence as a representative of the Malaysian cycling team, which is already a financially huge undertaking being camped abroad and coached by foreign experts.

While it is not compulsory for states to provide further assistance to national athletes from the same, it is customary for those who have proven themselves to be rewarded for their achievements by the states of their home birth.

This is not to be taken for granted especially from athletes who are supposed to represent their country with pride and honour without compulsion.

Character and sportsmanship are two main complimentary factors that contribute to an athlete's rise and recognition as a Champion.

The Champion's target is to win tournaments with whatever resources they are provided with, and any grievances forthcoming will have to follow proper channels and decorum.

This three time "Olympian" had the Minister's ear, yet he chose not to produce his claims to the latter for action but took matters in his own hands like it was his right to make demands to his birth state.

We hope Azizulhasni might learn something from Cheong Jun Hoong, Pandalela Rinong, Peng Soon Chan and Liu Ying Goh who won Malaysia higher medals in their respective fields without any sideshows or distracting publicity.

Perhaps Then, Like Them, He Too Can Be An Olympian And A Champion At The Same Time, And Finally Win The Gold In His Fourth Olympics, For Cycling As Well As In Character. Insha'Allah.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Perfectly Balanced

1. We begin in all humility in remembrance to our fallen heroes who perished in the line of duty, the late Dato Wan Khair-il Wan Ahmad, Dato Noriah Kasnon, her husband Asmuni Abdullah and Ahmad Sobri Harun. Alfateha. Our thoughts are 
also with the family of the pilot in their time of grief.

2. With much gratitude to Allah SWT, we congratulate the two victorious candidates in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar; YB Budiman whom I had the privilege of meeting while on a week's duty there and Datin Mastura Md Yazid, the most unassuming but very qualified candidate to burst through the political scene of late.

3. BN won by a majority of 9,191 in Sungai Besar and 6,161 in Kuala Kangsar respectively. And in Sungai Besar, we won in all voting points under the adoption of the Johor Barisan Nasional which practically dug their feet in there for three whole weeks under the instruction of Chief Minister Dato' Mohamed Khaled Nordin.

4. A lot have been said about the recent state elections in Sarawak and the by-elections that followed in the Peninsula.

5. Ultimately the success of Barisan Nasional in the Sarawak elections was not attributed to BN but the "Adnan" factor and the by elections in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar was said to be the litmus test not for BN but for Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

6. The latter was widely amplified by some stating that the result of these two beauties would be a referendum on Najib's position in the government.

7. Like the symbolic effort by the " maliciously suspect " collection of signatures on the " people's declaration ", the Rakyat needs to know that neither of the two is able to achieve the seemingly desired effect other than turning it into a drama fooling the mass into thinking it can work. 

8. And on the director's chair of this whole production is none other than former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed.

9. The "former" statesman needs to finally come to terms with the fact that the overwhelming results obtained by the Barisan Nasional in Sarawak as well as Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar are actually a referendum by the people to put him on permanent retirement.

10. "A rose by any other name is still a rose". You can call it or attribute them to whatever or whoever you want but a Barisan Nasional win still belongs to BARISAN NASIONAL.

11. What most failed to fathom is the endurance, perseverance and collective effort by all and sundry  driven by UMNO, is what formed the success of this longest serving and most organised political coalition in the country.

12. The Rakyat Has Spoken. The Mandate Is Given. 

13. And For Those Who Think That They Can Threaten Or Hold Putrajaya At Ransom Either By Act Or Innuendoes While It Seems Weak, Let It Be Known That The Majority Of The Rakyat Stands Solidly Behind The Ruling Government And Will Not Entertain " Cheap Shots " Or " Grandstanding " At Their Expense. 

14. At The End, The Rakyat Can Do Their Math And Realise That The Loudest Voice Doesn't Necessarily Carry The Majority Nor Contain Substance. Ultimately Physical And Direct Delivery To The People Is Better Than A Charismatic Loudspeaker.

15. This Is A Clear Mandate To The Prime Minister And His Party, To Continue The Good And Consistent Work For The Rakyat Who WILL Stand Behind Him And His Government With The Grace Of Allah, On Any Necessary Action To Be Taken In The Near Future On Any Entity Or Individual That Propagates Treason, Sedition And Disunity.

16. Many Battles In Islam Were Won In The Month Of Ramadhan. Our Twin Victory Was Delivered By God In This Very Same Month. 

17. May It Be A Sign That We Are On The Side Of The Righteous.

18. God Bless Malaysia.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


They say in politics, there are no permanent friends nor enemies, only interests. This is true very much so now following Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's "unholy union" with those in the Opposition to oust Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Razak as Prime Minister at whatever cost.

Dr Mahathir seemed adamant to force Najib out of office, to the extent of chucking out of the window whatever principles he held while he himself was in office for 22 long years.

He should be in the most capital position to know the proper protocol to relieve a democratically elected Prime Minister from office.

I Apologise. It Does Not My Heart Good To Display The Picture of Our "Former" Statesman With The Other "Characters" In this Awkwardly "Dodgy" Drama, So This Space Will Remain Void.

This is no longer about removing Najib but bringing down the government in the next general election.

The situation does not warrant a no confidence vote on the Prime Minister in Parliament nor is there any room for such a move to be initiated against the President in the party. This is because Najib currently enjoys the overwhelming support in the government and from the Barisan Nasional coalition. 

This, in a nutshell, deems void the call to remove Najib through "non-violent and legally permissible means".

It must also be reminded that Najib was elected President of Umno through the most democratic process the party has ever seen as he was the one who pushed for the election process to include 100,000 grassroot members compared to divisional delegates numbering just around 2,000 previously.

Similarly, seeking the "removal of all those acting in concert with him" would mean removing all the Cabinet members, the UMNO Supreme Council and the grassroots leaders comprising divisional heads and the chiefs of the wings in their respective divisions.

Failing to go through the legal and proper procedures available, this declaration can only be seen as a desperate measure to rally support among the rakyat, which will prove to be devastating at best if it succeeds considering they do not have common grounds to move the country forward.

The recent laws and agreement mentioned in the declaration went through the lower and upper houses of Parliament and obtained the Royal Assent, which meant that the federal constitution was duly observed in all its glory.

Finally, the irony of seeking the separation of powers among the executive, legislative and the judiciary is that it was tabled by the very man who was allegedly responsible for the removal of a Lord President during his time.

This call therefore fails to bear any credence on that score. 

Furthermore, the independence of these three branches of government have proven to be protected best under the current Prime Minister compared to his predecessors.

Some may have said that the co-signing of the so called "citizen's declaration" without "goofing off" and slapping each others' back was better than the warm and "overly" cordial relationship shown by the members of the government with the opposition. 

They, however, failed to see the distinction whereby where government policies are concerned, we draw the line hard and clear without compromise. 

A strong indication was given by Mahathir earlier of this "Unholy Union" when he attended the Bersih 4 rally but chose not to be present at the National Day celebrations on the very next day.

The goal of Mahathir's "third" exit from UMNO may not achieve its purpose. It has failed to draw the same amount of shock and emotions among the rakyat this time around. 
History will not likely repeat itself at this juncture. 

At best, he will sadly be remembered in finality as the fourth past President of UMNO to have ended his journey in life outside of the party that he had once served with flying colours.

- The Patriot is the State Assemblyman for Kempas, Johor.

Friday, January 22, 2016


1. From the first time I took the oath of office and since then, I have pressed on the importance of national security especially for Johoreans in my capacity as the State Representative for Kempas.

2. I've touched on a possible tie-up of a foreign company manning the security of a good part of Iskandar, drawing concerns about the tapping of classified details pertaining to the government and its officials.

3. I've raised concern on the special arrangement of bringing in foreign Chinese workers to the state. I've asked whether background checks were done on them and if secured bonds or guarantees were locked in from the supplying nation, which has imposed on us conditions for their companies to invest here. This was raised after reading about the possibility of Chinese investors shipping prison inmates as labourers for their projects abroad.

4. I've also touched on the increase in the crime rate involving foreigners, which was 2,291 cases in 2012 but shot up to a staggering 13,591 in 2014. And on the very day I made my speech about it in the State Assembly, there was a crime being committed that almost left the victim dead with a cracked head in Pasir Gudang involving a foreigner.

5. All these concerns, which should be high above in the list of priorities in our state and country, were either left unreported or unanswered.

6. Yesterday, The Star and Malay Mail reported of the "Silent Assassins" from Bangladesh being arrested in Singapore. They were allegedly to have "planned terror activities in other countries including their homeland."

7. With 1.5 million Bangladeshis in the works to be allowed in, not to mention the hundreds of thousands who are still here, I ask again, have we done and are we doing thorough screening on them?

8. I had the privilege of witnessing the special forces (police) in action manning the Senai airport on the first day of their operation upon arrival from the Capital a few days ago. And today, I saw four heavily armed personnel talking to each other and laughing instead of looking serious and being on a lookout for suspicious characters at the Subang Airport. 

9. The uniform and intimidating hardware looked impressive but may only work on placed explosive operatives unwilling to die with it, (like the ones during the IRA insurgency in UK). It will not intimidate suicide bombers who are already willing to die with their thumbs on the detonator. There's not much one can do when it's strapped to the body and has arrived at its target location.

10.  While the police intelligence have done an excellent job intercepting the operatives so far, the onus is on the federal government to ensure that the millions who will fly in to stay on for years on contract here are scrutinised before they are cleared to blend with Malaysians at large. 

11. With the limited number of uniformed personnel on the ground nationwide, I'm certain this would ease their burden and reduce some risk of terrorism in this country. With a potential RM4.5 billion to be made and shared by the authorities and various parties, I'm sure the least the authorities could do is to ensure that Malaysians are safe with the influx of these 1.5 million strangers from Bangladesh.

12. National Security Is Paramount And We Should Leave No Stones Unturned. Prevention Is Better Than Regret Because With Terrorism, There Is No Cure.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


It Was Exactly Forty Years Ago Today That I Remember My Late Father Slumped On The Stairs Next To The Table Where The Dial Phone Was Placed.

It Was Dark In The Evening With The Sound Of Crickets In The Background While We Were On Standby For Our Daily Updates From My Sister Hasnah.

She Was Instructed By Our Late Father To Be At The Hospital In Between Classes To Report On The Tun's Condition In London. The Public Phone By The Clinic Was Almost Hers That Week As She Was The Only One Hogging It.

(Being An Outsider Having No Access Whatsoever To Anyone In The Entourage, "Reporting On The Tun's Condition" Meant To Inform Us Of Any Development Taking Place In Or Around The Clinic Regarding The PM At The Time, Not Relating To His Medical Records).

We All Sat In The Dark On The Stairs At The Residence For A Good While Crying After My Sister Delivered The Devastating News Via A Reverse Charged Telephone Call From London.

Radio Television Singapore (As It Was Known Then) Confirmed It On The Very Next Tv News Broadcast, Hours Before Dato' Hussein Onn Appeared On Radio Television Malaysia, With The Official Statement.

I Remember It Vividly Being A 12 Year Old Boy, I Guess I Cried More So That Night After Seeing My Father Cry For The First Time Ever In My Life.

We Were All Sad To Hear The Passing Of A Man Whom I Can Safely Describe Today As The Greatest Prime Minister Malaysia Has Ever Produced, Who Was Called To Return To Our Maker Way Before His Time In The Book Of Mortals.

In The Midst Of The Deafening Silence In The Next Hour After The Revelation Of His Passing, I Silently Remembered When My Father Received A Note From Him Cautioning The Former For Sending Him A Humidor With Cigars Inscribed With The Initials.   "TAR ", In Fear Of It Being Claimed By Tunku Abdul Rahman To Be His. It Brought A Brief Smile To My Face Thinking Of His Wit And Light Humour.

We Thank The Late Tun Abdul Razak For Appointing Our Late Father As Ambassador To The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark And Sweden While Offering Him United Kingdom As His Last Posting Which My Father Respectfully Declined After More Than A Decade Heading His Majesty's Mission Abroad.

But Most Of All, We Thank Him For Placing The Very Foundation On Which Malaysia Developed And Stands Solidly With Much Pride Today.

May The Soul Of Abdul Razak Bin Hussein Rest Peacefully Amongst The Truest Of Muslims By The Sight Of The Almighty, And Be Granted By Allah Swt, His Intercession On The Day Of Judgement.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Sixty Nine Years And Still Flying Strong, Insha'Allah 

Tonight Marks Exactly A Week After The Umno General Assembly Which Ended With The Presidential Winding Up Speech On A High Note.

I Waited For A Week To Write About It To Feel If The Adrenaline Remained High Seven Days After The Event, Or If It Simmered Down To A Freeze Even Before The Delegates Reached Home From It, Like Most Sceptics Predicted. 

The Words "There Will Be No Retreat! No Surrender!, No Retreat! No Surrender!" Kept On Ringing In My Head Until Today. It's A Strong Signal, Nay, A Stern Warning To The Detractors And Instigators That We WILL Finish Our Term As Ordained By God With The Same Team That Was Voted In By The Citizens Of Malaysia.

Let That Time Decide On Our Fate After The Rakyat Has Seriously Gauged Our Performance With Intellect Not Emotions And Stacked It Against The Promise Of The Opposition Coalition, That Is In Shambles And Looks Unable To Rebound On Time To Lead This Blessed Nation After The Next Elections.

With Only Two And A Half Years Left On The Clock, It Is Time We Employed The George W Bush Doctrine Of " Either You're With Us Or Against Us". No Two Ways About It.

We Have To Eliminate The Enemies Within And Move Forward As A Big, Strong And United Coalition Under One Flag.

Flag It Through!

The President Has Shown Magnanimity. Now It's Time To Exhibit Commanding Leadership.

While Those Who Attacked The Leadership From Within Were Too Engrossed With The Fear Of Not Winning In The Next Elections, The President And His Team Were Focussing And Will Continue To Focus On The Task At Hand Which Is Serving The Country And Taking It Across 2020 As A Full Fledged Developed Nation As Envisioned In The Sixth Malaysia Plan In 1991 By A Former Prime Minister Who Looks Like He Will Live To See It, Insha'Allah.

We Must Leave The Rest In The Hands Of God And The Voting Nation Letting Them Do Their Evaluation On This Administration And The Reforms That Came With It When The Time Comes.

In Conclusion, Despite The Intention To Take "The Storm Beyond The Cup", So To Speak In The General Assembly, It Ended With A Show Of Force And Unity Never Shown In Recent History Of The Party Convention.

So Let Us Reinforce Our Strength, Not Look Back And Together Declare With Our President, Without Compulsion, That There Will Be No Retreat, No Surrender, And Might We Add,  Take No Prisoners Either Sir!

Monday, December 7, 2015


A Prince, An Officer And A Gentleman 

I First Met The Late Tunku Abdul Jalil Iskandar By Chance A Few Weeks Before The Elections In 2013 At The Prince Hotel In Kuala Lumpur.

I Was With The Members Of My Patriot Foundation Having A Political Brainstorm Over Supper. The Late Prince Himself Was Singing With The Live Band When His Father HRH The Sultan Of Johor Arrived. 

He Had Quite A Voice And We Enjoyed Our Time Listening To Him Serenade Those Who Were There. We Overstayed As The Only Way Out Was To Pass In Front Of HRH The Sultan's Table And We Thought, Being Johoreans, That It Was Inappropriate To Leave Before HRH Got Up For Anything.

Anyway When We Finally Did, We Managed To Say Hello To The Late Prince On Our Way Out. I Saw Then How His Demeanour Was Different From The Rest Of The Blue-bloods That I Have Met In My Entire Life.

He Was Calm, Collected And Very Humble. That Was The Only Time I Ever Spoke To Him, Though I Followed His Developments Just Like The Rest Of The Country.

The Last Time I Observed The Late Tunku Laksamana Was At The Johor Crown Prince's Wedding. Though He Was Frail, He Kept His Head Up High, Came In His Full Regalia And Carried Himself More " Royally " Than Even The Windsors, While Being Very Humble Greeting The VIP Guests.

Despite Not Having Had The Privilege Of Being Acquainted To The Late Tunku Abdul Jalil Iskandar, Tunku Laksamana Of Johor, His Royal Highness Certainly Reinforced My Political Upbringing By Reminding Me Through His Actions, During Sickness And In Health, In Life As Well As In Death, That One Can Be Great And Yet Maintain Humility At The Same Time, Which Makes One Even More Magnificent In The Eyes Of God And The Human Race.

What An Extraordinary Gift To Mankind Was He. A Gentleman Prince Of All Time.

May Allah's Blessings And Grace Be Upon Your Soul My Dear Prince, And May You Rest Amongst The Righteous In The Sight Of The Almighty.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 YBM Datuk Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid 
Bin Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat
Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri, Kempas
Di Dewan Undangan Negeri
 23hb November 2015

Bismillahirahmanir Rahim.

Assalamualaikum Wbt Dan Salam Muafakat Johor.

Yang Berhormat Tan Sri Speaker,

1. Pendahulu Kata, Kempas Merakamkan Ucapan Terima Kasih Kerana Di Beri Peluang Mengambil Bahagian Dalam Persidangan Ini.

2. Pertama-tamanya, Saya Mewakili Warga Kempas MerafakSembah Menjunjung Kasih Kepada Ke Bawah Duli Yang MahaMulia Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar SempenaHari Keputeraan Baginda Semalam. Semoga Tuanku Dikurniakan Kesihatan Yang Baik Dan Usia Yang PanjangUntuk Terus Memerintah Negeri Johor DaJajahan Takluknya Dengan Adil Dan Saksama. Daulat Tuanku! 

3. Keduanya, Kempas Merafak Sembah Menjunjung Kaseh Mendoakan Kesejahteraan KDYAM Tunku Laksamana Johor Tunku Abdul Jalil Sultan Ibrahim Yang Dilapurkan Sedang Menjalani Perubatan Ketika Ini. Sudah Tentunya Bukan Di Johor Sahaja Malah Di Seluruh Negara YanMengenali Hatibudi Beliau Turut Mendoakan Agar Dipulihkan Allah Secepat Mungkin. Amin.

4. Ketiganya, Kempas Merakamkan Setinggi-Tinggi Tahniah Kepada Pasukan Bolasepak Johor Darul Taqzim Di Atas Kejayaan Menjuarai Piala AFC. 

5. Kempas Menjunjung Kaseh Kepada DYAM Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim Yang Bertanggungjawab Meningkatkan Prestasi Bolasepak Negeri Johor Dan Insha'Allah Malaysia Kelak. 

 YB Tan Sri Speaker


6Kempas Mengucapkan Tahniah Dan Syabas Kepada YAB Datuk Seri Menteri Besar Yang Telah Membentangkan Belanjawan Untuk Tahun 2016. 

7Kempas Dapat Melihat Dengan Jelas Kesinambungan Dalam Usaha-Usaha Kerajaan Negeri Di Bawah Kepimpinan YAB Menteri Besar Untuk Memantapkan Lagi Pembangunan Ekonomi Negeri Johor, Meningkatkan Kesejahteraan Hidup Rakyat Dan Melengkapkan Modal Insan Berkemahiran Tinggi.

8Kempas Menyanjung Tinggi “Projek Penghidupan” Kerajaan Negeri Johor.

9Kita Sedia Maklum Sejak Akhir-Akhir Ini  Betapa Harga Sebuah Rumah Kini Sudah Tidak Tercapai Dek Akal. Kempas Berharap Projek Rumah Mampu Milik Ini Memungkinkan Setiap Rakyat Johor Memiliki Sekurang-Kurangnya Sebuah Rumah.

10Kempas Turut Melihat Kesungguhan Kerajaan Negeri Dalam Usaha Untuk Terus Memperkasakan Rakyat Johor Dengan KemahiranPengetahuan Dan Mencungkil SertaMemupuk Potensi Mereka Sehingga Ke Tahap Yang Tertinggi.

11Bak Kata Pepatah Inggeris Yang Pertama Kali Digunakan Di Pertengahan Kurun Ke10 Dahulu, “Give A Man A Fish And You Have Fed Him Once. Teach Him How To Fish And You Have Fed Him For A Lifetime.” (Dengan Izin)

12Usaha Kerajaan Negeri Akan Membolehkan Mereka Bukan Sahaja Dapat Turut Serta Dalam Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Negeri Johor Tetapi Juga Dalam Negara. 

13Tanpa Kemahiran, Mana Mungkin Rakyat Johor Boleh Mengambil Bahagian Dalam Peluang-Peluang Yang Disediakan Oleh Kerajaan Negeri Dan Kerajaan Persekutuan.

14Kempas Juga Merakamkan Ucapan Terimakasih Kepada Kerajaan Negeri Yang Telah Mengenalpasti Kempas Sebagai Lokasi Untuk Kompleks Penyayang Yang Berharga RM50 Juta, Dengan Suntikan Awal Oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan Sebanyak RM1.8 Juta.

15Semoga Pembinaan Kompleks Ini Dapat Menyediakan Khidmat Kebajikan Secara Integrated (Dengan Izin) Kepada Mereka Yang Kurang Bernasib Baik Seperti Kanak-Kanak, Wargatua Dan Ibu-Ibu Tunggal. Ianya Juga Melambangkan Keperihatinan Kerajaan Negeri Terhadap Mereka Yang Kurang Bernasib Baik Ini.

16Kempas Mendoakan Semoga Allah SWT Permudahkan Segala Urusan YAB Datuk Seri Menteri Besar Dalam Mentadbir Kerajaan Di Penggal Pertamanya Ini Dan Seterusnya.

17Kempas Turut Mendoakan Agar Semua Pelaksana Dasar Dapat Menjalankan Tanggungjawab Seperti Yang Telah Diamanahkan Kepada Mereka Dan Peruntukan Yang Diberikan Sampai Kepada Semua Kumpulan Sasaran.

YB Tan Sri Speaker

18. Dalam Ucapan Sulung Kempas Pada Sidang Dewan Pada 11hb November 2013, Kempas Telah Mencadangkan AgarDiwujudkan Suatu Sempadan Yang Jelas Bagi Pembangunan Dan Pelaburan Bagi Warga Asing Berimpak Tinggi BertujuanUntuk Melindungi RakyaTempatan Dari ImpakPembangunan Yang Tidak Mampu Dimiliki Rakyat Tempatan. 

19Pada Hari Ini Kempas Ingin Mengucapkan Setinggi-tinggiTerima Kasih DAtas Keprihatinan YAB Menteri Besar JohorYang Bestari. Dalam Pembentangan Belanjawan Negeri JohorUntuk Tahun 2016, YAB Telah Bertindak Jauh Lebih Unggul-Dengan Mengisytiharkan Penubuhan Zon Antarabangsa Bagi Koridor Pembangunan Selat Johor (KPSJ) Yang BakalMengawal Pemilikan Hartanah Oleh Rakyat Asing Di Johor Ini. Syabas YAB Dato’!

20. Walaubagaimanapun, Terdapat Di Dalam Belanjawan Tersebut Satu Cadangan Yang Membenarkan Pemilikan Warganegara Asing Dalam Pembangunan Perumahan Hartanah, Strata Bertanah Dan Komersial Atau Perdagangan Di Luar Zon Antarabangsa Sebanyak 10% Hingga 30% Sahaja Tertakluk Kepada Kategori Pembangunan Hartanah.

21Kempas Mohon Sedikit Pencerahan Dari YAB Datuk Seri Menteri Besar Bagaimana Cadangan Ini Boleh Melindungi Atau “Insulate” (Dengan Izin) Rakyat Johor Yang Bercadang Dan Ada Sedikit Kemampuan Memiliki Perumahan Bertanah, Strata Bertanah Dan Komersial Atau Perdagangan, Dari Spekulasi Harga Hartanah Jenis Ini.

22. Kerana Perunding-Perunding Hartanah Dilapurkan Berkata Had Harga Rumah RM2 Juta Untuk Perumahan Biasa Serta RM1 Juta Bagi Strata Titles (Dengan Izin) Pada PemilikHarta Asing Boleh Merangsang Pemaju Untuk Menaikkan Harga Hartanah Yang Dibina Untuk Rakyat Johor Terutamanya Di Iskandar Malaysia. Namun Demikian Jika Boleh Biarlah Pemilik Warga Asing Ini Hanya Terhad Di Dalam Zon Antarabangsa Sahaja Dan Bukan DI Luar.

YB Tan Sri Speaker 

23Seterusnya, Kempas Mohon Mencadangkan Kepada Kerajaan Negeri Untuk Juga Mengujudkan Zon Khas Bagi Peniaga-Peniaga Tempatan Terutamanya Bumiputera Untuk Berniaga di Tengah-Tengah Bandaraya.

24Premis Perniagaan di Zon Ini Di Kemudian Hari Tidak Boleh Di Ambil Oleh Mana-Mana Pihak Untuk Di Bina Semula Bagi Kegunaan Lain.

25Kita Sudah Dapat Melihat Bagaimana Peniaga-Peniaga Melayu Terpaksa Berpindah Keluar Dari Premis Perniagaan Mereka Kerana Kerakusan Agensi-Agensi Kerajaan Dan Separa Kerajaan Untuk Mengaut Keuntungan Berlipat Ganda Menjual Premis-Premis Ini Kepada Pemaju-Pemaju Swasta Yang Kemudiannya Membina Kompleks Membeli Belah Mewah Yang Tidak Lagi Mampu Di Sewa Oleh Orang Melayu. 

26Kalau Kita Lihat Di Tengah-Tengah Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur Misalnya, Masih Tersergam Pertama Complex Yang Kini Mencapai Usia 39 Tahun. Walaupun Di Kelilingi Oleh Bangunan-Bangunan Pencakar Langit, Pertama Complex IniSeperti Dahulu Dan Masih Lagi Kini Menempatkan Perniagaan Orang-Orang Melayu. Kita Berdoa Agar Ianya Kekal Seperti Ini Sampai Bila-Bila.

27. Di Sini Mungkin Belum Ada Lagi Atau Sebagaimana Diharapkan Diatas Budibicara Pihak Kerajaan,Ianya Di Dalam Perancangan. Insha'Allah. Kalau Boleh, Kita Tidak Mahu Peniaga-Peniaga Melayu Di Sini Hanya Layak Berniaga di Pasar-Pasar Besar, Pasar-Pasar Malam dan Pasar Karat Sahaja.



28Jerebu Yang Baru Sahaja Melanda Negara Sesungguhnya Telah Mencabar Kesabaran Kita. Lapan Belas Tahun Lamanya Negara Jiran Ini Bersikap Tidak Bertanggungjawab Dan Mengakibatkan Negara-Negara Jirannya Termasuk Malaysia Menderita.

29Seperti Kejituan Waktu Jam Swiss, Saban Tahun BagaiBoleh Diramal Bila Jerebu Akan Berkunjung Tiba. Negeri JohorTidak Terkecuali Dari Bahana Ini. Ia Seperti Musim Yang PastiAkan Muncul Dalam Taqwim Tahunan Kita. Dari JerebuKepada Kabut, Dan Seterusnya Asap Toksik Tebal.

YB Tan Sri Speaker 

30Negara Kita Mengalami Satu Pelanggaran Hukum Alam Sekitar Yang Paling Buruk Setakat Ini Yang Telah Menjejaskan Kesihatan Rakyat Dengan Ketara. Sebagai Sebuah Negara Yang Paling Banyak Memberikan Subsidi Kesihatan Kepada Rakyatnya, Peningkatan Bilangan Pesakit Di Klinik Dan Hospital Kerajaan Pasti Memberi Kesan Terhadap Imbangan Kewangan Negara.

31Sekolah-Sekolah Juga Terpaksa Ditutup Selama Berhari-Hari Yang Menjejaskan Jadual Dan Pembelajaran Akibat Purata Indeks Standard Pencemaran (PSI) Yang Melebihi 150 Bagi Tempoh Enam Minggu Berturut2.

32Perniagaan Menerima Pukulan Yang Paling Hebat; Syarikat-Syarikat Penerbangan Terpaksa Menanggung Kerugian Dengan Kelewatan Dan Pembatalan Operasi; Acara-Acara Sukan Antarabangsa Dan Pelancongan Dibatalkan – Mengakibatkan Kerugian Terkumpul Mencecah Berbilion Ringgit. 

33Kita Perlu Memperincikan Jumlah Keseluruhan Kerugian Berterusan Yang Ditanggung Akibat Jerebu Ini Dan Mengumumkannya Secara Bulanan. Walaupun Kita Tidak Boleh Menghantar Bil Kerugian Terhadap Pesalah Yang Sebenarnya, Sekurang2nya Ia Boleh Dijadikan Fakta Penting Untuk Melaksanakan Tindakan Serius Terhadap Mereka.

34Sekalipun Jika Mereka Yang Terlibat Ini Adalah Syarikat-Syarikat Dari Malaysia, Mereka Semestinya Di Kecam Dan Di Hukum Sewajarnya Mengikut Undang-Undang Negara Tersebut. Janganlah Diringankan Hukuman Mereka Semata Mata Untuk Dijadikan Alasan Bagi Penduduk Tempatan Pula Melakukan Jenayah Yang Lebih Besar.

35Sudah Tiba Masanya Negara-Negara Anggota Kanan ASEAN Yang Terjejas Mengemukakan Hujah Kukuh Agar Tindakan Afirmatif  Seperti Tekanan Undang-Undang Diambil Terhadap Negara Punca Jerebu Ini, Di Atas Kecuaian Dan Sikap Acuh Tak Acuh Mereka Terhadap Bukan SahajaKesejahteraan Rakyat Mereka Sendiri, Tetapi Rakyat Negara-Negara Jiran Mereka. Singapura Telahpun Mengharamkan Barangan Dari Kedai2nya Yang DiKeluarkan Oleh Syarikat2 Yang Tidak Bertanggungjawab Ini. Apakah Yang Negara KitaBuat Untuk Menghukum Syarikat2 Ini Mahupun KerajaanNegara Punca Jerebu Ini, Selain Dari Mengatakan Bahawa Kita Tidak Akan Beri Tekanan Kepada Mereka? Adakah Kita Bersedia Menderita Untuk 18 Tahun Lagi

YB Tan Sri Speaker 

36. Pemerintah Yang Sengaja Membenarkan Aktiviti Ini Berlaku Perlu Di Heret Ke Muka Pengadilan Kerana Apa Yang Mereka Lakukan Adalah Satu Jenayah Kemanusiaan Kerana Membiarkan Aktiviti Pembakaran Ini Berleluasa.  
Setelah Lapanbelas Tahun Bersesak Nafas Secara Fisikal Mahupun Fiscal, Sudah Sampai Masanya Kita Cuba AntaraDua Cara, Iaitu Samada Melalui International Arbitration Atau Tindakan Tegas Oleh ASEAN Keatas Negara Ini. 
Rujuk Kepada Kes "Trail Smelter" Arbitration (United States v. Canada)
(Amerika Syarikat Telah Mengambil Tindakan Ke Atas Kanada Berkenaan Isu Sulfur Dioksida Daripada "Trail Smelter" Yang Memberi Kesan Buruk Ke Atas Washington Antara Tahun 1925 – 1937)
Telah Didapati DiArbtration Tersebut Bahawa:
"Kewajipan Untuk Melindungi Negeri-negeri Lain TerhadapPerbuatan Yang Memudaratkan Oleh  Individu Dari DalamLingkungan Bidangkuasa Sesebuah Negara Pada Setiap MasaAdalah Menjadi Tanggungjawab Negara Tersebut."

YB Tan Sri Speaker 

37Kalau Dilihat, Dasar Penglibatan Asean Atau Asean’s Policy Of Engagement (Dengan Izin), Iaitu Menyelesaikan Secara Diplomasi Tidak Lagi Boleh Digunapakai Sebagai Kaedah Berurusan Dengan Negara Ini. Kalau Setelah Lapan Belas Tahun Kita Berdepan Dengan Musibah Ini, Terbuktilah Bahawa Diplomasi Asean Dalam Tajuk Jerebu Ini Sudah Ternyata Gagal.

38Satu Tindakan Sepadu Menjurus Kepada Suatu HukumanOleh Asean Harus DiAmbil Dan Dimulakan PerbincangannyaOleh Kerajaan Kita Selaku Pengerusi Asean Untuk Tahun Ini.Tentunya, Sekurang2 Lima Negara Yang Telah Turut Menjadi Mangsa Akan Menyokong Sepenuhnya.



39Kebanjiran Pekerja Asing Di Malaysia Kini Berada Pada Tahap Yang Sangat Serius Bila Dianggarkan 6.7 Juta Warga Asing Mencari Rezeki Di Negara Ini Dalam Pelbagai Sektor, Yang Mana Hanya 2.1 Juta Orang Sahaja Yang Memiliki Permit Sah Dan Berdaftar Dengan Jabatan Imigresen Untuk Bekerja Di Negara Ini.

40Terkini, Kita DBeritahu Kira-Kira 1.5 Juta Pekerja Dari Bangladesh Akan Di Bawa Masuk Ke Malaysia Secara Berperingkat Dalam Tempoh 3 Tahun Bagi Memenuhi Permintaan Majikan Daripada Pelbagai Sektor.

41Jika Di Lihat Secara Rasionalnya, Apakah Perlu Kita Membawa Masuk Lagi 1.5 Juta Pekerja Dari Bangladesh Ini Jika Sudah Ada Warganegaranya Yang Sudah Berada Di Negara Ini Yang Boleh Diberikan Permit Kerja Yang Sah? Daripada Kerajaan Menanggung Kos Yang Tinggi Untuk Menghantar Mereka Balik Ke Negara Asal Mereka, Pekerja-Pekerja Ini Boleh Di “Halal”Kan Kehadiran Mereka Disini Dengan Diberikan Permit Kerja Dan Di "Redeploy" (Dengan Izin) Di Sektor2 Tertentu. Yang Selebihnya Barulah Dimasukkan Lagi Untuk Mencukupkan Apa Yang Kurang. Lagipun, Mereka Yang Sudah Terlajak Tinggal Di Sini Tidak Perlukan Lagi Latihan Kerana Sudah Pun Dapat Meng-Assimilasi-Kan Diri Mereka Dengan Keadaan Dan Kerja Di Sini. 

42Akan Tetapi, Ada Lagi Isu Mengenai Pekerja Asing Ini Yang Lebih Membimbangkan Kempas

43Sesetengah Daripada Mereka Dari Beberapa Negara Hadir Dengan Membawa Bersama Pelbagai Penyakit Dan Gejala Sosial Yang Tidak Sihat.

YB Tan Sri Speaker 

44Statistik PDRM Mendapati Jumlah Kes Jenayah Membabitkan Warga Asing Semakin Meningkat Setiap Tahun Iaitu 2,291 Kes Pada 2012 Meningkat Mendadak Kepada 13,591 Kes Pada 2014.

45. Banyak Kes-Kes Yang Telah Dilapurkan Di Akbar-Akbar Tempatan Termasuk Kes Terbaru Membabitkan Enam Lelaki Warga Asing Yang Ditahan Untuk Membantu Menyelesaikan Siasatan Kes Bunuh, Rogol Dan Rompak Seorang Kerani Sekolah Agama Sungai Raya Di Sungai Terap, Muar. Juga Tak Lama Dahulu Seorang Pengawal Warganegara Asing Telah Menembak Mati Kerani Sebuah Bank Yg Kita Semua Dapat Saksikan Melalui Media Sosial.

46Kempas Bimbang Mereka Yang Masuk Ke Negara Ini Samada Secara Sah Atau Haram Mempunyai Rekod Jenayah Di Negara Masing-Masing Sebelum Berhijrah Ke Sini. 


47Sebuah Akhbar Terkemuka di UK Pernah Melapurkan Tentang Syarikat-Syarikat Pembinaan Dari Sebuah Negara Di Asia Yang Telah Menggunakan Banduan Sebagai Tenaga Kerja nya Bagi Projek-Projek Di Sri Lanka, Afrika Dan Negara-Negara Dunia Ketiga Yang Lain. Ianya Di Katakan Untuk Meringankan Beban Negara Tersebut Dari Menanggung Kos Membiayai Penjenayah2 Itu Dan Sekaligus Mengosongkan Penjara2 Mereka Yang Sudah Padat.

48Adakah Kita Sudah Selidik Jikalau Pekerja-Pekerja Yang Datang Ke Sini Secara En Bloc (Dengan Izin) Untuk Pembangunan-Pembangunan Spesifik Oleh Pelabur Dari Negeri Yang Sama Ini Adalah Bersih Dari Jenayah Ataupun Bukan Banduan Di Negara Mereka Sendiri?

49Mungkin Ada Yang Skeptik Mengatakan Ini Adalah Tugas Dan Tajuk Untuk Kerajaan Pusat Dan Bukan Negeri, Tetapi Jika Ada Keberangkalian Jenis Pekerja Ini Datang Ke Bumi Johor, Kita Harus Tentang Dan Tuntut Kepada Pihak Pusat Agar Mereka Lebih  Bertanggungjawab Dalam Hal Ini. Tidak Mustahil Jika Perkara Ini Berlaku Lebih-Lebih Lagi Jika Kita Ambil Bulat-Bulat Pekerja Asing Ini Di Atas Syarat Yang Diletakkan Oleh Pelabur2 Asing Itu Tanpa Di Usul Periksa AkanLatarbelakang Mereka.

50Mana Mungkin Kita Dapat Menjejak Mereka Jika Permit Kerja Yang Diberikan Tidak Meliputi Saringan Keselamatan KeAtas Mereka.

51Kita Seharusnya Menuntut Agar Kerajaan Negara Pekerja-Pekerja Asing Ini Mengeluarkan "Letter Of Good Conduct" (Dengan Izin) Diikatkan Dengan Bond Yang Boleh Di Pulangkan Apabila Mereka Balik Ke Negeri Asal Tanpa Insiden Bagi Memberi Satu Jaminan Atau "Guarantee" (Dengan Izin) Keatas Tindak Tanduk Rakyat Mereka Sendiri.  

52Dengan Ini, Kerajaan Dan Syarikat-Syarikat Atau Agent-Agent Luar Atau Tempatan Yang Membawa Masuk Pekerja-Pekerja Asing Itu Ke Sini Boleh Di Pertanggungjawabkan Jika Pekerja-Pekerja Ini Melakukan Jenayah Di Sini.


53Mungkin Ada Yang Akan Katakan Bahawa Isu Yang DiBawa Kempas Ini Agak Keterlaluan Atau Cubaan Untuk Menakut Nakutkan Tetapi Keselamatan Bangsa Johor Jangan Sekali Kali Kita Ambil Enteng! 

54Sedangkan DiSingapura Dimana Tahap Keselamatannya Amat Tinggipun Telah Berdepan Dengan Rusuhan Oleh Pekerja Warga Asing Dalam Setahun Yang Lepas, Yang Melibatkan Kereta Polisnya Dibakar Dan Ramai Yang Tercedera. Maka Tidak Mustahil Jika Perkara Ini Boleh Berlaku DiBumi Johor.

55Kempas Bertanggungjawab Untuk Mengutarakan Kegusaran Rakyat Tentang Kemasukan Secara Besar Besaran Pekerja Asing Tanpa Saringan Keselamatan Yang Munasabah.

56Di Kempas Sahaja, Nisbah Anggota Polis Adalah 41 Orang Untuk Menjaga Keselamatan Di Lebih Kurang Kawasan Sebesar 45 Kilometer Persegi. Dan Mereka Bukannya Bekerja Serentak Pada Satu-Satu Masa. Jika Mengikut Shift Tinggal Setengah Sahaja Iaitu 20 Orang Bagi Kawasan Sebesar 45 Kilometer Persegi. 

57Oleh Yang Demikian, Kempas Berharap Kerajaan Negeri Mengambil Inisiatif Untuk Menentukan Yang Pekerja2 Asing Yang Sudah Dan Akan Berkerja Di Bumi Johor Ini Telah Di Tapis Dan Adalah Selamat Untuk Melayari Kehidupan Bersama Rakyat Dan Bangsa Johor.

58Bak Kata YAB Dato Menteri Besar Di Forum Air Johor Minggu Lepas Dan Ucapan Pembentangan Bajetnya, Jangan Kita " Sudah Terantuk Baru Nak Terngadah.”

YB Tan Sri Speaker 

59Pada Ketika Negara Kita Dikatakan Oleh Sesetengah Pihak Sebagai Negara Yang Menghadapi Defisit Kesetiaan Atau"Deficit In Allegiance" (Dengan Izin) Di Mana Berbanding Dengan Negeri2 Jiran, Kita Perlu Memberikan Bendera Negara Secara Percuma Untuk Dikibarkan, Kempas Terpanggil Untuk Berkongsi Cerita Tentang Seorang Hamba Allah Yang KamiJumpa Di Satu Majlis Rasmi Di Kuala Lumpur. Beliau Ini TelahMeluaskan Kuasanya Kerana Diminta Datang Ke Kuala Lumpur Dari Johor Semata Mata Untuk Membaca Doa Untuk Majlis Tersebut.

60Beliau Yang Duduk Disebelah Saya Dari Awal Majlis Itu Ternampak Gusar, Dengan Secara Tiba-Tiba Telah Melahirkan Kedukacitaannya Apabila Anak Kecilnya DiKampung Dalam Ketakutan Telah Menaliponnya Dari Johor Untuk Memaklumkan Bahawa Seorang Anggota Beruniform Telah Mengarahkannya Untuk Menurunkan Jalur Gemilang Yang Dinaikkan Bersama Anaknya Sempena Bulan Kemerdekaan Dalam Kawasan Rumah Peribadinya.

61Difahamkan Anggota Beruniform Ini Telah Bertindak Keterlaluan Dalam Melaksanakan Apa Yang DiAnggap Sebagai Suatu Arahan.

62Kempas Beranggapan Tindakan InOleh Anggota Beruniform Itu Adalah Satu Pengkhianatan Kepada Kebebasan Rakyat Yang Setia Kepada Raja Dan Negara Kerana Bendera Itu Merupakan Simbol Kedaulatan Dan Perlembagaan Sesebuah Negara.

63. Suka Kempas Ingatkan Bahawa Berkemungkinan Besar, Ianya Bukanpun Suatu Arahan Tetapi Mungkin Suatu Pandangan Yang Telah Di Salah Tafsirkan Dan Di Terjemahkan Mengikut Cita Cita Kerjaya Orang2 Yang Menjalankan Tugas Itu.

64Dan Ini Akan Dan Telahpun Membawa Kesan Yang Tidak Baik Terhadap Pemerintah Atau Sesiapa Sahaja Yang Di Kaitkan Dengan Perintah Tersebut.

65Kesudahanya DiKebelakangan Ini, Beberapa Pembetulan Terpaksa DiBuat Untuk Menyucikan Namabaik Pihak Yang Tidak Bersalah. 

66Contohnya Bilamana Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri TerpaksaMenerangkan Tentang Surat Penurunan Bendera Jalur Gemilang Yang Dikeluarkan Oleh Pejabat Daerah SegamatKepada Semua Ketua Jabatan DDaerah Berkenaan. Dan Menerusi Satu Siaran Media, YAB Menteri Besar Johor SendiriTelah DiTitah Untuk Menafikan Satu Titah Yang DikatakanDaripada Ke Bawah Duli Tuanku Mengenai UMNO.

YB Tan Sri Speaker

67Kempas Menimbulkan Isu Berkaitan Ini Bukan Untuk Diambil Tindakan Terhadap Anggota Beruniform Tersebut,Tetapi Sebagai Peringatan Agar Ianya Tidak Berulang Lagi DiMasa-Masa Akan Datang.  

68Jika Perkara Ini Berulang Kembali Mungkin Di Tempat-Tempat Lain Umpamanya Ianya Secara Tidak Langsung Akan Melunturkan Lagi Ketaat Setiaan Rakyat Kepada Raja Dan Negara.

69Maka Dari Itu, Kempas Mengingatkan Dirinya Sendiri Dan Kepada Semua Bahawa Rakyatlah — Lebih-lebih Lagi Mereka Yang Membayar CukaKepada Kerajaan, Yang Menyumbang Untuk Membayar Gaji Kita, Membayar Gaji Anggota2 Beruniform Dan Kakitangan Kerajaan Semuanya, Maka Janganlah Sekali Kali Kita Menderhaka Kepada Rakyat Jelata Di Dalam Kita Menjalankan Tugas Yang Diamanahkan Kepada Kita Oleh Mereka Dan Allah SWT.

Semoga Allah Berkati Johor, Allah Selamatkan Sultan!

YB Tan Sri Speaker,

Kempas Mohon Menyokong.

Wabillahitaufiq Walhidayah, Wasalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabaraktu.