Monday, June 14, 2010


First Of All, Please Allow Me To Apologize For The Long Absence Due To My Responsibilities At Work And UMNO Cawangan Meetings That I Had To Officiate On Behalf Of The Pulai Division.

Despite the silent prediction on Azhar Abdul Hamid taking over as CEO of Sime Darby within, Mohamad Bakke Salleh from Felda had the final nod by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib, and rightfully so as Bakke enjoys Najib’s confidence having worked very well closely turning Felda which is under the purview of the Prime Minister’s Department into a successful entity on its way to matching Tabung Haji and even Petronas to an extent, given time.


He Should Learn From Nike's Sales Pitch.

While the exceptionally low profile yet very effective corporate figure takes his position in the Conglomerate, many are still wondering why members of the Board of Directors have still not taken an iota of responsibility on the colossal loss in one of its divisions leading to its first quarterly loss and the departure of its CEO in Ahmad Zubir Murshid. Were there no warning flags flying anytime during the year? What were discussed in the quarterly board meetings? If they are not held responsible for anything of this nature, what are they actually responsible for? Are they there because of their past positions in politics wasting space and company funds without having to contribute in the its development using their past experience in corporate and political leadership? I read a few weeks back that Musa offered himself to resign. Most times an offer to resign is a disguise to camouflage one’s irresponsible action. To me and many others, he should just do it instead of throwing the idea into thin air to evaporate.

Forensic Auditing Should Be Performed On The Expense Accounts Of The Entire Board Of Directors Including The Usage Of The Corporate Jet By Certain Individuals For Private Use And Trysts ( If There Are Any). These Extravagant Perks Could Be Making Them Irresponsible, While Those Not Taking Action Against Them Look Conspicuously Unintelligent.


Who you want to be said...

Great article. Your hand writing are almost academically as what most Professors in Oxford School did. I'm surprised, UMNO still have an excellent quality politician like you. I hope our Mr Prime Minister will catch you before you walk away from this party.
My heart feel good when Dato' Salleh has been chosen by the Commander In Chief of our party to spearheaded one of Malaysia most seen conglomerate. He has proven his ability and intelligence when, turning Felda into cash cow for the organization. In fact, he actually ambassador to the grassroots of rural Malaysian. He has championed most of this people issue when he's driving Felda machine.
For the rest of the board, I reserved my comment. I do believe our Excellency Mr President, will know better and act better.
Tengku, I wish you very cuddly night, and may rest of the day make you smile and always in jovial ambiance!

Anonymous said...

If it is proven that Musa is an overpaid DEADWOOD, the decision to axe him should be an integral part of the Standard Operating Precedures.

WHistleblowing should be encouraged and whistleblowers worth their weight in gold should also be duly rewarded.

TPJ said...

Who you want to be,

1. Thank you for your compliments but I'd rather not be associated with Oxford as I was educated by professors from Cambridge.

2. I have no intention Insh'Allah to " walk away from the party ". But you are right in a sense that UMNO refuses to recognise sincere talents and politicians but will chase after controversial, prominent figures in fear they will join the opposition making UMNO subservient to them. Eg. Anwar Ibrahim and recently in the news possibly Dr Asri the ex-Mufti.

Thank you for your participation.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 12:20

I agree unreservedly.