Monday, May 3, 2010


The Nation’s Top Marksman.

It was a long awaited shot that needed to be fired. While faraway UMNO hands like mine were itching to reach the President’s firearm to pull the trigger ourselves with closer cowardly hands in the Supreme Council not having the guts to do so, Dato Sri Mohd Najib Razak finally discharged his Presidential “issue” which was a direct hit that burst through the hearts of MIC, MCA and GERAKAN with one bullet at the recent UMNO retreat in Janda Baik as reported in a Newspotral.

The BN’s Number One was said to have addressed the course and said that component parties may no longer be left to themselves to decide on candidates from their respective parties to represent Barisan Nasional as was the case with the recent by-election in Ulu Selangor where the MIC’s Presidential choice of candidate had to stand down in favour of that of the BN Chairman. Najib implied that he will be making some changes in the Coalition and further indicated that “if they cannot make the change, we have to do it,” according to a divisional leader in the portal.

Prime Minister Najib is finally doing the right thing in giving handouts straight to the different communities without going through cheap political brokers in the form of leadership in MCA, GERAKAN and MIC. These so called leaders tend to use Government allocations to their respective communities for their own political strength within their parties, but without gaining support for BN as a whole. Although it has raised eyebrows from the ground, when the Chinese community was delivered an election promise worth RM3 million while they didn’t even pull 30% of their votes for BN, the blame should be borne by MCA and GERAKAN for their laziness and lack of responsibility, a trait that they have classically acquired by the Malays whom they implied to have lacked in meritocracy. Punishment should not be meted out to the Chinese, but their leaders for being major slackers and human parasites.



Najib Still Taking Passengers …. For A “ Good “ Reason.

MCA more than GERAKAN have ceased to have the right to even pretend to champion Meritocracy as they kept quite when a full allocation was given to their community for less than 30 percent of the votes given to us. I say that about MCA because their leaders had no shame in participating in a photo-opportunity with Najib when the cheque presentation was made. They have given a whole new meaning to the term “free-loaders”. This also shows that our good Prime Minister has a “wicked” (read: cool) sense of humour having them stand with him in the picture exhibiting a shameless example of a party with failed merits.


MCA Must Have Bought This From PERKASA For The Chinese In Ulu Selangor. No Wonder They Were To Blame.

It was reported by several newsagents that PERKASA was blamed by the Chinese leaders for their voters shying away from BN in Ulu Selangor. MCA and GERAKAN’s job was to sell BN’s strength to their communities and counter the fear factor that has allegedly seized the small minds of their reliance. Instead of winning them over with promised and delivered security and development in the past, present and future, these leaders on the flipside got sunk in and bought what their political clients were selling. Then when they discovered what they bought was a “ lemon ” (an American term in economics for a dud product), they looked for a scapegoat in PERKASA.

Imagine a salesman at a car dealership making his sales pitch to a potential buyer. After an hour, the salesman makes no sale but ends up buying the potential client’s bashed up automobile instead. What a bitch of a pitch it must have been. Now THAT, is MCA and GERAKAN! Poor salesmen who insist on getting continued bonuses! Meritocracy at its level best!
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Anonymous said...

Right On!.

I have more confidence in Najibs leadership now. I almost give up on all those who are 'high up and above' to realize the real problem of BN. (aside cheap tactics by the opposition).

Anonymous said...

We hope that Najib is a strategic chess player.

Insyallah ...

TPJ said...

Anonymous 3:58

I have given up on the rest at the top for much longer.

I have much faith in God and trust in Najib's leadership.

May he and Muhyiddin lead us long enough to flush out the second line UMNO leaders who have not much to offer in leadership but have obtained more than they deserve.

Thank you for your comment.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 1:28

Salam. I pray that being the longest groomed politician and becoming Prime Minister only after 34 years taking the oath as Member of Parliament, Najib would be able to see five steps ahead of his/our opponents as well as that of our fake allies.

Hang jebat said...

Hello TPJ;

I have nothing against PM Najib but I think he's giving too much into the demands of the Chinese especially..

Pls explain why on earth everytime when there's a by election,regardless the Chinese are the majority or not,the SRJK(C) school will get the majority bulk of funds(bank into the schools account directly)with massive news coverage whilst many of the SK,SMK and Sek Agama is in a dire state..

This is not about jealousy but about being fair to all

thanks for reading and have a nice day TPJ

Pemuda keliru said...

Salam TPJ;

Saya sangat kecewa apabila membaca NST online bahawasanya kerajaan telah memberikan lesen perjudian sukan kpd Vincent Tan hari ini sedangkan banyak bantahan yang dibuat baik dari golongan Melayu mahupun bukan Melayu..

Semalam pulak punyalah kecoh dengan bantuan 18 juta kpd sek2 Cina di Sibu..Mcm mana nasib sek bukan Cina pulak?Kalau ada bantuan,kenapa tak dihebohkan jugak..Adakah bantuan kpd yg bukan Cina hanya boleh dibuat secara senyap2 agar org2 Cina tidak kecil hati..

Dalam UMNO sedang dalam pemulihan dan kami di akar umbi cuba memancing org2 muda menyokong UMNO,PM yg dikasihi seolah-olah tak mendengar apa yg akar umbi mahukan dan UMNO masih dgn sikap mengagung-agungkan org2 Cina yg hanya tahu memintra dan mengugut sedangkan mereka tidak memberi undi dan bekerja kuat utk BN..

Inikah yg dinamakan rakyat didahulukan??

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi kepada blogger kegemaran saya

Pada pendapat saya DS Najib adalah PM yg baik,kuat bekerja dan mesra rakyat.

Masalah beliau cuma dalam BN terlalu banyak parti2 komponen yg menyusahkan beliau dgn kerenah dan permintaan yg bukan-bukan.

Saya juga tak berapa setuju dgn cara DS Najib yg terlalu liberal dan seolah-olah dia kurang prihatin dengan nasib orang-orang Melayu dan pendidikan Sek Keb dan Sek Agama serta kurang membela dan memberi bantuan kpd usahawan2 Melayu(terutamanya sepas pembubaran MECD)

Yg lain saya berpuas hati dan harap Msia makmur di bawah pemerintahan DS Najib

Amin Shah
Labu N9

Tinta Biru said...

Salam TPJ yg dhormati;

Harap dapat komen

Ketika saya Menteri Pelajaran pada 1996, apabila Akta Pelajaran dipinda, saya mengambil risiko politik ketika itu dengan menggugurkan Seksyen 21(2) untuk menjadikan Sekolah Cina sebagai Sekolah Kebangsaan," katanya ketika berucap pada majlis itu, yang turut dihadiri calon BN bagi pilihan raya kecil Parlimen Sibu, Robert Lau Hui Yew

Betulkah PM kita yg disayangi gugurkan seksyen itu?

Anonymous said...

Why not PM give away these grants and why ni massive coverage??
I guess this is what the people above are talking about.It's about the small things and gesture that counts.

From NST

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today handed over government grants totalling RM1.12 million for six Islamic development projects here.

Of the the total, RM500,000 was for Sekolah Rendah Agama Lembaga Amanah Kebajikan Islam Sibu (Lakis), RM540,000 for four projects involving mosques and surau and RM80,000 for the Malaysian Islamic Welfare Organisation (Perkim).

He handed over cheques for the amounts to representatives of the organisations concerned after performing Friday prayers at An-Naim Mosque here.
Joining him in the prayers were Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and State Housing and Urban Development Minister, Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg.

At the same function, Muhyiddin also handed financial aid totalling RM365,000 that had been approved recently by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak for eight government schools here. - Bernama

TPJ said...

Apologies For The Late Response To All. Have Been Under The Weather Lately.

Hello Hang Jebat.

I have to submit to your concerns and that of the majority of the Malay voters that the PM could be "over-reaching" to win the hearts of the ungrateful.

Well the idea was to reach out to the sensible Chinese people who know how to be grateful and thank their lucky stars for what they have here which they could never get in any other country, even in Singapore. Looks like the effort is futile when it comes to this particular race. The Indians on the other hand are more "elastic" in their votes.

Let's see how Najib will address this in the future.

It is always a pleasure reading you Hang Jebat.

TPJ said...

Salam Pemuda Keliru,

Lesen perjudian bola ini berleluasa secara "Bawah tanah" dan tidak membawa hasil kepada kerajaan sambil merbahayakan mereka yang bertaruh tanpa jaminan. Ianya perlu diselaraskan sementara hasil dari kutipan cukai boleh pula disalurkan kepada kaum bukan Islam. Sememangnya perjudian adalah haram di sisi Agama Islam dan pengunjung2 beragama Islam akan diambil tindakan yang sekeras2nya oleh pihak yang berkuasa.

Betul. Orangramai sudah mula muak dengan karenah mengagung2kan undian dari kaum minoriti ini tetapi jika kita hendak melayan mereka dengan biasa, maka orang Melayu wajiblah bersatu untuk menjadi kuat.

Saya rasa seperti Tuan juga bahawa slogan ini harus di tukar kepada "Rakyat Yang Menokong BN Didahulukan. Pencapaian Diutamakan."

TPJ said...

Alaikumsalam Amin Shah Labu N9

Dato Sri Najib tidak membelakangkan pembangunan sek Keb dan Sek Agama. Bezanya adalah pemberian bantuan kepada sekolah2 Melayu dan Agama ini tidak digembar-gemburkan kerana kaum kita tahu bagaimana hendak bershukur kehadrat Allah dan berterima kasih kepada kerajaan. MECD juga tidak dibubarkan. Ianya hanya disalurkan melalui Kementerian Luar bandar untuk sebab-sebab yang tertentu yang membawa menfaat kepada usahawan Melayu tanpa diheboh atau dipantau secara terbuka untuk dibanding oleh bangsa lain.

Doa Saudara untuk kemakmuran Malaysia bawah pemerintahan Najib Insh'Allah kami Aminkan supaya ianya diangkat oleh para Malaikat untuk kerdhaan Illahi.

TPJ said...

Salam Tinta Biru,

Menurut kepada Perdana Menteri beliau telah berbuat demikian dan ianya dilaporkan didalam hampir kesemua akhbar2 tempatan.

Oleh kerana tiada bantahan dibuat oleh Pejabat Perdana Menteri, maka kita boleh menganggapnya sebagai sahih.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 7:43

Publicity must be full blown in an election. That is the norm and it is expected. Politics is about perception and if the government is seen to not only make promises but also fulfill them even after facing a defeat, then some credibility would theoretically be restored as they will be seen as a Government that honours their word as their bond. Unfortunately, when dealing with recalcitrant voters of one ethnic origin who want to have the cake and eat it too, then this approach would well be rendered useless!

Anonymous said...


Saya ingin menarik perhatian tuan terhadap satu gerakan atas nama "Perlembagaanku / MyConsitution. Gerakan ini sangat aktif mereka selalu mengembara di university-university swasta dan juga pergi ke pedalaman dan kampung orang asli untuk menyebarkan tentang 'pengetahuan hak asasi' dan awareness mengenai perlembagaan. Namun begitu, semakin lama saya mengikuti perkembangan gerakan ini, nyatalah gerakan ini hanya menggunakan "Perlembagaan" dan "Hak Asasi" sebagai topeng untuk menghasut orang awam mengenai kerajaan. It is a cunning movement rally with very much subliminal message and influences. Very hard to notice if you dont follow its progress. Memang ramai yang menyokong gerakan ini adalah non bumiputera yang anti kerajaan. Gerakan ini seolah-olah cuba mencari sentimen yang sesuai (note: orang sabah dan sarawak, orang asli) bagi merealisasikan agenda rahsia mereka. Saya syak, ini adalah cara baru mereka dalam menghadapi PRU13. Tidak begitu obvious. Kebanyakannya underground. Better be alert (untuk kerajaan) sebelum terlambat.