Saturday, June 26, 2010


Are the victims and their families really receiving benefits from financial contributions the world over or are they being screwed by their own leaders?

I am grateful to Allah that all those involved in the Free Gaza Movement returned home safely to their families after a presumably traumatic experience on the high seas recently. While branding them as “heroes ” is quite debatable from the mass’ point of view as I have observed, I’d give them the benefit of the doubt barring the two failed reporters who were professionally assigned to the mission to report on the developments to the Nation. Unfortunately, they were inexperienced and totally untrained to be working on hostile waters antagonizing the Isreali Defense Forces. They were expected to be received unkindly and the end result, though not as dire as in our earlier projection, was somewhat as we predicted. I regret that little mention was given to a true hero in Dato’ Seri Panglima Anifah Aman, the Foreign Minister who successfully negotiated for their safe release. Another valid question I keep on hearing is what point is there in Malaysians contributing financially to the Palestinian cause when we can’t even send bare necessities to the victims? Are we maintaining their officials and missions and their lifestyles abroad or seeing to it that every penny goes to the ground? When Arafat was alive and Malaysia contributed Millions through him, how was the money managed? How did he live? Didn’t he marry a Greek Orthodox Christian who was allegedly involved in money laundering?


Has he gone back into space?

1. I watched the television at 5am when the officials received the hostages at the BungaRaya at the KLIA. There were speeches, press conferences, and even adjournment to the Sri Perdana for breakfast and more speeches and story-telling. Then the UMNO Information Chief Ahmad Maslan declared he will take them all for a nation-wide tour telling the people of the atrocities of the barbaric Isreali regime, something that even the Malays in the most rural areas like Ulu Kelantan and Sembrong already know. What shakes my soul from the body is why Ahmad Maslan won’t take Sheikh Mudzaffar, the Malaysian astronaut we paid Millions of Dollars to put into space around the country telling his story inspiring our future generation, the young Malaysians , our fixed assets, ultimately turning them into a handsome investment in the future. Better yet, turn him into an UMNO man and parade him in schools nationwide.

2. When Ezam quit PKR and rejoined UMNO, he was received by Abdullah Badawi, then President of UMNO. His deputy received applications from less prominent PKR officials earning the wrath of UMNO loyalists who were cursed by the same kind during past general elections.

3. Today , we read that Dr Asri, the controversial former Mufti of Perlis is contemplating joining UMNO and the President himself is expected to receive him with full media coverage.

UMNO Must Take A Step Back, Re-Evaluate Our Strategies And Capitalize On Our Strength. We Should Bank On The Costly Resources That We’ve Employed And Ensure That They Bear Fruit Before Abandoning It While Embarking On New Short Term Thrills That Look Like We’re Tricking The Rakyat No Matter How Sincere The Endeavor May Be. Good Money Collected By Malaysians For A Seemingly Good Cause Should Be Assured Of The Desired Results And Not Based On Trial And Error With Pats On The Back For A Job Not Well Done. Known Traitors Who’ve Done Much Damage To The Party In The Past, And Controversial High Profile Personalities Who Wish To Join The Party Should Go Through The Normal Process Of Sending In The Application Through The Branch Leaders Without Much Fanfare. This Way, We Will Preserve The Party’s Dignity And Make Them Proud To Be A Part Of Our Esteemed Establishment Instead Of The Other Way Around. Learn From Our Mistakes In The Past, In The Name Of Anwar Ibrahim And Seek Mercy For Our Political Future In The Name Of Allah SWT.


umar said...

The Palestinian PM, Abas was here in KL last month. Why couldn't they pass all those aid to him and let him take them home safely to distribute to Gaza or West Bank ?
Why should our boys sail in big fanfare with reporters ( Astro Awani ), Mathias Chong..etc ?

The Israeli shot the first ship from Turkey killing 7 people on board.I wonder why they didn't shoot at our boys.

So what happened to all the goods ?
Redirected to another port is all we heard. What happened after that? During the early mission we were informed almost daily on their impending trip. Do you call these goons "heroes " ? The Israelis stripped them naked like what our police do at home.
I think the delegation that went there are in need of full time job for they have no work.
Our Chief de mission, Mathias Chang was in'mogok lapar' in Kajang prison sometime ago. How come he is silent on these expedition ?

TPJ said...

1. I think they didn't pass the goods through Abas because they were not in monetary form.

2. If there were money, perhaps we they didn't trust him to channel it properly down to his suffering people.

3. Our boys were not shot probably because they were not on the deck when the ruckus transpired and stayed down either in their cabins or at the pantry.

4. Yes, the reporters were there not to report the developments but to turn it into a fanfare, in akedemi fantasia/ jom heboh fashion. That is why, after being followed by the marines knowing there would possibly be dangerous action, they were prepared, but prepared to take safe cover with their state of the art equipment, not report.

5. Yes, as usual, we Malaysians are great at sensationalizing current issues and taking instant mileage from it but never follow-up to see a good deed through. Those who contributed, naturally would want to know the outcome of their donations.

6. I think I saw on the telly that a reporter from TV3 was giving out representations on the ordeal in one of the Jom Heboh booths like a story-telling session at the library in junior school. They should realize that we aren't interested in the ordeal because we already know how terrible the Isrealis are. I was in Cairo and witnessed for myself how their jets bombarded the army camps which was just several miles away from us that even rocked the Malaysian Residence shattering the windows. What we want to know is where all the money has gone to? What has become of the aide that was redirected to the other port?

Thank you for your contribution here Umar.