Sunday, April 25, 2010


Welcome Home Sunshine!

The win in Ulu Selangor by a 1,725 vote majority is a vote of confidence for the future that Najib wants to bring for 1Malaysia.

Some may think I mean only the voters who went to the polls earlier today, and wonder what that has got to do with Prime Minister Najib. But I am really talking about the whole picture which includes the voters as well as the machinery who’ve worked diligently and doggedly the last 2 weeks to ensure that Barisan Nasional’s Candidate wins despite being a long-shot by coming from the minority ethnic group in the constituency, a member from the weakest party in the BN Coalition, going against the high and mighty former Minister Zaid Ibrahim, an attorney with the largest law firm in the country who claims he did it without the help from UMNO jobs if you could even believe it.

Yes, Kamalanathan’s candidacy was not received with open arms not only by members of UMNO who rightfully thought that the seat should be returned to a Malay candidate considering it’s a Malay majority area and MIC have failed to do much to win back the Indian votes, but also by the MIC Presidential preferred candidate Palanivel who was alleged to have repeated that his previous loss was because the people rejected UMNO and not MIC.

Despite all that, after the decision was made by the top leadership, the BN machinery primarily dominated by UMNO workers got down to it and slogged for a victory giving Najib the benefit of the doubt because they believe in his great leadership. In previous cases when former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi did the same thing, the machinery stood down quietly in protest not having confidence at all in his (or his young turks’) judgement.

I was in Ulu Selangor yesterday upon my return from the States and managed to speak to one registered voter who didn’t have any qualms in declaring that he wasn’t looking at the parties nor the candidates offered, but was looking at Najib’s leadership to determine his direction the day after.

Let us hope that there won’t be any leaders from the MIC that would dare say that this win is testament of the return of the Indians to the MIC fold. The fact that Samy Vellu and Palanivel were nowhere close to the winning candidate while he was being sandwiched between Najib and Muhyiddin after the win,showed that Najib is in control and will not allow baseless credit taking to take place by suspected parties. Special commendations should be given to the Wanita UMNO (particularly from Selangor), Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the Chairman of the By-elections Committee, Pemuda and Puteri Barisan Nasional, members of the alternate media, namely Azeeza Abdullah and her posse, and as much as it pains me to say, the BN Executive Secretary (in that particular order) for having done a superb job all round.

Now Let’s Thank God, Take This Win With All Humility And Get Down To Work Right Away.


Observer said...

Salam TPJ,

I'm still not happy with the result although we won today..The reason is component party from MCA and gerakan didn't play their part which in result saw the number of Chinese voters voting for PKR had increased termendously..

A comfortable win was nearly wiped away because of the arrogeness of these two component parties.The PM must toe the line and stop giving until results are produced.All they talk about is how to be dominant in BN..

Fed up with MCa and Gerakan already..Cngrats to BN and Kamal

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that the important factor here is not the margin of victory.

More important is the paradigm shift that shows the Malay voters are ready to TRUST Najib's leadership even though the candidate is non-Malay.

The fact that they all closed ranks behind Najib and Muhyiddin is very critical psychologically.

We feel safe if the Malays unite. The chinese will still want to have the cake and eat it too.

We pray that Najib is shrewd enough not to play by their rules.

Tinta Biru said...

Salam Sdra TPJ,

BN menang bagus.Ini memang diakui hakikatnya setelah Dato Najib menjadi PM.
Tapi kita kena study the result. Siapa di belakang kemenangan ini. Saya pasti orang Melayu Miskin Felda yang banyak membantu. Kaum India pun turut juga kembali kepada BN setelah diberi peluang kerusi Parlimen.

TAPI bagaimana undi kaum CINA - setelah banyak yang dilakukan oleh Najib dalam masa setahun pemerintahannya hanya untuk mendapatkan kembalikan kepercayaan masyarakat Cina tetapi masih tidak berjaya.
Faktornya mungkin perpecahan di dalam MCA dan pengerusi yang baru dilantik dan sebagainya.Ataupun kerana mereka merasakan DAP lebih menjaga hak mereka dari MCA.

MCA perlu sedar bahawa banyak lagi yang perlu dilakukan.Jangan bermimpi di siamg hari lagi dan hanya tahu meminta itu dan ini.

Yang pasti kesetiaan dan kesyukuran masyarakat Cina masih dan boleh diragui dan dipertikaikan


Anonymous said...

a sweet victory for najib and his 2yr old federal government.So many mess left by pak Lah that he have to clean up..

I just hope they continue to work hard for the people and dont get complacent after this

M.Sasoo said...

Dear TPJ,

Salam 1 Malaysia

Firstly,love your blog sir.One of a kind

The Indian vote has come back to the BN. The Malay vote is still split. The Chinese vote has disappeared. The BN will need to reassess the roles played by MCA and Gerakan. The Pemuda Gerakan did say that they should pull out of the BN. That is not something that is to be easily forgotten. Maybe its better if they did

Ulu Bernam

TPJ said...

Salam Observer,

If you notice, I didn't even waste any space in my article to mention the MCA and GERAKAN. They have become useless passengers in the BN Coalition; unable to contribute but still have the audacity to demand for privileges for the Chinese community whom they have no shame in claiming to represent.

I believe attention must still be given to the Chinese as they are citizens of Malaysia, but they ought to be given in reduced packages and scarcely at that through the hands of the PM himself and not through the parasites who will use it to enhance their positions in their own parties delivering to their communities without winning back any support for Barisan Nasional.

We are being screwed by all the Chinese political parties. While the DAP are winning the Chinese votes for the opposition, the MCA and GERAKAN without responsibility nor accountibility toward BN are extorting the Government for more extras to provide their community with.

Najib is a cool hand. These two parties and their leaders will be dealt with deftly, just like Samy got sandbagged recently in Ulu Selangor.

Let us watch and appreciate how the longest groomed politician in Malaysia will deal with the bad baggage in Barisan Nasional.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 9:56

This was a huge albeit calculated gamble by The Man himself putting a "non-entity" from the wrong member party in the coalition to be stacked against an opposition heavyweight, especially when even the blind could see that the Chinese votes will remain estranged to us. But as you have rightfully pointed out, the Malays have faith in his accumen after catastrophically misplacing it under his predecessor.

This political obedience if I can call it such, which has been absent for quite some time has come at the most opportune moment giving signal that we can and will all close ranks for the greater good of the Party and Nation under a competent leader.

The ultimate unity of Malays between UMNO and PAS will " check-mate " the Chinese who will then learn to kowtow and appreciate their political masters who are just evaluating and observing their behaviour for now.

Insha'Allah, Najib will not be playing by their rules. On the contrary, he will set the rules straight and strict, having the Chinese community eat directly from his hands instead of their fake leaders. We must remember, the Chinese are not our enemy, but their leaders are!

TPJ said...

Salam Tinta Biru,

Tepat analisa TB. Sememangnya orang Melayu khususnya penyokong asal UMNO masih lagi bersama kami tetapi kaum Indialah yang ramai sudah pulang ke pangkuan setelah menyaksikan keikhlasan Dato Sri Najib memberi peluang kepada kaum mereka didalam masa pemimpin mereka sendiri mengkhianati perjuangan mereka itu.

Pemimpin Cina dalam BN sudah seolah2 bersubahat dengan DAP kerana dengan DAP memenangi undi Cina, pemimpin harami mereka didalam BN pula boleh menuntut untuk mendapatkan bermacam2 faedah serta kedudukan hampir saksama dengan bangsa Melayu.

Dato Sri Najib masih lagi menilai tahap kemusibatan mereka ini sebelum bertindak sebagaimana Samy Vellu dilayan di Ulu Selangor.

Pada mereka, DAP boleh terus mewakili mereka bersuara dengan sifat komunisnya sementara MCA dan GERAKAN mendapatkan bermacam keistimewaan dan bantuan dari Kerajaan bagi kaum mereka.

Kita sudah tidak boleh mengharapkan MCA lagi. Biarlah mereka tidur sampai mati mengejarkan mimpi siang mahupun malam. Sekarang Najib sudah berlangkah kanan dengan usaha untuk memenangi hati mereka secara terus menerus tanpa pengelibatan rakan Harami kita dalam BN ini. Ianya akan memakan masa tetapi jika beliau berlangkah dengan penuh hemah tanpa mengecilkan hati orang Melayu, Insha'Allah ianya akan berhasil.

Diharap tidak ada pemimpin Melayu didalam Majlis Tertinggi kita yang sanggup menjadi baruah kepada taukeh2 ini yang sudah diketahui secara senyap, bukan sahaja memberi wang kepada BN tetapi juga menghulur kepada DAP semasa pilihanraya.

Semangat seorang ahli korporat Melayu yang saya kenal dan sanjungi harus kita contohi. Pada masa makan tengah hari tadi, beliau telah membuat keputusan untuk mengeluarkan kesemua simpananya dari sebuah bank Cina setelah kecewa dengan tabiat pengundi Cina dalam keputusan Ulu Selangor semalam. Yang saya harap adalah supaya beliau dapat mencari Bank Melayu yang tidak mempunyai sifat yang lebih teruk daripada kaum Yahudi untuk melabur dan menyimpan.


TPJ said...

Anonymous 1:05,

Logically speaking Pak Lah's mess would take a period of 2 general elections to clean. Najib's team is working quadruple time with back to back shifts to cleanse the filth within the next two years.

We have no choice but to continue to work hard and maintain the momentum to win Najib a fresh and strong mandate positioning his men and women replacing his predecessors' choices. Only then can the government be well oiled and work like a Swiss Clock!

TPJ said...

Ulu Bernam
Salam 1 Malaysia

Thank you for your kind words on The Patriot.

Your assessment is dead on target. The Chinese have stayed away. MCA and GERAKAN are major failures. If I had the Prime Minister's ear, I would advise him to either position the Chinese Ministers from MCA and GERAKAN as Cabinet members without portfolios in the next reshuffle which should come soon viewing the changes in the MCA line-up. They should then be given till the next General Election to prove their worth or lose their quota in the Cabinet to the Chinese Leaders from Sarawak.

Michael, we won't even flinch if GERAKAN leaves our fold! The GERAKAN Youth proves that this generation of the Chinese community have seriously deteriotated in intelligence and wisdom. If they think DAP will slow-dance and French-kiss them while sharing their political dominance in Penang and the rest of the Peninsula, they must already be suffering from the syphilis of the brain.

Thank you for your comment.

GEN2 Felda said...

Salam TPJ,

Saya suka dengan komen2 di sini dan terutamanya apabila TPJ mengambil inisiatif untuk menjawab komen2 satu persatu.

Tahniah buat BN,PM,TPM dan Kamal Teruskan perjuangan ke arah 1Malaysia tanpa mengabaikan org Melayu

MCA dan Gerakan cuma menumpang kejayaan UMNO,MIC dan BN.Di mana suara pemimpin mereka bila undi Cina tidak berpihak kepada kerajaan?Semua buat muka bodoh sahaja.

Nak buat post mortem pun dah tidak relevan lagi.Apa akan jadi bila PRU13 akan datang jika keadaan ini berterusan?

Di bandar2 besar TPJ, majoriti sokongan org Cina lebih kepada DAP dan juga PKR.Siapa yg boleh membangkang kenyataan ini?

Tahniah kepada kaum Melayu dan india.Mereka ini adalah kaum2 yg tahu bersyukur dgn segala nikmat dan kemudahan yg kerajaan telah sediakan.

Teruskan sokongan pada BN dan diharap BN dapat memberi tumpuan yg lebih membantu kaum Melayu dan India terutama dari segi pendidikan dan membasmi kemiskinan dikalangan kedua2 kaum ini..

Kepada ANWAR IBRAHIM , tahniah kerana memecahbelahkan perpaduan rakyat Malaysia khususnya dikalangan Melayu..Kepada DAP, tahniah juga diatas sikap kiasu dan talam dua muka anda.Bermuka manis di hadapan org Melayu tetapi mempunyai hati yg busuk..

Jgn ingt melayu akan mudah terpedaya..melayu PKR dan PAS shj yg boleh anda perbodohkan...

Kepada generasi muda melayu,insaflah akan perjuangan dato nenek kita yg terdahulu..perjuangan kita masih belum selesai..

tepuk dada,tanya hati.

Sebagai penutup,

Kpd TPJ,jika tuan ada berjumpa PM utk memberi feedback atau sessi brainstorming atau post mortem,tolong sampaikan salam sayang dari kami penduduk Felda Sg Buaya dan ucapan terima kasih yg tidak terhingga kerana sanggup turun padang menyelesaikan masaah kami.

Kami bersyukur dan kami terharu.dan kalau boleh jgn mudah sangat nak memberi kpd tuntutan2 dari MCA yg hanya tahu meminta tetapi tidak deliver.Nak jumpa pekerja parti Cina yg berkempen di Hulu Selangor amatlah susah.Tak nampak pun batang hidung mereka.

Tup2 dapat 3 juta untuk sekolah Cina.Nasib sek agama juga harus dibela.Banyak sek agama dalam keadaan daif tuan.Mungkin biro pendidikan UMNO boleh membantu dalam hal ini.

Sekian terima kasih kerana sudi membaca

Anonymous said...

Undi kaum Cina dikatakan makin merosot dalam prk HS. Bagi saya itu tidak pelik dan saya melihat undi kaum Cina memang begitu dari dulu. Mereka mengundi berdasarkan asas pada masa itu atau fundamental. Jika tak kena dengan kepentingan mereka, LKsiang atau Karpalsingh pun boleh kalah. Mereka tak beri undi.

Mereka perlu sokong PKR kerana tawaran dan janji PKR kepada bukan Melayu memang tidak mampu ditolak oleh sesiapa pun. Memang begitu yang diminta oleh bukan Melayu sebelum ini. Tiba-tiba datang penyelamat mereka iaitu DSAI menyahut segala kehendak mereka. Orang Cina yang mengantuk diberikan bantal oleh pengkhianat nombor satu negara itu. Saya nampak tidak pernah ada dalam sejarah negara tawaran sebaik diberikan oleh PKR. Ertinya orang Cina dan India yang bodoh sahaja yang akan mengundi BN dalam mana-mana pilihan raya.

Sudah tiba masanya, UMNO memikirkan untuk meletakkan calon Melayu di mana-mana kawasan yang majoriti pengundinya Melayu. Zaman sudah berubah. Dulu parti memerintah boleh meletakkan tunggul kayu sebagai calon, pasti akan memang juga. Zaman itu telah berlalu. Parti memerintah tidak boleh lagi mengguna pakai formula zaman purba kala..

Masa untuk berubah adalah sekarang

TPJ said...

Salam GEN2 Felda

Kita harus menggalakkan orang Melayu supaya bersatu. Jika pemimpin2 Cina dalam BN terus berlaku malas untuk memenangi undi Cina untuk kita, tidak hairanlah jika dikawasan2 yang mana Melayu mempunyai majority kecil dengan calon Cina BN dipilihanraya akan datang, mereka akan kehilangan sokongan dari pihak kita. Jika mereka hendak bersifat seperti Harami, lagi baik kita undi sahaja Harami dari pembangkang.

Kita tidak ada pejuang-pejuang Melayu yang tulen di dalam Majlis Kerja Tertinggi yang berani bersuara mendesak Presiden Parti yang juga Perdana Menteri untuk mengurangkan jumlah kerusi ataupun memindahkan Menteri2 Cina ini untuk menjaga Kementerian2 yang kurang penting seperti Sukan atau Pembentungan. (Ministry in charge of Sewerage) sehingga mereka sedar diri masing-masing.

Terima kasih diatas nasihat Saudara kepada generasi muda. Lambat laun, mereka akan sedar bahawa kebijaksanaan adalah lebih penting dari hawa nafsu dalam menempah masa depan yang cerah. Melanggar pertubuhan bukan lagi suatu trend yang boleh dibanggakan lebih2 lagi jika pembangkang yang diharapkan lebih korup dan mementingkan diri sendiri.

Komen Saudara disini sudah cukup dan akan sampai ke pengetahuan pemimpin kesayangan kita tanpa perlu saya membisik kepadanya ataupun orang2 yang rapat dengannya kerana mereka membaca blog ini yang biasanya menyampaikan pandangan yang jujur samada baik mahupun buruk dengan Kerajaan khususnya UMNO.

Saya akan mengambil berat tentang pandangan saudara mengenai Biro Pendidikan yang harus mendesak kerajaaan supaya membantu sekolah2

Terima Kasih kerana sudi mengunjung dan meninggalkan komen dia ruang kami.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 12:06

Setuju. Tempat dimana majoriti pengundinya Melayu, khususnya yang disandang oleh calon MCA atau GERAKAN hari ini seharusnya dirampas balik.

Mereka menuntut 1Malaysia tetapi tidak langsung mempraktikkannya melainkan ada kepentingan.

Anwar Insh'Allah akan pulang ke rumah tumpangan tetapnya tidak lama lagi.

Dato Sri Najib bukannya buta. Beliau sedang menilai dan menghalusi tabiat duri-duri dalam daging ini. Jika pengundi2 Cina tidak memerlukan pemimpin mereka apabila mereka sedar bahawa Najib sendiri boleh melayan mereka secara langsung, maka biawak2 hidup dalam kabinet ini akan disalai dan dijadikan minyak Dhab!