Monday, February 8, 2010


Many events transpired in the last week but I have to single out two classic stories that I consider my favorites.


Dismissed himself in the Islamic month resembling his surname.

Former Special Officer to the Prime Minister Datuk Nasir Safar resigned from his position after allegedly having offended the Chinese and Indians in his 1 Malaysia speech. He had done 60 speeches on it previously without a glitch. In this one, he was reported to have said that “ Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies” at a 1 Malaysia seminar in Malacca. “ Since he did apologize, then it would be safe to say that it was an admission of guilt. I’m also wondering what the hell could have possessed him into doing it knowing full well that he was serving in the Prime Minister’s Office, the Primary Advocate of 1 Malaysia. If what he said after being viciously provoked, was etched in the history of this great country, then it would have been fine and unquestionable. But if it wasn’t a part of our history, then his outburst was merely his emotions acting without the benefit of intellect placing the good Prime Minister in a very awkward position.

If further action is taken against Nasir for sedition, then the same should be taken against the current MCA President, his deputy, and the GERAKAN Wanita Chief for having touched on the sensitivities of the Malays in the past without even having to resign nor apologize.


Armed and Forced To Defend Themselves.

Last Thursday the Defence Minister revealed that there were members of the Armed Forces being used by certain foreign embassies to obtain secret information about our country. This is considered high treason punishable by death by a firing squad in some nations. Yesterday, the minister said that the case was regarded as closed, not wanting to issue further statements on the matter other than that it has been resolved by the Prime Minister’s department. Does that mean that they’re scot free or will they be faced with a Court Martial?

I guess we can forget about the firing squad. Knowing the reputation of the Armed Forces today, they’d probably shoot themselves in the foot while aiming at the traitors. They’re already having a tough time taking the boot out of the minister’s mouth for jumping the gun without the PM’s clearance. With BN leaders like these troubling the Prime Minister, we don’t need the opposition to do us harm.