Tuesday, February 16, 2010


**First Australian settlers - convicts sent to Australia as depicted by Augustus Earle.

We shouldn’t be expecting less from Members of Parliament of a country that was used as a dumping ground of bad hats, crooks and social discards from Great Britain.

In the 18th and 19th Centuries, a large number of convicts were shipped from Britain to penal colonies in Australia established to ease the pressure of overcrowded penal facilities on the British Isles. During that period, over 165,000 convicts were transported down under, perhaps numbering well over a quarter of the population at that time.

These 50 MP’s from Australia supporting Anwar Ibrahim could very well be their descendants trying to cleanse the past of their forefathers by attempting to look righteous using the title of “The Honorable Gentlemen” , fighting for the premature freedom of a known power abusing criminal politician, and the abortion of justice in our blessed country.

The Aussies should know that every bitch has its day, even in a Malaysian Court of Law. They should stop barking for this particular one and start looking at their own backyard for injustice, essentially pertaining to the Aborigines.

Could someone like this be receiving the Memo from KJ at the Embassy tomorrow?

The BN Youth Chief is said to be organizing a peaceful demonstration and presentation of a protest memo to the Australian Embassy on the morrow, 17th February 2010, at 10 a.m. Firstly, expect the embassy tea lady to accept the memo on behalf of Australia, if they want to redicule us further. That way, the Youth Chief won't have an epileptic seizure if it does happen. Secondly, I hope to see youth members of the other parties within the BN in participation. If the BN Youth Chief can’t even command respect and comraderie from them, then he should rightfully RESIGN. This is an attack on the principles of our Country and the Rule of Law in this land. We would like to see Patriots beyond the Malay race in this endeavor. The parties within the BN who fail to send representatives tomorrow should be sternly dealt with and blacklisted by the top leadership. It is time to crack the whip and make sure everyone is counted in. We must show that our leaders are more Macho than the Fairy that leads the Opposition. There is no use holding the steering wheel if you can’t drive!



Ampatuan Jr said...

Rahim Ghouse is looking after DSAI's money in Australia amounting to US$8 Billion,yes that an 8 followed by 9 zeros or about RM28 Billions .If true that explains why DSAI is able to buy influence far and wide.This is a bottomless pit as it even exceeds most 3rd.world countries GDPs.No wonder DSAI can build a palatial mansion in Bkt Segambut costing more than RM7 million while still in prison.All these while I thought he amassed that money by selling rattan baskets that he weaved while in prison...!!

umar said...

Allah s.w.t chucked Adam and Eve to this dunia because they have breached the rules in Heaven.They both committed something wrong,so they were thrown to this Earth.
We are desendants of Adam, a convict too. God pardoned him but did not take him back to Heaven.We are all the desendents of Adam.
The British sent their convicts to everywhere around the colonies. The Dutch sent the desenters in the Malay archpilago to Ceylon, Cape Town, Coco islands etc.Simply put, we are all prisoners.

The western/Austrialian protest the current Anwar trial because of some reasons ;
1. During Sodomy 1, the prosecution charged Anwar when the Tivoli Villas was not even ready. Wrong date and time and place. By right, the judge should dismiss the case.

2. The judge allowed the prosecution to amend the date to months later.

3. The prosecution brought a giant matress tainted with sperm as evidence. Later they dropped that as evidence and amended the charge to abuse of power.The Judge allowed.

5. Anwar was denied bail from the instant he was arrested. Only murderers, kidnappers., rapist are denied bail.

So , how do you trust our judical system which is also a british legacy. So every man with a faculty to reason has to doubt this sodomy II trial.

I wonder why Saiful or Azizan did not relent or resist or put on a fight when Anwar tried to sodomise them.
Orang buta pun akan lawan dengan kekuatan kudrat yang Allah bagi untuk menyelamatkan diri dan maruah.Ini pula Saiful,sanggup telanjangkan diri dan rela diliwat. Buat lapuran polis setelah dua hari. Sanggup sumpah dimesjid. Apa dah jadi ? Mana jati diri Melayu? You want the world world to believe this. Is UMNO's future in Saiful's asshole ?

Anonymous said...

Haha hoho

I was under the impression that he sold rights to soap opera scripts to the wood industry - bolly, kolly, holly or is it tiger

... while in striped uniform.

Anonymous said...


There are many cases of psychological abuse rampant throughout the sinful world (as we are all convicts - according to you).

How do you explain a physically healthy domestic maid being tortured by a frail and elderly employer's mother-in-law, huh??

There is such a thing called psychological intimidation - in this case anwar is super MIGHTY coz he's the BIG BOSS, he's ultra-wealthy and has political allies who are internationally powerful.

We have seen this "coming to anwar's help" many times from foreign powers.

How then can YOU expect a mere driver and a coffee-boy to retaliate??

They have no inkling on how to save their own skin - which explains why Saiful went to see Najib, to get advice from someone he begins to trust

- in a knee-jerk reaction to his dismay in realising that the man he idolises (ANWAR IBRAHIM) just sodomised him.

To Saiful this must have been a deep and total disillusionment as well as irreparable betrayal.

He was abused by his idol. So Umar dear, do not be carried away and swayed by anwar's "I am an old man with a bad back" - sshheeeshh

Otherwise you will become another victim of anwar's drama. For all you know - he's actually laughing gleefully at every "sucker" - thinking to himself "what a whole lot of gullible people there are out there".

He will only remain powerful as long as his sponsors BELIEVE that he can execute their instructions.

... and as long as Malaysians still believe in his 'victim' image.

Other than that he will be rendered as a wannabe HAS BEEN.

TPJ said...

Amputuan Jr.

I have said it over and over again. Take a page out of the Singapore story, CONTROL THE COURTS AND BANKCRUPT THE OPPOSITION!

They will lose their property and family not very long after that along with the mistresses that goes with the territory!

Thank you kindly for your views.

TPJ said...


Yes, Adam was forgiven though he wasn’t returned to Heaven immediately because God had a plan for him and us all. He repented. The descendants of the Aussie convicts are much closer to their source than we are to Adam, and they haven’t even surpassed 3 generations between them, which means that crooked attributes of their forefathers could still remain uncleansed in their blood.

I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt on all the five counts you mentioned. However, my question is, what business is it of the Australian lawmakers to meddle in the affairs of our country? Who appointed them as police of our region. Did they meddle with the affairs of the Americans when they abducted President Noriega from his own country to stand trial in the US?

Umar, to your question as to why Saiful or Azizan didn’t put up a fight when asked to present their flushed anus to Anwar, I would logically imagine that they might have liked and enjoyed being ass-jockeyed by their idol, if it was even true it happened, and later were manipulated by certain parties. But the fact remains that Malaysia cannot have such a man at the helm because it is a known fact that “Hell hath no fury like a faggot scorned”. Such species are most dangerous when they have absolute power. You have brought Allah SWT in your arguments several times in this particular subject. Could it not be equally accepted that all this is true and it is Allah’s will that he must pay the price for committing one of the most repugnant of all sins?

It takes a strong person to publicly own up to being sodomised Umar, especially if it was consensual in the beginning but turned sour at the end. That is jati diri in the highest form. Take a test and ask ourselves if we would publicly confess to it if we had agreed to it initially. We are not bothered about how the self-righteous and even more guilty world look upon us. After all, they condone butt-fornication and same-sex marriages. It is not UMNO’s future that is in Saiful’s anus but that of Anwar and PKR’s. I guess this time Anwar will finally feel how it’s like being “on the receiving end”.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 12:46

You forgot "Pecker" wood!