Friday, February 12, 2010


On Surface Only

The Malaysian Armed Forces consists of three branches; Army, Air Force and the Navy.
In recent months we read about a couple of missing jet engines leaving behind only the aircraft skeletons for the RMAF pilots’ “kampong simulations” (like when we were small pretending to fly using the front rattan chairs as our craft and making our own engine noise with our voices).

A few months ago, a naval vessel caught fire. TWICE! You’d think that the fire should have been completely defeated before the vessel is put to rest, but the embers turned it into flames again. It was reported to have been towed to the base for repairs while still burning. What kind of a defense institution is this that they can’t even get their priorities right? Because of that decision, the damage was too great that it became economically irreparable.

Then we read about members of the Armed Forces prostituting themselves to certain foreign embassies in Kuala Lumpur breaching National Security by divulging crucial information about our National Defense. By the way, the authorities thought it wasn’t important enough to be given high profile attention, refusing to mention the rank of the traitors nor the foreign missions paying for their services.

Yesterday it was reported on prime-time television that the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is temporarily out of action due to its ballast tank which is filled with air or water depending on whether the Commanding Officer wants it submerged or otherwise . I regard this as serious because what is a submarine if it can’t submerge? In the Malay language it sounds better. “ Ada kapal selam tapi tak boleh selam .” AND IT’S BRAND NEW!

We can’t blame the Rakyat if they feel vulnerable at this moment in time when members of our security forces are irresponsible, corrupt and careless. It’s a good thing that we are at a time of peace and not war.

The consultants and procurer of future deals advising the government should from now on be known to the public and be more openly accountable. There is RM2.58b allocated for Defense in 2010. Let’s hope it is spent wisely with much prudence and loyalty to the Country.

*** My buddy Tunku Muinuddin Putra (Tunku Abdul Rahman’s grandson), jokingly said after watching the movie 2012, that he’ll have a confirmed space in the Sub named after his grandfather if a situation similar to the one in the movie ever occurs. Perhaps now he would like to reconsider his options. Sorry Mu!

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