Saturday, January 17, 2009




Congratualations to PAS/Pakatan. Commiserations to UMNO/BN.

The Kuala Teranggunites have spoken. They want an affable, humble and a low profile representative. In a span of just over 2 months, Kuala Terengganu has lost two Deputy Ministers. Under normal circumstances, this would be unbearable for the electorate in any other constituency but KT is brave enough to risk the consequences.

UMNO should change its ways by not offering too much development to those who don't want it. They should identify the needs of the respective electorates. We should stop offering Bentleys to those who are contented with Volkswagens. If they prefer a friendly representative to rapid development, we should give them a friend and just offer them the bare minimum in terms of development, enough to get their votes while not forsaking them. We should save the big developments for the places where the voters demand it in return for their support.

Kuala Terengganu deserves YB Wahid as their Member of Parliament from PAS. Overall, it was a clean election and generally a friendly contest between two parties who simply want to serve the people.

UMNO and BN should change their sales pitch and learn not to oversell their product. When supply overwhelmes the demand, it'll make the product cheap. Seek equilibrium for each constituency. We will then see the return of support to UMNO/BN at a much reduced cost and dear promises.

Well done PAS. It's back to the drawing board for UMNO. Perhaps this is the time to reflect and heal. The best time and place to do so is at the State and Federal Conventions leading to the change of guards in March. Let's start a new leaf and begin with the right foot.


Today, we will see how Kuala Terengganu will decide. Will they choose a candidate who will deliver Barisan Nasional’s promise to bring development or a candidate who is indeed friendly and humble but can deliver not much more than a smile and a handshake? Ultimately, they will deserve whom they choose. May the people of Kuala Terengganu be given the wisdom to make the right choice.


sfso@pulaijb said...

Asm TPJ,

Lambang Pakatan Rakyat tu official ke?Looks funny lah.Where is the rocket.Dah sampai bulan ke?I can't see it lah bro..he,he,he

Hopefully the voters will choose wisely.Sapa yang menang tu pls serve your constituency with care and passion..Fulfill your promise..


TPJ said...

Bro sfsopulai@jb

Thanks for the caution. Just to be on the safe side and since the candidates are from UMNO and PAS representing their respective coalitions, I've updated the flags to be more directly reflecting the candidates.

I think it's between just the two of them although there is a third party who is an independent.

Any inconvenience caused to the parties concerned on the original logos is much regretted.

Thanks again bro for highlighting it. Hope you got my e-invite for the official launch of my blog.

Anonymous said...

...i told you its DSAI..that guy is good.OUTMANOEVRE HIM...

Anonymous said...

china vote parti islam PAS sebab dia nak Pakatan Rakyat menang.Anwar Ibrahim is the root cause of problem for UMNO and BN.
you agree?

TPJ said...

Anonymous 9:37,

Yes, I concur, DSAI is good. If he can lie BIG TIME to the whole nation and countries supposedly led by brilliant leaders, exploit the small and simple minded people while impressing the young professionals, try to steal the people's mandate by buying over ruling parliamentarians just to hold power prematurely and still get the people's support and your admiration, I'd say he is extraordinary.

He is GOD's gift to Malaysia! Impossible to out-maneuver. Maybe you can give us some tips since UMNO is "deaf and blind."

TPJ said...

Anonymous 6:39

Anwar is a problem but he is not the root. If you'd take time out to follow the trail (if you really want to find the root), then the worse problem is the person who gave him the early release and that is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and if you go further back to get to the real "ROOT", the worst problem is the person who appointed Abdullah, and that is no other person than Dr Mahathir b Mohamed.

In summary, if you say Anwar is a big problem, you are right, but if you ask who the root of the big problem is, it is Dr Mahathir for appointing the man who is in conspiracy with "the big problem".

Confusing enough?

Anonymous said...


Fully concur with the root causes that u explain to Anon 6:39.

I have been saying that all along. The problems that UMNO(Baru) has now originated from one person TDM. UMNO(Baru) cultures that we have today be its money politic etc are cultures nutured by him as a repoitoire of tools to ensure he helms the party.

When he saw the tide coming in 2003, he deviously handed over the baton to AAB. When the tide arrived, he is safe and cunningly placing all the blames solely on AAB whom he and most of us knew is incapable of leading UMNO(Baru).

One thing sure, our UMNO(Baru) aint the successor of an old UMNO. We are now a different beast. Who ensured the old UMNO demise? Why UMNO(Baru ) was created in 1988.

If we delve into the subject sincerely we will find what has befallen our UMNO(Baru).


sfso@pulaijb said...

Dear TPJ,

Based on the result,I was quick to blame MCA for not working hard enough but the arrogant president said that votes from Chinese actually increased(can this statement be confirm as true or not pls)...

Anyway it seems like people hate Pak Lah too much to vote for BN.The candidate with a fake smile and connected closely to Pak Lah and Khairy was also another deciding factor(I have nothing against Wan Farid though)..Even among the UMNO faithful some of them refuse to vote for Wan Farid.The sooner Pak Lah goes the better lah.No wonder opposition wants Pak Lah to stay as PM.Senanglah diaorg nak beat BN in next by or General election.

Furthermore there are attempts to paint the lost solely n Najib..Something fishy I say..Pls go now Pak Lah as people are growing sick with you..and to say Dr M views was irrrelevant?Does he still think so now?

Anonymous said...

hey u..

1.THE PROBLEM EXIST.In kt,bn says chinese votes stays the same.that means the 3200 votes turnaround was malay votes.The
malays abandoned umno!umno is now no longer relevant.mic and mca will
find their bn formula without umno?

2.SOURCE OF PROBLEM.Anwar Ibrahim.

3.SOLUTION:Work with Anwar Ibrahim.Give yourself a chance.

4.CALM DOWN.He is taking Pensiangan next.Sarawak in March
i think. brave bro..


TPJ said...


Welcome to The Patriot. To an extent you're right on the UMNO baru thing. Its struggle is also not quite the same with the original party. It's leading members have sold their souls to those questioning our relevance today. They are in no position to protect our rights. They've become timid at home and instead have turned their fierce attention towards the struggle of other people thousands of miles away on the pretext of defending the Muslim faith and upholding the facets of humanity.

Thank you for your comments.

TPJ said...


As usual, you hit the nail on the head bro! I need say no more.

TPJ said...


1. MCA and MIC have to clean up their messy homes before even thinking of leaving the fold and finding their own cliques. In BN, they're sitting in the master living room with the big boys. With Pakatan, they'll be treated like foreign workers on a visiting pass stealing odd jobs.

2. Egotistical politicians in UMNO is the problem, not Anwar. He is just like the opportunistic loser who is only capable of winning the hearts of women on the rebound.

3. We've worked with Anwar before. Don't forget he's an UMNO reject. UMNO rejects seem to be first rate leaders in the opposition which means they are useless at leading. Imagine having to accept the wife of an UMNO reject to lead the opposition at one time which describes their level of quality.

4. We work with identified sincere leaders in UMNO. We don't need foreign stooges to lead us thank you very much.

5. Pensiangan is the first UMNO Division that nominated him for Deputy President against Ghaffar Baba. Then they got whacked by a wicked freak storm which was unnatural considering their geographioal position. I'm not surprised if you are right about Pensiangan. As for Sarawak, good luck. I'm still waiting for his Sept 16 promise to materialize.

I'm brave Philly, but I'm sure I haven't lost my mind yet.

Anonymous said...

Guten morgen bro..

First,i love your are
okay.Secondly,let's deal with the
priciple and not personality.DSAI
is beyond personality.He is an

Thirdly,this master living room thing,lets not dignify it with a response.It's almost like lunching
in RSGC with my passe..
and what is that about winning the hearts of whose wife on the rebound?get it?..know what hits you.

UMNO did not reject DSAI.Only
the leaders did.These leaders are
isolated from the real UMNO members
and are not as politically skillful
as DSAI..and now an UMNO reject
makes everybody reject
think?UMNO reject becomes REJECT umno.terbalik..

Stop thinking DSAI is perfect.He
didnt deliver Sept16th and he
is a power addict.Look,while UMNO
blame each other for P Pauh and now
KT,he is getting his MBs doing all kinds of declaration,building up
trust for the people and voters.
Have you read the Mentaloon Declaration?

What if YB Wahid step down as
Wakaf Mempelam ADUN.How?Now who is
the master and who is the reject?


TPJ said...

Good morning Philly.

I'd like to humour you further by entertaining your love affair with Anwar Ibrahim but I'm afraid my level of interest in this man has reached it's peak. So I hope you'll understand if I choose not to engage with you further regarding this "institution" of yours after this.

There are many institutions out there. Some are ones we can be proud of like the Perdana Leadership Foundation, and others are pitiful ones like the mental institution. I'll just leave it at that.

I plead to you not to take lunches with your dad at the Club so lightly. Trust me. I'm speaking through experience. When your dad passes on, you'll regret not treasuring it enough and start going there during lunchtime just to reminisce your moments with him while he was alive.

Same goes with MCA and MIC. No use crying over spilt ginseng and toddy if you know what I mean. UMNO treats them with more respect then Anwar ever will if he becomes the top dog in Putrajaya.

Rejected goods are the in thing today. I'm told the reject shops in town register good sales. The good thing is that 90% of the mass can't tell the difference.

When a grand building like the Raffles Institution is built in Permai, Johor, people admiring it will forget the fact that it actually is a mental institution.

Similarly, when so much hype and promotion surrounds a personality willing him as the next leader, people will forget that he is an ex-convict who served time for the abuse of power while he was at the top.

Let's move on bro. I thank you for your kind approval of my blog. It speaks volumes I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

sure..its been fun..remember my parting brave,cut down on the ego and dont love your wife or
party blindly..people in the know
will find you silly..

stay curious,stay hungry
steve job.

BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ, setelah lama mendiamkan diri dan membiarkan perdebatan semakin hangat, kesimpulan yg dapat dibuat amatlah mudah...

UMNO : harus berubah daripada kemelut yg dihadapi sekrg, lebih kepada kemelut dalaman... dgn pemimpin yg kemaruk kuasa menikam "sparring partner" dgn apa cara yg difikirkan perlu.. Dgn kepimpinan yg langsung tidak "ambik port" dgn kemelut ini.. ia merebak seperti kanser yg sukar utk dibaik pulih.. Nasihat saya yg tak seberapa ini ialah amat simple.. Berubahlah wahai sekalian pemimpin2 UMNO, jadilah sehumble2 yg mungkin, turunlah ke kawasan2 anda dengan kerap dan bukan hanya sekadar memenuhi jemputan ataupun ketika kempen pilihanraya sahaja.. Contohilah pembangkang seperti PAS, yg kempen pilihanraya mereka bersikap konsisten..

DSAI : Sebenarnya tiada apa yg boleh dibanggakan sgt dengan makhluk tuhan yg satu ini.. Kepintaran berbahasa dgn lenggok gaya penyampaian, hanya sebenarnya melayakkannya menjadi juri debat ataupun pengkritik tetap Akademi Fantasia musim ke 7 berganding rapat dgn OGY dan Adlin Aman Ramlie. Sorry to say, dia adalah manusia yg mempunyai "indeks hipokrit" yg tertinggi di dunia.. yg berkata2 hanya utk meraih undi sahaja.. Bukalah mata wahai manusia sekalian, inikah contoh pemimpin yg kita nak sanjung?? Yg bila masuk kampung cina berkata lain, masuk ke kampung melayu berkata lain...

AAB : Letih dan penat hendak diulas mengenai makhluk tuhan yg satu ini.. Betul apa kata SFSO dlm postingnya.. pakatan sebenarnya amat suka kalau Pak Lah still jadi PM, bcoz of kelemahan yg jelas ditonjolkan.. Kekalahan demi kekalahan BN akhir2 ini sebenarnya mmg ada kaitan rapat dengan Pak Lah dan KJ.. Kesian Wan Ahmad Farid.. takpe Datuk.. cuba lagi... nasihat saya, turunlah dan bergaul lah lebih sikit dgn rakyat bawahan.. mereka mahukan wakil rakyat yg boleh bermesra dengan mereka,boleh mendengar keluh kesah dan masalah seharian mereka.. bukannya yg hanya pandai menghulurkan duit sesuka hati apabila perlu.. Bukannya Wan Ahmad Farid tak bagus, cuma maybe caranya yg rakyat nampak tak berapa "friendly"..

TDM : Kepada idola saya ini.. hanya satu pesanan saya kepada beliau, "kalau kebaikan dan kemajuan yg kita telah bawa melebihi daripada sedikit kecacatan yang telah timbul"... dan apa yg dibuat itu dah lebih daripada passsing mark dan "cukup haul".. saya kategorikan ayahnda sebagai lagenda yg masih hidup.. Bravo ayahnda TDM!!

TPJ : Keep on posting and tahniah kepada official launching of your blog "The Patriot".. i wish u all the best!

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