Wednesday, January 14, 2009


No Sime Darby takeover here!

I’m taking time out from the heavy duty politics to cool off for a bit. This continued strain and tense on the back of our necks over who is better at leading the Nation or winning a by-election surely couldn’t be good for the heart. It used to be a once in a 5 year affair, not a daily burden like it is today.

So I’ll throw you a question that’s totally out of the blue.

Do you remember the first time you ever laid eyes on the one you truly love? If you can, would you agree that it was the most magical moment of your life?

It happened to me 19 years ago today on the flight back to school via Los Angeles after the Christmas break. What a sight! It’s one that made me want to be a better man.

A wise man once said that “Some things are better left to your imagination. Once a gentleman gets to know the lady of his dreams better, he’ll discover that she’s not exactly what he expected or dreamed of.” Actually he was wrong on this account. She was and is still everything I ever dreamed of and I am eternally grateful that she chose me to share her life with.

If we can remember the root of a memorable moment, we would learn to appreciate it much better. For instance, if we remember the struggle for Merdeka in 1957 whether by actually being there or by watching and reading the archives, we would treasure our Independence today. If we remember what was told to us in the holy books of how Muhammad, the Messenger of God (PBUH), with much resistence, under the worst circumstances, started the religion from a speck, which spread to a whole Nation and then the entire world, we would observe the Muslim code more carefully and not take it for granted.

Likewise, if you can remember the first time the sight of your life partner burst through you like an arrow, like mine did 19 years ago. Insha’Allah, you will treasure what you have today, not having to realize how priceless she is only after she’s gone.

Always remember your first, your last, your everything!

Now it's back to Kuala Terengganu for the last stretch!

Happy Anniversary Sunshine!


Anonymous said...


mine was in tapas,micasa in 89.
she looked at me but 'jeling'
menyampah.that provoked my attention..she was and still is beautiful.
i was going out with her niece
but she had just left to attend
public school somewhere.
at raintree club,she offered me
some weeds of wisdom in her car.i
huff and puff and she was the best!
she remain married.


BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ, your wife must be proud of you.. such a loving husband.. and also good reminder to all of us, to always remember about our love ones..

TPJ said...

My commiserations to you and the woman's husband.

TPJ said...

Salam BoyHjJamil,

I sure am blessed.

Livin' La Vida Lagos said...

Dearest Brother & Sunshine, Congratulations on your anniversary. I wish for Allah's continued blessings for both of you and your family. Amin. Much Love, KH

Resident Alien said...

Hi uncle..your beloved Houston nephew here. Happy Anniversary to you and aunty!! You guys are lucky to have found each other. Maybe after this "thing" in T'ganu's over, you and aunty can holiday in Houston ;).

TPJ said...

A' Ah? My sista from LayGos.

What ting you de do now?

That was the most common greeting from my Nigerian buddies in London every morning before class!

Thanks for the Doa. Love you much!

TPJ said...

Resident Alien,

Thanks for the greeting. Yeah we had to cancel our trip for the Inauguration 1. Because it's too close after the by-election in Terengganu. We'll be either too busy celebrating or drowning our sorrows with virgin teh tariks. 2. Because Obama picked Aretha Franklin over Beyonce to sing at the event.

We'll take you up on the offer sometime after our courtesy visit to Lagos.