Saturday, January 24, 2009


Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar

The Honourable Minister Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar graciously officiated this blog "The Patriot" on the evening of 24 January 2009 corresponding 27 Muharram 1430H at the Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat Complex, Skudai, Johor Bahru after holding a forum on the Internal Security Act co-organised by The Patriot and The Ministry of Home Affairs.

May the Blessings of Allah be showered upon the events of the evening and those in attendance.


VersedAnggerik said...

Congratulations on the launch!

Sorry, couldn't be there. Time constraints!

All the best to U, man!

TPJ said...

No worries gal! Thanks for the wish.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tengku
Congratulations. Sorry we couldn't make it.

TPJ said...

Salam Cik Fauziah,

I hope you had much fun at the outing. The event went very well albeit a few minor glitches.

I have saved doorgifts for you and your other half and his brother. Hope to see him soon. If you can give him my e-mail address, I can make the arrangements to deliver it to him.

Enjoyed your article on Bukit Serene. It's very close to my family residence and weekend retreat.

Adik Khairy said...

syabas tpj

nama mu harum di seluruh parlimen johor bahru sampai ke muar.HIDUP MELAYU BERSATU.Penjarakan sesiapa yang menyanggah ketuanan melayu

Adik Khairy said...

siapa nama penganjur di shah alam?

adakah anda akan meneruskan forum ini di negeri2 LAIN?

BoyHjJamil said...

Tahniah TPJ.. i was there.. everything looks perfect..

Da Real Deal said...


Congratulations! Your speech pierced through and rattled my bones!

But I thank you for the invitation mostly because it was my first time witnessing Syed Hamid speaking on stage. He is very impressive bro! He spoke the layman's language. He was fiery when he needed to be. Some skeptics who shared my car went home an ISA convert!

At first I wondered why the hall was full of ladies then I was told in Johor the ladies were given first service and didn't sit together with men. That explains why there were many "gentlemen" watching the big scree outside.

Kudos to the Johorians! Very "tertib"!

TPJ said...

Adik Khairy,

Thank you. Penganjur di Shah Alam adalah Shah Alam Free Speech, yes ia di panggil demikian. Ianya sebuah pertubuhan NGO.

Insha'Allah akan di buat di negeri-negeri lain untuk memberi kesedaran kepada orangramai akan keperluannya. Mungkin apabila penjelasan yang terperinci diberi, orangramai boleh memahaminya.

TPJ said...


Thank you.

TPJ said...

Da Real Deal,

I'm glad you enjoyed both our speeches, although I'm quite sure Syed Hamid's was much more blistering at times.

Yes, it is true about Johor manners. They are prim and proper. Also, it is said that Johor Malays are the first people to use the fork and spoon in the Peninsula.

sfso@pulaijb said...

Dear TPJ,

Well organised event

Syed Hamid was brilliant and yourself too.Ada tokoh untuk jadi our next Adun.Insya-Allah bro.

You should organise these kind of events more often to create awareness and to explain to people what is ISA all about.Ramai yang tak faham di luar sana terutamanya anak2 muda dan penyokong2 parti pembangkang.

Anyway I hope that this blog will last forever and keep on posting bro..Salam

I hope thet that you will continue to work hard untuk agama,bangsa dan negara.We'll support you all the way.

TPJ said...

Dear sfso,

Thanks a miliion. All the hard work paid off as the the hall was overspilling with people of all walks. It's a good thing we had the big screen and comfortable seats outside for those who couldn't get in.

I'd say the turnout really inspired my speech as well as the Minister's.

Yes we are going state to state with this to let people listen to the arguments and I'm sure after that, they will see for certain how important the ISA is for the nation's peace and security.

This is not a political tool. From the 47 odd inmates, around 40 consist of suspected terrorists who are Muslims. If it is a political tool, then many members of the opposition would be stacked in there.

The next session would be in Penang also by "The Patriot" presided over by the local community leader there.

Thank you for attending and thank our friends for asking "direct to the point" questions.

Syed Hamid is an able and capable Minister who is able to explain thoroughly whatever question is thrown to him. He knows his job well.