Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Alarm Bell With A Noose Around The Neck For MCA And Gerakan?

Results in the recent Sarawak elections unraveled the real truth about the Chinese community’s support for their own leaders in Barisan Nasional. The benefit of the doubt can no longer be given to them through allocations paid or promises made in advance.

The principled MCA President Dr. Chua Soi Lek has amplified this notification and raised the stakes up by indirectly throwing a challenge to his peers in the Peninsula when he advised the SUPP leaders in Sarawak to reject invitations to join the State Cabinet for their failure to draw Chinese approval for BN.

Having the second highest position in the government also didn’t guarantee Chinese support as proven in the loss of Tan Sri Dr George Chan in Miri while being the incumbent Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak. Being a minority while having that position evidently means nothing to this community.

Dr Chan’s outcome has straight in the face, negated MCA and GERAKAN’s former theory that a Second Deputy Prime Minister’s position for the community will lure their people to the fold.

Prime Minister Najib now can hold Chua Soi Lek by his word which he can impose on the GERAKAN leaders as well. Bring the numbers in, or suffer a reduction in their Cabinet representation. In this scenario, great service can still be rendered to the Chinese community through either Malay or Indian hands truly proving that 1Malaysia is alive and healthy. In fact, it could be more affective since the community at this point clearly rejects MCA and GERAKAN but are slowly warming up to Najib’s style of leadership and the government who cares and shares.

Prime Minister Najib and his Deputy Muhyiddin worked hard to pull through the 2/ 3 majority for BN. UMNO has their work cut out too and beside the top two brass in the Malay party who were deeply concentrated in Sarawak (Dato’ Sri Najib couldn’t even tear himself away from the Rakyat there to pay his last respects at his late aunt’s funeral), the rest must remain silent as to Taib Mahmud’s tenure as Chief Minister because no matter what we have to say, his own party Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu wiped the floor by winning all 35 of the seats contested. Let’s see if UMNO can match that feat winning all or even 85% of the seats we’ll be contesting in the coming general elections. Only then can we stand tall and big in the eyes of our peers.

Sarawak has upped the ante for us all at the federal stage! Every party is challenged at their individual level and has a role to play with a target to achieve, but the onus is on Dr Chua Soi Lek and other Chinese leaders to bring back the numbers for the team. It is important to now work together and ensure that we pull our weights and move forward as 1BN.

The rest can be sorted out with great satisfaction for the Government and People of this great Nation if we achieve our goal giving Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, more than a comfortable two-thirds majority in Parliament.

I Have Always Advocated That The Party Comes First While The Leader Is Less Significant. But In The Case Where The Rakyat Has More Confidence In The Dynamic Leader Himself To Change And Improve On The Average Brass He Inherited From A Weak Predecessor, Then I Have To Make An Exception And Say:


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tokman said...

To me it is dangerous to support an organisation based not on the concrete fair policies but based on the strength of a personality as very few leaders today are really 'clean' for the simple reason such personality do not practise 'religiously' the principles of justice!.