Wednesday, March 24, 2010


At this moment, not a care in the world except for America’s health.

Just 14 months after creating history perhaps even before Americans thought they were ready for an Afro-American with a Muslim name in the White House, President Barrack Hussein Obama, who is probably the first sitting President to be a Nobel Prize Laureate created another one by getting the House to pass his health care reform, which could be described as the most sweeping social legislation in more than four decades.

At approximately 11.15am E.T., seventeen years after the 42nd US President Bill Clinton tried to push for the same but was unsuccessful, and after decades of Presidential Candidates using it as their sales pitch in elections, President Obama kept to his campaign promise and signed the landmark Health Care Reform Bill in the East Room of the White House that extends health insurance to more than 30 million Americans who are currently uninsured.

Change has come to the United States of America. He was all “Fired Up And Ready To Go”, and he went. He chanted “Yes We Can”, and they did.

Recalling his Inauguration speech on a cold January morning last year, I remember him saying that America has given him everything that he had no right to expect. Well today, he has given America back something which they demanded for decades but weren’t quite expecting. Those on "The Hill" shared his belief through their actions that they can “ be unified in service to a greater good.”

Let us hope that change will come to Malaysia when the Barisan Nasional Government gets a fresh and solid mandate by the people witnessing benefits coming the way of the underserved with little privilege. America needed change, they got it in Obama and he delivered. Malaysia needed one too, and we’ve got the best man in Najib Razak. Now let us help him to help us forge a better future for a United and Greater Malaysia.

Malaysia's Very Last Hope

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