Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Let’s Bring It Home!

UPDATED: Monday 5th April 2010. We Would Like To Issue this Advice To Our Political Friends, Influential Or Otherwise: We Have Till 15th April To Put Total Pressure On The Top Leadership To Name An UMNO Representative As Our Candidate. After The 15th When The Decision Is Announced Two Days Before The Nomination Day, We Will Have To Forever Hold Our Peace And Back The Sucker For Better Or For Worse! SO LET'S GET IT ON!!!!

2. If Samy Vellu Agrees To Withdraw As MIC Leader In Exchange For His Candidate For The Hulu Selangor Seat, Will We Take His Word To Be As Strong As Oak Or As Feeble As A Banana Leaf?

Solution: Make Him Appoint His Deputy As PERMANENT Acting President Until His Exit In The Next Party Election, Before We Ink The Deal, Or We'll Be The Ones Eating the Banana Leaf Instead Of The Masala Chicken And Thosai On it!

The Patriot would like to begin by expressing our most heartfelt condolences to the family of Allahyarham Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad, the Member of Parliament for Hulu Selangor who passed away recently after a long ailment. We would like to also thank his family for his years of fine work while serving under UMNO before joining PKR and standing under their ticket in the past General Elections. May his soul rest in peace. Al-Fatiha.

Here’s the racial breakdown of the registered voters in percentage in Hulu Selangor in 2008:
Malay: 53.5%; Chinese: 27%; Indian: 19.04%; Others: 0.40%Total Voters: 63,593Results:1. Dato’ Zainal Abidin b Ahmad (PKR) 23,177 (Majority 198).2. Datuk G Palanivel Govindasamy (BN) 22,979


P78.ULU SELANGOR 1959J.14.2741.ONG YOKE LIN (ALL) 6.537 MJ.1.4162.CHAI YOKE KIN (IND) 5.121

P78.ULU SELANGOR 1964J14.3281.NAZAR NONG (SF) 4.1992.KHAW KAI BOH (ALL) 9.412 MJ.5.213

P78.ULU SELANGOR 1969J.20.8451.KHAW KAI BCH (ALL) 8.278 MJ.1.5232.LIONG AH NAI (DAP) 6.755

P75.ULU SELANGOR 1974J.26.8221.MICHAEL CHEN WING SUM (BN) 15.323 MJ.10.2532.G.DAVIDASON (DAP) 5.070

P75.ULU SELANGOR 1978J.34.7441.MICHAEL CHEN WING SUM (BN) 17.670 MJ.12.8022.LEONG CHIN HOE (DAP) 4.8683.YUSSOF AHMAD (PAS) 2.607

P84.HULU SELANGOR 1986J.42.8261.S.S.SUBRAMAIAM (BN) 19.201 MJ.
P84.HULU SELANGOR 1990J.46.9331.G.PALANIVEL (BN) 20.839 MJ.8.9822.NAZAR YAKIN (S46) 11.856

P88.HULU SELANGOR 1995J.51.2561.PENG KIM SING (DAP) 1.2312.ADNAN BIN DIN (S46) 5.4143.PALANIVEL A/L GOVINDASAMY (BN) 26.829 MJ.21.415



*(Figures are from our Master Statistician: Abib from UMNO Johor)
In the history of parliamentary elections in Hulu Selangor ever since 1955, we won all but the last one. We were even able to sustain the 1969 onslaught which before 2008, went down as the worst election results for the Alliance (before it was known as the National Front and later Barisan Nasional).
On the face of it, in 2008, we lost the Peninsula. Without Sabah and Sarawak, we would have lost the country! It all started from a speck and grew into a large section of frustrated underserved Indians betrayed by their own leaders who put the blame on UMNO, spilling onto the streets of Ampang. The momentum grew and peaked while the “brilliantly daft” Prime Minister at the time decided to commit mass political suicide by dissolving Parliament on the “auspicious” date of 13th February 2008 when we had almost 18 months left still at hand.
This is a whole new deal. We are faced with new problems and younger voters who can get news at the tip of their fingers. We need a candidate who comes from a party that has evidently made changes to adapt to the new age, not one who carries the ghost of the past which leader still presides over them like a living God, albeit one who is unable to grant prayers from the mass.
This Is Selangor. This is a State where we are now the opposition. We have to reach down and really deep to make everything count. We cannot afford the luxury of carrying passengers in the Coalition especially when UMNO will be the one constantly providing the human resources and machinery to win it for the team. We also can’t rely too much on MCA for now because they are on a rehabilitation process and have most recently elected a President who, although was proven outstanding in “all chambers”, could also be the “main course” for the opposition in the campaign trails.
This is a situation that calls for the Prime Minister, Chairman of Barisan Nasional, and President of UMNO to grab the bull by the horn, and make that executive call! It is a Malay majority constituency. Have Mercy on the Selangor Wanita UMNO and the rest of our machinery who will, without the slightest doubt work themselves to the death to snatch this monumental victory signaling the future return of Barisan Nasional as the righteous Government to the great state of Selangor.
This is not the time to show senseless magnanimity on our part to MIC when they were happily running UMNO down for their own failures in our own premise of the PWTC during their last party Convention! I sure hope we charged them for the rental! YES! "Melayu Mudah Lupa", but not this "Melayu" and that is why The Patriot is reminding our “Melayu” leaders to give respect and honour to the Malays where and when it is due. We can do so and still uphold the 1Malaysia spirit. The Malays mustn’t be short-changed to satisfy this end and we trust the good Prime Minister will see that they are dealt with a fair hand.
This Is The Time To Be Magnanimous To Those Who Serve Diligently! It Is Time To Reap The Gains Of Our Own Harvest, From our Own Fields. Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, Name Our UMNO Candidate For The Hulu Selangor Parliamentary Seat And Watch UMNO Selangor Pave The Way To Put Us Back In Our Rightful Place! You Are The Chairman Of The Selangor UMNO Liaison Committee. Do Justice To Them!
May Allah Give Our Prime Minster Taufiq, Hidayah, Great Wisdom And Courage To Lead With A Firm And Fair Hand.


Anonymous said...

Yes Samy Vellu has shown his true colours. He' been riding on UMNO to win votes and then turned out ungrateful. Remember the slippers insult.

There is no better time than now to regain the Malay 'shares'.

Stand your ground and let merit run its true course.

Budi bahasa dan tata susila can jolly well wait.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 1:57am

Thank you for your comment so early while the article is still fresh from the press, so to speak.

Have a pleasant night if you're in the South East Asian region.

MANTRA said...

UMNO and MIC, you guys wish to win or to loose? Straight choice and no tolerate about it!

TPJ said...

Both UMNO and MIC want a big win and an UMNO Candidate will bring this change with the will of God.

Thank you Mantra for your comment.

Go for it said...

Dear TPJ,

It's about damm time UMNO take back seat. There is a very good chance that UMNO would recapture this seat.
If given to MIC, it will be a lost case, a repeat of 2008.And to make thing worst,they have nominate Palanivel again for this seat.
It is magnanimous that MIC is given the seat but the last one proved to be a hopelessly lost case.

Palanivel G
Palanivel was just fruitless, he never had the stamina or energy to serve the people of Hulu Selangor. He can’t even speak when addressing the public for he lacks the energy and is devoid of any dynamism. He is a lethargic old fart!

In 2008, we the voters decided to try the PKR chap but desperate PKR short changed us, as they fielded a poor dying man to represent us. He was never in the picture.
Palanivel was in the same mould, unable to serve the people expect himself. And he will craft the same disappearing act after the elections.
He only enjoyed the limelight that came with the job.
He was arrogant and pompous towards the grassroot voters. You could never arrange a meeting with him if there was no full scale publicity. He would never come down to the ground to help even when it was a public need. His service centre was isolated in KKB and his assistants carried the same arrogance of their master. Palanivel was never on the ground attending to the needs of his constituents. The state of development and facilities’ maintenance by the District Council is ample testimony of the efficiency of Palanivel or his ignorance of what is taking place.
Even Tamils school affairs he was not interested.
I am speaking for a large number of voters from here.
Please do not make the same mistake of Ahmad Abdullah Badawi, a case of anything will do!
Thank You

Maleeq Kassim said...

Saudara Patriot aka TPJ,

Mengetahui sikap UMNO yg sangat baik hati kpd parti2 komponen yg kadang2 lebih menyusahkan kepala nih,saya yakin mereka akan menurunkan calon MIC juga akhirnya..Sifat lembik spt Menteri Dalam Negeri itu sudah meresap juga kpd PM sedikit sebanyak..Malahan beberapa pemimpin UMNO yg sudah kena reject spt Khir Toyo juga mahu calon dari MIC..

Memandangkan saya tak duduk di Hulu Selangor susah utk saya nak bagi komen cuma saya berharap kalau nak letak calon MIC sekalipun,letaklah calon spt P.Kamalanathan yg nampaknya ada karisma sikit,muda,boleh berbahsa Melayu dgn baik dan sering memberi pendapat yg bernas dalam temubual di Astro Awani dan Bernama TV..Palaniel sudah 3 penggal rasanya menang di situ dan mmg takde kemajuan yg di bawa langsung..
Kalau nak letak calon UMNO,saya berharap sangat bukan Muhammad Taib..Bagilah peluang kpd org lain pulak..Maybe kpd TPJ?Tapa TPJ dari Pulai kan?Nanti kena tuduh calon payung terjun pulak..

Sekian terima kasih..Salam sejahtera kpd TPJ sekeluarga

Julia SHAREENA said...

Assalamualaikum TPJ yg dihormati;

Saya bimbang jika kerusi ini diberikan kpd UMNO,sudah pasti ada kerusi UMNO pula yg akan dikorbankan kpd MIC menjelang PRU13nanti.Manalah tau yang jadi mangsa kerusi Parlimen Pulai.

Jangan lupa apa yg terjadi di Parlimen Taiping.Nak bagi kat PPP,abis kerusi keramat kita.Jangan nanti yang dikejar tak dapat,yang dikendong berciciran.

Logiknya said...

Kita perlu ingat jangan bakar kelambu dulu.47% pengundi di hulu selangor adalah bukan melayu.Biarlah jaga semangat setia kawan BN.Cuba bayangkan Jika 47% ini tidak sokong BN kat parleman Hulu Selangor.Adakah BN boleh menang juga.Calon yang di wawarkan adalah G.Palaneval.Beliau adalah calon lama.cuma kita pengundi Hulu Selangor mahu calon lain selain G.Palaneval.Sebab rekod perkhidmatan G.Palanivel sangatlah buruk.
Yang dalam kepala saya ni adalah P.Kamalanathan.Tu ajelah calon MIC buat masa ni yg saya rasa berkaliber.Cuma tak tau dia ni orang mana.Maybe TPJ can enlighten us?

Hang Jebat said...


No point putting an UMNO candidate just for the sake of it..

PM is working so hard to win over the oters but some clown in UMNo is still playing the arrogant game.Just to name a few;Ahmad Maslan(has changed since becoming Peng Perhubungan UMNO),Nazri Aziz,Noh Omar.Try and talk to these politician and ask them to be humble pls.

You can argue,maybe it's their face and they work hard for the country but I guess it's not wrong to be humble right.

TPJ said...

Go For It.

I concur with you on all counts.Offerring the candidacy to MIC at this point in time SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION! The Rakyat in general have lost much confidence if not all in the other major component parties in BN. They view UMNO RIGHT NOW as the most stable and in control not to mention United party in BN and the refined President who is also the Prime Minister is.able to make the difference with a firm hand.I suspect in the absence of the other communities especially in both quality and quantity in campaigning effectively, the UMNO machinery might not "swing with a sling", if you catch my drift.

I thank you for dropping your views in here. Forgive my typos if there are any as I'm doing all this from the back of a speeding vehicle back to the City.

TPJ said...

Saudara Maleeq Kassim,

Insh'Allah Dato' Sri Najib Razak adalah pemimpin yang tegas yang akan menilai sesuatu sehalus2nya lebih2 lagi apabila ianya melibatkan kepimpinan beliau didalam BN dan Kerajaan. Kalau mengikut pilihanraya kecil yang lepas, ramai dikalangan pemimpin dan pengulas2 jalanan yang tak kena mengena dengan kawasan pilihanraya kecil itu mengatakan Tan Sri Isa Samad bukan pilihan terbaik. Namun demikian Najib telah mengambil kira cita rasa rakyat tempatan dan rekod kerja Isa dikawasan itu dan menamakan beliau sebagai calon untuk menentukan kemenangan yang besar.
Jangan tersilap. Darah yang mengalir didalam tubuh Najib adalah gabungan keturunan Tan Sri Hj Noah dan Tun Razak, dan bukan Tan Sri Noah dengan Tun Hussein . Walaupun Najib dan Menteri Dalam Negeri kesayanagan Tuan itu adalah sepupu, perjuangan Najib untuk bangsa dan negaranya adalah jauh bezanya dengan Hisham...bagaikan langit ketujuh dengan teras dalam bumi,

Gurauan Saudara tentang saya amat melucukan namun saya berterima kasih diatas ucapan itu kerana setiap satunya adalah doa. Yang terbaik adalah memilih orang tempatan yang sudah lama berkhidmat dan berkorban lagi berjasa dikawasan tersebut.Kasihan kepada orang tempatan jika orang luar yang diletakkan disitu yang sudah tentunya tidak boleh berfungsi dengan kadar optima walaupun mungkin beliau lebih effective dari Mat Taib.

Terima Kasih kerana sudi meninggalkan ulasan Tuan di sini dan salam sejahtera kepada Saudara seisi keluarga.

TPJ said...

Hang Jebat.

Under the new leadership of Najib Razak Insh'Allah UMNO will not be putting up a candidate just for the sake of filling the void. Thorough vetting will be executed as we are all fully aware that every bullet counts at this point in time and we're damn well not going to be shooting blanks anymore.

As far as Mat Maslan is concerned, yes I have sensed some changes in him ever since his accension to the throne of Information Chief.

Nazri's attitude is not that attractive but I've been told he runs a tight ship in his office taking no nonsense even from his favourite ball carrier. Now that is admirable. People like Noh Omar is needed to counter racists from the other side. We need cats to run off the mice and terriers to bark off the intruders. That is why we keep all.kinds in the Cabinet for the time being.But in general there are more gentle and. kind Ministers in UMNO than not

I thank you for dropping your comments Sir and hope to read more of you in here in the future.

TPJ said...

Alaikum Salam Julia SHAREENA yang dimuliakan,

Tidak ada kepastian tentang apa-apa di dalam pengagihan kerusi didalam pilihanraya melainkan mungkin kerusi majority kaum Cina. Buat sementara ini MIC seharusnya diajar untuk bersikap lebih bertanggungjawab terhadap bangsanya sendiri supaya dapat mereka membantu BN dan bukan parti2kaum lain yang membantu mereka untuk mendapatkan sokongan kaumnya sendiri. Sementara ini mereka hanya menumpang ehsan jentera UMNO dan pengundi2 Melayu untuk mendapat tempat. Namun mereka tidak berterima kasih malah mengutuk pula UMNO yang sudah banyak berjasa kepada kaumnya. Kita akan membuktikan bahawa kita boleh menjaga nasib kaumnya di Hulu Selangor yang merupakan 19% sahaja berbanding dengan kemampuan mereka untuk menjaga 53% dari kaum Melayu.

Tentang Parlimen Pulai, hanya jika PM Najib termakan " sirih jampi " menyebabkannya hilang akal sahajalah baru kita akan melihat calon MIC bertanding di sana memandangkan kaum India hanya berjumlah 7,011 dari 78,428 pengundi. Barang dijauhkan Allah SWT.

Insh'Allah Najib tidak akan tunduk kepada mana2 pihak yang hendak "extort" pucuk kepimpinan, lebih2 lagi apabila mereka didalam keadaan yang agak lemah berbanding kita. Insh'Allah bawah Dato' Sri Najib, yang dikejar bergolek dan yang dikendong pula tetap berjinak.

Terima kasih kerana sudah memberi pandangan ikhlas disini dan diharapkan ianya akan berterusan.


TPJ said...


Benar 47% pengundi adalah bukan Melayu tetapi mengapakah kita harus takut kepada mereka ini? Mengapakah kita tidak berdamping dan cuba memenang hati mereka? Ini menunjunkkan bahawa parti2 komponen yang bukan Melayu tidak menjalankan tugas mereka untuk memenangkan hati orang2 ini. Mengapakah UMNO boleh mendidik atau mendapatkan kebanyakan orang Melayu untuk menyokong orang bukan Melayu tetapi pemimpin kaum lain tidak boleh mendidik atau membimbing orang mereka untuk mengundi pemimpin Melayu?

Juga, saya suka untuk merujuk kepada Almarhum calon yang menang di pilihanraya yang lepas. Beliau adalah orang berbangsa Melayu, menunjukkan bahawa calon Melayu tidak akan menjejas peluang untuk BN kali ini Insh'Allah, malah akan menang dengan majority yang lebih baik memandangkan jentera pilihanraya adalah 90% merupakan orang UMNO.

Tentang P Kamalanathan, beliau merupakan seorang Pegawai Perhubungan Awam yang agak hebat dan tersohor juga yang kalau tidak silap saya datangnya dari Rawang, juga tempat duduk orang2 yang sedang meningkat maju di Selangor.

Namun demikian, P Kamalanathan secara peribadi lebih dari layak untuk bertanding tetapi yang sedih untuknya adalah imej dan reputasi MIC yang tidak begitu menyebelahinya. Untuk pilihanraya kecil ini dimana "the stakes are high" dalam bahasa orang putihnya, kita calonkan orang yang terbaik dari parti yang terkuat. Kita simpan dahulu P Kamalanathan untuk pilihanraya umum nanti. Kita akan rugi jika beliau tidak di jadikan salah seorang dari calon MIC dimasa2 akan datang.

Palanivel pula jika dipertandingkan dan menang pula, akan mendatangkan mudharat dunia kepada MIC dan pucuk pimpinan kerana terpaksa memikirkan tempat beliau dalam kabinet memandangkan beliau adalah Timbalan Presiden MIC. Di manakah pula akan diselitkan Subramaniam? Adakah parti MIC akan menuntut untuk satu lagi kerusi didalam Kabinet?

Dari itu, PM harus ambil jalan yang mudah dan bernas. Kepala tak sakit malah kemenangan besar pula di raih Insh'Allah. Namakan orang UMNO sebagai Calon BN di Hulu Selangor.

Permaisuri UMNO said...

Yang Dimuliakan Memanda Tengku Putra Jumat,
Saya terpanggil untuk menukilkan sesuatu dalam ruangan peribadi politik saudara. Walaupun saya berlawanan jantina dengan YM Tengku, tapi jiwa dan darah saya adalah sehangat YM dalam memperjuang nasib anak bangsa.
Saya haruslah memuji yang teramat sangat dengan usaha yang tak pernah kunjung jemu oleh YAB PM untuk memulihkan kembali keyakinan rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum di Malaysia. Turut diheret untuk turut sama menjayakan agenda keyakinan perpaduan, kestabilan dan kemajuan ini adalah isteri beliau yang tercinta YAB Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor. Beliau telah memboktikan, kebolehan, kemampuan dan kedaya saing beliau untuk sama2 bergerak seiring malahan dalam kebanyakan perkara, beliau adalah lebih baik dari kebanyakan Menteri yang sekadar memanaskan kerusi kabinet. Datin Seri Paduka telah menolak tepi keempukan kerusi dan kemewahan keselesaan mahligai Isteri Perdana Menteri untuk sama2 meredah keluh kesah rakyat, mendekati denyut nadi rakyat dan telah tanpa berkira membangun masyarakat generasi pra-sekolah. Kalau sayalah diberi peluang, I would rather say She is the best First Lady we ever had for our country in the Century. Saya tidak malu malah merasa bangga bahawa beliau adalah payung rakyat disebalik kejelitaan beliau yang mempesonakan. Inilah ciri kekuatan PM kita bila didamping dgn isteri tercinta yang berkertrampilan dan geliga.
Berbalik kepada artikel YM, saya membantah sekeras-kerasnya jika MIC cuba memekik melolong untuk diberikan kerusi panas. Kita dibawah payung BN. Asa dan kekuatan kita adalah perpaduan. Saya tidak rela, Wanita UMNO seperti saya bermandi keringat, membanting tulang pabila ketahui yang kita menempah keranda untuk ditanam.
YM, saya doakan perjalanan politik YM. Dengar khabar, InshaAllah ada sesuatu yang sedang menanti. Manis semanis wajah YM.
Permaisuri UMNO

Anonymous said...

Well done Permaisuri UMNO.
I am absolutely agree with you. YAB PM with the lovely wife has done a trumendous job within a year with all high impact move and strategic position. TPJ,
You have made a very good writing on our beloved PM. This should be the way how to project our leaders to all over the world. Tun Razak must be the happiest person now, when his son succeed Malaysia in good hand with a good people.
For you TPJ, you should stand more than a queens bloger.Our PM need such a good people like you, we need a cream personality with a perfect lookalistic to ensure the rakyat will love it!

Melayu Moden said...

Salam saudara Patriot;

Memandangkan pada hari ini (3 Apr 2010),Presiden MIC telah membuat kenyataan bahawa mereka memberi sepenuh kepercayaan dan akan menghormati apa sahaja keputusanPM dalam menamakan calon dan berjanji tidak akan membantah jika bukan calon mereka yang dicalonkan,maka inilah peluang terbaik untuk PM menamakan seorang dari UMNO sbg calon asalkan bukan Mohd Taib sudahlah..Saya sangat tidak bersetuju..

Anyway good luck kpd BN di Hulu Selangor dan kpd pemimpin UMNo spt Khir Toyo dan Khairy harap berdiam diri sahaj sehingga PM membuat pengumuman rasmi siapa calon di sana.

Terima kasih

TPJ said...

Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Permaisuri UMNO,

Gandingan suami isteri "pertama" kalau boleh di istilahkan begitu, iaitu Dato' Sri Mohd Najib dan Datin Sri Rosmah adalah sebagaimana yang digambarkan oleh Paduka Permaisuri tadi. Sangat mantap dan mempunyai "subtsance". Insh'Allah ianya akan berterusan untuk kebaikan negara.

Saya juga rasa untuk pilihanraya kecil ini, kita harus menamakan wakil dari UMNO untuk menjadi calon dan jika terbukti bahawa MIC sudah menukar Presidennya mengikut peredaran semasa, dfan mampu untuk menarik pengundi2 India untuk BN, maka kita pulangkan kerusi itu kepada mereka di PRU13 nanti.

Wanita UMNO harus bersuara mendesak pucuk pimpinan kehaluan ini kerana jika tidak, pucuk pimpinan akan menganggap perkara ini boleh diterima oleh jentera parti keseluruhannya. Kalau hendak berharap kepada Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia untuk mendesak di bawah Ketua Pemudanya yang ada sekarang, saya rasa Kiamat sampai dahulu tanpa sempat menempah kerandapun.

Menunjung Kasih diatas doa Permaisuri itu untuk saya dan jika benarlah ada sesuatu yang sedang menanti, mohon maklumkan kepada kami kerana tiada angin yang selama ini datang untuk menyampaikan " lagu " ini kepada saya.

Semoga Permaisuri terus memberikan pandangan lagi di dalam ruang blog saya yang tidak seberapanya ini dimasa2 hadapan.


TPJ said...

Anonymous 8:42

I thank you for your kind words for me. "Cream Personality and perfect lookalistic which the rakyat will love". Hmm...such bombastic though never heard terms before, but feels good to read if left to my own imagination ;-)

Pray for Najib and you pray for the Nation!

TPJ said...

Melayu Moden,

Kita harap Dato Sri Najib tidak akan termakan dengan reverse psychology Samy Vellu.

Kita sudahpun cuba calon mereka di Selembau tetapi mereka masih gagal untuk mendapatkan sokongan India kembali. Hari ini kalau ada pun sokongan tersebut adalah dari usaha murni dan titik peluh Najib sahaja.

Sekarang, orang2 UMNO harus bangkit mendesak supaya Perdana Menteri kita menjadi tegas dan utamakan merit didalam Barisan National, dan jika merit yang menjadi kayu pengukur, maka sahlah MIC tidak layak untuk ketika ini.

Hanya Insan Biasa said...

I think it is about time for the Malays to learn their lesson. Giving millions citizenship to you know who, and look them and their ungrateful attitude..after 50 years! MIC .. setakat isi isi tempat kosong tapi keje tak jalan. TAK PAYAH!

Respect kepada orang Melayu, wahai PARTI MELAYU. Bukan orang bukan Melayu yang jual negeri, tetapi orang Melayu sendiri. If MIC / MCA are real 'kawan' and mengamalkan semangat setia kawan, they should advise their people (and work their lazy ass off for the first time) to undi BN regardless. Not the other way round!. WHy? Simply majorities are Malay. So whats the problem?

Small or big doesn't matter.

E.g. Jews. Small numbers but THEY CONQUER THE WORLD!

TPJ said...

Hanya Insan Biasa,

You are right. The "others" won't and can't take away anything from us unless we readily give it to them and as demonstrated in the past, once we give it to them, there is no taking back.

We don't have to look at the Jews, perhaps that is too sophisticated for the minds of average Malay leaders (especially those with small minds and big mouths in the UMNO Supreme COuncil). All they need to do is learn from Singapore on how to deal with minorities.

Thank you for your comment and please do pop by again.