Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Is it going back to the old days again when minor princlings go to clubs marking their territory trying to prove who is more royal than the other? In the 80s we saw the children of one particular Head of State gallivanting and controlling the discos in town each having bodyguards to intimidate other patrons of the clubs they frequent.

In the 90s, then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed and UMNO put a stop to criminal intimidation by certain irresponsible royal parties by amending the Constitution. Things became much better ever since and after behaving in the proper fashion, the Royal members were restored certain privileges befitting their position in the society.

Today, it seems it has reared its ugly head again, with a battery of bodyguards flaunting their muscles on the highway and in established clubs downtown Kuala Lumpur. I hope this time, the government won’t have to take out “ the stick “ yet again to put everyone in their proper places.

Recently, a member of Negeri Sembilan’s former first family, claimed that he was assaulted by the third in line to the Johor throne reportedly at the Crowne Plaza at Jalan Sultan Ismail after having a friction at a club downtown. He claimed to have been beaten by the Johor Prince while a gun was being pointed to his head by the same. That’s an awkward position as I personally would think that pistol whipping him would have been more affective and easier. Anyway, the alleged victim’s mother came to his rescue when in a rare opportunistic moment he managed to communicate with her.

Now I don’t know this chap from Negeri Sembilan but I have encountered the Raja Muda of Johor several times and even once took my time driving off from a VIP parking space while he patiently waited for his turn. His bodyguards didn’t even rush to me to shoo me off, and this was on Johor soil. He seemed like a gentleman then and not at all big headed like he is painted out to be. People can change though but there is an easy solution to uncovering the truth. If all this happened in the lobby elevator and the corridors of the Crowne Plaza, then the CCTV recordings on that evening should shed some light .

1. If it shows that the event didn't occur the way it was claimed, then the liar should be charged
for perjury.

2. If it did occur the same way the accuser had claimed then the Johor Prince and his goons
should be charged for assault with a deadly weapon and put in the slammer.

3. If the CCTVs were not working, then both should sue the so called 5 Star Crowne Plaza for
failing to take proper precautionary measures to preserve the security of its guests and
denying all parties of the whole truth.

The alleged victim’s mother sought RM50 million in damages and an apology, even said that her son is priceless and it’s not about the money, contradicting herself in one whole breath. I’d think that if it was indeed for justice, then she shouldn’t throw in the damages with an apology but instead demand for nothing less than a jail sentence for the Raja Muda of Johor. Adding the fact that her son just completed a chemotherapy course for cancer made her plea for sympathy from the public really pathetic considering he was presumably celebrating the end of the treatment at an alcohol infested night club as opposed to paying gratitude to the Almighty in front of the Ka'abah in Mecca.

The Home Minister, as much as I hate to relate anything to him in my blog, has said that the delay in the investigation in this case is because there was an effort to settle it between the two parties privately. Now from what little I know of the law, when there is criminal intimation with a deadly weapon thrown in, even if the two parties decide to settle it privately, the Attorney General is bound by duty to open the case for investigation.

Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is; one irresponsible royalty MUST come out paying the price to society for being a public nuisance and bringing the Malaysian Royalty to shame and exposing the Institution to further bashing from the Rakyat. The Special Court to my knowledge is to hear cases involving only Sultans and Royal Heads of States. Minor princlings must be subjected to the normal court of law along with other peasants of the State.

An example must be made for the other members of the royalty and even more importantly children of rich local politicians with powerful strings to pull so that everyone knows that in the eyes of God and the law of the land, everyone is as equal as the teeth of a comb. As we are accountable to God in the hereafter, we are equally accountable to society for our misguided ways in this current life.


Afzanne Kamaruzaman said...

Anak raja yang tak berapa nak glamour..so ambil kesempatan untuk menjadi glamour..kesian..

umar said...

Salam Aidil fitri Bro Tengku Harun,
The Negeri royal Family was flying high during Mahathir's time ; The Antah Group, Melewar Group, MAA Insurance . For more than two decades they were in sports clubs, olympic councils,Mahkota college, printing,publishing,media advertising,MAA. The Negeri royal family is as dead as gone.Those days they were eveywhere;from designer underwear to watches, jeweleries...etc God knows more
I always wonder depa ini Melayu ke or Mat Saleh.They appear more like Anglo- Malays or Pan Asian. I wish i was a royalty. No need to work, study hard. Easy money, corporate shareholdings, board membership,sports officials in National sports Councils..etc What a life ? Beyond the dream of any ordinary citizen.Everyday play Golf or horse -riding. The envy of all other royal families in Malaysia ! So where do we normal mortals stand ?

TPJ said...

Salam Cik Afzanne,

Hakikatnya pendidikan Agama itu penting didalam membentuk akhlak yang mulia. Jika diambil pengemis jalanan pun, jika diberi kekayaan, kekuasaan dan glamour, mereka juga akhirnya akan berlagak macam Firaun. Ini boleh dilihat dikalangan tabiat setengah2 pemimpin2 Melayu yang kaya raya dan berpengaruh.

Yang penting, jika ibu dan bapa mereka memberi pendidikan untuk dunia dan akhirat yang sempurna, perkara ini tidak akan terjadi.

Bodyguard adalah pengawal peribadi yang sepatutnya menjaga keselamatan majikannya, bukannya untuk menjadi samseng yang memegang ketat tubuh mangsa untuk dipukul oleh majikannya.

Namun demikian kita harap bangsa kita baik anak raja, ahli politik dan orang Melayu dapat mengambil iktibar dari segalanya ini.

Kedudukan bangsa Melayu kini sering di persoalkan, anak2 kepada raja dan ahli politik kita pula lalai dengan hiburan sementara sebilangan ahli politik Melayu khususnya yang muda, sibuk hendak mencari kekayaan melalui kedudukannya sehinggakan mereka lupakan perjuangan untuk Agama, Bangsa dan Negara.

Salam aidilfitri kepada Saudari seisi keluarga. Maaf Zahir dan Bathin.

TPJ said...

Salam Aidilfitri Umar.

The Negeri Sembilan Royal Family is very much around bro. This current Yam Tuan Besar is the rightful Head of State who was by-passed when his father died presumably because of his age but some say it was because the first Prime Minister used his influence to have Tuanku Jaafar on the throne instead.

God Almighty gave the previous family that you mentioned a lucky bounce (as we say in golf) but they didn't put it to good use in path of Islamic righteousness. Instead they chose a life of the Windsors and I presume becuase of that, they lost the throne just like that after Tuanku Jaafar died.

Trust me bro, except for the first Royal family that lives in the Palace on a hill somewhere, other members of royalty have to slog it out just like you and I. In fact some politicians on both aisles are richer than royalty.

It all boils down to each one's behaviour and attitude. I know for a fact that the Terengganu royal family are humble and His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong is a practicing Muslim with first class moral values. His brother the Tengku Bendahara is my buddy and he hasn't got an arrogant bone in his body.

Umar, maybe you should find a royalty or an Aristocrat who has married a peasant and see who in the house acts more like a slave driver. The former peasant or the other.

Hope you had a jolly good Raya Bro. Happy holidays to you and the family and do drive defensively when you are on the road.