Tuesday, September 29, 2009



UMNO has proven that it is a fair party that doesn’t practice discrimination on those who have served their sentence and remained loyal to the party.

Yes. Tan Sri Isa Abdul Samad has been nominated to stand in the Bagan Pinang by-election on a Barisan Nasional ticket. Now is the time for him to work hard to win it big for BN while clearing his name at the same time.

Isa Samad was suspended as member of UMNO for 3 years in 2005 for money politics while contesting and eventually winning the Vice Presidency of UMNO in 2004. Though he was singled out when several other parties were clearly guilty of the same, he remained loyal to the party, kept quiet and even campaigned for BN in Ijok. There is no rule in the UMNO Constitution that states that a guilty member who has served his punishment and was reinstated, cannot be nominated by the Party to stand as candidate in the National Elections. It is obvious that this also applies to the opposition which is even worse having ex-convicts stand as candidates in the elections who went on to win. Also, punishing a person twice for the same crime is considered “double jeopardy” in law.

Most importantly, fielding Isa is not about giving him a second chance. The fact remains that Isa is the best candidate that can bring in the numbers to win it for BN in Bagan Pinang, and that should be the main point at a time when UMNO really needs a boost in this arena. At the very least if he succeeds, the leadership should ensure that he grooms his successor for the General Elections in three years before he stands down.

Some skeptics within and out of UMNO may say that we may win this battle but will eventually lose the war. To them I ask, what Mickey Mouse War will we win on God’s earth if we lose all our battles? We should learn to go back to basics and cross one bridge at a time instead of dreaming of Disneyland. Now, Isa Samad MUST win this battle for us. If not, then I suggest Bank Negara monitors the outflow of liquid assets in the coming months leading to the General Elections. I suspect the opposition will not be as compassionate and weak as our own if they win the Government.


Anonymous said...


The BN Chief needed a strong back to put this man with a murky past on the right spot ie just an UMNO member.
Since this man with murcky past is a candidate fr the byelection,the chances of winning the other voters in all the Parlimens and sateassmblies of clean and untainted leadersip is flushed down to sea off ofPD.
Even if this man win the by,it means:
a: UMNO is not changed,
b: UMNO will not change
C: UMNO winning seats will be 50 % or less in next GE.
If UMNO lose this byelection,
a: is proof of the prediction and b: show the forcast for the nex GE.
c: UMNO sacrifice prisinple for "Corrupt practioners"
Too bad,BN had its chance to redeem reputation ,trhow it to PD sea.
Fcst that same result as in past byelects.
UMNO is on the road to an opposition party in nex electn.
All pple know now that opposition will use this byelect to finish off in PESTA BAGAN PINANG and coup de grace.
Bookmakers will running large stakes.....
Bn sori,but no apologies.
Patriot,my inglis so so only.Sori.
Mah Ngah Tong.

TPJ said...

Mah Ngah Tong,

Everyone is welcomed to The Patriot regardless of the views brought forth.

Don't worry your precious mind over whether UMNO can make it or not in the next General Elections.

If we win or lose, it will be based on the rate of work by 222 of our representatives in parliamentary constituencies and more than 500 state assemblie seats . It will not be because of one so called 'tainted' candidate in Bagan Pinang.

Here is a voter's intelligence test for you. If you vote in Perak, will you be looking at who UMNO put in Bagan Pinang to determine who you vote for in Perak or do you judge your candidate there by his rate of work for you?

If you vote in Perak based on who we put in Bagan Pinang, Negeri Sembilan, then my friend you deserve the opposition to lead you and I wish you good luck.

I'm sad that many young and intelligent Malaysians can't think for themselves that they leave it to an 85 year old man to poison their minds.

The opposition leader himself is an Ex-Convict who served time for abuse of power while he was the Deputy Prime Minister. The Penang Chief Minister also served time in in the Corrections Centre.

So UMNO and BN are not clean, the opposition is even worse. So who are you going to vote for John MCcain and Sarah Palin?

Anonymous said...

I agree. UMNO and BN might be not be a fairytale for all. But the opposition, dont even start. From the nation instability that they has brought since 1998, till now.. I view them as close as the M.A.F.I.A who brought down the sovereignty in Italy.

They (opposition supporters) think that the PR is like their messiah.

Dear Patriot, just do to the opposition like what Singapore does to the oppositions there (as you wrote in your previous post).

Some of us suspect that PKR is backup by a rich extra-malaysia company/organization. You know, the company which promotes New World Order. Whatever it is, I pray for UMNO and BN to make its comeback for this nation stability.

Lately,, there is a Malaysia Day. Among my peers, Malaysia Day is a symbolic day for the chauvinist. For them, it represents that the death of Ketuanan Melayu. Yes. They are that psycho. Read a lot of opposition supporters comment. Rebel by nature is their trademark.

I wish Anwar ibrahim will just die.

TPJ said...

Dear Anonymous 1:56 PM

I agree that big local corporate figures financially support both the BN as well as the DAP while the other party in the opposition is said to be getting money from abroad.

Our Government is not serious in stamping down the opposition as the opposition are serious about running us to the ground as proven with Selcat.

If we can trace the funds fuelling the opposition's advance, and take them to the cleaners, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Tun Dr Mahathir and the rest of Malaysia including myself can criticize and redicule Lee kuan yew all we want but the fact remains that HE knows how do really run a country and treat his subjects. No transperency. No freedom of speech nor press. Just an iron fist and a large bank account.

As far as Malaysia Day is concerned. We don't have to make it a National Holiday in the Peninsula but make it one in Sabah and Sarawak marking their entry and forming Malaysia. If the chauvanists here want to celebrate it, they can fly across the South China Sea.

Merdeka is the Day of importance here and everyone will and must remember which political party initiated and led the movement towards that end.

TeMagi said...

Win or loose is inconsequential for the current moment. A win would only be a 'macho boost' for umno after its loss in Kuala Terengganu. But the actual repercussion of putting up Isa Samad would only be felt come the next general election. Where the opinion of the whole country matters and not just those in Bagan Pinang. If he lose than you can see the beginning of desertion from the governing party. The tainted would either cross over or migrate with their bags full of loot! Either way it would be to the benefit of the party by automatic cleansing. By not willing to change i therefore, for the sake of my foolish sentiment for Umno, hope Isa loose, however unlikely. One must not only be clean but seen to be clean. What matters most with the current generation is perception, and that we must beware.

TPJ said...


Right now, UMNO needs this "macho" boost like fish need water. We'll let the general election take care of itself. If we aim and work hard hard to ensure a win in every constituency, then we will achieve it. UMNO has changed in my eyes. It has changed in the sense that it doesn't take elections for granted anymore and while it was impossible to even dream of losing the government then, it can become a reality. UMNO is more alert now and will be on guard for every vote they can get from the public.

If being clean and being seen clean is the main concern, then we are on an even keel with the opposition as they are just as dusty as UMNO. The only thing UMNO lacks and needs to spend on is agressive advertising and winning the minds of the new generation as you have duly warned. After all, in this age, it's not about delivery and service to the mass. It's about "perception".