Friday, June 19, 2009


Almutawakkil Alallah Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail

Allah Selamatkan Sultan are the last three words from the Johor State Anthem known as the Lagu Bangsa Johor. The loyal Citizens in Johor usually pray for the well-being of H.R.H. the Sultan, the Royal family, government servants, the rakyat and for peace and harmony in the State in one go after Friday prayers every week. UMNO was given birth on the steps of the Johor Palace. As such, the rakyat feels like they have a special relationship and bond with H.R.H. the Sultan.

Yesterday His Highness’ decree delivered by the Tunku Mahkota, Tunku Ibrahim Ismail on his behalf at the opening of the State Assembly, rejected the proposed third bridge linking Johor to Singapore.

In the first place, the topic of the originally proposed Crooked Bridge has been a sore point in the souring relationship between Malaysia and Singapore mainly because of the cancellation of the project by the former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Badawi on the false pretext that the cancellation was in the best interest and wishes of the Johor people. This was an outright lie because the Johor leaders were never consulted nor asked to seek feedback from the people they represented. I specifically remember not long after Dato Sri Najib Razak, the then Deputy Prime Minister, inspected the CIQ, he was asked whether the project was on track in a press conference and his answer was something to the effect that the government was going ahead with it and will not turn back on their decision. A week later, it was reversed and the decision was announced by Abdullah Badawi himself blind-siding Najib entirely, almost turning him into a liar. Naturally, being the Deputy, he had to concur with his Prime Minister.

The people of Johor became weary of Federal decisions made on the State of Johor in their name ever since the infamous “lie” by the former Prime Minister and this was compounded by the decision regarding Johor yet again by the same person, this time on the Joint Committee with the Singapore Government on the Iskandar Region.

We are wondering why the Johor Government, which is supposed to be the Custodian of the State and her people, remained silent when Abdullah lied about Johorians wanting the Crooked Bridge to be cancelled and we still wonder why the Johor Government are mute and is evidently agreeable to the Joint Committee with Singapore on matters regarding our Sovereignty in Iskandar. Do we not have qualified consultants who are equal to the task, perhaps those who’ve developed Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang or even Putrajaya that we have to include our “not so friendly neighbour” to participate in this development? If Singapore wanted to develop Sentosa Island or even Jurong which is closer to Johor for instance, would they opt to form a Joint Committee with the Johor State Government? I think not.

I’ll just cut through the chase and say it straight up. We are fed up with our State representatives in the Assembly and the Johor State Government for not speaking their minds until it is too late. The idea of a third bridge linking us with Singapore was a rude shock when we were expecting an announcement of the revival of the Crooked Bridge instead. When I was asked about it once before, I was a little apprehensive about demanding for its revival in view of the economic outlook and wasn't sure whether the Prime Minister had the resources in his hands to afford such an endeavor not to mention the opportunity cost for it's resurrection. However, if we can afford to build a much longer bridge from Pengerang albeit with shared costs with our “nemesis” as announced by the Government, we can damned well afford the shorter bridge over the waters and within the territories of the Pulai UMNO Division as originally planned.

Surely being the head of the State Government, the Menteri Besar would know how the general public feels about it and he should be honest enough to convey the message to the Prime Minister instead of going along and taking for granted the support that we are currently enjoying from the people. Yes, Johor UMNO cured the disease from spreading by pressuring the former Prime Minster out of office. Let’s not have to do it again and save Johor from losing more seats to the opposition because of the lack of preventive measures taken by the Menteri Besar and the BN State Assemblymen who are there to serve the interest of the People, not the leaders in Putrajaya, least of all Singapore.

We, the Barisan Nasional are holding on by a thread in the other States and drowning in the affluent towns and cities in the Peninsula. Are we sure we can afford to gamble with the support from our stronghold in Johor by kowtowing and addressing the needs of our kiasu friends?

Dato’ Sri Najib, the man I have always prayed for to be Prime Minister of Malaysia ever since I was twelve, should take a long hard look at Johor and have a dialogue with local leaders to get honest feedback and in his very own words during one of his rallies, “ feel the pulse and heartbeat of the Rakyat, “ because he sure is not getting those vibes from the State Government and the UMNO division chiefs who try to remain in his good books not knowing that by doing so and not giving him the true picture, they are hurting him and his aspirations to lift the country to greater heights.

The State leaders should be sincere to the Prime Minister by telling him of the real situation on the ground. Granted, perhaps this idea mooted by Dato’ Sri Najib is capital in the macro aspect because it will bring long term benefits to the East Coast not to mention allowing the rich Singaporeans to stretch the legs of their Ferraris and Porsches along the other length of the Peninsula. The Johor leaders should do their job earnestly and save H.R.H. Sultan Iskandar from having to intervene after having felt the heartache of his subjects, most of whom voted for the BN Ruling Government.

During the lapse in judgment of our State leaders in advising the Prime Minister of the weakening pulse and heartbeat of the Rakyat of Johor, we would like to offer our most humble gratitude to His Royal Highness Almutawakil Al-Allah Al-Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail Ibrahim for alerting the national leadership of the same and wish His Royal Highness the very best of health under the protection and guidance of Allah The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.



Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tengku
Despite what has been said about him and what he had done before in the past, KeBawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Sultan Johor is much loved by his Rakyat.
Most, if not all of us, know he has the state's and the Rakyat's interests at heart.
He spoke up the first time at the launch of Iskandar about wanting the Causeway demolished. This was ignored by the previous administration.
He spoke up again, through the Tunku Mahkota of Johor, that he doesn't want a third bridge.
Does he have to speak up the third time to be heard?

p/s. In reaction to HRH's decree, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the third bridge is still a proposal and had not be decided on yet. Let's pray it stays that way.

Anonymous said...

Dearest TPJ,
You never fail to impress me with your insight on current happenings.
Yang Amat Berhormat, enough of zapin already..


TPJ said...

Cik Fauziah,

I was there at the launch of the Iskandar when H.R.H. spoke of the Causeway and how his ancestors were cheated by the British.

I was again on Johor soil on a day trip when His Highness' message was delivered through H.R.H. The Tunku Mahkota of Johor at the State Assembly regarding the third bridge.

The Federal Government may not agree and may even ignore His Highness' call just like the previous one on the Causeway, but at the very least H.R.H. has conveyed the true feelings of the rakyat in Johor which was meant to be the job of the State Government.

Menjunjung Kasih Tuanku.

TPJ said...

Dear Datswhy,

Leaders need to hear the truth from their supporters and on the current, I see those in close proximity to them are just egging them on with the decisions taken instead of giving an opposing but true perspective to safeguard whatever support and confidence the Rakyat have left in us (Barisan Nasional) and the Prime Minster.

We must remember, if BN goes down, we all go down with it, I give you my affidavit, I'm not one who jumps ship.

My consceince is clear. The leaders should reduce the number of fair-weather advisors surrounding them and read blogs like this. LOL!

Hareeem said...

TPJ, i like the phrase you mentioned in your line as follows "Dato’ Sri Najib, the man I have always prayed for to be Prime Minister of Malaysia ever since I was twelve,". It shows that you are very articulate on reading the future ancient of Malaysia. And i believe, if you been standing side by side with Uncle Lee who used to be your neighbor, he definitely give a salute on your prediction.
Anyway, The HRH Almutawakillalallah is a true leader for Johorian. He listen the heartbeat of Johore people. And i would like to highlight to all of the readers, we should not put a total blame to our beloved DS Najib Razak. He is very capable and intelligence to do such decision. Might be it has been sensationalize by the media and I believe, DS Najib wont hurt the majority of Johorians who loves him so much.
TPJ, DS Najib Razak will reenginered the situation. He is one of my strong leader in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Daulat Tuanku !
Daulat Tuanku !
Daulat Tuanku !
Menjunjung Kasih.

arjuna waspada.

TPJ: Thank you.

Orang kebanyakan said...


Aku suka baca blog kau ni ats beberapa sebab

1)Wpun kau org UMNO,kau bersifat universal.Tulisan kau taklah one sided sangat mcm sesetengah blog pro UMNO

2)Bila kau rasa nak tegur pemimpin2UMNO,kau bantai aje kerana kau percaya denagn konsep berani kerana benar,takot kerana salah.Aku betul respek kat kau dalam bab ni

3)Walaupun kau selalu posting dalam Bahasa Inggeris,posting kau selalunya jelas dan mudah difahami

4)Kau satu-satunya blogger yang sudi nak balas komen-komen disini satu persatu tak kiralah komen tu menghentam,memuji dalam Bahasa Melayu ataupun dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Berkenaan dengan topik ini,aku pun nak menjunjung kasih kat sultan Johor atas bantahan baginda terhadao Jambatan Ketiga.

Janganlah terpedaya lagi dengan singapura atas projek-projek yang hanya menguntungkan satu pihak sahaja.

Teruskan dengan jambatan yang akan menggantikan 'causeway'..Sakit mata memandang TPJ..CIQ cantik dan tersergam tapi masih lagi guna 'ca buruk tuuseway' kalau nak ke Singapura..

Mungkin selama ini suara rakyat Johor susah(atau buat-buat tak didengar)didengar oleh orang-orang di atas.Bila Sultan dah bersuara,terbukak lah biji mata .

Salam TPJ

TPJ said...

Hareem Salam,

I first met Dato' Sri Najib when I was 9 years old and he visited us in The Hague, Holland when he was on a short holiday from school in Britain. I wasn't sure if it was for Easter or Thanksgiving but one of the two.

I only knew that he was the son of my father's boss at that time who was Tun Razak.

Ever since Tun Razak died and he took over his constituency as Member of Parliament, my father followed his development from the media and so did I. Since he was the only politician then that I came to know once upon a time, I kept on praying that he too would rise like his father.

Now, I am serving the party that he is President of and by serving the people better I guess it means that I'm indirectly serving him, in that particular order.

As Joohorians, we know what Uncle Lee is all about. Furthermore, I have letters from the Tunku to my late father saying that everyone should be careful of this "dangerous man".
These are not my words, they were that of the late Tunku Abdul Rahman's.

Baginda Tuanku may not be seen mingling with the rakyat much but HRH knows when his subjects are aching in their hearts. The politicians are too busy taking care of their personal interests that they dare not speak up aginst the decision of their leader but once the Sultan speaks, they all come together to say that it was the right call. Bloody hypocrites each and everyone of them! That is why HRH had to speak to relay the message on behalf of his subjects.

Daulat Tuanku!

Dato Sri Najib is much loved in Johor, but the Johor politicians are the culprits who fail to advise him about the mechanics of dealing with Singapore.

Thank you for your comment Hareem.


Adik Khairy said...

Salam TPJ

Saya bersetuju dengan line dalam article ini yang berbunyi "We, the Barisan Nasional are holding on by a thread in the other States and drowning in the affluent towns and cities in the Peninsula"

Bandaraya JB adalah bandaraya yang terakhir di bawah penguasaan BN.Yang lain semua sudah dimiliki oleh pakatan rakyat.

Jika Bn mengambil sikap sambil lewa tidak mustahil stronghole ini akan jatuh ke pakatan rakyat.

jika hal ini berlaku.Saya sarankan
mb johor segera letak jawatan.Dan bubarkan UMNO johor.Kerana perkara ini memang tidak boleh ditelan oleh hardcore2 UMNO johor.Mana mungkin tempat lahirnya UMNO tumbang ke tangan pakatan.

Fikir2kanlah wahai mb......jgn sibuk zapin dan orkid aje.....UMNO sedang tenat sekarang

Adik Khairy said...

Salam TPJ dan semua pengikut setia THE PATRIOT.

Saya ingin berkongsi satu kisah sedih dihari minggu.Hal ini terjadi di Shah Alam sewaktu majlis pengenalan calon2 MKT umno di sebuah hotel terkemuka disana.

Apa yang ingin diceritakan ini menunjukan sikap sombong dan angkuh
para pemimpin UMNO yang leka dibuai mimpi2 indah sehingga lupakan rakyat yang menyokong mereka.

MB Johor YB Ghani Othman langsung tidak mempedulikan 2 orang pekerja parti UMNO JOHOR yang mahu bersalaman dengan beliau.2 orang monyet ini memakai pakain rasmi johor.Sebaliknya YB Bung Mokhtar Radin yang juga kebetulan lalu terus menghulurkan tangan untuk berjabat tangan dengan monyet2 UMNO JOHOR ini.

Adakah MB sudah tidak kenal dengan pakain Rasmi Johor?Baju teluk belanga?Ataupun dia malu untuk bersalaman dengan pekerja bawahan yang bertungkus lumus menegakkan bendera UMNO di johor?

Sesungguhnya jika tiada orang bawahan seprti monyet2 ini yang sanggup mengabdikan diri kepada parti........para pemimpin umno tidak mungkin dapat mengecapi zaman kegemilangan mereka.......

Anwar Ibrahim menang kerana dia dekat dengan Rakyat marhain seperti monyet2 ini.......Pemimpin UMNO sudah semakin bongkak.......UMNO sedang meniti kehancuran jika hal ini tidak segera dibendung.....

TPJ said...

Orang Kebanyakan,

Maaf kerana terlewat sedikit menjawab kepada comment anda. Hamba kena flu tetapi Alhamdulillah bukan selesema babi.

Jika jambatan ketiga menjadi, maka ianya akan menghalang kapal2 dari menuju ke Pasir Gudang. Apakah tidak dihalusi terlebih dahulu akan tindakbalas dari Rakyat Johor dan perdagang2 tempatan baik yang dilautan mahupun di darat? Walaupun jambatan itu mungkin ada ruang yang boleh dibuka untuk kapal2 tetapi ianya akan menyusahkan pengguna2 mahupun kapal2 yang hendak berlalu.

Terasa amat kurang cerdik rasanya kita orang Malaysia setiap kali hendak ke Singapura, kita kena pusing, pusing dan pusing lagi hendak keluar dan masuk CIQ. Itulah petanda kemenangan Singapura keatas kita setiap kali kita bermudharat menggunakan CIQ. Ianya rasa2 semacam seorang yang membedah mukanya untuk nampak cantik tetapi akhirnya kelihatan hodoh.

Terima kasih kerana sudi meninggalkan komen anda di sini.


TPJ said...

Adik Khairy,

Saya amat bersimpati diatas perkara tersebut dan kebetulan saya juga berada di Shah Alam ketika itu dan terserlah dua hamba Allah yag memakai baju Johor berdagang dalam di pintu menunngu untuk pulang. Saya juga terperasan MB Johor berjalan keluar tepi mereka tanpa menegur siapa, orang2muda yang bersemangat tinggi. Untuk pengetahuan anda, saya telah pergi kepada mereka berdua untuk memohon maaf bagi pihak UMNO oleh kerana sifat angkuh pemimpin Johor sewaktu itu dan memelawa mereka untuk makan bersama saya. Saya terpanggil berbuat demikian kerana terasa hampa diatas kejadian itu.

Saya harap janganlah kerana seorang pemimpin yang angkuh sebegini yang kedudukannya dilindungi Baginda Sultan, UMNO ditolak sama sekali di Johor.

Terima kasih Adik Khairy kerana meluahkan perasaan di sini, sekurang2nya saya yakin bahawa semangat anda masih kuat lagi untuk parti kita yang tercinta.


Adik Khairy said...

Salam TPJ

Sekarang di KL sedang hangat diperkatakan MCA akan keluar BN?

Bolehkah anda ulas sedikit hal ini kerana saya percaya ulasan anda adalah ulasan yang liberal,kerana tulisan anda d blog ini tidak condong kepada kerajaan walaupun anda adalah ahli UMNO.

TPJ said...

Salam Adik Khairy,

Sememangnya MCA sedang mengugut-ugut untuk keluar dari BN, buktinya poll yang dia ambil untuk mendapat pandangan umum samada mereka patut keluar atau duduk diam di dalam BN. Kesudahannya keputusan poll itu menyuruh mereka tinggalkan BN.

Pada pandangan saya, mereka boleh berambus jika itu kehendak sebenar mereka. Sudah terbukti bahawa mereka telah gagal untuk memenangi hati orang Cina dan mereka mengalihkan pandangan keatas kelemahan mereka itu dengan menyalahkan UMNO.

Seharusnya mereka memuji usaha Dato Sri PM kita dengan meliberalisasikan beberapa sektor ekonomi kita melonggarkan keutamaan keatas pengelibatan Bumiputera, tetapi mereka senyap malah ada pula yang mengatakan ianya tidak cukup.

UMNO harus mencabar mereka untuk keluar jika mereka tidak ikhlas dalam perjuangan BN.

Sememangnya mereka bodoh jika mereka keluar dari BN kerana DAP tidak akan memberi mereka kedudukan didalam Kabinet sebagai parti kedua terpenting memegang jawatan2 kabinet yang penting seperti pengangkutan dan kesihatan dll. Pakatan sudah tentu terpaksa memberi kerusi2 terpenting kepada DAPdan memberi hampas kepada MCA.

Pemimpin2 UMNO juga bodoh jika kita fikir dan takut yang mereka akan meninggalkan BN. Mereka tidak ada pilihan selain dari terus bersama BN.