Friday, May 15, 2009


The hits just keep on coming from our “ trusted ” and “ loyal ” buddies from the component parties in the Barisan Nasional who are shooting their mouths off in public without consulting the main body behaving, and I say it yet again, like the opposition in residence disrespecting the Prime Minister who is not inclined towards holding snap elections in Perak.

While Prime Minister Najib Razak is busy promoting the One Malaysia concept nationwide and giving face to undeserving parties to save their diminishing influence over the rakyat, the public at large is having a tough time embracing the concept wondering if the Prime Minister is capable of materializing it when he is not even able to control the recalcitrant fellows within the BN

Recently, we have read that the Penang GERAKAN chief and the MCA Deputy President has openly said that we should hold State elections in Perak. While they have every right to their opinions, being members of an organization, they should know that there are proper channels that they should go through without ruffling feathers and showing disunity.

Then there is Kayveas doing a routine in PPP that is apparent in another Indian party in BN, also shooting his mouth off forgetting that the sole representative he is buggering off from PPP was made Deputy Minister without PPP even winning a seat in Parliament.

BN or Prime Minister Najib rather, had rewarded the GERAKAN President with a Cabinet’s post even when GERAKAN didn’t pull their weight in the last general elections, yet without being grateful and following the chain of command and forgetting that they should focus on winning back their lost state in Penang, their lowly state party chief wants to teach the Top Gun on how to deal with Perak which we have taken back. This is an example of the failure trying to teach the successful what to do. I guess again this is the meritocracy that they’ve been barking about. The MCA too, equally recalcitrant in their behavior is reported to be rewarded soon with the important appointment of Ambassador to China. It’s as if we don’t have enough trouble with them here instigating people and questioning the provisions in the Constitution and Government policy which they are a part of, now we have to trust them not to do the same complaining to mother China on “atrocities ” we impose upon them here.

All along I thought they had put a spell on the previous Prime Minister and I wasn’t surprised as he was weak and naturally an easy prey, but it seems this spell has overflowed to the current PM which is of great concern since he is seen all along as a capable and strong leader.

While we are all for One Malaysia which is vigorously being promoted by the good Prime Minister, it is essential that he makes the proper correction in the Barisan Nasional to ensure that everyone toes the line and be united while being seen to be united. If we fail to see the governing party as One Barisan Nasional, then One Malaysia will quickly lose its credence in the eyes of the Rakyat even before it gets off the ground.


Hasnah Jumat-McCauley said...

Great article Ron!!!

Mutu Pintar said...

Tuan TPJ,

I malas nak cerita panjang2 tapi MCA dan Gerakan ni dah macam bukan komponen BN lagi..

I don't know why but it's true and I find it irritating and pathetic.

And yet this is what they call Semangat 1 Malaysia.What a load of crap..

TeMagi said...

Looks like it's easier to achieve 1Malaysia than 1BN. The way i see it Najib is also doing the work for the other component parties in BN through his 1Malaysia concept. It may look insurmountable but possible if properly implemented unlike the policy of the NEP where only the chosen few benefit by taking advantage of its loopholes. NEP was a good policy and could have achieved its desired result much earlier if not for mismanagement of the government leader than. Don't dream of 1BN, especially when the MCA, Gerakan, MIC & PPP have lost tremendous grass root support. By trying to gain back the support they lost they will make all kind of demands & statements through the MSM just to show they are still around (but not so sure relevant!). And by doing this it doesn't assist Najib nor the 1BN you envisage.

TPJ said...

Thanks HJM.

TPJ said...

Mutu Pintar,

My sentiments exactly.

TPJ said...


You're right, I guess the PM is taking the bull by the horn and abandoning any hope for help from the ingrates in BN. If they'll be support for BN, it won't be through MIC, MCA, GERAKAN or PPP anymore, it will be through his leadership and when the support comes back, that's when these party leaders will fall on their knees and beg for seats as opposed to demanding it today.

For now, we'll just have to live withese parasites.

TeMagi said...

Its harsh to refer them as 'parasites' even though i tend to agree. You may need them if you get to be candidate in your constituency in the next election!!

TPJ said...


If their support is anything like the one I saw going house to house in the Chinese area in Bukit Gantang, then I'm not worried. I think we can do better serving the Chinese and Indians direct without the help from MCA and MIC.

My quarrel is not with the Chinese or Indians per se, just the political parties that only pretends to serve them. I've served the Chinese and Indian flood victims in Pulai without going through the MIC or MCA but I invite their leaders just the same as passengers while I fork out money from my own pocket (since I'm not a wakil rakyat and have no govt allocations)to purchase the provisions. When I asked the victims, have MCA or MIC given anything while waiting for the official allocation from the govt?

Their answer: NADDA!

So, I'll take my chances direct from the voters and not the parties which supposedly best represents their respective community .

TeMagi said...

Well said...