Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Who is the one we should blame? The hand that gives or the one that receives?

In these last few weeks, these phrases kept on playing over and over in my head.

" Work with me, not for me. I want to hear the truth. My ears are on the ground ".

I wonder whether the person who said all these things really meant it or just said it because it sounded trendy for a politician trying to sound sincere.

Well last Thursday he heard the truth spoken in the Supreme Council, usually known for either apple polishing or rubber stamping his decisions. He has ears on the ground in the form of the Special Branch, Military Intelligence, KEMAS and even JASA (the well known body that brought thousands of branch leaders to KL to meet the PM giving some goodies to mark the occasion). I'm sure some truth came from these establishments but it doesn't look like he is properly digesting the information given. What's the point in having one's ear on the ground if one isn't able to figure out what noise it is and which direction it's coming from?

Now, he is asking the people to work for him instead of with him to ensure that he gets at least the minimum required number of nominations to qualify to run for President again.

A couple of months ago it was the question of whether his contender is able to garner enough nominations come December to contest for the Presidency. Today the situation is reversed. Again, we are hearing of State UMNO Liaisons openly supporting the 2010 power transitional plan. How can they pledge this when the members of the liaison committee themselves i.e. the divisional chiefs, aren't even sure if they'd be re-elected in their own divisions? In Selangor alone, when Mohamad Taib as State UMNO Chief announced their support at the beginning for Abdullah, it was discovered that more than half of the liaison committee members were letting go of their position as division chiefs. Does it make sense for people who are unable to nominate and support him to pledge their support for the same?

The people have spoken in March of 2008 and now UMNO members are telling the President to withdraw gracefully before he is humiliated in the coming UMNO elections. UMNO is seen to be the major reason for BN's slim win because the BN component party leaders are too polite to condemn the Prime Minister. His weak leadership has caused UMNO much distress and loss of respect from the other component parties.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should take a leaf from Mbeki's book and step down upon hearing the truth from his party. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should learn from the MCA on how to take responsibility and withdraw gracefully when the people do not want to work with him anymore. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should not attempt to save his face in the expense of the Party. Ironically, it is the act of saving UMNO that would save his face in the end. But I doubt if he has the decency to do this.

Almost irreparable damage is done to the party in his hands. If he is willing to win at all cost, and does so albeit with a black eye and a bloody nose this December, I won't put my money on the 2010 transitional plan but I'd double my money on BN being put to sleep in 2012.


eLLe FaRiDa said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri utk Mr TPJ sekeluarga...

Doakan sy selamat pulang ke kampung..gonna drive for hours tomorrow...

TPJ said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you too Ms Elle Farida. Drive carefully not overcautiously. There is a difference. When you are overcautious you become a problem for other drivers.

Banyak berzikir, insha'Allah selamat.