Saturday, May 19, 2018


This maybe the most profound Ramadhan that our country has ever had as we face one of Allah’s greatest tests; not only for the victor and the vanquished but also to the people of Malaysia post the 14th General Election.

To the new government, we say congratulations. We wish only the best in the interest of the country.

This is your chance to show leadership in governance and that it is as easy to govern as it is to oppose.

To the vanquished, it should be a bitter lesson to never take the people for granted and let our heads be too big for our shoulders. 

A total of 8 Ministers and 19 deputy Ministers lost their seats. Two Menteris Besar humiliatingly lost their states as well as their own seats. The rakyat not only precluded the party’s chosen candidates but almost unanimously rejected Barisan Nasional, the coalition that had been the ruling party for the past 60 years.

Members of the parties in the coalition, namely UMNO, must take a hard look at themselves and repent. 

It is almost a crime the way UMNO leaders are acting now especially in treating their immediate past President Datuk Seri Najib Razak. The attendance at the recent UMNO’s special prayers was reflective of how they have become in character. 

The hugs and kisses remain, not unlike sending a condemned man to the gas chamber, but he is on his own taking the responsibility over the outcome of the election. 

But responsibility cannot be rested upon just one man’s shoulders. Rightfully, he had to go but those who were collectively responsible, namely the top three decision-makers, at the very least should follow his departure. 

I'll be more direct in naming vice president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is now running the duties of president, vice president Dato' Sri Hishammuddin Hussein who takes up the duties of the deputy president, and secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor.

Zahid failed to act fast and right on the reports given to him by the intelligence agencies under his purview.  

Tengku Adnan added fuel to the burning flame among the public with his damaging directives to the local councils and arrogant decisions on errant UMNO veterans.
Hishammuddin, the first cousin to the former Prime Minister who was openly known to be given the task to vet the candidates in this election, also failed miserably. Many believe the candidates were chosen to strengthen his position in the next party elections instead of focusing solely on winning the general elections. 

By not offering his resignation concurrently with Najib, I question his loyalty to his own flesh and blood, who stood to lift him in the hierarchy of UMNO until today.

It is evident that accountability is something that is almost non-existent in UMNO today. 

Instead of apologising for their mistakes they have the audacity to say to the members that this is not the time to point fingers and play the blame game. This is why there is no such thing as merit in the party. If we retain these failed leaders to continue leading us, then expect us to never see victory again.

Where is the "collective responsibility" that was so nobly mentioned by the Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin? Before his AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes-like confession, many were looking to this Brigadier General to lead the new pack in UMNO. Alas, he allegedly confessed that he knew the real situation but opted to mislead Najib into thinking that all was fine and dandy almost dragging the whole party into the grave with him.

Perception rules the political scene in this era and, in that respect, the ineffective Wanita chief too should resign considering the scandals have held her back from aggressively campaigning to defend BN from the vicious attacks by her predecessor during the election run.
The ministers and deputy ministers, who have failed to win their seats despite the umpteen government agencies and financial resources available to them, should also give way to new blood.
So too the two MBs who lost their states humiliatingly especially in Johor where he even failed to become opposition leader in the Assembly. 

Disloyalty and lip service are the worst attributes a leader could have. We must do away with such leaders or face the death of our party even sooner than expected. 

We too have a team of eminent persons to guide us forth.  The current three mentioned above are certainly not our last hope. On the contrary, they represent no hope as we are losing the confidence of even our own members on a daily basis. 

To the nation, we must be ready to adapt perhaps to changes to the liberties we once enjoyed but must sacrifice to see this country get back on track.

“Total Cleansing” of the Party must take place now if we are to regroup and rise as a clean and formidable opposition entity.

Revamp or be damned. If the truth was ever denied to the former President of UMNO by his close confidants, let THIS truth be loud and clear to the failed leaders by party loyalists on the ground.


PLF Office said...

I can feel the sorrow of sadness while you writing this meaningful piece of article. Ive been following your articles eventhough we are not in the same team. I am sorry because your good party has been defeated by our Old Man which i called him The Living Legend.
The fiery piece of all your articles shown that you are more than ready to be one of those in this extra ordinary league of UMNO. Your character and eloquence voices, sounds a new hope for this sacred party. Stop writing, and be thr 1st liner of this battle. You gonna be a Game Changer as per your sacred motto, For King, God and Country. I will be your 1st loyal supporter and i am pretty sure, this is the right time for the right charismatic personality like you. All the best.

Hairudin Othman said...

Great article

tebing tinggi said...

UMNO should be revamp ,could be revamp but the question is by whom ?.

The whole line up is seriously infected and never see that it could be easily treated ,if there is such vexcin ,it's may take years to get back the trust of the people .

The way I see it ,that UMNO should be revamp the cawangan and discard all the JK bahgian and MT and make sure they would never be elected again .

Make UMNO fresh and new .

Anonymous said...

UMNO doesn't have to be scared to HOLD party electionsandif Zahid n Kunan Goes,lot of voters will come back to UMnO for
Sure..My phcj Tok Mat,Zambery anf KJ for TOP 3 post

Anonymous said...

Rebrand. Fight for Malay and Bumi rights and privileges solely.
Get all them supports. Attack
PAS and Amanah and Pribumi based on facts. We all know Hadi tak boleh pakai, apalagi Mat Sabu. Do not let our future gen dictated and lead by them.
Present what the old Umnos had done goods to the country and build from there.Correct the perception sans Najib and geng.
We loved Tun and the aim was good. But don't we think he has become a
Machevillian whereby the end only justify the means. He has also become a populist or a demagogue.
We used to sanjung him for being an ultra Malay while at the same time enriching other races.Truly Noble.

We also all know the other 2 main races have abandoned BN totally.

Hidup Melayu and Bumis. 3X.