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I Never Thought This Logo Which I Designed Will Be Of Use Again. But It's Back In The News.

I cannot refrain myself from writing after being sent an article written in a blog called 

It is about Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad allegedly saying that it was not him who put people in ISA but the late Tan Sri Megat Junid Megat Ayob.

I'm not writing this in my capacity as a state representative this time but as a good friend of his first born and family. Neither am I writing to chasten Tun Mahathir for his raw statement "snitching" on his most loyal aide even in death. (Well, maybe just a slap on the wrist).

This is about one's loyalty to his leader of the highest order; one that could only be matched by the famed Laksamana Hang Tuah and his Sultan, whom at the very end even fought against his brother in arms, Hang Jebat who was defending his honour after being wronged by the Ruler.

Tan Sri Megat Junid was a Mahathir loyalist; a person who
never knew to say 'no' to Tun when he was alive.

Tun knows it well. That is why even in Tan Sri Megat Junid's death, it is as though Tun knows that he has the blessing of his late friend to continue exploiting him if it serves his purpose.

I remember once when he was instructed at the eleventh hour to contest in a different area than the Pasir Salak constituency in which he served superbly all along as Member of Parliament. 

His great service there made it possible for anyone (however ridiculous the candidate) replacing him to win handsomely there. He was succeeded Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib.

The late Tan Sri Megat Junid knew that he was sent on a suicide mission as being a last minute "parachute" candidate in Parit, (replacing Datuk Ainon Khairiah, who went to state in place of Tan Sri Ramli who was reportedly her nephew) he would surely be shot down by even the local UMNO division machinery. Yet, he never questioned the decision and soldiered on under the order of his one superior.

To be fair to Tun, he didn't snitch on Tan Sri Megat Junid just because he is a dead man who couldn't defend himself. 
Tun even did it in public when the latter was alive. Tun is consistent in that regard.

After Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was jailed, I remember one special meeting organised by UMNO for Tun, who was the then party president, to explain to the delegates from across the nation on why he was sacked and eventually jailed. I was one of the delegates in the audience.

At one instance during his speech, Tun actually exclaimed while directing point blank at Tan Sri Megat Junid, saying that the latter was the one who told him about Anwar. Everyone turned to Tan Sri Megat Junid and held him responsible for a long while. That was a really cold gesture.

I was flabbergasted,feeling embarrassed even, for him. It was like he was being pointed out at a police line-up for identification purposes in view of the whole nation. 

Even surprisingly to me was seeing Tan Sri Megat Junid sitting there stoned faced, not at all feeling slighted or offended by Tun snitching him off like that in public.

Most would rightfully say that Tun was out of line putting the blame on a dead friend who was most loyal to him, perhaps second only after Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. 

Having said that, I know enough to sadly declare that even if Uncle Megat, as I had called him back then, was alive today, he would not refute Tun Dr Mahathir's statement and is willing as always to take the responsibility of whatever Tun places upon his shoulders.

Such Was His Loyalty To His Boss. Such Was His Loyalty To His Friend. 

Let Him Now Rest In Peace In The Face Of Our Maker. 

May God Bless His Soul And Not Let This Act Of " Betrayal " Affect One's Trust In The Virtues Of Being Loyal To One's Comrade.


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