Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The Carpet That Leads To Putrajaya. The Figure 13 Represents The Number Of This Year’s General Election. The First And Last Numbers Of This Year (2/3) Reflect On The Two Thirds Majority Mandate We Hope YOU Will Give Najib. 

  1. Have A Perfect Sense Of Priority
  2. Obtain Great Health And More Wealth, Power And Strength
  3. Have Good Relations With All.
  4. See Malaysia Continue To Be Free From Natural Disasters.
  5. Continue To Live In Peace And Harmony.
  6. Enjoy A Healthy Economy With The Country Affording To Carry On As A Welfare State Although It Isn’t Officially Known By That Term.
  7. See Ministers Requesting To Relocate To Safer Constituencies To Contest, DROPPED Head First As Candidates For Their Miserable Failure To Take Care Of Their Own Constituents.
  8. See Mohd Najib Abdul Razak Be Given The Mandate With A 2/3 Majority In Parliament, And The Return Of Selangor, Kedah And Penang To The Fold. (No I Didn’t Forget Kelantan, But When I Look At Their Leaders There From Our Side And The Natives’ Tolerance With 20 Years Of Mediocrity, They Should Be Left To Their Own Ways).
  9. See New Faces In The Najib Cabinet And Administration Working As A Team Under One Skipper And Not Behave Like The “Prime Minister” In Their Own Ministries.
  10. Get On With The Business Of Moving This Great Nation Forward Without Daily Politicking And Treacherously Sabotaging Our Own Country. 

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! Keep it up Datuk. This is a very good article. Remind all of us about the reality in Malaysia. I hope The Man will not waste your talent and sense of bravery. Stay firm and loyal, and your time is about to come. We don't have need a Joker but we need a warrior.