Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I read with disgust of former UMNO/ BN Ministers and politicians, who’ve upon joining so-called non-governmental organisations and/ or the opposition, becoming “amanah” or trustworthy after they are no longer in power. Did they just get their conscience back?

In the Malaysian Insider yesterday, this ex-minister admitted to “been given lump sums of money to distribute” as head of delegation of many campaigns, though he was quick to declare that he didn’t personally use the money. Does he think the world would believe him?

People like him should be treated as an “Outcast” or “Pariah”, not only to the Party but also to the Nation.

Speechless In Power But A " Singer " In Retirement

Definition of Pariah:

pa·ri·ah   [puh-rahy-uh]


1. An outcast.

2. Any person or animal that is generally despised or avoided.

3. ( Initial capital letter ) a member of a low caste in southern India and Burma.

Reference: Online Dictionary

Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir confessed that he was given the responsibility back then, but did he remain quiet to save his cushy position in the Cabinet? He has accused the government of the crime without giving any substantial evidence and even worse, insulting the voting Rakyat by implying that they are equally corrupted for taking the money and voting us in.

The government is on trial based on the words of an ageing politician who wants to remain relevant by declaring alleged wrongdoings of the government while he remained a part of it then. It doesn't make him any noble for making the confession today.

What it does is putting his "shady" credibility in question for not having the sincerity to resign on principle while being an accessory to corruption, if his allegations are correct.

As I have said before in my previous posting here Kadir should shake himself out of this hallucination implying that the people do not enjoy the right to free and fair elections in this country.

Lest his memory should be failing him because of his age, please allow me to remind him that it was the truly free and fair elections that saw his brother Abdul Aziz lose his seat in Kulim to an unknown (Zulkifli Nordin) who has today become more recognized in politics than he and his brother will ever be.

And it was also because of truly free and fair elections that we saw the opposition become the ruling government in 5 States in the Peninsula.

While he had the audacity to ask UMNO to accept the losses, his own brother could not accept the choice of the Rakyat. He went to court to contest his loss in Kulim, although the leaders were not too keen on such an action.

In response to Kadir’s call, PAS has already been given the right to publish news through Harakah, a publication for its members, however, no action has been taken by the authorities for its wide distribution beyond the party. PKR also has their own publication though they don’t have a newspaper license.

Kadir's action further suggests that no license is required for anyone to spread more lies to confuse the Rakyat. It is not losing that we fear, but misleading and fooling the Rakyat with slander and libel that worries the sincere leaders of this Nation. There is more to this country than just politics.

Abdul Kadir has two other brothers who are holding positions in different UMNO divisions. One of his brothers is said to be close to one of the top leaders in UMNO. I suggest that our leaders be wary of this family and not allow privileges be given to them if their loyalty as proven can be wavering while trying to remain noticed once they become insignificant.

The UMNO Disciplinary Board Too Needs To Constitute Proceedings Against Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir. Perhaps We Can Use This Opportunity In Exhibition To PAS As To How To Expel One Of Our Members With Class…But Then Again In My View, Kadir’s Reputation Is Not Even Worth The Ink On The UMNO Expulsion Papers!


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There's a Malay Proverb 'tepuk air di dulang terpercik muka sendiri'. This adage aptly applies to this attention-hungry-outcast. He's not worth any party's proceedings.

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Anonymous 7:53 and 11:55PM,

Thank you for your comments. As I have written once before on this person, I will not soil this blog nor dignify him with further articles pertaining to this character in The Patriot.