Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The King Has Returned! Long Live The King!

The Patriot And The Nation Welcomes His Majesty Tuanku Al-Mutassimu Billahi Muhibbudin Sultan Halim Al-Muadzam Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah, the 5th and 14th Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia.

Heartiest Congratulations to the members of the Kedah Royal House on the Ascension of His Majesty to the throne of The Yang Di Pertuan Agong for the second time making it the first in the history of the Institution of the Malaysian Monarchy.

His Majesty’s Final Inspection As King, On The Royal Malay Regiment’s Guard Of Honour.

We Would Also Like To Extend The Nation’s Utmost Gratitude To His Majesty Al Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Almarhum Al-Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah Al-Haj Who Has Returned To The State Of Terengganu Upon Serving His Majesty’s Tenure As The 13th Yang Di Pertuan Agong. His Majesty’s Utmost Sacrifice Was To Think Of The Nation First Above That Of His Own Concern Upon The Advice Of His Prime Minister On At Least One Crucial Accord And For That, His Majesty’s Loyal Subjects Hold Him In The Highest Regard.

The “Most Eligible” King-In-Waiting HRH Sultan Muhammad V.

The Patriot welcomes too HRH Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan who will be carrying out the duties of the Deputy Yang Di Pertuan Agong for the term expiring in the year 2016.

May Allah Grant Their Majesties And Royal Highnesses The Wisdom And Good Health, To Perform Their Duties And Never Forget Their Role As Head Of ISLAM; Symbol Of The MALAY People, Customs And Position In This Country; And Paramount Ruler Under The System Of Constitutional Monarchy.

Long Live The King! And May God Bless Our Country!


pabloami said...

Dear TPJ,
i have a request from you. i think this is a suara from rakyat.

could you kindly tell our dearest prime minister, to get tough and whip his cousin the home minister, to curb the influx of illegals from africa that are already in malaysia or about to come.

it is getting worst.

people yang selalu kena..is melayu..yang kena duped by african drug mole..perempuan melayu.kena rogol..kena pukul..mati sebab banyak dadah, budak melayu jugak dan lain lain lah hal mereka ni.

see these ministers, so called consultants tingkat 4, ex consultants tingkat 4.the yuppies that never used their own money to do businesses only use govt money tapi berlagak macam businessman yang teramatlah terrer..they hardly have any interactions with the disruptive africans.. tapi rakyat kat bawah ni amatlah marah..

implications to the country? apa takut backlash takut petronas tak dapat concession? sudah lah..Barisan might not get back the lost seats from last elections if soal soal keselamatan tak di jaga..sibuk ISA nak tangkap orang sendiri..orang luar buat jahat kau lepaskan..

jadi minta tolong tuan TPJ, supaya mempertengahkan perkara ini.

long live the king!

TPJ said...

Dear Pabloami.

What is written here is being read upstairs. I'm sure it is heard but not taken action upon when it comes to the spoilt cousin.

Like I said to the PM and his Deputy. It is not about accommodation, it's about precise designation! Now his cousin is his liability because the Home Office which also overlooks internal security is the most important ministry but is not functioning right ministerially.

Looks like the powers that be have a weakness in appointing either non-performers or known enemies condemning govt policies as profesional consultants.

They overlook their own pool of talents who have been supporting them all this while and take in govt skeptics instead as commissioned consultants.

Let's hope the PMO wises up to this for the sake of the Prime Minister, BN and the Country, in that particular order because if the first two crumbles, so to will the Nation.