Sunday, November 21, 2010


Right Bruise, Wrong Face?

Barisan Nasional namely UMNO leaders should:

1. Remain calm and collected.

2. Do not criticize them further trying to do more damage.

3. Minimize comments as best possible as they are not at all media savvy and the more said
the less intelligent they will appear undermining UMNO and the Prime Minister’s
immaculate credentials as a leader with an impeccable mind .

4. Kill the “Holier than thou” attitude trying to give a running commentary as though the
voters are blind and can’t tell the difference.

5. Keep airing PKR members’ grievances on national and cable television without our
leaders’ participating remarks.

6. Leave the arrogant face at home while commenting on the faults of our enemies.

7. Be humble and leave it to the Rakyat to observe and make their choice.

8. Focus on our strength from now on.

If A Demolition Of A Building Is Under Way, Why Stand Near And Throw Firecrackers At It Thinking It Will Accelerate The Process? We Are The Best Party To Govern The Country. Let’s Also Act The Part!

* The picture above is just an exhibition of a cheeky example that we can do without when referring to the opposition.

1 comment:

Dan Asrol said...

Nice picture,nice article..

Your point are very simple and easy to understand..

I hope somebody from the govn will read this and make it as a guide of do's and dont's in order for them to capture back lost seats in teh last GE..

Tq Tengku