Thursday, October 14, 2010


Defender of The Faith, Race And Nation

With only less than a week left before the UMNO General Assembly, I’m told that most of the State Liaison Committees are not having State Conventions to collect direct feedback from the grassroots and be tabled in the debate during the Assembly. Uncharacteristically, UMNO Johor is not holding one either. This is at a time when Malay unity is at its lowest ebb. What baffles me is that these Conventions were very popular during the times when we were at our strongest point. Unconventional wouldn’t you think? No pun intended.

I would think at this crucial time, when Malay unity is at its worst, UMNO Liaison Committees would hold brainstorming sessions and collect important feedback from the mass before the States’ best Malay brains can gather and consolidate them into one strong case for the debate at the Assembly to be held between 20-23 October. Alas, it is not to be. Despite the leadership’s call, it looks like it is still business as usual in UMNO where a small group in each State will sit down with their Liaison chief, probably the night before the Assembly to hash out the points they want to promote and try to turn it into a decent guided debate the next day.

Some states would appoint serious speakers to read a prepared text which they only receive on the morning of the deliverance, while others might appoint the funniest character that can hold court with inappropriate sexual innuendos in between, or a “ loose cannon “ that will just shoot his mouth off and cross all sensitive borders going off tangent. There are however the rare occasions where a delegate comes prepared with the important facts, and can hold the audience down, but it doesn’t happen often enough.

On the current, it looks like the party is afraid to hear from the ground, matters that touch to the core of our problems. What UMNO stands for is to defend Islam, Malay rights as enshrined in the Constitution and the security of our Nation. However, we seem to be leaving it to the Monarchy Institution and Utusan Malaysia together with a robust Malay NGO with a President who is beginning to get out of control to do the job for us.
“Keturunan Pendatang” Seeking The Review of The Malay Quota

The MCA had just finished their Annual General Assembly and while Prime Minister Najib Razak assured that the Chinese are no longer to be termed as “Pendatang”, which we will comply out of respect, the MCA still insists on harping on the 30% Bumiputera quota to be reviewed raising fury from the UMNO grassroots and Malays in general with no outlet to express their dissatisfaction prior to the UMNO General Assembly. Rightly so, “Pendatang” should no longer be used because the current generation was born here. However, “Keturunan Pendatang” would be a more appropriate and permanent term for them especially when they forget their place and demand for the abolishment of a Malay privilege.

Until They Cease To Step Beyond Their Place Of Propriety While Living The Dream Here Like No Other In This World, They Should Live With That Term. And If Any Of The Speaking Delegates Is Worth The Pint Of His Malay Blood, This Issue Will Seriously Be Taken Up. That Is What The Rest Are Thinking Of While Hoping That Telepathy Is Strong In The Merdeka Hall, In The Absence Of State Conventions Coming Into The General Assembly.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it is high time they recognise their good fortune and not be carried by the empty slogans coming hard and fast and of course unsolicited from across the causeway.

Perhaps the Bumi discount should be reviewed and upgraded to 65% to reflect the population more accurately.