Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ending the year 2009 in a about 10 minutes, I decided to choose a different angle to reflect on the past 365 days. It has become common these days for the government and us as individuals to be paying for the sins of others. I have limited them to three areas with one tale each so as to maintain the length of this article.


I was known as Mr Clean, but thank you for being Mr Clean-Up-After -Me. Here’s the mess I’ve made.

Prime Minister Najib Razak took his oath of office on 3rd April 2009 from a man who managed to create history twice by winning with the best ever result for BN in the General Elections (because of the solid foundation set by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed and his unselfish decision to retire) and inversely in the next General Elections garnered the worst winning margin in the history of the Governing Coalition (because of his dismantling and destructive nature towards the solid foundation set forth by his predecessor).

As mentioned in the previous article on the chap, he tried to create his own legacy, spent millions on Islam Hadhari which didn’t make much difference to those who already knew the religion, influenced the release of a very dangerous politician from jail, had his son-in-law act as the dispatch boy for the Immigration Dept sending his passport, allowing the ex-convict to seek treatment abroad that could be done here just to be popular, had his advisors further promote him at the expense of the ruling coalition party and UMNO while overturning important national projects to create his own less important ones and making countless policies which proved detrimental to the wellbeing of national harmony. The ruling party lost 5 States plus Kuala Lumpur as the result.

Within months after taking his oath of office, and idle threats of overthrowing the federal government by his much reduced nemesis, Najib showed Anwar how exactly to do it and walked his talk by accepting the support of several opposition lawmakers in the State of Perak giving back the State leadership to Barisan Nasional (BN).

Though Najib and his administration have made positive strides in rebuilding the confidence of the people for the party, BN is still paying for the sins of its former leader having to work triple-time to win back lost grounds.


Buys Everything But The Angel Of Death.

The Port Klang Free Trade Zone scandal that shook the nation proved to be a major quake for MCA. Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing’s revelation of the Million Ringgit payments made and free jet rides given to the MCA President had rocked the whole party witnessing political allies all going for themselves like vultures splitting the party into several splinters. This project which was allegedly over-valued by several folds perhaps due to a loose agreement involving numerous important personalities will naturally cost the public more than it’s worth. This humiliating demerit of a Party that strives with and advocates the merit system and anti-corruption has reduced their noble and upstanding stature in the eyes of the public on the principles of the Chinese community of which they widely represent. Unfortunately, the whole community pays for the sins of their leaders.



In reference to the song “One in a Million You” by Larry Graham, a friend of mine looked upon the woman he was courting as “One in a Ten Million” while the fine lady referred to her love for him as “ten times more (than his) to the power of infinity”. In his happiness loving the woman of his dreams, he forgot to take stock of his net value. It was a dream of dreams and like all dreams it had to end. From a celebrated wannabe Prince he says, he now feels no more fortunate than a condemned Peasant. “There is nothing left to the name, when the Soul is lost, “he continued. He learnt it the hard way recently. To him, the love of his life, was like the Oasis in his desert dream but later discovered rudely that it was just an optical illusion. “Even sand looks good to drink now…whatever it takes to transfer the pain away from the heart”, he quipped. It’s funny how a broken heart can turn a person into an instant philosopher.

He allowed himself to be intrigued, got drawn in by her fine personality and intelligence (of extremely rare commodity) and innocently fell in love. It was never done, and he never pursued such endeavors before. Of course those saboteurs and opportunists with vested interest who couldn’t stand to see their affection for one another used all sorts of mechanics to beat them down, from slandering him in vain, accusing him of making a wager on her amongst his friends, to impersonating his family member on the phone to warn her of his past. They got to her eventually and naturally, my good friend lost the very one thing that inspired him the most without even given a chance to explain. But the truth of the matter is, he might have overvalued his net worth which perhaps was not enough to permanently win and protect the heart of the one he loved. After all, she was a “One in a Ten Million “ chance of a lifetime. Promises were made and trivially broken. A “sucker” is born every minute they say. I never thought my buddy could remain such, way past his 30th birthday! But I’m sure by now, he is the wiser. Can we blame the men for turning into nasty rogues owning the town after pouring their souls out only to be ultimately staked right in the centre of their hearts? My friend made me promise to post this Sicilian Song from The Godfather, as a condition allowing me to relate his story in here. May God spare everyone the pain not unlike the one endured by Michael Corleone (in the clip) and him.

My good friend was yet another fine and true gentleman to the very end, who had to pay for the sins of others and the perception that came with them. He must remember from now that with " fortune and women, it is the bold rather than the cautious man that will win and hold them both." I pray that he may heal rapidly to face the challenges of the New Year.

Happy New Year Ladies & Gentlemen. May 2010 Bring Good Health, Honest Love, More Accountability, Much Prosperity And Goodwill Among The Citizens Of This Great Country!


BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ..

Selamat Tahun Baru buat anda sekeluarga.. Saya doakan Blog The Patriot ini akan semakin berjaya dan berupaya menarik pengunjung yg lebih ramai..

TPJ said...

Salam BoyHjJamil,

Menjunjung Kasih diatas doa yang ikhlas Saudara itu.

Bersiap sedialah Saudara bersama rakan2 kita kerana pada tahun ini kita akan bergiat dengan lebih gigih dan pantas lagi di Bahagian Pulai. Insh'Allah.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

I want to hear your opinion about the sensational Herald - Allah - name using case.

Isnt Islam is protected by our country's constitution?. How is it so when matters regarding Islam is being judged by a non-Muslim?

TPJ said...

Anonymous 7:57AM

The position of Islam is enshrined in the Constitution but the protecting must be done by Muslim politicians. Looks like they're busy holidaying still and left it to the NGOs to stand up for Islam.

Zulkifli Noordin from PKR is a righteous politician and was brilliant enough to ask for the word God in the Constitution to be replaced with Allah.

You are right in the sense that a non Muslim judge has no business presiding over a case on Islam, though I'm sure when this case goes up for appeal, it will be overturned.

Let's hope the members of the Rulers' Conference will actually earn their keep by making their stand on it on behalf of Islam in this country.

Not much can be relied on the UMNO Youth anymore to stand up in defense of anything relating to Islam and the Malay race. Heck! It's chief is in Perth enjoying the New Year!

Anonymous said...

Salam TPJ,
I must say that the part that you've elaborated most would be the deficite in love in a “one in a ten million” deal...whats up with this 10 million deal with everyone huh? Apart from being the favorite figure in any lawsuits by the “pembangkang”... now its a figure amongst UMNO too?
Anyway, back to your deficite in love in a “one in a ten million” deal, considering that everything and all else in the universe starts n begins with love... I can understand its utmost significance, importance n intensity... thus the lengthy verbose.

Its is sad n sometimes unjust fact of life is that situation will change the person, the heart n the feelings. Circumstances change the way love feels n sometimes its influences the deep core within our souls... for the greater good, saviour of other innocent souls n the right thing to do at the moment...letting go of someone u love is never easy!Its devastating, despondent and depressing!The truth of it is, once any bond is made it's hard to break that bond. Just like welding, when two things are bonded together, to get them apart something has to be broken. When people bond they bond at their heart, so unfortunately, when you break a bond you're heart is where the bond has to be broken, that's the pain of heartbreak. There are so many times in life when you have to let go of someone you love, but that doesn't mean letting go of love... What seize to amaze me is that, this friend of yours, is too quick to let go and with much haste your friend just yield to the preasures and gave up in fighting for the love of his life! Seems like he's clearing up the mess, getting rid of the clutter and dusting of those memories by blaming it on the sins of others! Any wise man will make haste to fight for this one in ten million woman because he knows the true value of this, I must say... exceptional lady and will not suffer it to pass away in unnecessary pain or hurt! He should pursue to make things right with such breatless haste instead! Accepting defeat before the final curtain just proves how blind and improvident he is. Tell him to fight! Our PM is not giving up... even SPRM is strutting along strong!

Love is most likely the greatest gift you can ever receive from the Almighty, whether conditional or unconditional. It doesn't require anything from you, and can spring upon you unexpectedly. Unfortunately, if a greater love is at stake... lives and souls can be taken away or broken just as quick as how love springs upon you.... then sacrifice will follow. This act of unselfishness and willingness to sacrifice his or her own wishes for those of others is one of the most important facets of true love. To swallow all the excrutiating misery convulsion and being able to endure all pain and hurt in order to adapt and adjust to the needs and desires of others... important others... shows the true core and soul of a person. That depicts well with Micheal Corleone's sicilian song TPJ... though theres no true love to physically have and hold yet in his dying breath, it is her name and face thats embraces him to peace. There are some things we never get over but we don’t necessarily have to get over all the heartbreaks in order to live full, rewarding lives!

umar said...

The muslims should not blame others. The position of Islam and the Sultans as Head of Islamic religion is well written in the Constitution.Nobody has challenged it or threatend it.It was Muhiydin Yassin who scrapped Friday as public holiday to Sunday. It was never thought of during the British rule. Nobody from UMNO Johore protested the change then.It was the beginning of the process of ridiculing Islam by none other than a Muslim leader who now hopes to be the next PM.
Mahathir who ruled for 22 years never tried to change the public holiday in his home-state from Friday to Sunday.How many states in Malaysia retain Friday as public holiday ?

TPJ said...

Anonymous 5:28 pm

Salam. Talk about a lengthy verbose, you torpedoed 586 words to my 493, proving your point that the topic of love does get people carried away. In respect of my friend and as opposed to the favourite figure used by the “Pembangkang”, it was in reference to one in a population of ten million and not Ringgit Malaysia. That was how scarce the quality of his love was to him. Trivializing a broken hearted gentleman is grossly disrespectful but understandable if you have had first-hand experience.

I’m afraid your second paragraph is too deep for my digestion. Perhaps it’s because I missed the course in romance when I was in Business School. But suffice to say that my friend was willing to fight for his love but was cut off by her from any communication. It’s a challenge to remain in the game and score when the goal post remains on the pitch, so to speak, but if it is taken out of the equation, the player will be dribbling the ball going nowhere like a lunatic from an asylum on sports day.

With the little knowledge that I know about love, living a full and rewarding life is achievable if we avoid the heartbreaks that we can instead of self manufacturing them on the account of a third party saboteur and feeling miserable about it.

Not risking being shot for my verbosity again, I’ll end my response here thanking you for your kind participation and wishing you a very Happy & Blissful New Year!

TPJ said...


There were protests made then when Muhyiddin as MBJ changed the rest day from Friday to Sunday. Though Mahathir didn't do such a thing in his own homestate, he was happy to back Muhyiddin up in Johor just to spite the Sultan at that time. Muhyiddin too wouldn't have had the guts to do such a thing if he hadn't had protection from the UMNO President cum Prime Minister.

For your information on top of open protests made by several UMNO members at the time, which were small in number and insignificant, Muhyiddin's father's (a religious figure in Muar) grave was said to be staked with the Crucifix in protest by Johor Muslims.

But you are right, we Muslims shouldn't blame the infidels for trying to undermine the Malays and Islam. They have enough help from the UMNO traitors in office especially the TWIT at the Home Office for allowing this to escalate before lifting a finger.

Also having one of the biggest and most beautiful office buildings in Putrajaya on the Hill called Wisma Putra in charge of diplomats, not one imbecile has thought of using diplomacy with the Archbishop here to reach a compromise for the greater good of the Nation.